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Far Cry: Instincts Predator (Xbox 360)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Shooter, Rating: M - (Mature),up to 4 players, Manufacturer: Ubi Soft

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    5 Reviews
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      21.01.2013 15:20
      Very helpful



      Good game

      This is an Xbox 360 game recommended for over 16. It contains bad language and violence, which is not too graphic so I would think it was suitable for those a bit younger than the recommended age.
      The game is by Ubisoft and was released in 2006. I picked up a used copy for £5.
      You will need 6.14mb of space on your Xbox to save this game.

      You can choose to play single player or multiplayer with up to four players. You can also play the game online through Xbox live for up to 16 players.

      The game easy easy to set up, entering your name and selecting a mode and a difficulty.

      The game starts with your character Jack Carver in the jungle. There are several jungle missions and levels before you get a change of scenery and start to enter camps and buildings. The jungle levels are not bad but get repetitive and I don't like the graphics. It is hard to see enemies hiding in trees but this also works to your advantage as you can use your environment to hide and protect yourself.
      The graphics inside buildings are much better, although on later missions you will be in darkness a lot and have to rely on your adrenaline to see in the ark. When the adrenaline runs out you will be back in darkness and will have to either pick up an adrenaline pack or wait for the adrenaline meter to fill up again which can be quite frustrating.
      You can also use your adrenaline to track by scent and to see surfaces you can climb up such as cliff sides and rocks.
      Your health also fills up with time which is useful if you can't find any health packs, if you can stay out of sight of enemies long enough for it to refill itself.
      You can also pick up armour which will reduce the damage you receive from being attacked.
      If your health is at max (100) you will not be able to pick up health packs. You can't carry packs around with you to use when needed.
      You can also pick up detonation packs, ammunition and weapons. There are also hidden maps to collect.
      Some locations may require you to use access cards to enter buildings or rooms, these can also be picked up.
      You can pick up binoculars too but you won't need to use these too often.

      There are the usual weapons you would expect in a shooting game such as pistols, machine guns and grenades.
      The sniper rifle comes in really useful, as do the grenades. There are often explosive barrels to shoot at to make them explode and kill several enemies at one time.
      As with most games, the amount of ammunition available to pick up decreases with higher difficulty modes.
      If you run out of ammo you can also hit enemies to kill them if you can get close enough to them without getting killed. This is called a feral attack.

      On the screen you will have a radar and compass. The compass will show you which direction you are heading in and the radar will show where your enemies are which will come in especially useful when they are hiding or around corners / in buildings.
      A number will be displayed to show your amount of health and armour remaining. There is a bar to show how full your adrenaline meter is and a breathing bar for when you are swimming or holding your breath to steady a weapon.
      Your stance will also be shown. You can stand, crouch lie down and roll.

      The story of the game isn't that good and isn't easy to follow with their being only a few cut scenes (which I don't mind) and the talking is hard to hear. The graphics in the jungle seem quite blocky and not too good, a lot of jungle scenes seem repetitive and sometimes you have to shoot someone about 20 times at point blank range to kill them which is very annoying.
      Aside from these negatives I enjoyed playing this game. It is a good length which represents good value for money, nobody wants to buy a game and have it completed the same day.
      The missions vary in difficulty and some require the use of vehicles such as a jet ski, boat or car which can be fun.
      I think there is a good amount of save points - not too many to make the game easier, but not so few that you have to play for an hour to reach a point where you can save.
      I thought this game was really good and a bargain at a fiver!


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      02.12.2008 15:03



      would recommend this to anyone who loves first person shooters

      This game has more replay value than any other first person shooter ever made.First off,there are tons paths to take through the game,and many paths within those paths.Next,the multiplayer is addicting enough to have you blowin away people for weeks on end.Finally,the cherry on top is the game's fantastic map editor.Although maps use up hard drive space like nothing else,you can literally play on a different map every time on Live. Not to mention, the editor is strong enough for you to make some real top notch maps yourself.This game refuses to get boring;even 8 month after buying it,I'm still having enjoying it.thats why i purchased farcry 2 as it has more or less the same qualitys that this game has.Ubisoft has recently realeased a new update for this game where it allows players a chance to purchase more things like weapons and veichles plus newly realeased maps for online play.


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      23.08.2008 18:26



      Good game.

      Far Cry Instincts Predator is a first person shooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360 games console.

      You are a man called Jack Carver, you are stuck on an island and all is not right. You are captured and experimented on. You wake up with powers unlike that of a normal man, you have super strength and you can move fast.

      The gun play in this game is quite fun, but the shooting does not seem as precise as it should be. In between the shooting you will come a cross vehicles that you can drive, boats, quad bikes, jeeps and even a glider.

      There is also an online mode, but not many people seem to play it even know there is an excellent map creator.

      The graphics in this game are slightly disappointing, that is because this was originally for the original Xbox console.

      You can get this game for around £10.00 so if you like shooting you'll enjoy it.


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      30.04.2007 12:43
      Very helpful



      An adequte FPS that is a must if seen for cheap enough

      As a rule I don’t envy PS3 owners at the moment having gone through the difficult first few months with the 360. The PS3 is an exceptional console and in the coming years it will no doubt have some of the greatest games around. However, like the 360 12 months ago it currently suffers from having too few games, many of which are ports from other consoles. One such game that fitted this bill for the 360 was ‘Farcry Instincts: Predator’. This was a port of two Xbox games welded together to make an impressive lifespan. However, could a game that was more than 2 years old really catch my imagination as a 360 owner?


      ‘Farcry Instincts: Predator’ is a prime example of a First Person Shooter (FPS) similar in nature to ‘Halo’. This genre came to dominate the Xbox and the sales are always good for these titles. Due to the large number of similar titles it is important that the makers create some unique selling points. The main dynamics of ‘Farcry Instincts’ are like every other FPS, but there are a couple of things that make the game stand out.

      Firstly, the setting is a lot different from the majority of FPS. ‘Farcry’ was one of the first titles to come out of the land of dark corridors and set itself in an open and expansive jungle. The other new area was the introduction of Feral powers that your character Jack Carver gains in the game. These powers are slowly turning you into a beast, rather than a man. You learn to jump further, smell your enemies’ tracks and even become able to tear men to shreds with your claws. These powers, coupled with a very solid traditional FPS gameset means that the gameplay did prove to be better than average. (4 out of 5)


      FPS’s are not known for their storylines or human emotion; the vast majority of games use a story to link the killing together. Therefore, it came as a pleasant surprise to have solid characters and stories in this game. You play Jack Carver and whilst most of the time you are killing people you actually get to learn a lot about him through dialogue with other characters over your earpiece. Crytek should be commended for bringing emotional depth to Carver as you real begin to feel for him as he slowly loses what makes him human.

      The story that holds the game together is also pretty good. You must work your way across an island fighting a terrorist band and the game slowly reveals what is occurring. There is far more sinister matters afoot than just terrorism. An evil scientist is working hideous experiments that could change the face of the world. The story has a fast pace that really makes you want to move along (4 out of 5)


      I owned the original version of ‘Farcry’ on the Xbox and was impressed that the game was a good length. It would seem pretty strange that I would want to rebuy the game, but ‘Farcry Instincts: Predator’ actually contains both the original Farcry game and the additional levels that were released. Essentially you are buying two games for the price of one. However, to open the second set of missions and uncover the next part of the story you have to play through the first game. As someone who had already done this I thought this was a bit boring as I have seen it all before. Also I felt that the game became a bit too samey as I went on and I did not want to continue playing it indefinitely.

      The achievements points in ‘Farcry Instincts: Predator’ were also not the best, really only appearing if you play the game normally. They do not ask you to do anything exciting or out of the ordinary; just replay the game on different difficulty settings. I find this a bit of a fake way of extending lifespan. For people who have not owned the original game it will last a good length, however for those who have played the game, like myself, you may become bored before too long. (3 out of 5)


      On it release ‘Farcry Instincts: Predator’ had an online that was triumphed. You are able to partake in numerous multiplayer formats including death match and capture the flag. The LIVE aspect was also improved by the introduction of a level designer that anyone could use. This means that many people created their own maps that people are free to download – very impressive.

      However, there is a major issue with this game online and that is that it is no longer popular enough. Having only gotton LIVE last month I found it difficult to find any other players online as people have now moved onto games such as ‘Gears of War’. This is not always the case with older games as I still play ‘Perfect Dark’ online with many other people. ‘Farcry Instincts: Predator’ suffers online due to its initial poor sales meaning that few people play it – a shame as it must have been good for the first few months after its release. (3 out of 5)


      ‘Farcry Instincts: Predator’ was released during the period just after the first games for the 360, but just before the really visually impressive games came out. I personally feel that is suffers from being a port of an old Xbox game and that it looks ok, but in a hi res Xbox way. Compared to the likes of ‘Gears of War’ there is little comparison. One area that they have managed to improve greatly on is the water effects. A lot of the game is spent in or near water so it was important that Crytek made the water look good. They succeeded here as it does look - well, wet. However, the improvements in this area actually highlight the fact that the flora has not been improved from the Xbox. A lot of the leaves are realised in sprite form, this gives them a flat appearance and is not acceptable in modern games. (3 out of 5)

      Level Design

      This has to be the area of the game that I found the most flawed. The original ‘Farcry’ was a PC game that housed an open and expansive jungle location to work through. This allowed the designers to create a unique feel to the game. However, the Xbox did not have the capacity to deal with such open spaces so Crytek decided to redesign the game in a more linear fashion. Our tale ends on the 360 and rather than use the increased power to mimic the successful PC version of the game Crytek have copied over the Xbox games. This means that although the levels look open they are actually pretty linear forcing you down a particular path. I began to get bored of this far before the end as you seem to go through very similar locations over and over again. (2 out of 5)


      There is little wrong with the music and sound in this game, but it is not particularly original. Like most modern titles the music kicks in during moments of action or suspense. The sounds of a tropical jungle as realised well and are particularly impressive in surround sound. A good job, without being particularly memorable (4 out of 5)


      ‘Farcry Instincts: Predator’ is not a bad game. It is just that the look and feel is slightly last gen, making it average. However, as it is now basically a budget title you should be able to get a copy for around £10. At this price the combined nature of Farcry 1 + 2 is very good value. I have not been overly impressed with the FPS on the 360 yet finding them all pretty average. Only ‘Call of Duty 2’ sticks out for me so ‘Farcry: Instincts’ is as good a buy as any at the moment – that is until the likes of ‘Bioshock’ are released. (3 out of 5)

      Maker: Crytek Studios RRP £50
      Amazon uk £22.47
      Play.com £17.99


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        16.11.2006 13:11
        1 Comment



        Worth the buy if u dont own the original

        I played the original Far Cry on both the PC and the XBOX . This version to me seems a poor next generation copy over from console to console. The graphics have been re-touched to make it feel and play visually better.
        The game should have been re-developed for this console as it has a few new ideas but not enough for the money.
        The gameplay is based on the original pc version's gameplay with a completely free roaming enviroment to play on from island to island , graphics have been twead to a higher resolution and the water is now much clearer. The AI in the game goes from one extreme to the other with often coming under heavy fire from the enemy to being completly stupid at another moment.

        Far Cry Instincts Predator in a nutshell is full of , Large free - roaming maps good graphics , quick level loading and long gameplay to boot. The game is based on a first person view u are Jack carver a ex merc. He took a young woman to the islands once there he's boat gets blown up by the army on the island.
        The game has a great multiplayer enviroment sprinkled with a vast array of weapons and vehicles u can dry or fly. My best has to be hang gliding down off a rock face to a boat below.


        * Great singleplayer and multiplayer
        * good gameplay
        * freedom to explore
        * good selection of weapons & vehicles


        * could have been made better for 360
        * If u have played Farcry on pc not much more to expect


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