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Luggage Scale by Design Go

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Manufacturer: Design Go / Type: Luggage Scale

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2011 10:21
      Very helpful



      great for weighing hand luggage

      Unless you own a private jet, travelling by air these days seems to have become a bit of a maze of rules and regulations where luggage is concerned. If it's not problematic enough working out what you can't take in your hand luggage, many airlines seem to have introduced ever increasingly complicated baggage allowance rules which can, I find, be a bit of a minefield. Finding that my usual method of weighing luggage (stand on rather under-utilised, possibily inaccurate scales with bag and perform some mental maths and hope for best) was a little unreliable, I invested in these Luggage Scales, which I bought for just under £7. They are available for as little as £2.76, including delivery, from amazon and, in my experience are a worthwhile buy, especially if you are trying to work out if you are over your hand luggage allowance.

      As you can see from the photo the scales are pretty simple - you hold the top handle - (mine is plastic coated and not metal as pictured), and put the bag onto the hook at the bottom of the scales. Again the design seems to have been changed slightly as the hook on my scales is slightly more curved and more like a coat hanger hook in style. The red needle will than diplay the weight in kilos and lbs. This is great for working out if you are within, say, a 10 kilo hand luggage allowance. There's a little black needle on the display that will spin around and show the weight reached, this can be reset every time you use the scale. In my experience it works really well and it's clear to see how much your bag weighs, though you have to be sure not to move the case up and down too much. It does, however, become rather harder to use the scales with a larger suitcase and reviewers on amazon warn of disasterous consequences if the scale is faced with a case over the 22 kilos, though to be honest I think I would have trouble lifting anything that heavy anyway. I was never going to fill my case that full and on my last holiday the weigh in desk at the airport agreed with the 18 kilos I had judged the only large case I took to be at home, using these scales. If you don't travel light it may well though be an issue that the scales don't weigh anything over 20 kilos, but for my purposes they are good enough.

      As the top and bottom of the scale fold down, making it only about 11.5 cm long I actually take the scales on holiday with me so that I can be sure I am within limits for the return journey too. The scales also have a measuring tape that pulls out from the base which is useful for checking hand luggage dimensions. Though they aren't the strongest or best made of items I have had no problems with them at all, and they are certainly great reassurance and a good way of making sure you avoid surplus luggage charges. I would recommend these scales if your use is likely to be similar to mine, they are certainly a good item to have to use each time I am packing to go on my holidays, and I have had no problems with them. On that basis I recommend them.


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