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Polti Vaporetto 950

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    2 Reviews
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      11.04.2013 23:51
      Very helpful


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      A quality steam cleaner that packs a real punch!

      I am a HUGE advocate of steam cleaning - so much so that I use very few chemical cleaning products now. I only use toilet cleaner for below the water line and washing up liquid - steam will do everything else, and leave everything sanitised without residues. I would recommend steam cleaning in general to everyone.

      The Polti Vaporetto is my second steam cleaner. Previously I had one many would know from the late night shopping channels - however I didn't find it overly powerful, and regardless of that it stopped working for no apparent reason after a few months usage. I was hooked on steam by that point, and determined to find another cleaner that would pack more of a punch, even if it meant spending a little bit more money - I'm always prepared to pay more for a quality product that will perform well and last.

      After quite a lot of research, I discovered the well regarded Polti brand. Polti are an Italian company that only make steam related products, such as irons and cleaners. They originally started out making industrial items to be used in the workplace, but then started making commercial products of the same quality for everyone to be able to use at home. Being steam specialists mean they know what they are doing and can put all of their expertise in these products alone.

      Polti make all many different models of steam cleaner - from the more basic affordable handheld, to the very powerful expensive domed cleaners that are a favourite with dress-shops, dry cleaners, hotels and other professional environments. I plumped for the 950, which is basically a compact version of the all singing and dancing models. It was just under £100 from Amazon.

      The 950 is a lovely looking machine - mine is white and grey and looks very sleek and stylish. It resembles a cylinder vacuum cleaner, and similarly has wheels so it follows me around easily as I clean. The specifications are as follows -

      * 3.5 bar steam pressure
      * 140g/min steam emission speed
      * 2000w stainless steel boiler
      * 1.3L water capacity
      * 3m cable
      * 25 x 40 x 25cm Height/Width/Depth
      * 5kg product weight
      * childproof safety screw cap

      The 950 also comes with a large padded storage bag, which is exceptional quality and stores the unit and all the attachments very comfortably. It makes it easy to take it to friends and family's houses when they inevitably ask to borrow it (and they will believe me!).

      The higher the bar pressure, the more powerful the steam, and 3.5 bars of pressure is a very good amount for a domestic user. There are slightly higher bar pressured models out there but they tend to be used more in professional environments, and therefore cost a lot more money.

      The cleaner comes with several attachments -

      * Jug and funnel for filling with water
      * Long concentrator nozzle
      * Angled attachment - for getting under the rim of the toilet for example
      * Nylon bristle brush - for scrubbing grout or stubborn dirt
      * Wire bristle brush - for heavy duty scrubbing such as BBQs and oven shelves (will scratch coated surfaces)
      * Upholstery attachment and cloth
      * Window squeegee
      * Floorhead (which can also be used as a wallpaper stripper) and waffle cotton floor cloth
      * 2 extension poles

      All these attachments should give some indication to the enormous variety of cleaning jobs you are able to achieve with the 950. Literally anything you can think of - bar washing up and cleaning below the waterline of the loo - the 950 WILL do! I personally use it mainly for cleaning floors and surfaces, but also periodically clean my windows, steam the mattresses and bedding, and clean carpets and rugs.

      You fill the machine by removing the safety screw cap and using the jug and funnel provided. It's best to use filtered water if you live in a hard water area - or you can buy a product called kal-stop, which prevents limescale forming in the tank. Once switched on, the machine takes approximately 10 minutes to heat up and pressurise - at which point the safety cap becomes impossible to remove which is brilliant if you have children to protect them from burning themselves. When it's ready to use, a green light comes on and you hear a 'click' that tells you it's ready to go.

      To use the floorhead, you have to attach the 2 extension poles to the hand unit and push the floorhead attachment on the end. The floorhead has two clips on the top so you can attach the cotton floor cloth, and I also use microfibre cloths in addition to the one included. It has bristles on the floorhead, and a slider bar on the top which either inverts or protrudes an inset area of the floorhead - this is your wallpaper stripper attachment! When used as a floor cleaner, the bristles help grip hold of the cloth - or if you remove the cloth you can use it to revive the pile of your carpet before going back over with the cloth.

      To clean everything else, you have a hand unit with a nozzle and the operation button - which can be locked to prevent accidentally switching on (but cannot be locked to keep the steam continuous). It's to this main hand unit that you attach all the other accessories.

      To operate the machine, you have to continuously press the button on the handle - which can be a bit of a strain on your thumb if you are using it for a prolonged period. Before directing the steam at anything, it's important to squirt away the excess water that builds up in the tube into a bucket or jug - and again if you leave it sitting a while. It's also important to not direct the steam on yourself or anyone else as it WILL burn - it is 100 degrees super heated steam after all!

      The disadvantages to the Vaporetto 950 are that it takes a while to heat up, and similarly to depressurise before you can refill (if necessary) - though a full tank does last quite a long time. If you are wanting to do quick, spur of the moment clean ups, then a machine of this type isn't recommended - but great for cleaners who clean to schedule. Also, the operation button is quite stiff and needs to be held down continuously - if you are arthritic it's probably not going to be easy to operate for you.

      The advantages of the machine have to be it's power, range of attachments/usages and compactness. It's also made to a very high quality and you can really 'feel' that it's a machine which will last many years. I would highly recommend it!


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      24.02.2010 14:53
      Very helpful



      does the job

      I recently was a manager at a charity shop and when the clothes ae donated to the shop they have to be looked through and the best are kept and steam cleaned before going onto the clothes racks to be priced and sold.
      it is the job of the manager or volunteers to do the steam cleaning and you need a really good steam cleaner to get the clothes in a nice looking condition togo on the shop floor.

      This Polti 950 Vaporetto 195880 is a handy size steam cleaner asit is light weight and portable, some shops have huge dome cleaners which are very weighty and take longer to heat up and produce steam to clean with.
      This little cute red one is on wheels and can be dragged around easily. To use it you have to fill the water compartmnet up to the right level, switch it on and wait for the steam to come out of the end. Its that simple to use.
      There is a safety cap on the steamer which means it cannot be undone to let the hot water outonce the steam pressure has built up in the steamer, which is good for if you have children as they cannot hurt themselves, however the steam is dangerous if you let it get near your skin it will brun and burn badly. Its easy to miss the material of curtains that are being steamed as they are hung up, be careful not to get fingers at the edges of curtains whiclstthe steamer is in your other hand.
      it is always best to stand by someone and show them how this works if they haven't used a steamer before.

      The steamer cost the shop £108.00 which it soon made back with the donations of kind people. it is a 2000W machine and therefore does use a fair bit of electric, but its not the kind of appliance that's used all the time as steaming doesn't take to long.
      its ideal for all materials, and is especially good for curtains, jackets, blankets and bedding as it kills dust mites and other allergens.
      the steam ready light will come on when its ready to use and it will make a sound when its out of water so you don't have to worry about it running out without you noticing.
      It comes with a funnel for the water tank and two brushes, you can buy other assesories for it like disinfectants to go in the water tank but its perfectly good on its own steam.

      You can buy it only from Amazon or other online shops like www.go-electrical.co.uk it is around £108 but on Amazon you will pay a little bit more and buying online you also have to pay for the postage of your item seperately to the price its offered at.

      If your looking for a steam cleaner then its a good all rounder, it does the job well and the clothes come out crease free and smelling nice.


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  • Product Details

    Polti has long stood for excellence in manufacturing and customer satisfaction so to achieve this keeps tight control of its product manufacturing processes / Over 95% of their products are made in their own ISO certified Bulgarograsso plant in Italy personally watched over by the Polti family who live close by / When you buy a Polti product you can be sure that the attention to detail given to making it will follow though to give you a long lasting hard wearing and simple to use product / The Polti PTGB0024 Vaporetto 950 Steam Cleaner comes in an attractive turquoise finish and helps cleans up your home with ease / It features Polti's patented Vaporella cap that cannot be opened until there is a minimum pressure in the boiler to ensure the user safety / It features 3.5 bar pressure with a pressure switch.Polti patent safety cap Handle with child-lockAccessories bagPressurized boiler systemMax pressure : 3.5 bar Pressure switchSteam output : 140 g/minBoiler material : Stainless steelBoiler volume : 1.7 lUse capacity : 1.3 lSteam ready indicatorLow water level indicatorParking SystemBoiler power : 2000WMax power : 2000WDimensions (WxDxH) : 40 x 25 x 25 cmWeight : 5 kg / Short name: Polti 950

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