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    3 Reviews
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      05.12.2012 20:10


      • "Ease of use"


      A decent machine that has served me well so far

      This product is both a washer and a dryer. I paid £422 from appliances online just over a year ago, to replace my struggling washer dryer.


      There is a variety of washing options but, like most people, I don't use most of them. There are the usual ones you would expect and additional ones such as those for sports wear and one that is supposed to immitate dry cleaning. My boyfriend uses this to clean his dryclean only trousers from time to time and he has found no damage to the garment. The drum is also supposed to have smaller holes to prevent damage to clothes on any cycle.

      I have found on occassion that liquitabs I had been using had not fully disolved leaving a sticky mess on a patch of the towel etc. This may be due to overloading the machine and so a fault on my part. I now use liquid rather than the liquitabs.

      It is a nice big drum so lots can be fitted in which is more efficient though be aware that the capacity for washing is bigger than for drying by 2kg.

      There is a delay option which is really useful if you want the wash to start in a few hours. The controls are easy to use and there is a timer telling you how long the cycle has left. I do find that the last minute of the cycle (i.e. when it is displaying 1 minute to go) can last for around 15 minutes so you do need to take it with a pinch of salt.


      An average load can be dry in around 2-2 1/2 hours which was a little slow than I was expecting. There is a sensor on the machine that is supposed to stop when the clothes are dry, though I always find they need 30-60 mins longer than the sensor does.


      The product has a good energy rating making it cheap and environmentally friendly to run.

      The product is relatively quiet, in some stages you wouldn't really know it is on (great for people like us who have a relatively open plan apartment) but at some stages e.g. the spin it is certainly audible and I often need to turn the TV up a bit.


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      29.12.2010 14:03
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A great washer dryer which is worth its weight in gold!

      As you may know we are having the kitchen completely refitted - it has now been ongoing for 2 months and it is driving me up the wall! We have replaced all the appliances in the kitchen and the washing machine which resides in the downstairs cloakroom got all jealous and decided to give up the ghost! Just what we needed with the expense of the kitchen but there you are. Incidentally the vacuum cleaner broke the following week and I swear the chest freezer gives me a funny look every time I walk past!! LOL!

      Anyway we decided that this time we would buy a combined washer dryer as when the weather is bad I really don't have anywhere that I can dry my washing properly and things such as towels always seemed to have an odd smell.

      Dave had used washer dryers when he had been renting places whilst working away so he knew better than I did what we needed to look for. We finally settled on a Samsung WD8704RJA and after checking the prices and cashback offers we decided to buy from Boots Kitchen Appliances at a cost of £409. We ordered it together with the fridge and the cooker and the total delivery charge was £19.99 which I thought was reasonable and we also asked them to remove the old washing machine which cost a further £9.99 but it was worth it to save us the bother!

      When the machine arrived Dave removed the shipping bolts from the back of the machine using the spanner provided and put the plastic covers over the holes. We are very unlikely ever to need to move the washer but we have kept the shipping bolts in a safe place just in case.

      The next job was to use the spanner to adjust the levelling feet on each corner of the machine by turning them clockwise or anti clockwise until the machine was level. This means that the machine won't jump all over the place when it spins!

      The last remaining job was to fit the inlet hose to the cold tap and put the outlet hose into the top of the drainage pipe.

      There is no separate outlet needed for the tumble dryer as it is a condensing dryer which means that the water will be removed via the same hose as the waste water from the spinning process.

      The Specifications

      The machine is 84.4cm tall, 59.8cm wide and 60cm deep so is a pretty standard size. It is white and looks very smart indeed. The door also bows out at the front by a further 30mm. None of this really mattered to us as our machine is free standing with a fair amount of clearance all round it.

      It comes with a manufacturer's warranty lasting two years for parts and labour and a ten year guarantee on the direct drive motor.

      Both the wash and spin performance are A rated for energy but the drying facility makes the machine a B rate overall. The maximum spin speed is 1400 rpm, maximum wash load is a generous 7 kg and the maximum drying load is 5kg.

      It has 12 different programmes for washing and a further 4 for drying with an LED display to tell you how many minutes remain until the end of the programme.

      Using The Machine

      Pretty obviously the first thing to do is to plug in the machine and switch it on by pressing the power button on the front. Incidentally you are advised to set a wash programme with the machine empty before you begin to wash any clothes in it. This washes out any residue which may have been left after the manufacture of the machine.

      There are three separate sections in the detergent drawer - one for pre treating agents, one for the washing liquid, bleach, stain remover etc and the final one for the fabric softener.

      When you switch on the machine it will play a little electronic tune as the LED display comes on.

      The laundry is easily loaded through the door at the front of the machine which then closes with a reassuring click and the safety lock is then enabled whilst the machine is running.

      You then choose you washing and drying programme. I am not going to list every programme here as it would make this review far too long and boring. There are a variety of programmes available including cottons, synthetics, denim, sportswear, delicates, wool and handwash which all take a different length of time to complete. There is also a quick wash facility which takes just 29 minutes - ideal if you are in a hurry. The one setting that I had never seen before was the air refresh setting and this one enables you to put clothes in just for a tumble to get rid of bad odours - how clever is that?

      Each of the programmes shows a preset temperature; spin speed and number of spins in the display window which can then be manually altered if that is what you want.

      You can then set a drying programme as well although you don't have to do this. When the weather is OK I shall just use the washer to wash and spin the clothes and then peg them outside to dry. If you want to add a drying programme you have a choice of cupboard dry which means it will be dry enough to put away when it comes out of the machine, iron dry which leaves it slightly damp to be ironed, low temperature drying for delicate fabrics or timed drying where you choose the length of drying time.

      Once you are happy with all your choices you then press the start button and the LED display shows vertical lines travelling down the screen whilst the washer checks the amount of laundry and sets itself for the correct amount of water. The final time then appears and off it goes with the time counting down as the programme continues - that way you always know how much longer you have to wait until the programme will finish.

      When the programme finishes the machine plays a little tune at regular intervals until you go and empty it and switch it off.

      My Experience

      I have found this machine to be a god send whilst the weather has been so appalling! It is worth its weight in gold.

      I tend to use a cotton wash and a cupboard dry setting which takes about four and a half hours.

      At first I found that the clothes were quite damp when they came out but soon realised that I was overloading the machine. I made sure that I didn't overload it and the problem was solved. Although the laundry is probably dry enough to put away I would never do that and always hang it to air first.

      The machine has a facility where you can set the programme and then set a further time of anything between 2 and 19 hours to delay the start of the programme. This is a good idea s I find it is best to empty the machine as soon as it has finished or the warm washing gets very creased.

      We tried the air refresh facility when we went into one of local cafes where the chip fryer was emitting quite a smell. When we got home we realised that all our clothes smelled of chip fat so we popped them in the washer for an air refresh and they all came out smelling sweet again!


      The detergent drawer comes out for ease of cleaning. The debris filer comes out by using a coin to turn the outer cap - this can then just be washed. There is also a mesh filter in the end of the hose which can also be removed for cleaning.

      The Instruction Book

      The instruction book is an A5 book of about 30 pages. It is clearly laid out explaining how to connect the machine, how to use it, how to clean it, a troubleshooting guide and a fabric care chart.


      I am very happy with my washer dryer. It runs quietly and efficiently, the washing is clean and the dryer works brilliantly (when I don't overload it!)

      I would recommend it without hesitation!


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        01.09.2010 21:13
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        Air Refresh Direct-Drive Washer-Dryer and ultra quiet

        When you set the programme it plays a tune then the LED display does a little dance while the drum balances and weighs the washing, and it's ultra quiet. What more can you want? Oh and it's got a 10 year Direct Drive motor warranty, 5 year parts warranty and 2 year parts & labour warranty.
        There's a number of drying settings for different temperatures - Cupboard, Low Temp. and Iron, as well as 'Air Refresh', 'Air Refresh - Hygiene' and 'Time Drying' settings. It automatically sets the drying time by sensing the weight and slow spins initially to balance the clothes around the drum although you can alter the time to suit yourself. It displays the drying time left on an LED display.
        The washing machine emergency drain is in an accessible position, it's got a child lock and a debris filter and you can even switch the sound off if it begins to irritate. The machine only requires a cold water supply. For anybody who has a combi-boiler that takes a short while for the hot water to come through it will be a bonus.
        Air refresh means that clean clothing can effectively be dry refreshed rather than having to wash the clothes again. This is particularly useful if you are in a rush and find that the shirt you want is a bit musty or something and it can be dry refreshed quickly ready to put on.
        The washer has all the usual settings (cotton, wool, synthetics, delicates etc.) as well as sports wear, denim, hand wash, pre-wash, multiple spin speeds and others.
        I've found the instruction manual is well set out and descriptive enough to understand. It's large drum has meant that it can easily cope with more washing - providing you don't try to overfill it. It also clearly counts down how long it has to go. At the end it plays a little tune and displays 'End' to notify you the washing itself has finished. After a few more minutes it plays a little tune to say that the door will open. This is probably very useful for a blind person, while a deaf person can see what is happening from the display.
        I'm impressed how quiet it is when it is fast spinning - not a bone shaker like many machines. I can even listen to the radio without having to turn the volume to full when the kitchen door is open.
        For some it may stick out a little further than some washer dryers, but I believe that is the nature of the beast of being direct drive


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      • Product Details

        Energy Rating: B Rated Wash Performance: A Rated Wash Load: 7 Kg Drying Load: 5 Kg Spin Speed: 1400 RPM

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