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Miele TT 5000 Cat & Dog

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    5 Reviews
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      13.12.2011 15:08
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      cat and dog cleaner from Miele

      I already own a Miele 5000 revolution vacuum cleaner and am really pleased with it. However I have a back problem and find it impossible to life the cleaner up and down the stairs. With this in mind I decided to splash out and buy another cleaner for use downstairs. As we have a long haired setter it was decided to buy a cleaner designed for pets. I was going to buy a cheaper cleaner but in the end just couldn't resist another Miele!

      After looking on the Miele web site I decided to buy the cat and dog TT 5000. I can't remember exactly how much I paid but it was on offer at the time at around £150. There was also an offer to extend the usual 2 year warranty to 10 years for an extra £30. I bought my cleaner directly from Miele and it was delivered free of charge in record time!

      What you get for your money.
      The Miele TT 5000 comes in dark red. It is very easy to set up from the box .The cleaner features-

      A 2.200 watt with the ability to change the suction setting down to 300 watts, brilliant for cleaning curtains as they don't get sucked up the tube! There are 6 power settings in total, changed by turning a dial located on the top of the cleaner.

      A 10 metre operating radius and 6.5 metre cable. The cable rewinds into the cleaner automatically when not in use. The cleaner has 360 degree swivel wheels making it really light and easy to manoeuvre.

      The 4.5 litre capacity Hyclean dust bag is sealed to prevent any dirt escaping when it is emptied. I tend to empty the dust bag about once a month and it is really simple to do.

      This cleaner features the Miele active air clean air filter and also has a super air clean cassette containing charcoal to help eliminate odours. The active air filter is situated behind the dust bag and should be changed every time you change the bag. The filters need to be cut to size and are then simple enough to fit.

      The charcoal cassette will need to be changed about once a year and there is a handy space for you to write the date when you change it. I have owned this cleaner for about 6 months so haven't changed the charcoal cassette yet, but can see it will be easy to slot out.

      There is a bumper bar at the front of the cleaner to protect furniture.

      The cleaner comes with a crevice nozzle, an upholstery brush and a dusting brush. The dusting brush is handy for dusting hard to reach places such as the top of my wall hangings, the top of the bookshelf and doorframes.

      The upholstery nozzle is really good for cleaner down the sides of my sofa and chairs and the crevice nozzle can get into all sort of difficult to reach places! However the best thing about this cleaner as far as I'm concerned is the full sized turbo brush.

      The turbo brush has air driven rotating rollers. It is amazing at getting rid of pet hairs and other hard to reach bits of dirt and fluff from carpets. Our home has a mixture of carpets and wooden floor coverings and this is the tool I use the most often. I leave the turbo brush attached to the cleaner when not in use as there is no separate storage space for this brush.

      The cleaner has a stainless steel telescopic suction tube that makes it feel like it has been built to last. It neatly folds into itself when not in use.

      The cleaner weighs 7.7 kg.It features a safety cut out should a problem arise.

      The cleaner comes with 2 Hyclean dust bags, filters and 1 charcoal cassette.

      The pros.
      As you can probably guess I really love this cleaner! It makes light work of getting rid of pet hair from both my carpets and wooden floors. The swivel wheels make it easy to manoeuvre.

      The 10 metre operating radius means that I don't have to keep changing plug sockets when moving into a different room. The long flex also means the top of the stairs can be reached using one plug socket; although I have to get someone else to clean the stairs for me due to my back problem.

      The dust bag indicator warns me when I need to change the bag so I can forget about it!

      The cons.
      This is a premium brand of vacuum cleaner and has a premium price tag to match! I managed to buy this model on offer for around £150 with a 2 year warranty, but that is still expensive. I have recently seen this model on sale for £199 in my local electrical store!

      The Hyclean dust bags are excellent but they are also very expensive! You can expect to pay around £9 for a box of 4 bags and filters. That represents about 4 months supply in my case.

      This cleaner was a Which best buy and I can certainly see why!


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        07.12.2011 19:44
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A phenomenal vacuum cleaners which every pet owner should consider buying.

        Note: I am reviewing the Miele Turbo T5000/S5261 Cat and Dog Vacuum. Miele have a number of different cat and dog vacuums, so I don't think dooyoo should list them as one product, but who am I to decide such things?


        I have an Alaskan Malamute with a thick double coat who sheds massive amounts (see my Mikki Undercoat Rake review on Ciao to see what I mean). Unless I want hair collecting in the corners and covering the floor I have to vacuum at least every other day (every day while he blows his winter coat in spring). The Dyson Animal vacuum that my mother-in-law passed down to me just was not cutting it. It wasn't too bad on the carpets upstairs (but then the dog wasn't allowed upstairs in that house), but it tended to blow the hair around on the hard floors downstairs. Plus, it was just too heavy to carry up and down the stairs all the time. I needed an all surface vacuum that was easy to use and could handle the workload. I knew just where to look: Miele.

        My mum and brother both have Miele vacuum cleaners (one is 15+ years, the other about 10 years old). I know from experience that Miele vacuums are built to work and built to last. I decided on the Miele Turbo T500 Cat and Dog cylinder vacuum (also called the Miele S5261). It came with a free two year warrantee, but for only £30 I upgraded to a 10 year parts and labor warrantee. This includes free pick up and drop off from my home.

        The Vacuum

        The Miele Turbo T5000/S5261 Cat and Dog Vacuum is a bright red cylinder vacuum cleaner with a gray and silver hose. The shape reminds me of a computer mouse. I personally think it looks very sleek and cheerful. It is quite small (a bit smaller than two footballs side by side) and weighs just 7.9kg, which means it is easy to carry up and down the stairs. This is a bagged vacuum cleaner, which some people might not like as it does add to the overall running costs. However, after dealing with dust billowing into my face every time I emptied my old Dyson vacuum cleaner, I have to say I am more than willing to pay a bit extra to avoid the mess and hassle involved with bagless vacuum cleaners. Even with my giant fur ball of a dog, the generous 4.5 litre dustbags mean I only have to change the bag about once a month. When it comes time to change the bag, it couldn't be easier. You pull out the old bag and place it in the bin. You click the new bag into place. The hole process takes about 15 seconds and doesn't make a mess.

        This vacuum has a powerful 2200 watt motor, but you can vary the power from 300-2200 watts with the large dial on the top of the vacuum- which makes it much easier to clean delicate items and fabrics like curtains and couch cushions, where the full power would be excessive. I tend to use the a bit more than half power for hard wood floors and about three-quarters power for carpet. I only need full power for the carpets when the bag is getting quite full. It is easy to push aross the floor and has no trouble picking up the masses of dog hair from my floors (laminate, tile, carpet, and rugs plus couches, clothes, etc.). Even on full power, this vacuum is considerably quieter than my old Dyson.
        The Miele S5261 has an extra long hose, which gives a 10m operating radius. In practical terms, this means I can set the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs and vacuum all the way to the top without needing to move it. I can also easily reach cobwebs on the ceiling. The 6.5m cord is more than adequate for my needs. I never need to switch plugs half way through a room. In fact, my house is small enough I can just about do the whole downstairs off one plug and the whole upstairs off another. The cord is retractable, just push a button on the top of the machine and it winds the cord up and out of the way. It has a telescopic tube- so you can adjust the height to your preference. This means that my 5'2" mother and 6'1" brother can both use the vacuum comfortably.

        There are 3 attachments housed onboard: a crevice nozzle, an upholstery nozzle and a dusting brush. Just push the button on the front of the vacuum to open a panel to reveal a compartment for each attachment to click into place. I love this feature as it means I never misplace my attachments (which I used to do quite a lot) and they are always right where I need them. It also keeps everything very neat and tidy.

        Price and Availability

        I bought my Miele Turbo T5000/S5261 Cat and Dog Vacuum just over a year ago from Amazon for just over £200, where it is currently listed at £213.95. It is on offer until the end of January 2012 for £199 at John Lewis. This is a very popular vacuum and can be found from a wide variety of retailers, both in store and online. All Miele Cat and Dog's come with a turbo brush, which is designed primarily for carpets, but many retailers also come with a hard floor attachment or a mini turbo brush so it is a good idea to check what is included when deciding where to buy this vacuum. That said, I use the turbo brush on all floor types. I think it works fantastic on both carpets and hard floors.As this is a bagged vacuum, the price of bags must also be considered. It takes Miele G/N bags, which are rather expensive. I normally buy several boxes at a time from Amazon. A single box (of 4) is normally just over £9 with free shipping, but I look for retailers (on Amazon) which have a lower base price (£6-7) and charge shipping. I buy several boxes at a time to save on shipping. This means I normally only pay less than £2 a bag (which lasts me a little over a month). You can get compatible bags which cost less, but I don't think they work as well so I recommend using the genuine Miele ones.


        I have had my Miele S5261 for a year. It is a thousand times better than the Dyson I had previously (and Dyson's are considered good vacuums). If you don't want to take my word for it, it is a Which? Best Buy and holds a Good Housekeeping award. In addition, on Amazon it has 47 five star ratings and NO 1-4 star ratings (plus 1 more 5 star from me- when I get round to posting this review on there). At £200, this vacuum provides phenomenal value for money.

        I will be posting this review on Dooyoo, Ciao, and Amazon.co.uk under the name j9j8j7. Portions of this review are also posted on viewpoints.com under the name j9j.


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          22.08.2010 17:18
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A great vacuum cleaner that makes short work of cat hair and toddler induced mess

          When my old faithful Miele clean air finally gave up the ghost after 13 years there was no doubt in my mind which brand I would be buying again. This time however has there was two cats in the house one with long hair plus a messy toddler so we decided we would go for the cat and dog version rather than another clean air Since we got the vacuum in January we haven't looked back or regretted the £180 we spent on buying it. The cat and dog version we have is the Cat and Dog Turbo TT 5000. I will warn you this is a bit of a long review but I honestly think to give this machine justice I have to describe the machine properly.

          Features and our experience with them

          When we picked this up from the shop and bought it home in the box the unpacking and assembly was very straight forward. It was easy to follow the diagrams in the instruction book to put this together. We decided straight way that for the majority of the time we would be using the turbo brush so this went straight on to the hose.

          Power and motor
          The vacuum cleaner has 2200 watts of suction power this I think personally is great. The way this can clear up not only pet hair but toddler induced crumbs and mess is just phenomenal. We have been doing some building work this year which has involved a lot of dust including brick dust and plaster and this has all been swept up without any major difficulty. Even though we had a Miele prior to getting this vacuum it wasn't at the same power level and I can honestly say that from the first use of the vacuum we noticed a change in the appearance of the carpets in our house they were noticeably cleaner than they had been with the previous vacuum. The only thing that initially was slightly problematic with the powerfulness of the vacuum was the noise it would make on full power. This was a lot louder than my toddler had been used to and the vacuum noise used to be scary for him but has now settled down and it no longer bothers him. There is a quieter power setting but I personally prefer to use the higher power level and manage the noise as the cleaning power on the lower setting whilst good still can occasions level the odd soft fluffy cat hair behind.

          There are 6 variable power settings in total ranging from 300-2200W these are adjusted and selected from the dial on the top of the machine. Rather than choosing wattage for the job the 6 options that are offered depending on the type of vacuuming job you are doing e.g. curtains or heavy duty cleaning. The 300 watt setting for the curtains is useful as it stops the curtains being dragged into the machine. I find that the upholstery nozzle supplied for this job is more than adequate to suck up any stray cat hair on the curtains. The increased suction power for chairs and cushions also manages well. I generally use a mixture of the upholstery attachment and the ceiling nozzle for down the back of the sofa using both seems to work well with this power setting. I don't really use the lower power settings of everyday or lightly soiled as I don't vacuum everyday so there is always stray crumbs and cat hair to pick up so I find the heavy soiled power setting the most useful for the way I vacuum and clean i.e. every 2-3 days. The motor features a thermal safety cut-out system but I have to say it has never kicked in for us in the 6 months that we have being using the machine.

          We have several different types of flooring in our house including some deep piled carpets, a looped carpet in one bedroom and a laminated floored entrance hall. I have to say that on all of these surfaces the vacuum cleaner performs very well. This is most noticeable I think on the looped carpet where it not only takes stuff from the surface of the carpet but from in the groves of the loops as it were without pulling any of the carpet fibres form the loops.

          Capacity and dust bags
          The vacuum bags for this model have a 4.5 litre dust capacity this I have always found to be sufficient for our needs I generally end up changing a bag once every 4-6 weeks. This is simple and straight forward to do and when I do take the bags out the self sealing bags stop any unwanted dust or mess escaping back on to the carpets. At times the indication dial to let me know when the bag is full comes on sooner than it should as there is capacity in the bag. The reason I think this has happened is due to building dust which inhibits the permeability of the dust bags. I generally have not changed the bags if the bag still has room in and I haven't noticed a huge reduction in the suction power of the machine by doing so. Bar these times with building material I have found the dust bag indicator to be accurate to use and a good indication of when to change the bags.

          Cable length and rewind facility
          The cable length for this machine is 6.5 meters with an operating radius of 10 meters and this generally allows me to vacuum on each level without having the inconvenience of unplugging and plugging the machine in. Our house to give you an idea of the space this gives is a 3 bedroom dormer bungalow so fairly large downstairs. The button on the top of the machine to press to rewind the cable is great and always works well. I generally do some with it still plugged in to get rid of the excess wire that has been pulled out and then once unplugged do the last meter and a half there is always sufficient power to get this amount back into the machine.

          Body of the machine
          Underneath the body of the machine there are 3 360 degree swivel castors. The castors are mounted on steel axles to ensure excellent manoeuvrability according to the manufacture and I have to agree it moves along nicely on both our woollen carpets and the hallway wooden floor. There is the occasional time it will tip up but this generally relates to it being knocked off balance rather than the vacuum being unstable. From a purely aesthetic point of view I actually think this machine is fairly cute to look at as it is lovely scarlet red colour with the dials being silver in colour and black and sliver body parts. I know it is similar idea really to choosing a car for the colour but it does add to the overall appeal of this vacuum to me. There is also a bumper strip around the vacuum to protect furniture from stray bumps. This I find quite helpful for when cleaning under the dining table and chairs as it invariably gets the odd knock and neither the furniture or the vacuum cleaner have any marks to show for these encounters. On the body of the machine there are two bits where you can slot the floor head into I mainly use the one to the rear of the machine when vacuuming as this stops it falling to floor as I move furniture around the place. The parking bit to the side of the machine only really gets use for when the machine is being stored in the cupboard but this does stop it falling down in the cupboard and getting tangled with other items. The machine weighs 7.7kg and I personally don't find this a heavy amount to manoeuvre around the floor or lift up the stairs as I vacuum them. The machine also sits neatly in an upright position on the stairs and is perfectly balanced as you vacuum a few stairs ahead of it.

          Air clean filter
          This machine comes fitted with an "Active Air Clean filter", Miele claim this "combines the super Air clean filter with an active charcoal cassette to absorb odours". It is recommend that this is changed once a year so we haven't replaced this as yet but taking it in and out of the slot to do this is straight forward to so. I actually prefer this one to the one that was on my old Miele Vacuum cleaner as this is more solid in design compared to my previous one which was a strip of specially designed material that you changed every time you started a new box of bags. As to the claims of reducing ordure I do have to say there is no smell from the vacuum cleaner either in use or when it is standing around in the cupboard and given it sucks up crumbs of food and smelly cat hair this is no mean feat. The is another filter for the machine which you change every time you start a new bag of dustbags this is located in the dust compartment part of the machine. You pull down a black plastic section and swap the filters over. This is designed to help protect you vacuum motor from damage. Given that each new box of dust bags comes with one of the filters it really is a no brainer to change it and protect you machine. Given that I did this every time with my old Miele vacuum and it lasted over 13 years it is a 2 minute easy job once every couple of months that I am prepared to do to get the best out of my machine.

          Suction hose and Suction tube.
          Fitting the suction hose in and out of the holder on the main body of the machine is simple to do by lining up the guides on both parts. To un-clip it you just depress the release buttons. The hose is always kept firmly in place even when my husband drags the machine along by the hose when he vacuums. Equally and more importantly there is no air of dust escaping from this section. One of the features that this machine has compared to my last Miele is that the suction tube is telescopic this is not only helpful to compress the machine whilst storing it but it means that both my husband and I can have this at different heights whilst using it and we just need to click the release button at the back to make it a more back friendly height for each of us to use. Equally when trying to reach cobwebs on the ceiling this long length makes it possible for me to reach it with out stretching or climbing on furniture.

          This machine came with a crevice nozzle and dusting brush and an upholstery nozzle. I have to admit that the dusting brush is rarely used in our house but the crevice nozzle and the upholstery brush are frequently used. Both of these do the job very well and my husband will often use the crevice nozzle to suck up a spider which he hates. Attaching and reattaching these to the suction tube is the job of a quick minute and I have never had any trouble fitting them in place or removing them from the tube. Once attached the seal appears to be very good with nothing escaping from the join in the two. They all store very neatly in the body of the machine in their assigned slots.

          Though this is really an accessory I think it needs its own separate mention as this is the thing in my opinion that lifts this machine above others in the market. The turbo brush is designed with its rotating roller brush to be effective at picking up thread hairs and fluff from the floor. We have this almost permanently on our machine for floor use only taking it off for the laminate flooring. As this is passed slowly over the floor the items it picks up are just amazing the soft fluffy hairs from our long haired cat are made short work of. It is important to make sure than shoe laces are kept away as these can easily be tangled up by the machine and I have had to pull these out on the odd occasion. Other things that have looped around the brush I have simply snipped up with a pair of scissors and then hovered up. Miele recommend that for obstinate tangles that you unscrew the back of the turbo brush with a couple of coins. I have never need to do this but for the sake of the review I took the back off and put it back on again and it really was simple to do so if we needed to do this I can't see this being a problem

          Overall and recommendation
          This is a superb vacuum cleaner it is well made and well thought out in my opinion it contains all the tools you need to vacuum your house. The adjustability of the power setting makes the machine simple to operate for a variety of jobs. The suction power and the cleaning ability of the turbo brush are second to none at removing the cat hair from carpet. The air clean filters not only protect the machine and its likelihood of lasting years but reduce any nasty whiffs and smells. Though not a cheap buy I personally have high hopes that this machine will last me as long as my previous Miele machine which will make the money well spent. We bought ours from Currys on a New Year offer at £180 I would recommend shopping around for it as it the price currently various between £180-£200.


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            21.07.2009 10:32
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            Best Vacuum Ever!

            The Miele Cat and Dog is easily the best vacuum cleaner we have ever owned. We have 2 cats and 2 young children and it just takles everthing you throw at it. The previous Bosch hoover lasted 2 years and packed up. In comparison, it never really got all of the hairs of the carpet upon close inspection, however the Miele is brilliant.

            The Miele comes with an excellent turbo brush for carpet which spins and gets all of the hair out of the carpet, a smaller turbo brush (telescopic pole must be removed) suitable for stairs, bedding, furniture etc, a standard large head for wooden floors and carpets. In addition, there is also a set of onboard tools within the top of the hoover and you can also purchase other tools from Miele such a venetian blind tool which we are thinking of getting.

            It comes with several speed settings, a telescopic pole, long auto-retract power cord and a 2 year warranty. We extended the warranty for about £100 to give it 5 years as this also included the bags which worked out at about £60 to buy seperately - well worth it.

            Please note this is a bagged cleaner, but with the extended warrantly the bags work out very cheap and are so easy to replace don;t have to worry about emptying and cleaning the cylinder etc.

            My onle niggles with the Miele is (1) the mini turbo brush could do with being on a knuckle joint like the big one so that it can be angled from upright when cleaning and (2) there is a plastic slider valve on the handle to increase/decrease vacuum which can easily slide off.

            Get this vacuum you will not be dissaspointed.


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              27.06.2007 21:28
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              A quality hoover but at an expensive price

              Over the last year my hoover has gradually been losing its suction, and I was rather annoyed to discover a few weeks ago that it had almost completely stopped sucking. That would explain why I had to go over and over my carpet time and time again before it would look anywhere near clean.

              I am one of these people that never like to throw things away so I just struggled on with it. But now it has stopped sucking completely I guess I was left with little choice but to throw it away and buy a new one (it was about 5 years old anyway).

              So with a tear in my eye I took my old hoover down to the dump and set out to buy a new one.

              After spending an hour or so hunting around the shops I came across the Miele Cat-Dog TT5000. I guess half of the reason I fell in love with it is the design. It has a very modern design and I just liked the look of it. The other half of me couldn’t help chuckling at the odd name. Cat-Dog. God knows why they called it that but it is quite funny nevertheless.

              It was a lot of money onsidering you can pick up hoovers relatively cheaply these days but I wanted something that was going to last and that would suck better than my old hoover. So I paid the £179 price tag and took it home.

              It is about the same size as my old hoover but has a much nicer design. I was particularly drawn to the weird red colour that Miele have used on the casing. Not that red is a particular favourite colour of mine but my old hoover was a nasty shade of pea green. So red immediately looked much nicer.

              And so for the test….

              The Miele Cat-Dog TT5000 has a very generous length of cord so depending on where the sockets are in your house it should reach anywhere. I only have a small room to hoover so it is really easy to do and I don’t need hardly any of the flex. Doing the stairs is a little different though but there is plenty of flex to plug it in at the top of the stairs and then hoover all the way down to the bottom.

              The Miele TT5000 has a 2200 watt motor and this gives fantastic suction. Much better than my old hoover anyway but I only had to go over the carpet once before it was clean. I could literally feel the difference in the suction and I am very pleased with the way it picks up all the bits of fluff that come off my socks. These bits of fluff seem to adhere to my carpet and are really hard to get off but this hoover manages them with ease. Obviously I have only had it a few weeks but so far there has been no loss of suction.

              The dust bag holds 4.5 litres of rubbish so it will take a while before it will need emptying. (Obviously this depends on how much hovering you do though).

              Cleaning the edges of a room, and going around things like drawers, wardrobes and beds is a doddle with the cat-dog. It cleans edges very well even with just the standard head, although if you do have any particularly difficult to reach areas you can remove the head and hoover just with the pipe or add the little nozzle thing onto it for hovering the corners of rooms etc.

              Putting the hoover away is great fun because the cord automatically rewinds itself. I could sit there all day just pulling all the cord out and then pressing the rewind button and watching it all go back inside the machine. I don’t know why but I think its quite fascinating (sad aren’t I).

              Overall I would give the cat-dog 10 out of 10. So far I have not come across any problems and neither have I had any issues with regards to the performance of it.

              Definitely recommended, little on the expensive side though.


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