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Penasol Sangria

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Brand: Penasol / Type: Sangria

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2011 14:49
      Very helpful



      sangria by Penasol

      I have just come back from Spain not that long ago and one thing I love about going to Spain is getting to drink the Sangria. However, a few friends of mine did request that I brought some back for them and although Don Simon is the usual brand I like, I actually came across this Penasol brand at the airport for a bargain price. I don't normally bother buying at duty free but to help my holiday blues I knew drinking sangria with friends would make it all ok.


      This sangria comes in a huge bottle, shaped like all normal bottles and it is dark green glass. The bottle is nothing sophisticated really ,it has a screw on cap and the label is a picture of all of the fruit that goes into the served sangria drink and just some type stating the name. You wouldn't be able to understand the label as it is all in Spanish but there's nothing you really need to know other than how much is included and it is 1.5L I got.


      So, because this is a product from Spain the type is unreadable but what I can share with you is my thoughts on the drink rather than specific nutritional information. The drink is best to be kept in the fridge to keep it chilled as I always feel this enhances the flavour. You can serve this normally in a jug with fruit etc but I decided to just have it served in normal glasses.

      When you first open the glass bottle, it is very easy to open as it is just a screw lid which will easily fasten back on if you need to. As soon as you open it you instantly smell the strong fruity hints of the red wine in it and it smells really nice. When you pour it into the glass, it is a dark red colour, again mainly because of the wine but it is great with some ice in there and if you do want to add oranges etc it will make it seem even more authentic.

      The drink at first seems very strong tasting of wine but then the more you drink it, the easier it seems to go down and it really is a very refreshing drink. It does taste very nice and it doesn't seem too alcoholic to taste which is nice as there is nothing worse than a drink that tastes really strong. It seems to get everyone drunk quicker than you'd think though but it is a very social drink and tastes fruity at the same time so it makes for a lovely blend.

      This drink is perfect for those who love their wines and want something a bit different. This is traditional to drink and hard to get hold of in the UK but if you make a trip to Spain getting sangria is a must. The 1.5L filled up a good 4 or 5 glasses which were very big so I definitely got my moneys worth and will definitely buy this brand again if I ever come across it anywhere. It tastes very authentic and is a really nice brand of sangria, perfect for anyone.


      Now, as I said, I did purchase this brand in Spain and having looked online, it doesn't appear to be stocked here but if you go to Spain, I got this big 1.5L bottle for Euro5.45 or something around this price which isn't really too bad.

      If you search this brand on Google you may find some pages with more detail.


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