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Hoover SU144S FreeJet

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1 Review

Upright / Cyclonic / 0.18 Gallon Capacity / Features: Cordless (Rechargable)

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    1 Review
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      30.11.2008 17:56
      Very helpful



      Thats enough hoover-talk!

      Bagless, wirelesss cyclonic vacuum cleaner. Made by Hoover, good for carpets and floors.

      At the time of writing I have just this second finished hoovering my bedroom. And this is going to sound terrible but this was the first time since I moved in almost 2 months ago that this thing's been used. Before now it has sat, all cold and lonely, utterly ignored in the corner of the lounge. The exonerating factors of this are that a) this is a student flat and b) being men, hoovers are strange and mysterious objects to be feared rather than used.

      Yes it is pathetic, but finally, today, seeing that there was no other option I decided to do what had to be done, and bravely marched into the lounge for the hoover. Straight away I was impressed by this little thing. Its cordless so no annoying wires snaking round the house, tripping over the cat. It sits in a little housing which charges it up. Which is nice.

      So I set about hoovering my room, I wasn't about to hoover the whole house, I'm not superman. The on/off switch can be moved into only two postions; floor and carpet. This I like. Its simple and easy to understand. Often with big proper vacuum cleaners you get impenetrable arcane symbols and end up putting it on the setting that makes it go all heavy and an impossible bitch to move around.

      Or maybe thats just me.

      This was easy to push around and maneuver, gliding round nooks and crannies with ease because its so compact and light. There are only two wheels and the upper part can swivel left and right on its axis which allows it to move around like that expensive ball hoover.

      In terms of suction I was less impressed. Some spots needed going over multiple times and it appeared incapable of picking up certain things. This I suppose is the trade-off for it being so compact and maneuverable. On the whole this maneuverability cancels out the lack of grunt in the suction department. So a good balance is struck, and doing a room takes the same amount of time as using a normal hoover. In terms of the noise, it was suprisingly loud, producing a rather high-pitched whine which is not altogether pleasent.

      On the whole then this sort of Hoover was fine for cleaning my fairly small living space though I doubt it would be up to the task of a big living room, simply because its too small and compared to a proper cleaner; relatively weak. You could do it. It would just take longer. For what it is though this is a decent and pretty efficient piece of kit.

      For the purposes of this review I decided to have a further look at it. Continuing the established theme of simplicity of design, there are only two other buttons on the outside of the machine. The first just lets the handle fold down for easy storage. The second opens it up. Having looked at this thing like a caveman would look at fire. I.e. Wondering. a) how do I work it? And b) Will it hurt me? I pressed this button, But without holding onto the removable storage compartment it released, so off it clattered across the kitchen.

      Thankfully it did not spill forth its contents, but simply bounced. As you can imagine I was quite revlieved at this point. I suppose this shows that its made of sterner stuff and not very likely to break on you. You can then just empty out the contents and click it straight the hell back on. There is nothing about this thing which isn't ruthlessly functional or effortlessly simple to operate.

      In terms of aesthetics, I don't know, its quite good for a vaccum cleaner I suppose. Thin and sleak as opposed to fat and clunky like a proper one. It doesn't look in anyway cheap or plasticky, but solid and high-quality as you would expect from the company that gives its name to the appliance it manafactures. Who buys a vacuum cleaner for how it looks anyway.

      Some extra information. It has washable filters. Takes four to five hours to charge, so it makes sense to put it on overnight. It came with the flat so I don't know how much it cost. Although I've had a look, and you can pick one up on the internet for around £70.

      In conclusion then this is a heartily recommended little hoover from Hoover, as hoovers go. And this one goes quite well.


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    • Product Details

      Rechargable Upright Bagless Cyclonic Cleaner, Cordless and rechargeable 14.4 volt motor, Bagless cyclonic system, Agitator with on/off control on handle, 2 stage filtration, 2 Washable filters, Bagless- see-through dust container, Space-saving recharging pod, Foldaway handle for easy transport and storage, 14 minutes with agitator on, Tools included, Filtration: Permanent washable, No of batteries: 12, Running time: 14 minutes with agitator on, Bin capacity: 0.7 litres, H640 x W250 x D210mm with handle folded / Short name: Hoover SU144S

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