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Indesit IWDC6125 1200 Spin 6+5Kg Washer Dryer

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    4 Reviews
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      01.04.2012 14:44
      Very helpful
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      A nice washer dryer from Indesit

      Luckily, when I first moved into my first home I didn't have to worry about buying a fridge/freezer or a washing machine as these appliances were already installed when I moved in... phew! The washer dryer that I have is this Indesit IWDC6125.

      ----- Specifications -----
      * 85cm in height, 54cm in depth and 60cm wide.
      * 6kg washing capacity
      * 5kg drying capacity
      * Delay start
      * 16 different programs
      * Spin speed of 1200 rpm
      * 52L water consumption
      * Class A for washing performance
      * B energy efficiency rating
      * 1.12 kwh energy consumption per cycle

      Price wise, this washer dryer from Indesit currently costs around £300.

      ----- Design -----
      The design of this washer dryer is pretty much standard of all appliences of this type. The drawer to place the washing detergents is sat in the top right hand side, with all of the different wash cycles detailed on the front. Next to the drawer is on/off button and the dial to change the cycle. Beside this is two other dials, one for temperature and one for drying and above these are the four function dials, and finally next all of the this is the start/pause button and the lights indicating what part of the cycle the machine is currently at.

      ----- Washing -----
      I'm fairly new to doing my own washing, after only moving out of my mums 3 years ago and her doing all of my washing. The number of knobs, buttons and different sorts of cycles was bewildering and I often just stood there looking at my dirty washing in the machine wondering what on earth I was meant to do. 3 years on, I use one cycle and one cycle only! I have dabbled in a different cycle, but it didn't work out so I'm just going to stick with what I know, cycle number 3!

      This washer dryer has 13 preset cycles, 4 of which are daily wash cycles, 3 special, 3 sport and 3 dry cycles. Although the last of the dry cycles is actually a wash and dry express cycle. The dial which selects the cycle of your choice also has 3 more options which are partial wash cycles, rinse, spin and drain.

      Like I said before, I'm a complete novice at washing and my trusty wash cycle is number 3, coloured cotton. I team this cycle up with the 'eco time' function. This function adjusts the temperate and water and means that you save water and electricity. It's only suitable for light dirty washing though so I don't use it with every load, but still use it for most. Usually a number 3 cycle would take 1 hour 28 minutes, but with eco time selected it will shave 10 minutes from the washing time.

      Once the washing has been loaded into the drum, the washing detergent drawer is easy to pull out and fill. Once it's all done, after pressing the start button, the door will lock and a red light will appear, showing us the door is still locked. The washing machine doesn't make much noise for the most part of the cycle, but when it gets to the spin part it soon makes up for the lack of noise by sounding like it's about the blow the house apart. Even with the door closed between my kitchen and living room, if I'm watching TV I have to turn it up to be able to hear it. I have learnt that the best way to get around that awful noise is to start the machine prior to leaving the house! Once the cycle has finished, there is a delay timer on the door lock, 5 minutes after the cycle has ended it will make a clicking noise, the red light will go off and the door will be unlocked.

      ----- Quick cycle -----
      The other cycle I have tried is the express wash and dry, this is suitable to use for only a couple of pieces of dirty washing instead of a full load, it only takes a mere 35 minutes, so it says. Once the cycle has finished the clothes feel hot to the touch but are still wet, deeming this cycle worthless, unless you only need to wash a few bits and stop the cycle before it gets round to drying. If I've only got a couple of bits to wash, I prefer to hand wash them, myself.

      ----- Delay timer -----
      The washer dryer also has a delay timer, this is easily set by pressing the appropriate function button, pressing it once will delay the start time by 3 hours, again by 6 hours and again by 9 hours, if the button is pushed a further time it will cancel itself out. I find this handy if I've got somewhere to go in the morning, I'll set it for 9 hours before I go to bed and in the morning the washing machine will normally be finished, or just finishing, giving me time to hang it out on the line, or over a clothes horse depending on the weather.

      ----- Drying -----
      I've only used the drying side of the washer dryer a handful of times, I just don't see why I should waste electric drying clothes in there when I don't need to. The drying dial has some tricky symbols which I don't really understand beside it so I go by time, I generally set it for 40 minutes, then see what it's like and another 40 minutes and so on. Well I used to! It definitely performed better if I halved the load of washing as it gave the washing more room to tumble around.

      ----- Overall -----
      Although I haven't used this washer dryer to it's full potential, I'd definitely recommend it from the use I've had of it. Cycle number 3 is definitely my favourite, trusted cycle and the eco time option means I'm not using as much water or electricity but still getting the same results of nice, clean, fresh washing. The delay timer is another handy feature of the washer dryer, meaning I can start it, almost whenever I want. If you do dry your washing in a machine quite a lot but haven't got the room for a washing machine and a tumble dryer, I reckon this would be a good purchase for you, although I haven't used the dryer much it still does what it is supposed to do. In the 3 years I've had this washer dryer I've not had a problem yet, so it's definitely good value for money.


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        16.03.2012 00:03
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        Great for those on a budget

        When our previous washing machine broke our landlord bought us this one. It is a washer and dryer in one which saves on space as we live in a studio flat.
        It is the standard 6k for washing and 4k for drying, although its a bit of a pain having to stop the cycle and get clothes out so that it can continue drying.

        It has a great energy rating of B, which means that it is quite energy efficient. We use this machine daily and it so far has been very reliable.

        The machine is white and stylish looking, and has 2 twisty knobs that determine the cycle and pre programmed washes. There are 16 washes but we tend to use the same one most times unless theres a heavy load like the bedsheets. On the front of the machine there is a drawer to add your detergent or fabric conditioner. There is also a menu that tells you all of the different wash programmes and you just look up the number and compare it to the twisty knobs.

        The best thing about this washing machine is the time delay so if you want the wash to start later if you are going out for the day but dont want smelly clothes when you get back then you can set it up to 12 hours later to start.

        In terms of noise it is quite quiet but when it is on the spin cycle it is noisier than other more expensive models.

        It costs around £330 from currys, but when you buy it they dont give you a delivery date, we just got a text one day to say it was being delivered. It looked very heavy when delivered and our old one was taken away. I wouldnt recommend collecting or installing yourself if this is offered when you buy it. It is one of the cheapest washer dryers and works very well. It is not the best brand but if you are on a budget and dont have space for a separate washing machine or tumble dryer.


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        26.03.2010 21:30



        Overall, in my view this washer dryer was value for money

        Hello there,
        Last week, we bought a new washer dryer. After a careful search and reading the reviews on on-line, we decided to buy this machine. Hence, I thought to share my experience with other people via CIAO.

        Firstly, installation was quick and easy, I did it myself and it took me about 15 mins. The first wash and dry took about 35mins, which they call express wash. We are still exploring the machine, but first impressions were excellent. I think the only downside was noise from spin.
        We are planning to use the machine late night and early morning to use cheap electricity. I hope that it will not make too much noise.

        I washed full load for couple of times, it went well except little bit noise and creasing. Prior to I bought this, I have been advised by few people that washer dryers are not good. I found this machine so far so good. There are a range of options for different fabrics and good thing there is a time delay lock for up to 9 hours.

        There are number of options, combination of washing and drying options.

        I bought it for £302 and think it is value for money.
        All the best with your purchase.


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        18.03.2010 21:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Easy to use and eco friendly. Tumble dryer function could be better.

        We bought this washer dryer 6 months ago as a replacement for a servis washer dryer that literally exploded.

        As a household with just two adults, we don't really put the machine through its paces, but it is doing well so far. The machine looks good and was very easy to use. My other half never uses manuals and he worked it out right away. The dials are well labelled.

        There are many different variations available for washing and drying. You can vary the temperature separately from the wash cycle, so for instance can do a cool cotton wash. I have found washing capability to be average.

        The drying cycle is also clever, as you can either choose a time frame or tell the machine the level of dryness you would like it to achieve. However, the dryer selection does not reset after use, so you can end up tumble drying by accident if you tumbled last wash and forget to cancel it. Also, I find that the dryer leave a rubbery smell on the items, which lingers for days.

        I like the time delay function which allows you to programme the machine to come on in 3, 6 or 9 hours time, so you can use the machine during off peak electricity times.


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      • Product Details

        Indesit washer dryers can wash and dry up to 5kg in one wash and dry cycle / So there is no need to divide the washing into two time consuming loads saving you time and effort / You can also wash up to a 6kg laundryload in just one cycle / An automatic sensor in the drum monitors moisture levels and stops the drum when your clothes are perfectly dry ensuring your clothes stay as good as new / Select a machine with a multi-level sensor system and you will be able to select the level of dryness required ? iron hanger or cupboard dry.Wash 6Kg and Dry 5KgUp to 12 Hour Delay TimerAutomatic water level controlSoak and Rain wash actionDetergent recycling systemLoad Balancing systemDual Tumble direction0-90&#176c Adjustable Thermostat3 Levels Sensor Drying systemSafety delay door lock / Short name: Indesit IWDC6125

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