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      15.04.2008 22:41
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      a mean cleaning machine from Bissell, best I have ever used.

      When we bought new carpets in our home, we didn't consider how dirty they would get with children around; after all we didn't have Toby at the time. We therefore chose a nice cream coloured carpet in the lounge, up stairs, landing and in all 3 bedrooms.

      When Toby was very small he didn't make much mess, but now he's a toddler he makes loads of mess; wearing his shoes in the lounge, (even though we try not to let him,) dropping crumbs, spilling drinks etc, those of you with kids will know what I mean!!

      Anyhow my husband borrowed a carpet cleaner from a friend at work, so we could give them a good clean rather than buy new carpets, after all they are only 4 years old, and can work out expensive! This model was awful, it left the carpet very wet and smelling of wet dogs, not pleasant I can tell you.

      A couple of months a go we decide to buy our own cleaner, and my husband found this model: Bissell 9200E Proheat 2X on special offer on Amazon for £101, so he bought it.

      When it came, the box seemed to be the wrong shape for an upright cleaner, but upon opening we found we had to fix several pieces together, this was ok though, as the instructions were easy to follow, and contained clear diagrams.

      You can see from the picture above that it does look just like an upright hoover, the motor and brushes are contained in the lower section, whilst the hose/nozzles/handle are all part of the upper section.

      With the hoover, you also get 2 attachments, which are 4" upholstery tool and spraying crevice tool: these fit snugly in a tool rack behind the upper part of the machine, and can be easily removed/replaced during use. There are a number of other tools you can buy, to cater to your own needs, including the hard floor attachment, 3" tough stain brush, 6" stair tool, turbobrush and scotchguard protector applicator.

      Along with the hoover, we received 2 small (16fl oz) bottles of Bissell fibre cleansing formula. Larger bottles are available to buy: we have since bought 3 large bottles (1.42L/32fl oz) of the same formula from Amazon for £17.99.

      There are many other formulas you can buy, including hard floor, pet odour and soil remover and scotchguard protectors. The instructions recommend that you only use Bissell formulas, but as we all know, it's only so they get more money out of us. We had some formula left from the machine we borrowed, so have used this and it worked just as well.
      You can use the cleaner as an upright hoover or with the attachments, whichever way you decide, or need to use it, you still have to follow a procedure when filling and emptying the water tank.

      The water tank is removed from the base and taken to the nearest sink, where you fill the heavy duty bladder (A thick plastic pouch, not a human one) with hand hot tap water. If you use boiling water you could end up destroying the bladder and find yourself cleaning your carpets with dirty water.

      After replacing the top of the tank, you can take it back to the hoover and insert back on the base, plug in the machine and press the heat button: This enables the hoover to warm the water itself to the correct temperature, which optimises the cleaning. If you have delicate wool or oriental rugs then you will not need this option.

      The formula tank is situated at the back of the base, it is a clear plastic tub and where it sits, you can easily see when the formula is running low, and needs adding to.

      Depending on the type of cleaning you need you can adjust the amount of formula the machine needs to mix with the water, the four settings include heavy traffic, normal clean, light clean or rinse.

      You are now ready to use the machine.

      This model contains 2 powerbrush rollers underneath, which are designed to enhance the cleaning performance, safely lifting the dirt from the carpet whilst gently grooming the carpet fibres.

      Choose where you wish to start cleaning, I suggest this is not near the door otherwise you will be treading through the wet carpet each time you need to change the water, start in the furthest corner and work your way towards your exit.

      Each area of carpet gets the cleaner/hoover pushed/pulled over it at least 4 times: twice with the trigger button pressed, which releases the formula and water, then at least twice to suck up the dirt and water, you can go over it again, until you don't see any more liquid being sucked up. Then repeat all over until the carpet is done.

      My opinion
      I was wearing socks during this task, and found that they got quite damp, as I walked over wet areas during the cleaning process, so ended up doing it bare footed and rolled my trouser legs up a little. I didn't mind walking on the wet carpet, as it was warm from the heated up water, and because the fibres had lifted slightly, the carpet felt softer to walk on.

      Our living/dining room is approximately 12ft x 28ft and majority of this carpet was cleaned, except for under units and sofas, with this size, I used both the small bottles of formula, on normal setting, and emptied/refilled the tank 5 times.

      The dirty water is sucked back into the machine and sits around the plastic tank of clean water. I was surprised at how dirty the water was and poured it away quickly before I got too embarrassed, (even though no-one else was around,)

      I was so impressed at the easiness of the machine; it cleaned the carpets really well and soaked up majority of the water, only leaving them slightly damp. I had to go and collect Toby from his grandparents, and by the time I had come back, approx 2 hours after finishing: They were dry!

      The carpets looked really clean and almost like brand new, the fibres had been lifted and the carpet was soft to walk on.

      After use, you need to clean the hoover thoroughly, and the directions for this were also included in the instruction leaflet. All necessary parts were removed easily and rinsed under the tap, left to air dry, fixed back together and ready for the next use.

      Spare formula can be left in the formula tank, but I preferred to pour it back into the bottle. This was due to not knowing when I would use it next, or in case I forgot which formula was inside. As you can buy different formulas for different flooring I didn't want it mixed.

      I have given this machine such praise that you may think it's the best thing on earth, but I do have a negative and this is the weight of the machine. I'm not sure how heavy it is with out sticking it on the scales, but it is far heavier that my Dyson. Thankfully you don't need to carry the whole hoover to the sink for emptying and refilling, but because of the weight, it can be a little hard to steer during cleaning, and can be quite dangerous when cleaning stairs. The hose on the back is fairly long, so you wouldn't need to lift it each time you move up/down a stair, but you would need to ensure it is sat safely and unable to tip over.

      Apart from extra attachments and formulas, you can easily obtain spare parts; (should you need them) all the details are listed in the back of the instructions.

      You get a 2 year warranty with any Bissell product, although there are some exceptions and exclusions. If you have any problems you can contact Bissell.

      Bissell Homecare
      The Boat Yard
      105 Straight Road
      Old Windsor
      SL4 2SE
      0870 2250109

      Website: www.bissell.com


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    • Product Details

      Proheat Upright Deep Cleaner, Built In Heater, Dual Brush Roll System With 10 Rows Of Dirtlifter Powerbrushes, Surround Suction, Custom Clean, Edge Sweep Brushes, Scotchgard Post Treatment, Easy Carry Handle, 1 Gallon Easy Access Tank, Tough Stain Tool, 27' Cord / Short name: Bissell 9200E

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