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Bosch AHS 52

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Brand: Bosch

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2009 01:29
      Very helpful



      It is a real mean green trimming machine with the teeth of a crocodile

      There are many people out there who have lovely gardens which are surrounded by even lovelier bushy, green hedgerows, protecting you from nosey neighbours and other prying eyes, whilst making your garden look eye catching.
      And for those people with those lovely hedges you know too well how cutting the bushy greenness is sometimes a lot more hassle than you want, especially when you have to get out the electric hedge trimmers from the back of the shed, collect that 50 metre extension lead to get round all the bushes around your garder, then, climb that step ladders whilst being careful in case you slip and slice straight through the electrical chord, (come on people... we've all done it at least once, you know the score, stood on the top of a step ladder, trimmers in hand, when suddenly the electric cable slips between the cutting blade and POP...)

      Anyhow, to avoid the danger of that accidental cable slicing the boffins at Bosch have brought out a cracking little device which will not only keep you from electrocuting yourself but also has the capability of doing a thorough job of most hedge rows.

      ** Technical bits first...

      * Lightweight lithium Ion 18 volt battery with a 3 hour charge time and a near one full hour running time.
      * It has a good size blade length of 520mm which are laser cut and diamond ground.
      * Dual handed safety switch to avoid accidental starts
      * Anti stall system
      * Reverse blade action
      * Soft grip for more comfort
      * Patented 'power tech' blade system
      * No self discharge so no loss of power during idling or none use
      * and a weight of 2.2kg

      Plus, from new it comes with a two year warranty

      So that's the techie bit out of the way with which should keep some people happy so now I can get on with the actual usability of these cordless hedge trimmers from Bosch.

      Well, I have always used electric cable trimmers to trim my bushes (ooweerr) and have always found them to be great for the medium sized garden I have, but after cutting through the cable a few times (yes I know, I should be more careful), I decided to look into some battery powered devices.
      Unfortunately, I found that the bigger powered trimmers where at that bigger powered price, or weighed more than a buffalos backside after eating dinner, whilst the cheaper models seemed to be either very flimsy or would run out of power before you even reached the hedge-row.
      But when I came across these lightweight looking trimmers with the well known name of Bosch etched on the side I was very intrigued as to how these would perform, and when I got them home I decided to give them a go, (well, it was more like the the wife told me to cut the hedges).
      So, after the recommended charge time I grabbed the trimmers and my step ladders and headed out into the back garden with this intention of cutting the hedges, although in the back of my mind I was sure that I would get about half way through and have to recharge the unit for a few hours before finishing the job.
      But to my surprise these trimmer lasted a lot longer than I expected and, just as the Bosch boffins stated, I feel it would have lasted a good hour of constant use as I trimmed around my garden with such ease, slicing through the hedge row instead of the trailing electrical chord.

      The half metre blade made trimming that thicker wilderness such a breeze, even when balanced on my step ladder as I trimmed the tops away, being careful not to encroach my neighbours property.
      Then there's the safety features on this unit, which you will find on most quality trimmers, the best one being the dual handed safety switch, which really does help in stopping those accidental starts, saving your fingers from ending up detached from your hands.
      The large red 'button' on the top of the easy grip handle combines with the red on switch under the rear handle of the device, giving that one handed start a total impossibility, needing one hand pressing down on the large red ' button' before being able to flick the on switch with the other hand... a brilliant safety feature indeed and a rather vogue looking one at that.

      What more can I say about the Bosch hedge trimmer? In a nut shell, it is a lightweight wireless trimmer which lets you go beyond the reach of that extension cable and make those hedges look as neat as David Beckham's hairline.
      The short charge time is a boon and the hour of use will give most gardens a run for there money, (that is unless you have a few acres of land surrounded by hedges, then I recommend a petrol driven trimmer or even a hired gardener).
      It looks the part and does exactly what it is meant to do with no complications at all, plus, if you get the blades entangled on any protruding wire fencing, like I have done a few times, then the reverse action really does help in getting you out of any hassles.

      Prices for this brilliant hedge trimmer from the Bosch range float around the £80.00 to £90.00 region, although some shops are cheeky enough to be asking over a hundred quid for them.


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