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Fisher Price Imaginext Toy Story 3 Garbage Truck

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2 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Garbage truck from Toy Story 3 with figures

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    2 Reviews
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      23.11.2013 21:08
      Very helpful



      fab item with lots of play value when added to the playset

      Im less traditional in that my boys get a toy for easter instead of chocolate. So my then just turned 4 year old asked for the Toy Story landfill playset with the toy story garbage truck (he was 4 in march), having seen it in Toys R Us i thought it seemed quite pricey at the time as I had to buy additional figures to complete the set. I paid around £12 for this set in particular and ive recently seen it selling for £25+ on amazon!

      This playset is based on Toy Story 3, the Tri County Landfill Garbage Truck that is used to take rubbish to the landfill, so is a must for any Toy Story fan as they will recognise it immediately.

      *****What's in the box?*****
      Garage truck
      Woody figure
      Alien figure

      *****The set*****
      The set takes no setting up time at all as its already assembled, only needing to put a few stickers on. Its age recommendation is 3+ but even my just turned 2 year old loves to play with it. It isn't a sound toy so no fiddling around with batteries. It arrived in a open style box so you can see the exact size and is fitted with paper cable ties with the instructions placed under the truck should you require them, but its very straight forward..

      The truck is just over 8 inches long and just over 3 inches wide. It is white at the front with a black seat and a lift up lid to fit the figures inside (fits maximum 2 characters). The back is green, with 6 big black fully movable wheels, there is a sticker either side saying 'Tri-County Landfill'. The back of the truck is an open gap for the toys to fall out it, on the top there is an orange lift up lid that when opened shows a little orange platform, on the right hand side there is a small orange lever. (I will explain how to work the lever and platform under the 'In Play' section). It is very strong and durable plastic, like any other Imaginext toys with no flimsy or fragile bits.

      Woody is 3 inches high with bendy joints so can be put into different positions (his hat is secure so you cannot lose it). He looks exactly the same as he does in the film with his blue jeans, brown cowboy boots, yellow and red checked shirt, black and white waistcoat, brown belt and brown hat. He has a smiley face as you would expect. He is strong solid plastic like all other Imaginext figures.

      The alien is 1.5 inches and is a solid figure so cannot change his positions at all. He is green with 3 eyes and has a blue space outfit on, he too has a smiley face.

      *****In play*****
      Load the alien into the truck via the orange roof, turn the orange dial on the right hand side of the truck and watch the alien travel through the truck and out the back. The truck fits 4 aliens in at 1 time but this set only comes with 1 alien. The platform inside the truck is on a lever, so if you turn the orange dial left the platform will lift up, meaning to put the alien on the platform you need to hold the platform straight by holding the lever straight. If you turn the dial towards you it the platform will turn towards ward you creating a barrier, so you can keep the aliens trapped inside for transportation.

      *****What does my 4 year old think?*****
      Having not read any reviews before I brought it, when I collected it from toys r us I thought my boy might be upset it only fit 2 figures inside, as he would notice the set was incomplete but he was fine. "Only 1 person can drive at a time anyway" he says so that solved that problem!. He was however a little upset that the roof at the front lifted up to get the figures inside, he thought the doors would open either side like on a normal truck (this new invention however works easier for my 2year old, so saves me doing it every time so im not complaining!). He also thought there may be more detail to the inside where the figures set (there was no steering wheel, so he didn't understand how the figures could drive with no steering wheel).

      However he uses it with ease, no additional help needed. He can put the figures into the truck himself after changing the positions of the figures so that they fit into the truck. Its made even better with the landfill playset that he uses with it.

      *****What did his little brother think?*****
      I was presently surprised when my 2 year old had a go and was able to use it as well as his older brother. The truck is very basic but that isn't a negative. Having 2 little boys we own a lot of vehicles (mainly cars) and this vehicle is a firm favourite with both of my boys, especially the younger one. The uploading and unloading with the orange dial is unique to any vehicle we have. My 2 year old does struggle with holding the dial straight to keep the platform flat in order to put the aliens on so he just normally throws them down from the roof then watch them go straight through the truck.

      *****Our Thoughts*****
      The truck is very well detailed and looks exactly like a real garbage truck from the Tory Story 3 film, and is a fab add on for the tri-county landfill playset (purchased separately). We currently own playsets and vehicles from other Imaginext products such as Batman, Disney Cars as well as this, and I honestly cannot fault their quality.

      This is a sturdy little truck that has been pulled from pillar to post, thrown on the floor and 'driven' miles around my laminate flooring, crashed into playsets and it still looks new. It is very well built and durable, no broken or damaged parts with 2 heavy handed boys.

      Most boys like cars/trucks etc but as mentioned above we feel this is quite unique (well it is to us, we own nothing like this). Other trucks do have some form of loading platform or lever to lift cars onto the back etc, but this is different thanks to the lever operating the platform inside the truck. It gives the real feel of a garbage truck.

      While the platform is fitted securely and cannot come off, its quite lose so is easy to move via the lever, turn the lever downwards and the platform will tip upwards unloading the aliens. As said is pretty basic but my 2 year old doesn't quite understand to hold the lever level in order to keep the platform level to put the aliens onto.

      My 2 boys like that the platform inside the truck is obviously fully moveable to load the aliens in/out and the platform turns both ways so can either use it to unload the aliens or transport them to the Tri County Landfill.

      Because the truck has features of its own unlike a standard boring truck it can be used on its own for a longer period of time than a standard truck. The playset does add many more hours of fun to it, but the truck is such a cool little toy with fun features the playset isn't a necessity. My boys have used this truck by its self and with the playset and have had just as much fun without the playset. We own 9 imaginext vehicles in total (this being the only Toy Story one) and I have to say its 1 of the better vehicles.

      *****Any negatives?*****
      The only thing i would change about this item is that some sound effects may be nice, noisy toys always seem to be a hit with little ones but maybe that's just me being picky.

      *****Overall Thoughts*****
      Unique, fun and different toy that is fun regardless of playing with it by itself or when added to the other playset. Loved by my 2 boys (2 and nearly 5).


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      18.02.2011 22:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A toy that works well with the toy story branding.

      Being the mum of 2 boys who are obsessed with Toy Story 3 and who own the larger Garbage Dump site role play set, what better accompaniment than their very own garbage truck to take the toys to the garbage dump?

      This is a very nice set containing 2 action figures - a toy Woody doll, and an alien figure. These are popular characters that have been in all 3 Toy Story films. I think it is really good value to get 2 figures here, as most of the buddy pack sets of toy story figures that you can buy contain 2 figures for about £6-7 pounds. Usually in these packs there is one buzz lightyear figure or Woody. It is nice to get 2 figures and 1 vehicle for £15, as it feels good value.

      The figures themselves are identical to the ones in the buddy packs. The alien is about an inch tall, and Woody just over 2 inches. They are moulded plastic and the arms do not move.

      The truck has a flap on the roof that lifts up to gain access to the vehicle through there. Also at the rear, there is a section that is pivoted and moves back and forth when you turn the orange handle on the side. This mimics the way a garbage truck rear door moves.

      The figures do not sit in the cab of the truck. They are definitely meant to go in the rear of the truck like the characters in the film.

      The vehicle is quite sturdy but is not that big. If you have more figures than these 2 then they will not all fit in at the same time.

      My kids played with this a little bit, but they were also given a much larger tonka garbage truck, and this has worked better for Toy story role play as it was big enough to fit more characters in.

      They still like this truck, but i think they would have played with it more if it were that shade bigger. It is sturdy, and has coped well with them trying to ram the figures in, and bashing it around the living room. It might suit other children better, but it wasn't a big hit in our house.

      I am going to give it 4 stars for being a good realistic toy that links in well with the toy story branding, but the star knocked off is because i think it is too small.


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