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Karcher WV50 Window Vac Rechargeable

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    9 Reviews
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      01.03.2015 22:11
      Very helpful


      • "Extremely effective"
      • "Quick charge"
      • Light
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      Quick and easy to clean windows, mirrors, shower doors and tiles

      I have always struggled to clean windows and mirrors. With mild OCD I found they never looked clean enough, always a little smudge or some streak that I would become obsessed with.

      I originally hoped to use my H20 steam mop to do the windows but it turned out to be too cumbersome.

      Hence this little beauty

      This is a light-weight hand held, chargeable window vac.

      Despite the thick manual it came with I was happy to see that was just to cater to all possible languages!

      Firstly, this needs to be charged. Easy enough, plug it in and the red light flashes on and off. When it's fully charged it is a static red light. We left ours charging for about 2 hours but when we came back it was done.

      Started with a mirror that had been in storage so was dusty and just very yukky. First you clean the item. So heavy spritzing of white vinegar and water mix and a scrub with a sponge.

      Holding the (very light) window vac up, we switched it on and pulled it down in vertical strokes over the mirror. Took about 20 seconds.

      All the water was gone, there were no streaks AT ALL and the blade allowed us to follow the edges of the mirror perfectly.

      Tried it on a massive picture where again the glass was needing a clean. Quick, easy and no arm ache from holding the vac up (it really was a massive picture).

      Once done it can be switched off and the little "bung" in the front panel can be removed and the water collected can be drained out.

      [Use it on...]
      It can be used on windows, mirrors, glass table surfaces, tiles, shower doors etc.

      The size of it makes storage really easy, fitted neatly under the stairs ready for the next cleaning task

      [What it can't be used for]
      For those who may not read the instructions, this is not a "vacuum" for normal items, nor should it be used to vac up excessive amounts of water like a spilled drink. But that is what panic and towels are for :)

      We purchased ours from Amazon

      Paid £40.99, worth it. Made our glass/window cleaning chores take seconds!

      Excellent purchase, wish I had known about it sooner! Has eased my OCD and sped up my cleaning time.


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      13.08.2013 23:03
      Very helpful



      Makes cleaning windows fun rather than a chore

      I hate cleaning windows with a passion or perhaps I should say I hated cleaning windows until I came across the Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner. Now it's quite rewarding. Before I invested in this gadget, however I hard I tried with cloth and windowspray, the windows look smeared. You think you've cracked it and then the sun shines in through the windows and you see the smears!

      The vacuum cleaner is a small cordless battery operated unit. It's handheld and light at one and a half pounds. It comes in karcher yellow and stands just over a foot. Most importantly it is extremely easy to use.

      The cleaner comes with a spray container (fill with a mix of water and detergent such as washing up liquid) to wet and clean the window using its microfibre head. You then vacuum off the excess water to leave a streak free finish. The moisture is sucked up leaving the surface completely dry - there's no dripping water as the the dirty water is stored in a clear canister in the front of the karcher cleaner. The tank is easily emptied and the microfibre head from the spray bottle can be thrown into the washing machine.

      The karcher works on windows, and is great for cleaning shower cubicles mirrors and tiles. It really does work. The blade measures 11 inches across. The blade needs to make contact with the whole surface so cleaning curved surfaces is a little bit more tricky and takes a bit mor practice. You can get a smaller head for cleaning which would be useful if you have small areas or awkward angles to clean.

      The battery only lasts about half an hour before it needs recharging (the unit comes up with a battery charger). However because it is so quick and effective, you can do a lot of cleaning in 30 minutes!

      I've had mine for over a year now and recently I did notice a few streaks appearing. This was because the edge of the rubber blade had been damaged. However, I followed the instructions that came with the karcher and reversed the blades. This has worked and I'm back to streak free cleaning.

      The average price seems to be about £59 but it is worth shopping around. The cheapest I have seen it is £48 from Asda Direct although that doesn't include postage. I bought mine at Costco having been impressed by an in store demonstration. I think my husband thought I'd lost my senses when I came back with the karcher which I admit was an impulse buy. However he was quickly convinced that it was money well spent.


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        13.08.2013 15:59



        A must have for busy households

        So who thought I'd look forward to cleaning the windows!? Who thought my husband would VOLUNTEER to clean the windows?! Not me! Enter the Karcher WV50 Window Vacum Cleaner and everything turns on it's head!

        We bought this from our local B&Q store for a little under £50. I was very reluctant to part with so much cash for something we could do for free with a good bit of elbow grease. But as a working family time is at a premium, and let's face it, cleaning windows is such a chore! In reality we often pay the local window cleaner to do them at around £8 a go. So over a year the Karcher gadget will pay for itself... but is it any good?

        Yes! It's easy to assemble and comes with a one year guarantee. The power unit charges the unit quickly and the charge apparently lasts long enough to clean 45 windows.

        Not only is it super fast meaning you get round all the house in a jiffy, it really does give a flawless finish with no smudges, leaving super sparkly windows. Essentially it's a high powered water vacum - so you clean your window or mirror as you usually would then run the Karcher over it to vacum it instantly dry before any dirty water gets a chance to leave any smears. As long as you clean the blades, particularly the outer edges, between vacuming it leaves a perfect finish with no mess in the process.

        It's lightweight enough for even the weediest of people to use for all window sizes and holds a good charge to get round the whole house before needed powered up again. Obviously it should also be a useful gadget in winter to quickly deal with condensation on windows. Husband now gets so enthusiastic we find ourselves arguing over who will clean the windows!

        As a full time working family our time is precious, so for us this has been a really wise investment. If only Karcher could make something that made him indoors volunteer to do the ironing....


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        29.05.2013 10:06
        1 Comment



        Try before you buy

        I bought one of these because I have had a conservatory on and there are a lot of windows to clean. I have arthritis in my wrists and hands and felt a Karcher would make window cleaning much easier.
        Firstly, you wash the window with water or what ever you like to use but not something creamy like Windolene
        Secondly, you vacuum off the cleaner.
        In theory this should leave you with clean streak free windows.
        In reality I have not been able to get them streak free and have had to still wipe over with a cloth.
        Maybe there is a knack to using it that I haven't got yet.

        The Karcher can be used on any glass i.e. mirrors, tables etc, tiles even the car. It can be used for clearing up a smallish spill.
        Its easy and quick to charge - I can do the whole house inside OR outside on one charge.
        It's very handy for shower units.

        Is it really streak free?

        Overall I am glad I bought one of these as it does make window cleaning easier.
        I would advise buying the set with the smaller end included as the large one is not easy to use on smaller windows. The window squirty bottle? Handy but not absolutely necessary.

        If you can try one before you buy.


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          07.01.2013 18:24
          Very helpful



          Super efficient window cleaner which can be used on tiles and shower cubicles.

          Karcher WV 50 Plus Window cleaner.

          My wife is obsessed with clean windows however it is not she who cleans the windows it is left to me to do them. Finding it rather a chore I can almost guarantee that even when I have done them the nagging continues if there is so much of a streak left on the window. Unfortunately we have very very large panoramic windows and it takes me the best part of a day to clean the inside and outside of the house.
          I can almost tell you the time of the year it is by the increased nagging about the windows needing to be cleaned. Early December being one of those times and also in between Christmas and the New Year usually on New Years eve when all the blooming nets have to be taken down washed and put back up again. It has always driven me crazy but for a quiet life these days I just keep quiet and get on with it begrudgingly.

          Last month I saw a gadget made by Karcher and thought although it's a tad expensive if it is going to make my life easier than this has got to be the gadget that will make this chore quicker and easier to do.
          I trundled along to Argos and bought the Karcher WV50 window cleaner and took it home with me. I told my wife look what I have treated you to. Hmm that didn't work she quickly told me that it was my job to do the windows. Oh well never mind good try eh!

          Karcher the company.

          Set up in 1924 in Stuttgart Germany by Karl Karcher and it has grown and grown over the years expanding initially in France then throughout Europe. It is quite a renowned company providing domestic and industrial strength cleaning equipment. If you are that interested in Karcher you can look it up yourself. It is quite interesting to see how the company has flourished over the years so much so that 85% of its income is sourced from overseas sales. It has factories and sales centres worldwide. I think it is a high quality company albeit a tad expensive but generally its products are quite durable and work well but that is my opinion.

          What is in the box?

          I opened the box to find the main body of the window cleaner the rubberised head and charger unit it also contained a registration form and an operating booklet. Never one to read these booklets I put the charger into the socket on the base of the window cleaner and a red light appeared flashing on and off. Once the unit is fully charged the red light stays on constantly and it is ready for use. The unit is quite neat you need to put it together which is a case of clicking the head unit onto the handle of the unit after which you are ready to charge it. The rubberised head unit has tiny little nozzles along it which sucks up all the fluid. The rubber part is 28cm long. The total weight of the unit is 0.75kg and is very lightweight and easy to use. The added advantage is that it is cordless which makes it so easy to hold and use.
          The handle part has a fluid collection chamber in it which collects the liquid detergent through the vacuuming effect of the machine. Water is vacuumed up from the surface of the window and collects in a small reservoir on the hand held unit. It holds approximately 100mls of liquid. At the top of the chamber there is a little rubber bung that has to be pulled out so that you can pour the dirty liquid down the sink. Replace the rubber bung into the small hole so that you create a vacuum and off you go again!
          Window cleaning solution.

          It advises you to buy Karcher cleaning products but at £8.99 for 4x 5ml concentrates I think it is a little expensive to say the least. I bought some standard window cleaning stuff from Asda at £1 for 500mls and it does the job very well indeed.

          Method of cleaning windows using the Hand held cordless gadget.

          Once the gadget was fully charged I set about the task of cleaning the windows. I removed the nets and got a tiered stool to stand on. I sprayed the windows from the top downwards with the window cleaning solution. The solution contains vinegar which helps cut through any grease and leaves the windows sparkling or so it says on the bottle.

          The windows were now wet. I placed the rubber suction lip against the window and in one straight and steady downward stroke moved it from the top of the window to the bottom of the window. I was quite pleased with the result. I only had to do it once and the window was sparkling clean. I moved to the next section and did the same thing and repeated it until the window had completely been cleaned. It actually involved very little effort on my part. I was impressed. The only problem I found was where my granddaughter has been touching the windows at the bottom and her sticky finger marks and kiss marks left on the window needed another application of window cleaner and then one stroke down to remove the marks. I whizzed around the lower floor of the house and did the windows inside and out in less than an hour. I was beaming by time I finished mainly because of the finished result and for the time I have saved.

          I then went upstairs to start on the upstairs windows. First I went to clean the windows in my study which were I admit filthy because it is the only room in the house where I smoke and you can imagine the build-up of nicotine on the windows. The window needed two applications of cleaning fluid but once I had done that I was really impressed with how much dirt had come off them and I could see out of the windows. There were no streaks or marks left on the windows at all. At this point the battery had died but bearing in mind by this time I had taken approximately and hour and ten minutes to get this far I was impressed.

          I popped the unit back on the charger and thought it time for a well-deserved coffee break. The instructions tell you it takes two hours to charge but I found it only took an hour. Plus in the booklet it tells you that once fully charged it will only last 20 minutes. From my use it did not it lasted an hour so I am well impressed. Perhaps after a lot of use the battery will not be as effective only time will tell and if I find this is the case I will come back and update the review.

          I left the charger on for an hour whilst I had a cup of coffee and did some other chores. I was ready to clean the rest of the study window. The windows are about 6 foot by 5 foot in the study and it took about 5 minutes to clean. I then went on to clean the bedrooms where the windows are about 9 feet by 15. I cleaned these windows in roughly half an hour with very little effort on my part. After this I cleaned the upstairs windows in roughly half that time. In total I think the whole house took me roughly 2 hours to do instead of the five hours it normally takes me and without any real effort at all. I Can tell you that I am usually shattered cleaning the windows so thoroughly but not with this little baby. I just wish I had discovered it years ago.

          So how useful is this product?

          I have found it to be absolutely brilliant and certainly one to recommend. If only I had known about this thing years ago it would have saved me a hell of a lot of effort hardly any nagging and cut down the work load of cleaning the windows which I regarded as a rotten chore. I am looking forward to using it again at the New Year and I know it is going to save me so much time.
          The only windows I was unable to clean were the lead windows they are far too small and delicate to be able to use this machine on them as you need to create a vacuum where the fluid is sucked up so it is impossible to do them effectively.

          I can wholeheartedly recommend them and have no qualms about this handy little gadget.
          Do yourself a favour and get down to Argos and treat yourself to one. It will save you a lot of effort and more importantly a hell of a lot of time. It is currently on offer for £49.99 and well worth it. I think when I got it, it was £59.99 but has been up to £74 which I think is a bit too exorbitant. I have checked out Amazon and E Bay but have not found it as cheap as it currently is in Argos.

          I would give this 10 stars if it were possible A quality product from Karcher. A name you can trust!


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            04.11.2012 21:51
            Very helpful



            A brilliant gadget you should own :)


            I first heard about this when I was at my girlfriends parents house and they started using it on the kitchen windows, I was shocked at how good it was and instantly recognised it was a karcher. They recommended that I got one as they rated it so highly. As soon as i got home, my girlfriend and I searched the Internet for the cheapest price, she works at tesco so we got a 10% discount which made it cheapest at tesco. I now would never go back to the old fashioned way of cleaning my windows which I will now explain why.


            This costs around £49 and is well worth the investment. I have never seen anything like this and I was happy to part which that sort of money. It may sound rather expensive, but its going to save you so much hassle I feel it is completely worth it.

            How does it work!?:

            You basically charge it up like you would a mobile phone. It has an internal battery so its light and portable. You simply wipe it accross a wet window or tile and it will work like a normal window scraper, but instead of just moving the water, it sucks it up leaving the area completely dry. It works so well and leaves the whole area streak free, it can leave a window looking spotless with so much ease. Usually when I used window and glass cleaner and a cloth I would leave smears, this leaves no smears and looks shiny clean. I purchased the karcher without the cleaning kit, I find you only need a bucket of water with a bit of fairy liquid to clean the windows, it will just suck up all the water and leave it shiny. There is no need to but fancy cleaning products with this at all. I also use this on my car to dry it and the tiles on my bathroom. You can see the water you have sucked up and tell how dirty that area actually was. It is easy to empty and clean. It cuts down the time it takes me to clean the flat dramatically, this invention actually works! I didn't expect any miracles, but this is a miracle!


            The only issue I have with this is that the battery life isn't great. It doesn't last very long and I find if I am doing the entire flat it will run out just before I finish. It is so easy to charge though. The battery life is ok, but if they make new models I believe they should increase the performance of the battery. It also is a little noisy, it sounds like a little vacuum cleaner and if you use it in the morning you may wake up people trying to sleep. These issues are small though and shouldn't take away from how good this product actually is. I am very impressed.


            The initial price is expensive, but after you use this you will feel it is justified. I use this all over the place and really works. I have sparkling clean windows and mirrors. This has changed the way I clean and I really think every home should have one! It's new and brilliant! This gets 5 stars from me, some of the best gadgets I have ever owned. Well worth the investment. Thanks for reading my review! Hope it helped you out, it's really worth owning. Thanks again. Josh




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            27.09.2012 23:48
            1 Comment



            A very cool gadget that is well designed and works better than expected

            Normally I hate cleaning glass but this makes the whole experience a lot more fun and, more importantly a lot easier.

            It really is easy to use, clean your windows, shower screen, car windscreen or any other smooth surface and then just vacuum away the dirt for a dry, streak free finish.

            Its powered by a high quality rechargeable battery that should last long enough for a good few hours of cleaning, the water collector is really easy to remove and empty, the whole thing is well built and solid feeling without being bulky or heavy so you should be able to fit it into tight corners or above your head for harder to reach areas.

            Unfortunatly the design dose not allow for the device to be used at some angles and the small water container dose require emptying often if your working on large ares with lots of water. The price is a little high but your money dose get you a very well built bit of kit that should last for years and makes cleaning fun and easy.


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              26.08.2012 20:57
              Very helpful



              A great device which makes window cleaning much, much easier.

              This is quite a funky device! My father first bought this window cleaner from Amazon for £53, including delivery mainly for the purpose of cleaning the conservatory windows. We were staying with them last month and I used it several times with great success.  When we got home I ordered one from Amazon for our flat, which arrived a few days ago and today I cleaned the windows with it for the first time. I paid £52, also ordering from Amazon.

              Its basically a vacuum held window cleaner, in the yellow and black Karcher colours, well made, as you would expect - its German! It comes with a "window head" I think they call them squeegees in the window cleaning trade, however it's a much better quality head than the ones you generally see on manual devices with two thick layers of thick, soft rubber for cleaning. The vacuum's suction is strong and the water goes into a bottle, easily removable for emptying. It has one button, on/off and is powered by rechareable batteries which last a long time. It's very light so you can hold it up high easily.  It also comes with a spray bottle and microfiber pad.

              Just switch on and go! I washed the windows first with the spray and microfiber pad, then used the Katcher vacuum to suck the wetness from the windows so they became clean and dry.  I started from the top of the window working down, as it feels easier to use the vacuum in a downward motion. Luckily our flat has windows which open completely inwards, so I can clean both the inside and outside without having to lean out. I also used it to suck the wet off my shower cubicle, it was very quick and so much easier than using a cloth as I did before.

              Tips - Don't rush!
              I did find you need to be methodical about how you are cleaning so you don't miss bits, but also you can tell if you have rush-cleaned the windows, the effect isn't so good and you get water marks.

              Good little device which makes window cleaning easy to do, plus delivers good results. I give it a 4/5, just because I think £50+ is quite expensive although it does make cleaning the windows that bit more enjoyable.


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              14.08.2012 16:25
              Very helpful



              5 stars

              My granddad bless his cottons is an absolute hoarder. At 86 he buys everything he sees and I go round once a week and try and help him keep on top of everything. On a visit about 6 weeks ago he told me he had bought a window cleaner. I wasn't sure what he meant at first and didn't know if he had started dabbling in human trafficking or if he was just going a bit mad. I was pleased to learn that it was in fact a Kärcher WV (or Window Vacuum), which I had just never heard of before. I had heard of and seen Kärcher products before but thought it was just jet washes that they produced, but as soon as he got it out of the cupboard it was instantly recognisable as a Kärcher with its black and yellow body.

              The Kärcher WV is a nifty little gadget and is as my granddad described a window cleaner, but also cleans tiles, mirrors and sucks up spillages. It wouldn't be something I would ever think to purchase but when he asked if I wanted a go, I was instantly hooked. I was literally going from room to room trying to find suitable surfaces to clean, in the end I even ended up outside and did both our cars! It really is a super product and when I suitable sulked that I wanted one, my gorgeous granddad said I could have it, on the proviso that if he needed his windows doing I would bring it back and do it for him. Bless him!

              The beauty of this gadget is its streak free ability to quickly clean surfaces. The water recovery system sucks up any dirty water and stores it. It is ideal for condensation on windows, which drives me mad because it looks so awful and is a monkey to remove, but this WV tackles it with little fuss. It is drip free too.

              The battery operated vac means it is perfect to use in any rooms, including the bathroom, and can be used on shower cubicles too. The battery doesn't get drained as quickly as I had expected either and you can expect to clean around 45 windows per charge. It has an in built lithium battery and comes with an adapter to allow you to charge.

              There are a few different models of the WV. The one that I have is the WV Plus which comes with a 20ml cleaning concentrate and a spray bottle with a micro fibre head, to allow you to do the first stage of the short cleaning process (spray with concentrate and clean with a cloth). The 100ml water tank means it can soak up quite a lot of water before it needs to be emptied.

              At 0.7kg it is very light, and I think when my granddad bought it this was one of the main selling points to him as he really does struggle with anything particularly heavy.

              How to use:
              Simply spray the surface with a cleaning detergent, clean with a microfiber cloth and vacuum away the water for a streak free and sparkling clean surface. Easy!

              With this window vacuum you can save time when cleaning smooth surfaces such as windows, tiles and mirrors - without leaving streaks. The innovative water recovery system takes up dirty water before it drips - and it can be used anywhere because it is battery-operated!

              For me the benefits have been the time it saves me but also the streak free finish, even on south facing windows, which I could never get perfect as the sun was always on the surfaces. This isn't an issue since using this gadget.

              The Karcher WV is fairly easy to get hold of and I have noticed it for sale in lots of different shops now that I am aware of it. I have seen it for sale in Argos, Tesco, B & Q and Comet.

              Expect to pay around £50 but do shop around for the best price.


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              Window Vac Rechargeable