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    2 Reviews
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      28.08.2010 05:37


      • Reliability


      A good vacuum with minor negatives, but recommended.

      Note: Posted in wrong category - this is a review of SC11055, not SC1115.

      At just £1.52 per week (or £79 outright) from the Littlewoods catelogue, when my old vacuum eventually died a death, I thought that the Swan SC11055 would be both a reliable and cheap replacement. In terms of availability, because Swan is a Littlewoods brand, I've not seen these advertised outside of the catelogue, so if you want to buy one yourself you need to look there!

      I ordered the green coloured vacuum, although they now seem to be only available in one colour (black, silver and grey).

      The vacuum is only about half a metre tall, which means it's great for us in that we don't have a massive amount of storage space free in which we could keep a giant vacuum - this is just the right size for our usage and storage capacity. The main attachment is attached to the body via a long tube, which is flexible and means you don't always have to drag the body about behind you in order to vacuum up quick crumb spillages.

      To operate this, you just plug the power cord in after unwinding it from within the inside of the vacuum. It's 7 metres long which is a decent length for us in our house, as we have plenty of plugs and if we ever do need to vacume an area more than 7 metres from the socket, we just change sockets. There is a grey power button on the back of the vacuum which you press to turn it on, and next to this is another button that you press to wind back in the cord after you've done using the machine.

      I've found that with it having 3 wheels it's not the easiest vacuum I've ever used in terms of moving it around, and it can't go round corners well (if it's begin dragged behind it might bash into your paint work if you don't keep an eye on it). It is very light though, which is a bonus point compared with heavy vacuums which I find harder to move.

      I've used this several times a week for over 6 months, and find that the suction is quite good - it's not as strong as say a very high powered Dyson, but then it's half the size and a hell of a lot less expensive!

      One of the other reasons I got this vacuum is because it's bag free. Vacuum bags just annoy me these days and end up costing you lots in the long run, so I prefer vacuums where the dust is collected in the main body of the vacuum. I've had to empty this 4 or 5 times, but it's a very simple process to just take the middle dirt container out and empty it into the bin. I've found that if you don't empty it regularly, the power of the suction will go down, so I recommend emptying it as and when you can be bothered, and not just waiting for it to become rammed full with dirt before emptying it.

      In terms of attachments, it comes with an array of brushes for furniture and pointy little tubes to get into annoying crevices where the main standard head can't get into. These are easy to change, and I've used the crevice one many times for poking under the sofa.

      For the price I paid, I consider this to be a good vacuum. Yes it has it's faults, in that it's hard to manoeuvre at times, but other than that it suits me well, and for the price you can't go wrong really. It's lasted 6 months so far with no problems, so I can recommend it.


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        26.08.2010 13:28
        Very helpful
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        Well worth the price we paid for it!

        I purchase a Swan SC1115 last summer. I was just moving in with my boyfriend and we needed to buy lots of new cleaning equipment for our house! We did a lot of research on the cheapest, but most reliable vacuum that we would be able to buy. We decided on this product as it was only £40 from the Littlewoods Catalogue. Swan is actually owned by Littlewood and you can't really find it anywhere else. We didn't need a super duper Dyson or otherwise as it was only going to be us two in a little house.

        The vacuum we ordered was purple in colour and features a telescopic wand with interchangeable parts too. You can use the different parts for different things and I talk about these later on. It is fairly small, probably about 50 cm in length and it fits nicely in our spare cupboard, and doesn't take up too much room. It had a movable handle at the back which you can use to carry the vacuum upstairs and downstairs, and it tucks neatly into the back of the vacuum when you don't need to use it. It has two large grey buttons on the back of the machine. One is the power button and the other is to automatically wind up the cable after use. It has 3 wheels and it is not the easiest to manoeuvre around with, as it tends to just move in straight lines.

        The suction is quite strong, or it was in the beginning, but after a year of use it doesn't seem to be as strong, or I may just need to empty the vacuum now! We've vacuumed the house about once a week and we've only had to empty it once, even though the size of it is quite small - Obviously we aren't very dusty people!! You can choose between two different suction strengths, one of them seems to do very little and the other one is so strong it makes it hard to push it about on carpet. It is a very light vacuum however and so it is easy enough for me to swing around the house, especially as I am so tiny myself and not at all strong enough to handle a large vacuum!

        The cord length is 7 metres which is just about enough for us to do one room but it does become stretched at points and could do with being an extra metre longer.

        The vacuum is bag-free and uses a filter to collect all the dust into a tube inside. It was very easy to open the top of the vacuum and take out the tube and empty it, there was no mess spilled in the house either!

        It comes with the standard vacuum attachment as seen in the picture of the product and as well as that you get a thin tube which you can use for getting into those hard to reach places. There is also a crevice tool which is similar to the nozzle but a lot thinner and slanted, I have never needed to use this attachment. There are also a couple of attachments with brushes on the end, and again I haven't used those either. Apparently these are for use on furniture to prevent scratches and to clean them with care. I should probably start using these in the future then!

        It's not too noisy, it is a bearable sound unlike other vacuums I've owned which sound like a jumbo jet taking off at high speed! This is a lot more quieter!

        I have no complaints about this vacuum, it cleans my house well, although the suction does seem to have decreased over the year that I have owned it, but for £40, I can hardly complain!


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        Short name: Swan SC1115

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