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Brand: Prestige Appliances

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    1 Review
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      20.12.2009 06:11
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      A good buy for a student or small family , I do like it in a way but will be upgrading soon

      Prestige Toaster
      I bought this a few weeks back mainly thanks to my eldest daughter whom decided to claim my other toaster, Which i did not mind as the rest of the family tend to use the grill more than a toaster,
      I bought this for convenience more than anything just incase of one of rushing in a morning this is the easiest way to ensure you do not burn

      Anyway as i was saying i purchased this and was rather surprised it came well packaged and looked positively modern I also favored the browning indicator and find it is usually best on number three , there are five levels, position one , basically gives you what i call warm bread, it does not really toast the bread,

      This toaster, along with most toasters have a variable width channel that is to accommodate thick and thin slices but i was disappointed , when doing crumpets, they do admittedly go in, its the getting them from the toaster that is the problem they seem to sink down and then you have to get a fork or knife to free them from the depths of the toaster, make sure the toaster is off at the mains first before retrieving teacakes or crumpets.
      A bit disappointing when it is advertised as being easy to remove small items!

      Another issue i found with this toaster is the length, although it accommodates the thickness of of bread or crumpets it fails to actually accommodate a slice of Warburtons bread, i find it is ok toasting the milk roll or them loafs that a slightly small but for some unknown reason it seems manufacturers not just of this toaster but other toasters too seem to forget the almighty loaf by Warburtons.
      All hail the makers of Warburtons Bread!!!

      The crumb tray is easy to remove i admit but just as you are nearing the removal it seems to catch on something and you have to tug, sending crumbs everywhere.
      No good doing this if you are in a rush ,as you have to hoover and then wipe the sides down, All time consuming when it is something i purchased for convenience!!

      It does have a defrost facility on the toaster but I've never used it, as of yet and i do not think i will ,as it is easier just turning the setting to number one.

      The Cancel button works really well, sending the toast up in to the air, Errrr... that is a little exaggerated but it does spring them up rather alarmingly

      The toaster i bought came in white and is compact enough to put in a cupboard if you do not want it on display, the other colour this can be purchased in is grey.

      Although this might come across as a negative review it is far from it , i found it easy to use and very convenient when in a rush. This is an ideal toaster for students or a small family.

      And if the manufactories of any toasters out there are reading this please consider making a toaster that accommodates a slice of Warburtons bread! Im sick of having to use the grill to get the Warburtons slices evenly toasted!


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      Short name: Prestige 50774

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