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Holland & Barrett Skin Hair & Nails

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Brand: Holland & Barrett / Type: Vitamin Supplement / Dosage Form: Bars

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    3 Reviews
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      11.05.2012 11:32
      Very helpful



      Excellent product!

      I take vitamins and supplements as a part of my daily routine especially since I don't have a balanced diet containing the required vitamins and minerals. Taking vitamin supplements has been an on/off situation for most of my life, probably because I gave up early or simply because I forgot to take the pill .

      One of the supplements that I tried recently was "Skin Hair Nails supplements" by Holland and Barrett, a very well- known company. It was recommended to me by a friend of mine who had used it in the past. She was very satisfied with it, so I went for it especially since I suffer from dry skin and hair and weak nails which keep breaking and splitting. So I got the supplements in order to get that extra boost for my nails and hair.

      == Holland and Barrett Skin, Hair and Nails formula ==

      I bought it from their shop when it was on a special offer. I bought the pack of 120 caplets as it works cheaper than the smaller packs.

      Unlike some food supplements, it has no artificial colours or flavours, no milk or lactose, no Gluten, wheat or fish.

      Holland and Barrett skin, hair and nails caplets has a special formula with a special blend of 27 necessary vitamins and minerals to insure that you get the necessary supplement for radiant skin , healthy hair and strong nails.

      == Packaging ==

      It comes in a blue box with the name of the product on the front and some useful information about the product, the ingredients and how to contact them on the back.

      Inside the box, there was a hard blue plastic container which contained the 120 caplets. In order to prevent them from being contaminated by the surrounding it was secured with a cap which you have to push down and turn anti clock wise to open it and a seal which was closing the mouth of the bottle, so always check for the seal.

      == The look, smell and the texture of the caplet ==

      It comes in an oval shaped tablet "caplet" which is slightly bigger and denser than a normal tablet. It has a beige colour and a solid smooth texture. To be honest I don't like caplets as I prefer soft gel based pills however, caplets are more tamper resistant than a gel ones which become softer with time.

      Talking about the smell I must say it smells horrible, a bit like cat's pee to be honest and I'm not sure why!

      == How much should I take per day? ==

      To have the maximum effects, you need to take 3 tablets a day.

      Taking the caplets The first problem I faced with these tablets was swallowing them. The caplet is big and chunky and the problem is I needed to take three of them daily which is really one of the main downsides of this formula.

      I face difficulty in swallowing them every time I'm required to take them, especially when taking them early in the morning but I found that taking them one by one in the middle of your meal with plenty of water will make it easier.

      After taking them I recommend that you should complete your meal or eat a light meal because having them on empty stomach will give you a stomach ache and/or a heart burn.

      == Any after taste? ==

      Yes it does leave a slight aftertaste, a sort of metallic aftertaste but it's not that horrible really

      == Side effects ==

      Unfortunately it did have some minor side effects, maybe not everyone will experience these side effects but I did. Some of these side effects were a slight heart burn and an upset stomach especially when taking them on an empty stomach but these side effects are not that big deal really.

      Also I'm not sure if this can be considered as a side effect but it worth a mention, after taking the caplets my trips to the toilet were more than usual and the colour of my (pee) became florescent lol

      I also noticed that the caplets increased my appetite a little bit, thank God that I have some control over it.

      == A few months later, did the miracle happen? ==

      I bought a six month supply and I've been taking them for 5 months now and I'm on my last half the container now and I must say there are some significant results and I'm not the only one who noticed them, my family have noticed too.

      I could see the results after a month of taking them but I have to admit that sometimes I either forget to take them or maybe pretend to forget but at the end of the day I take them.

      My hair used to be lifeless, with split ends and slow growth but now it's thicker and livelier.

      My skin complexions definitely became clearer and softer but the biggest improvement was my nails as they used to be brittle, dry and had many white spots but now they disappeared and my nails look healthier, In fact I'm growing them for the first time in years!

      I think the caplets worked not only on my hair, skin and nails but on my wellbeing as well as I feel like a more active, happier and lively person.

      == And finally, the ingredients "if you are interested to know" ==

      Dicalcium Phosphate, CalciumCarbonate, Bulking Agents (Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, HydroxypropylMethylcellulose), Magnesium Oxide, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Anti-Caking Agents (Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate), CholineBitartrate, Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), Zinc Gluconate, Rose Hips Powder, Manganese Gluconate, Maltodextrin, Emulsifiers (AcaciaGum, Polysorbate 80), Inositol, RNA(Ribonucleic Acid), Ferrous Gluconate, Niacin (as Niacinamide), Betaine Hydrochloride, PABA (ParaAminobenzoic Acid), Citrus Bioflavonoids,Pantothenic Acid (as d-Calcium Pantothenate), Glazing Agents (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose,Triacetin), Rutin, Vitamin E (as d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate and dl-Alpha Tocopherol), Thiamin Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Vitamin B6(as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Sucrose, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Starch, Gelatine,Vitamin A (as Retinyl Palmitate), Firming Agent (Povidone), Sweetener (Mannitol), Antioxidant (Butylated Hydroxytoluene), Folic Acid, Biotin(as d-Biotin), Potassium Iodide, Medium Chain Triglycerides, L-Selenomethionine, Vitamin B12(as Cyanocobalamin), Vitamin D3.

      == Warning ==

      It contains ingredients derived from Soya. Also contains sweetener. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or breast feeding please consult your doctor before taking the supplements. These food supplements should not be relied on soley to make up for a varied and balanced diet, so still try to eat properly and keep a diet as stable as possible.However this formula can be used to fill in any gaps It is also not suitable for people under the age of 18.

      == Prices and availability ==

      It's only available in Holland and Barrett stores and on their online site. It's available in 3 variations, 60 caplets for £7.69, 120 caplets for 13.99 and 240 caplets for £25.19. At the moment they are on a special offer, if you buy 2 you will save a few quid.

      == To recommend or not to recommend? ==

      I can say that I recommend it. It has some minor side effects and the caplets are huge and taking three of them is a bit of a challenge but if you want better skin, hair and nails you should accept that there is a small price you have to pay!

      Highly recommended or every woman, try it and you will see the difference.


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        10.04.2012 20:30
        Very helpful



        Give it a pop - there are no miracles out there, but this will give a helping hand.

        I must confess: My name is RTWJuju, and in December I did a very silly thing.

        I cut my hair very short at the end of 2011, with my wedding forthcoming in September 2012. Only AFTER I had lopped off my locks did my love tell me that he prefers my hair long.

        It's not a big deal, but how do you style short hair? It's short at the back, about 1.5inches long when it was cut, and tapers to a long-ish bob of shoulder-length at the front.

        A little bit of research told me that hair grows at the rate of approximately half an inch a month, and I decided that I needed to give my barnet a bit of a helping hand if I wanted to have hair that was easy to style in nine months time.

        I have been taking Holland and Barrett's Skin Hair and Nails supplements for just over two months now. It's a daily tablet which I choose to take in the morning, although I very much think it doesn't matter when you take it.

        The tablet itself is quite large and is chalky. It would benefit greatly from a sugary coating as many other tablets have, as I must admit is tastes absolutely vile! I'm normally fairly business-like about tablets and don't need to have a drink while I take them, but this would be impossible without a glass of water beside me - and I don't mean the size - definitely the yucky taste!

        I have so far purchased bottles of 60 tablets, although I do know that Holland and Barrett offer larger packs of 120 and 240. I believe the bottles of 60 to be the best value as they have been 'on offer' both times I have gone to purchase them, for £3.80ish. I wonder if this is their standard price and they are just displayed as on sale. The 120 pack is around £14 which makes no sense to me - you could have the same amount by buying 2x60tablets for around £8! Savvy shoppers will notice this for themselves I'm sure but I always appreciate a tip shared!

        As to effects - I would very much like to believe that these tablets help. My hair at its shortest is now about four inches long. I've grown two and a half inches of hair in four months, which according to the general standard suggests that I've got an extra half an inch to what would be expected. (I have also had a trim in that time, but it was bare minimum only so we won't count that!) It might not sound like a lot, but I can't think of a better way to encourage my hair to grow.


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        16.01.2012 13:11
        Very helpful



        Part of my daily routine now - top class product highly recommended

        In October 2011 I was taken ill - really quite seriously! - with a virus that effectively knocked me clean off my feet for three whole weeks, wiping out a week's planned holiday and meaning I had to miss out on two fantastic work opportunities that I had arranged. As well as feeling like my own (slightly) animated corpse, the work experiences were the final straw and I decided I was never, ever going to let myself get ill again!

        In the time I was laid low my main communication with the outside world via the internet - not least because my ears were so blocked that trying to have a conversation with someone even whispering was seriously painful! So I had lots of time to research ways to avoid ever having to feel so bad ever again and one of my first stops was Holland & Barrett's website, as my number one thing to research was vitamin supplements.


        I'm sure I don't need to introduce you to the name of the chain of stores that sell vitmains, fitness supplements, whole foods and similar products on virtually every sizable town's high street. Their website's "About Us" section totals their current stores at 620 in the UK, and also notes that the company has been in the industry for over 80 years, as well as offering some information on their staff training policies and highlighting that they make sure their extensive range of health supplements are affordable, as well as their "Plan It Green" environmental policy.

        I had often used H&B via their high street shops and have always been pleased with the quality and price of their supplements and healthy snacks. I have also in the past taken advantage of their various offers and multiple-buy deals; it seems this firm are very proactive in making sure that there is virtually always some form of offer on and, unlike some stores, I often find that these apply to a range of products I am likely to use, rather than one or two I am likely to buy and others that I might have to buy in addition in order to take advantage of the benefit. So I have always liked that aspect of their customer service policy, although I had never ordered from them online before or realised that you can until doing my research. You can order directly from www.hollandandbarrett.com and I also learnt that they have implemented a customer loyalty card scheme as well, so regular customers can get even more benefit from loyalty shopping.


        Anyone who reads my reviews regularly will know of my tendency towards beauty products! As I always state, my heavy use of experimentation with them is more to do with insecurity than vanity and I always feel that you have to have a fundamentally well cared for and healthy basis in order to look good, no matter what you put on top! I am also trying to grow my hair long and so I decided that I would like to try to find an all round performer containing a multivitamin complex, but also one that is geared for the health of my skin, hair and nails. What's this? H&B have a vitamin supplement called Skin, Hair & Nails? Oh, well that's probably not going to be a million miles from what I'm after....! Into the basket it went with some other items, at the time on a multi buy offer.

        At the time of writing this is available on the website for £13.99 for 120 caplets (the packet size I bought), but it is regularly on offer. You can buy the bottles of caplets in different sizes, and I like that the website is very clear about demonstrating the change in unit price per caplet in a grid illustrating packet size, cost and resultant individual price. The website page also lists the vitamins and minerals covered in this product - I'm not typing them all out as we'll be here forever and unless you're likely to use this I doubt you want to read through it!

        To illustrate briefly what you're buying here, the product description from H&B surmises nicely: "A nutritious and well balanced supplement to support the health of hair, skin and nails. This 3-in-1 tablet contains the important antioxidants Vitamin A (from Beta Carotene), Vitamin E and Selenium."
        (To see the product page, visit hollandandbarrett.com and add the following after the website name: /pages/product_detail.asp?pid=247&prodid=451&cid=57&sid=0 apologies but this review won't load with the long email address for some reason).

        The caplets come in a semi-opaque blue plastic bottle. Mine is slightly different from the dooyoo image in that it has a screw-on dark blue plastic cap that has a child-proof undoing mechanism requiring you to push the lid down to open. Further information is on the label and this includes the directions for use, which is to take three caplets daily, preferably with food.

        The caplets themselves are quite large. They are straight along the sides with rounded ends, and have a light peppery-coloured powdered finish to them, so not one to buy if you only like to swallow sugar coated or gel-based caplets.


        You should not take this product if pregnant, like to become so or trying to conceive. They are also unsuitable for use by under 18s - the website points out that excessive iron can be harmful for children. There is also further information for use by diabetics etc on the website link above which I strongly recommend everyone considering using this product reads before ordering. Again, I like that this is clearly illustrated before you read it on the label of the product given that you can now order online.

        MY OPINION

        I'm not someone who liked swallowing caplets of significant size and I'm really not fond of the ones that, like this, appear to be compressed powder. But I was and am serious about improving my health and the condition of my skin, hair and nails so I made myself buck up and get over it! I soon got used to it.

        Upon removing the seal I noticed that these do have quite a strong 'medicinal' type scent which is not really pleasant, and this does also produce some after taste so I'm likely to try to take these with tea or something with a strong taste to wipe that out. I'm not, however, going to mark the product down for this - at the end of the day I'm paying my money for a product that does what it says on the label, and if in order to do this the product has to take on some of the unfortunate scents of the ingredients, then in my mind that is just something I have to accept.

        You take three of these a day, so 120 is roughly a month's use. At £13.99 that sounds like a lot but similar products are not overly cheap and this does provide an epic amount of vitamin and mineral benefit. Also the frequency with which these are in sales and multibuy offers makes it very easy to drop into a store if you're passing or have a quick look online, and you can get email newsletters to help you keep an eye out.

        I try to take these when having breakfast or dinner. I don't know if it's a benefit to take them spread out throughout the day but as I have really long days commuting I tend to take all three at once and I don't think that it has compromised the effectiveness.

        So does it work? Well obviously it won't unless you're stringent about sticking to the dosage - which you should NOT exceed, by the way. For once I got some willpower and stuck with this - I'm delighted that I did! It's not going to make you wake up one morning looking like Angelina Jolie, and you have to put in some ground work as this cannot eradicate the effects of a poor diet and bad skin care! But as I already insist on maintaining good standards in those senses, I am delighted with the extra boost this product has given me.

        Having been a little worried about fine lines and skin condition, I have to say that I think I have noticed my skin complexion is a lot more stable and supple - the fact that when nearing my 27th birthday some colleagues told me I look three to four years younger than that means either they were being very nice or I'm doing something right (or both)!. Also, my hair has often in the past looked very tired when I let my attention lapse and forgot to book the next cut until a fortnight or more than I should - so when I realised over the mad Christmas period that I had inadvertently gone from six weeks to nine(!) and noticed that the stylist barely had to remove anything to clean up split ends, I was astonished - and this was after using this product between October and mid-December. You do have to give these products time and stick with them, but I think for that level of improvement the time frame is very good before seeing a notable improvement. My nails are also growing consistently and quickly but they are not weak for this, so again I am pleased by this product's performance. I have since repurchased and will continue to do so as I think this product delivers on it's premise and makes it well worth getting over the scent. I think it is good value but when you consider you can effectively sometimes get this for half price then it is an astonishingly strong product in terms of performance and affordability - not that you can put a price on your health!

        Don't want to make this too long but a quick word on this - my items arrived quickly and well packaged, in a sturdy box and put in together sensibly, not left rattling around in too much space. You can have free delivery on orders over £40, which is not an unreasonable total to hit given the wide range of products available - there is something for everyone and even cooking ingredients. The website also has health-related articles you can read, and whilst the website layout is a bit dated and cluttered, it works well and the online ordering delivery is well executed - no criticism.


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