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Dyson DC34 Animal

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Brand: Dyson

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2013 19:24
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      Dyson DC34 handheld

      It's an animal.

      I had been saying to my husband for a while that I needed a simple little hand held vacuum cleaner after my Dust buster gave up and low and behold he came home with this £170 Dyson model. We already have a big sized Dyson which I absolutely love as it picks up everything but its so bulky and I really can't be bothered to get it out of the cupboard all of the time just to hoover up a few crumbs when the kids have finished dinner so I knew this hand held Dyson would be very handy and convenient.

      I would describe it as a bit like holding a hand held power drill, its that same shape, look and action although you are doing two very different kind of things! It sort of looks like a regular Dyson as it has a filter and the collection cylinder in the middle. This section is clear and see through so you can see all the dirt and stuff you are vacuuming up and then you can also see when it is full and so you know when to change it. I like this fact as with a dust buster you never really knew as it was enclosed so to be able to see when it is nearly full and needs changing is great. The cylinder is amazingly easy to empty. There is a red button at the side of it and its actually shown on this button that all you need to do is push the button down and the bottom flap opens, allowing you to empty it out into your dustbin. Then you just clip the flap back into its clip and you are ready to start again. This cylinder is not amazingly big, but then when you are only cleaning up a few little crumbs at a time you do not need it to be that big.

      When you hold the Dyson in your hand there is a red button under your index finger, almost like a trigger button and its this button you have to press and keep holding down in order for the suction to happen. It's a comfortable position to hold this in and I don't find it a problem having to hold the button all the time. There are two speeds so to say on this Dyson. There is the regular suction mode which lasts for 15 minutes or for tougher dirt you can use the boost mode. In order to use the boost there is a little button on the back of the handle that you press. This has the word Max written on it and you know it is on max because the button will light up in green neon. This then starts to flash when the charge is about to go. The boost button will only last for 6 minutes but again, if you are only picking up a few crumbs now and again you don't need it to last that long. I have had the charge give out on me a few times when I have been using this but that's because I have forgotten to plug it in when I knew I should and not because the charge was rubbish or anything like that.

      There is a little round hole into which the chord slots into at the back of the Dyson and then you plug it into the wall to charge it up. THe Dyson will not work when it is charging. Charging does not take that long as I have often still needed to use it when it has lost charge so I wait about half an hour and it is ready to go again.

      The front portion has the brush on it and this is what you use to pick up the dirt obviously. Now, what I have found is that this Dyson will not pick up very big particles like the other bigger Dysons do. I guess the nozzle is a bit thinner because it needs to be and so when I have tried to vacuum up things like the kids Cheerios they stick in the nozzle and then it doesn't run properly and you can hear that something is stuck in there, causing it to lose quite a bit of suction power so I definitely recommend that you have to stick to picking up things like dust, pet hair, crumbs, cobwebs etc. This Dyson is also great for pet hair, especially on couches as you can lift it and just zoom it over the seats as it is a hand held. I would say this machine is somewhat heavy and it is a bit weight displaced as more of the weight is at the front but its not too heavy to pick up and hold.

      This Dyson came with a few different accessories which I thought was great as sometimes you need it to do different things. There are two brushes which actually have wide debris nozzles so if you want to use these you can actually pick up bigger particles which is great. There is also a crevice tool for cleaning skirting boards, picture rails and in-between furniture. This is a small portion of bendy tube, like a little bit of regular hose from the bigger Dysons. I find this the most handy portion as I can do in between my stairwell with it, a place I could never get with my upright Dyson. These interchange really easily onto the front and you simply release each tool by pressing the release button at the top of the end section. It fits in just like it does on an upright Dyson.

      After we bought ours my mum saw it at our house and really liked it so she bought one too however she spent a bit more money and got a cradle that attaches to the wall to hang it up with and also a longer hose so you can use it like an upright but just standing up.

      Every Dyson handheld comes with a free 2 year parts and labour guarantee and this is one I definitely recommend.


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    • Product Details

      Hosting the exceptional design and innovative features associated with Dyson appliances, the DC34 handheld animal vacuum will ensure that a clean home and your furry friend can co-exist in harmony! Ideal for quick pick-ups and spot cleaning, the lightweight and ergonomic DC34 has a versatile dual power mode / You are provided with the choice of up to 15 minutes usage with high constant suction (13 with motorhead tool for pet hair removal) or 6 minutes at maximum power, for more stubborn dirt lifting / This Dyson handheld unit is powered by a digital motor : this small, light motor provides you with more efficient performance than a conventional one / The motorised brush bar uses powerful rotating bristles to gently agitate and lift dirt and pet hair from carpets, so you don't have to go over areas twice / And unique Root Cyclone technology once again distinguishes this Dyson vacuum: instead of a bag that can clog up, centrifugal forces spins dust out of the air and into the bin / No bags, no clogging, and no loss of suction / The bagless functionality also makes the DC34 hygienic and quick to empty / Arrives with a Dyson handheld tool pack / Short name: Dyson DC34 Animal

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