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Hollyoaks - Indecent Behaviour (DVD)

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    2 Reviews
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      29.07.2015 09:22
      Very helpful


      • Fun
      • Romance
      • Suspence
      • Youth



      Hollyoaks - Indecent Behaviour 2001

      Genres :- Drama
      Director :- David Richardson
      Producer :- Jo Hallows
      Executive Producer :- Phil Redmond
      Music :- Steve Wright
      Writer :- Richard Burke
      Released Date :- 17Nov, 2001(UK)
      Language: English
      Length:- 90m

      Star Cast :- Sarah-Jayne Steed, Mikyla Dodd, Elize du Toit, Alex Reid, Marcus Patric, Gary Webster, David Selling, Joanna Taylor, Christian Ealey, David Brown.

      Storyline :- Geri Hudson arrives with footballer boyfriend Jason Cunliffe. In a club, Scott Anderson begins to chat Geri up. Luke Morgan steps in to stop him taking it too far, however just as Scott and his friends are about to throw Luke into the river, Scott tells his friends that he has a better idea; Scott and his friends pull Luke's trousers down to make fun of Luke's rape from the previous year. Ben Davies and Beth Morgan try to break Scott and Luke up before a fight breaks, which it does between Ben and Luke. Beth is later offered a lift by Scott, and then is raped.

      Creature Review :- Hollyoaks- Indecent Behaviour, is one of the Good Rating Spin-off Video/DVD released. Story is Good for late night viewers and also for others with lots of interesting and viewer attracted scenes. Love, Romance, Sexuality, Rumors, Youth`s Lifestyle, Fun are the attractions of Hollyoaks. Just watch and enjoy Hollyoaks.


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      31.03.2009 12:56
      Very helpful



      Unforgettable Spin-off...

      Media: DVD - Soap/Drama

      Actors: Alex Reid, Joanna Taylor, Daniel Hyde, Kate Baines, Elize Du Toit, Gary Lucy, Gary Webster, Sarah Jane Stead, Mikyla Dodd, Marcus Patric

      Director: Andrew Gunn, Charles Kitchen, Christiana Ebohon, Clair Breton, David Holroyd

      Language: English

      Format: PAL

      Region: Region 2

      Classifications: 15 and over

      Studio: Momentum Pictures

      Release Date: 17 November 2001

      Running Time: 90 Minutes

      Price: Varied

      Hollyoaks - Indecent Behaviour, sex, lies and betrayal is absolutely unforgettable to all those Hollyoaks fans. Who could forget, Jason's scheming and cheating, Geri's revenge, Scott's nastiness, Luke's rape ordeal, the relationship between Matt and Chloe, and the hilarious bus scene with Ben and Izzy. This had to be the daddy of all late night Hollyoaks shows. It took me ages to purchase this on DVD; I couldn't get my hands on it anywhere. Eventually I purchased my copy of Hollyoaks - Indecent Behaviour from online shopping site Amazon. The first time when I tried to order it, the DVD was out of stock; this is how popular it is. When it did arrive, I was so relieved I had my very own copy.


      Jason is a professional football star; he's very cool, calm and intimidating. Jason arrives at the airport with his manager Dion, and a mysterious blonde called Alyson. Jason's fiancée Geri (Joanna Taylor) waits for him at the airport, she sees Alyson by he's side. Geri's worriedly concerned about what Jason's been up to, has he been scoring on and off the pitch. A wild all-night party at Jason's luxury pad; turns into somewhat of an orgy fest, uncovering truths and lies. Jason just uses Geri, he just wants her has a trophy, he even offers her to he's best mate Scott Anderson. When she finds out about Jason's cheating ways, Geri then prepares to take him for everything. Scott Anderson turns up with his thugs to cause trouble; he's a nasty piece of work, not just your ordinary thug. Scott and Jason are cleverly cunning, dirty b******* who love putting it about, that's putting it discreetly; these two are not to be messed with. Luke's dark past catches up with him, when he's sexually assaulted and humiliated; a night that started out so well; couldn't possibly get any worse for poor Luke. This steamy feature length Hollyoaks storyline will keep you gripped with the truth and lies behind all those so called rumours.

      What I fought about it?

      The best late-night hollyoaks show I've ever seen, a lot of questions to be asked, rumours to uncover, a lot of tension rising, and it's quite unpredictable of what was going to happen, apart from the bus scene with Ben and Ellie, now that I certainly saw coming. Jason, Scott, Eddie, Dion, and Alyson coming into Chester, making a huge impact on everyone's lives in the village, was I thought, absolutely fantastic. I loved Jason, Geri and Alyson's three way relationship; the shower scene at the start with Jason and Alyson was pure hot. Jason's always been a bit of a dirty lucky sod when it comes to the women, he would f*** anything with a pair of t***. Just like his mate Scott, he has this dirtiness about him, even though you don't see too much of this going on in, Indecent Behaviour. Geri Hudson plays a brilliant part; she tries to keep away from Jason's troublesome mate Scott, when he comes on too strong. I thought the way Geri handles her relationship with Jason was really great, knowing something is going on between him and another woman. She decides to play against, so she could take him for everything his got. Jason being tall, dark and handsome, very rich and famous, he could have a secret fling with anyone he wants. Any woman would love to be with him, don't take this the wrong way, if I was the opposite sex, he would be my kind of guy. I loved the relationship between Ben & Izzy, the bus scene in it was really hilarious, for all those who hasn't seen it, I won't say too much in case I spoil the moment. Luke's storyline was quite good, going back on his past, re-living that terrifying moment on what happened to him years ago, it was quite a sad part I felt really sorry for him.

      Cast & Characters...

      Jason Cunliffe (Alex Reid)
      Alex Reid arrived in Hollyoaks in October 2001 as Jason Cunliffe, he didn't really stay for that long in the show, and he left at the end of the year. When he first turned up in Chester, you just knew he was going to be trouble, that glare In his eyes told you, he was up to something, but didn't quite know what his intensions was. As I mentioned in the plotline, he was a professional football star, who was set to tie the knot with fiancée Geri Hudson, and back then, you could say they were Hollyoaks answer to posh and Beck's. Alex Reid (Jason) is my all-time favourite person; he's been a male model, a stuntman for films/T.V, and he now fights as a professional fighter/kick boxer in one of the world's most brutal sports, Cage Rage. Alex is a bit of a joker, you never know what he's gonna say next or what he's thinking, he loves to p*** bull about. Alex is one of a kind; he's not like most other people, you only have to look at him, and you're thinking he's up to something again, he's got that crafty look on his face. I'd say Alex is every woman's ideal man, he's smart, very funny, he's has got all the words and all the answers.

      On being a model: I remember seeing a picture of him dressed up in a smart opened white shirt, white trousers, white shoes and a stylish white glove on one hand, taking a stroll up and down a cat-walk at a model agency. He had many roles in modelling before he came to Hollyoaks.
      On being a Stuntman: Saving Private Ryan was one of the best films I've seen, a very emotional war featured action film, with a lot of explosions, and a lot of people getting killed all over the place. To shoot a film like this, you need to have stunts men. Alex Reid played a part in the film as Tom Hank's stunt double; he played that part brilliantly. You do also see him in one part of it, where he's laying down injured, and is being treated by one of the soldiers, that's only for about a few seconds.

      On being a professional Fighter/Kick boxer: Alex Reid has trained to become a professional kick boxer all his life; he joined world-wide sports company Cage Rage. Alex goes by the names of the Reidernator or Detonator; he has had battles with some of the best fighters. I remember he had one fight where he'd cut-open his skin after about 28seconds, and the officials called the match off, this was against Brazilian jujitsu fighter Murilo 'ninja' Rua. He battled he's best mate Xavier Foupa Pokam at Cage Rage 19 - Fearless, when he'd only just lost by unanimous decision this was after about 5 minutes, because of another injury. The fights he'd lost have mainly been through injuries; Alex Reid was unlucky in that respect. Alex Reid won impressive victories against the likes of Kyosuke Sasaki a Japanese fighter; he'd won by TKO (Total Knockout). Alex won mostly by submissions (Triangle Choke, Rear Naked Choke, and Ankle Lock) against the likes of Tulio Parhares, Jean Francois Lenogue, Matt Ewin and Kieron McEntee. Alex hasn't fought since 2007, probably his injuries may have forced him to retire, but in all, he is a great fighter.

      Scott Anderson (Daniel Hyde)

      When Scott arrived in Chester, he was this successful, wealthy thug who didn't give a damn about anyone's feelings. It wasn't long until he'd make his first big impact, the rape of Beth Morgan. This storyline was so dark and disturbing, Scott didn't feel anything about what he did, Unless Scott Anderson gets what he wants, he's happy and everyone around him suffer. Scott I found; was quite cool looking, very cocky, he's this suited and booted gangster, like I said not just your ordinary thug, he had a lot more nastiness to offer. Scott is sly, smooth talking operator just like he's mate Jason, he'd only tell you what he'd want you to hear. You see Scott putting Luke Morgan through a terrible ordeal, you get to find out what sort of person he is. Daniel Hyde left Hollyoaks for a while, and then returned to Chester a couple of years later as the new owner of the loft. After another brief stint in the show, he soon left Chester for good; and joined Family Affairs. Daniel Hyde played Jason Welding, a suited and booted stock broker; he arrived with his wife Carol. You can still see that slight nastiness about him, but this time, he was less ruthless. Daniel and he's wife Carol stayed in it until the final episode Family Affairs. Daniel Hyde also played a part in Sky Ones Dream Team, as the owner of a club and casino. He played another ruthless, and wealthy thug, but he wasn't in it very long...

      Geri Hudson (Joanna Taylor)

      Joanna Taylor was in Hollyoaks for some years, she was one of the hottest women in the show, a sexy pin-up for all the guys. In this Hollyoaks late-night showing, Geri proved to be very alarming about the whole Jason cheating, and just using her. Geri seemed so excited about the prospect of seeing her international football star fiancée, waiting there for him at the airport. Surrounded by photographers, the press and arriving with he's manager Dion, and oh yeah, the mystery blonde who goes by the name of Alyson, the one Jason's f****** behind Geri's back. All though this late-night showing, Geri keeps wondering what Jason's really been up to, when she does find out what he's really like, she takes action against him. Joanna Taylor left Hollyoaks for good; she appeared in T.V cop drama Mersey Beat for quite a while. I never really got the chance to get into this programme; I kept missing it every time it came on, so I'm not quite sure what it was like, all I know she played as a cop in it. I remember seeing a disaster movie on sci-fi that Joanna Taylor starred in called Post Impact; it was about a meteorite freezing over a city. It reminded me of the 'Day after Tomorrow' the problem is, I can't seem to get it for region 2, Joanna played a fantastic part in it. The recent one she's been in is called 'Back in Business' I've not seen this one yet, I've only just purchased it for £2.20 off of Amazon. Joanna Taylor stars with, Martin Kemp (The Krays, Eastenders) Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf, Tomb Raider) Stefan Booth (Hollyoaks, Dancing on Ice) Dennis Waterman (New Tricks, Minder) and Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon, Alexander) so this one should be good. Joanna Taylor was also voted FHM sexiest woman.

      Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy)

      Gary Lucy was in the show for 3 years playing Luke Morgan, he was a very talented footballer. He also had a dark and disturbing past, which came back to haunt him in this Indecent Behaviour. The terrible ordeal saw him being raped by someone called Mark Gibbs, who bullied him for a while. Luke is the brother of Beth Morgan, who was also raped by no-other than Scott Anderson. Luke left the show after his relationship with Mandy Richardson broke down. Gary Lucy starred in Footballer Wives as Kyle Pascoe for two years, leaving in 2004, in 2005 he joined cop drama The Bill were he still plays PC Will Fletcher. Gary Lucy is a great actor; he also starred in Dream Team.

      Dion (Gary Webster)

      Gary Webster is another character who wasn't in hollyoaks for long, playing Jason's manager Dion. Dion had to keep Jason out of trouble, and keep him fit and ready for his upcoming matches. As you will see in this late-night showing, Dion wasn't the easiest guy around, he tried to keep control of Jason's situations, as well as maintaining a contract with him. Gary Webster played in the first ever series of Minder, where he starred alongside George Cole. A few years after leaving Chester, he came into Family Affairs, playing a businessman called Garry Costello, he arrived with he's wife Chrissie, and two daughters, Melanie and Chloe. He played Garry for over a year or two, until the show went off our screens.

      Other Cast & Characters include:

      Beth Morgan (Kate Baines) Izzy Cornwell (Elize Du Toit) Chloe Bruce (Mikyla Dodd) Alyson (Sarah Jane-Stead) Ben Davies (Marcus Patric) Eddie (David Selling) Matt (Kristian Ealey) Adam Morgan (David Brown)

      Special Features:

      - Main Language: English
      - Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 2.0

      Cast Interviews:

      - Alex Reid aka Jason Cunliffe
      - Daniel Hyde aka Scott Anderson
      - Gary Lucy aka Luke Morgan
      - Joanna Taylor aka Geri Hudson
      - Marcus Patric aka Ben Davies
      - Sarah Jane-Stead aka Alyson

      Production Diaries:

      - 12 days of making the show


      - Repeated Scenes

      Make-up Shots:

      - Photos taken of the cast

      The special features were quite good, I enjoyed all the interviews, they were talking about their character; and what they thought was good about the way they played their roles. The production diaries, takes you through how they put every scene together, which was rather interesting. The out takes was quick, it didn't look like they repeated many scenes, which was very good, and they only did one take. Finally, the make-up shots were photographs of the cast, looking at their worst. In all, the special features were very interesting to look at...

      The Purchase:

      Even though there were a lot of heavy subjects in it, the storylines were brilliant. Indecent Behaviour is certainly the no-holds barred feature, with plenty of hard tension moments. This is the best soap DVD to purchase, for all those Hollyoaks fans. They've had Hollyoaks in the city and other late-night Hollyoaks shows, but to me, this is the ultimate spin-off show, it was defiantly the best Hollyoaks I've ever seen...


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