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Dyson DC22 Animal

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    3 Reviews
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      25.01.2009 17:57
      Very helpful


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      Great for a household with pets

      Dyson have really taken hoovers to the next level, with their, incredibly convienient, Dyson DC 22 BABY Animal. It has pads on either side just above the wheels, one to turn on and off, the other for cable rewind. These pads are very easily accesed with the tap of the foot, so as to not have to bend over. Also it comes with replaceable heads, one for every occassion.
      Although the name sounds like nonsense, it makes sense seeing as this hoover is very small, the idea behind this is that it is easy to use, light , and will sit nicely on any step whilst you hoover.

      Downside is really just the price £235 at Dixons.

      This Hoover is for all things but specializes in pets, so if you have cats who loses incredible amounts of hair wherever he or she sits down. This will help. Although if you are thinking "I'll buy this and won't get allergic" think again because I heard that you get a allergic to the cats saliva. So it might help but not completely.

      As you might have heard on the adverts Dyson has no loss of suction due to its latest cyclone technology, and thankfully, only expels clean air.
      This hoover will work on any surface and is easy to clean.

      British Allergy Foundation approved
      Overall i do believe this is the very best hoover one could have, it is effiecent and if you can afford it is worth your money. I wouldn't doubt this hoover for a second.

      Dimensions: 291 x 402 x 263mm (HxWxD)
      Weight: 7.3kg
      Suction power: 200 airwatts (constant)
      Bin capacity: 1.2 litres
      Cord length: 5m
      Max reach: 8.6m


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        23.01.2009 22:38
        Very helpful


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        Thank you Mr Dyson!

        Having grown up in a house full of horses, dogs, cats and four sisters my parents were some of the first to invest in a Dyson hoover a few years ago.

        Their first one was a bulky upright in an attractive yellow colour which, at over £300 was not cheap but did the job. So when we got cats I decided that I had to buy a Dyson. Now I have a much smaller house than my parents (two bedrooms) and limited storage space so I wanted a compact vacuum so looked on line and discovered the animal range. I also get terrible allergies and this promised that it relieves allergies by getting rid of the animal hair in a house.

        Where to buy?
        Dyson are available in Argos, supermarkets, John Lewis and other furniture stores. I bought mine online from 247 electrical.com for a bargain price of £125.

        Guarentee: Each one comes with a 5 year guarentee for all repairs and replacement if it breaks.

        Attachments: It comes with a small head for getting into corners and a usual hoover head for floors and a special "upholstery" head.

        Storage: It is tiny and fits under our stairs.

        Use: I use it on wood floors and carpets alike plus on the sofa.

        Does it work? Yes - I have not found a better hoover for getting up pet hair. It also gets up mud and dust. As it is a bagless hoover you just take the lid off and empty it. You can see easily when it is ready to be emptied as it is transparent.

        Maintenance: Just empty it when you can see that it is getting full and once every six months or so take the filters out and give them a quick rinse - not the most pleasant job in the world but never mind.

        Conclusion: Worth every penny that you spend on it! Thank you very much Mr Dyson


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          10.08.2008 22:34
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          check also review on CIAO

          Dyson, ahh, what can I say?
          We owe alot to James Dyson the founder of these beautifully engineered machines. This guy has developed products worth over £3bn dollars.

          Whenever I thought of Dyson vacuum cleaners 10years ago, I used to think, fancy colours, pricey and a good reputation. Nothings changed then and hence 10 years on I will review the DC22 Animal/Allergy. The first thing you notice about this little machine is how little it actually is. You wonder how the technology actually fits in the machine.

          It comes with 2 extra tools - one for cleaning sofas and larger raised areas, and the other a longer tool with a brush attachment for curtains, siderailings and other hard to reach places. With the telescopic holder you can literally hoover the ceiling!
          One of the brilliances of this machine is the super flat head tool which connects to the main telescopic handle. When you switch on the machine the first you notice is that when holding the handle, you can hardly move it! Such is the power, it literally sticks to a flat carpet, and if you hold it upright with the head vertically below, it will not be possible to move. For ease, you have to vacuum at least at 45 degree angle depending of course how tall you are. However, if the head is sticking, there is an air button which releases the power and
          allows the head to move more freely. You get used to playing with this.

          Well, I have just mentioned how it sticks to the floor. This explains in part the sheer power of this machine. Before this, we had a vax HEPA filter machine, which used to do a room and clog and loose suction. Only when you cleaned it out did restore any power. With this a completely different story. I live in 3 bedroom semi detached house with relatively large rooms. The Dyson made vacuuming them look like a professional job. The VAX would have serious problems, and still wouldnt be clean.
          The thing about this machine is how clean your carpets become, and makes you realise how dirty they were. Earlier, the day it arrived, my wife had already vacuumed the whole house. When it arrived by delivery, we vaccumed the whole again, what a difference. I mean it was clean before but after, wow! I thought maybe this is just psychological. No checked the bin, it was nearly full.

          Waht amazes me about this machine is the power it gets from just 1100 watts. That less than the VAX, I had before at 1500W and many other on the market. It sucks at 200 air watts which explains power in technical terms.
          Much of its perfomance is due to the Root Cylcone Technology, which cleverly circulates in the dustbin, through the filtration and as it does so, is accelerated through chambers above the bin creating a greater vacuum effect.

          This machine has two filters, both for pet and HEPA filteration. These filters are easily removed to be washed in water. Once allowed to dry for 24 hrs they can be replaced.
          Remember, if suffer from Allergy then this is for you since cleans the air as you vacuum.
          The Animal model has a special filter for catching animal hairs

          The clear bin can be easily detached from the main unit and the bottom lid can be released easily for dirt to be released. A further release catch located at releases the clear bin completely from the cyclone unit to be washed it necessary and the filter unit to be wiped by hand.
          EASE OF USE
          One thing which was particularly useful, was how easy it was cleaning the stairs. With the Vax, I had bring the machine up every 3 steps - with this I can clean half way up thats about 7 steps withouth touching the machine. It has longhose and the flat head rolls perfectly on each step.

          The other impressive part is the ease of the flat tool getting under the fridge, under the door whilst closed and under sofas so you get a very clean edge without moving anything or the need to change tools.

          This machine was bought from DYson directly, and does exactly as it says. Moreover, they give a 5 year parts and labour guarantee. What more could you ask for ? Ahh yes the price. Well this machine retails around the £240+ mark depending on where you buy, except I did not pay that much. With Dyson, you can get refurbshed products which can significantly reduce the asking price for a product which is good as new, checked fully by DYson engineers. Hence, you can, as I did get a considerable discount, I paid £156 with free delivery through their e-bay site. Now that's value for money.


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