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Hotpoint WF220 Aquarius

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2009 00:17
      Very helpful
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      • "Ease of use"


      A good all-round washing machine

      *** FIRST - THE BAD NEWS ***

      Last year, I had to say goodbye to a very dear friend.

      She was old but she had worked hard all her life. I thought we would be together for much longer, but it wasn't to be. And then it happened... my ever faithful washing machine realised things were getting too much so it burned out and died! The kitchen smelled of burning electrics, the dogs wouldn't go near it, and to top it all, my husband was working a nightshift so it had to stay where it was.

      I had to accept it. My old faithful Servis had left me for that great washing machine graveyard in the sky!


      I don't want to appear heartless, but I found a replacement the following day!

      I wanted a machine with a fairly large capacity due to having a very busy four year old son who never worried how much mud he jumped in or when he would next cover his clothes in paint. The Hotpoint WF220 basically provided everything I needed.

      The machine comes with the usual instruction booklet which is not the easiest to fathom out. Reading it is fine, the problems start when you have to decide which page you start with as it is set out in duplex on a piece of A3 paper, folded in on itself. When you have untangled yourself from this, the first page starts with 'Getting to Know your Appliance" which is just general information on cleaning and maintenance. The booklet is then divided into eight sections:

      (1) Electrical Guide
      (2) Installation Guide
      (3) Dispenser Drawer
      (4) Programme Selection
      (5) Using The Machine
      (6) Options Guide
      (7) Typical Wash Programme
      Trouble Shooting

      *** FEATURES ***

      The machine itself has 16 programmes. Very briefly:-

      (A) Mixed Pre-wash
      (B) White Cotton & Linen (without special finishes)
      (C) White Cotton & Linen (Superwash)
      (D) Colourfast Cotton, Linen Or Viscose
      (E) Fast Wash at 60 degrees
      (F) Non-Colourfast Cottons
      (G) Colour Synthetics, Nylon, Acrylic etc.
      (H) Acrylics
      (J) Handwash Wool
      (K) Silks
      (L) Fast Wash at 30 degrees
      (M) Handwash
      Rinse & Spin - Mixed
      Fast Spin - Cotton
      Slow Spin - Delicate
      Pumping Out - All
      (Don't get confused - there is no (I) programme)

      The machine is capable of washing up to 6kg of washing. However, certain programmes on the machine only cater for 1kg, 3kg or 5kg.

      For example, Setting J (handwash wool) only washes 1kg.
      Setting K (silks) only washes 3 kg.

      However, the programmes you would use most frequently do cater for 6kg of washing so don't let this put you off.

      The dispenser drawer allows you to use powder detergent, liquid detergent and/or fabric conditioner, whichever is your preference.

      *** APPEARANCE ***

      This is quite an attractive looking machine and is not too bulky for a machine that holds a fairly large amount of washing.

      The dispenser drawer is situated on the left hand side on the front of the machine, together with a layout of the programmes available. The dial and settings and on/off button are situated on the right hand side on the front of the machine.

      This model comes with a 'door lock' indicator light. This stays lit for a couple of minutes after the washing programme has finished and you are then able to open the door.

      The machine has adjustable feet to enable you to balance it properly.

      The machine comes in a choice of two colours - grey or white.


      This is a very efficient washing machine which does hold a large amount of washing.

      If you need to wash 'hand wash only' or woollen items, the machine will gently clean these very effectively.

      Hotpoint offer an extended warranty.

      One of the things I do like about this model is that, unlike my former washing machine, this one never decides to go for a waddle round the kitchen when it is having a fast spin. It makes a nice change not to have to reposition it after each wash!


      None really, apart from the fact that one thing did go wrong within six months after we bought it. Towards the end of a wash, the water carried on filling up, and filling up and filling up... Eventually, we had to disconnect the water supply to the machine. An engineer came out to see it and we found out that the problem was down to the cold water inlet solenoid (rinse cycle) being jammed open. It was just a case of having a new part fitted and we have had no problems with it since.

      I would be inclined to believe that this was down to pure bad luck. The Hotpoint Service Engineer suggested it was probably just down to a faulty connector and, to be honest, since this part was replaced, we have had no trouble with it whatsoever.

      Another point I would mention is that some of the programmes take a very long time to complete. For example, Programme B which caters for white cottons and linen, takes 2 ½ hours to complete. If you are on a budget, remember you are using more electricity during this time so it may be something to consider before purchasing this model. However, I never actually use any of the programmes which take this long, and manage to do all my washing on Programme E, F or handwash wool. You may consider this machine to be a little wasteful when only a few of the programmes are used, but I always think it is nice to have the option should you need to use any of the others.

      *** PRICE ***
      I bought this machine for £309.95. I decided to take out an extended warranty at £4.49 per month.

      I hope this review has been useful for anyone looking to purchase a new washing machine in the future. I would certainly recommend this model as, apart from one little glitch, it has been very reliable.

      Finally, for those who are interested:


      Dimensions: 59.9cm wide
      Capacity: 1 - 6 kg
      Electric Connections: 220/230 Volts 50Hz
      Maximum Absorbed Power: 1700W
      Spin Speed: Up to 1200 rpm

      Contact e-mail address: www.hotpoint.co.uk

      Thanks for reading.

      (Reviewed on Ciao and Dooyoo)


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