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Brand: Bissell / Design: Upright / Dirt Capture: Container (Bagless) / Filtration Technology: HEPA

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2011 16:49
      Very helpful



      A solid scoring vacuum cleaner

      Bissell 82H5E

      The Bissell 82H5E is a conventional vacuum cleaner aimed at the upper low to mid market consumer. The product is bagless and reasonably light to carry around. The vacuum cleaner is average sized and comes in a black/purple colour scheme onto a plastic construction. I paid £90 for mine which I bought on Asda, it was a reasonably good investment but I have a more expensive vacuum cleaner which I use now.

      The dimensions of the product are 38x32x112 cm which makes it a conventionally shaped and sized cleaner. The product featured a predominantly plastic construction excluding some bristled areas. The paint scheme of the product is black and purple which looked ok in my opinion but a little dull. The product comes with a few tools and accessories which fit on board the product at the back, which is a good space saving idea. The product has a plastic upright handle which is not the most ergonomically designed but it provided satisfactory comfort. Below this is a "turbo brush" which functions as a mini vacuum cleaner, in the centre of the product is the removable dirt container which does need to be regularly cleaned. Below this is a purple coloured grill which is actually a filter with 4 different components including HEPA and charcoal filters to name but too. They too need cleaned from time to time. To the top of the base, there is a dial which can be set to 5 different settings, all clearly labelled and again made of a plastic construction. To the back of the product is a hose like cleaner which can be adjusted by snapping the included attachments on for cleaning stairs and such. The power cord is supposed to be 8 metres in length which is quite long and can wrap around some plastic holders to the side when not in use. The plug was a standard UK one which would not require an adaptor for use in the UK.

      The product is only 1400W in power, making it far from the most powerful. That said, provided the dirt container to the centre and the filters near the bottom are kept clean then the suction is very good on the product. The plastic dial to the top of the base has 5 settings as mentioned, including "Bare Floor", "Low Carpet", 2 settings for mid height carpets and a final setting for "High Carpets". It is important to have the product on the right setting to ensure a good cleaning quality. The small "turbo cleaner" is good for small areas but bigger than a stair and the small hose to the back offers good suction for hard to reach places including corners and stairs. The product is quite light to carry around and was advertised at only 7.3kg in weight, personally I think the weight might be a little more than this but the product is far from being heavy. All of the attachments fit together securely and the filter and dirt collection container are easily removable whilst slotting back into place easily. A good selling point of the product was that it featured modern bagless technology with just the dirt container needing emptied every now and again.

      Considering the product is made from mostly plastic, I was a little hesitant about the quality and durability of the vacuum cleaner. I had the product for around 1 year before I switched to a new one and in that time I never experienced any damage or operational problems. The suction remained consistent throughout the time I used it provided the filters and collection container was clean and the product never overheated or short circuited. I found no holes or cuts to the hose cleaner at the back and everything was in fine order. I would rate the product as having solid durability but it is worth mentioning that should the product fall down the stairs, this could very likely be the end of it due to the slightly low quality plastic construction.

      Ease of Use/Cleaning Quality
      The product is simple and easy to use. The assembly was quick as it just required filters and dirt collection container fit to the main body of the product and the attachments needed to be slotted into the back of the product. You simply plug the product in, press the power button, hit the slant button to unlock its upright position and begin hovering. For different floors you can set the settings easily by just moving the dial to the top of the base and the product is operational. The filters and collection container needs cleaning but this is easier than the days where you had to buy vacuum bags!. The cleaning quality is good, at just 1400W the suction is good and I found it did pick up a lot of dirt and dust. For maximum cleaning efficiency, I really would recommend putting the dial to the right setting though as a wrong setting does make a poorer cleaning job than the right setting. The product was average in terms of noise but could be made quieter in my opinion.

      The product was a mid range of the market product in terms of both quality and price. I paid £90 for the product from Asda but I've saw the product on both Tesco, Amazon UK, Amazon Marketplace and eBay for about £10-£15 more than Asda although the Amazon Marketplace has one for £75 sold by an independent seller. Hence, the product is readily available to buy in the UK which is a bonus. For the £90 price tag, the product was a reasonably good investment and if you can get the product for £75 from the Amazon marketplace then that is an even better investment. Overall, a reasonably priced product for the quality you get.

      Although the Bissell 82H5E was a good solid all round upright vacuum cleaner, it did have a few problems associated with it. I personally felt that whilst cleaning the stairs, the product was a bit unbalanced and cumbersome in that it could easily fall down the stairs. I think some design improvement could be made to make it better balanced for operation on stairs and steps. I would like to see a tougher plastic construction as well, the plastic was in my opinion at the lower range of quality although it did hold up without any damage from my experiences. The dirt collection container at the front was a bit small and so was the length of the hose vacuum at the back, both could be bigger and longer. My final problem I experienced was that the filter and container did need cleaning and emptying often, it was easy to do, but was a little annoying. Frequent cleaning was needed too as blocked filters and a full dirt container really did negatively affect the cleaning quality of the product.

      The Bissell 82H5E did serve me as a good solid all round middle of the market vacuum cleaner. It had a few design faults such as a short hose, small dirt container and was a little unbalanced but for the £90 I paid I did expect some problems. The colour was a little dull and it offered nothing unique in its conventional shape besides from the turbo cleaner mini vacuum near the handle. That said, the product was quite light to carry around, had different settings for carpets, offered powerful suction at just 1400W and it was handy to coil the long power cord at the side and fit the attachments neatly into the back of the product. I now use a more powerful vacuum cleaner currently but for the year or so it served me, the Bissell 82H5E served me well. I would recommend the product to those on a budget and whilst not perfect, the 82H5E is a good all round vacuum cleaner. Thanks for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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