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Thorpe Park Fright Night

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2 Reviews

Attraction at Thorpe Park in Surrey

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    2 Reviews
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      10.04.2012 19:19
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      Thorpe Park, on a scary day!

      Fright Nights only happen for a few days annually at Thorpe Park and in all honesty, I've been a few times before and managed to avoid all the horror/monsters completely. The park doesn't undergo a total frightening make over; there is just the addition of a few attractions. What I'm trying to say is that if you don't fancy the idea of a fright night, you can still go to Thorpe Park on Halloween and avoid anything frightening if you wish to.

      In 2011, five mazes were added during the Fright Nights. I only experienced two of them so I am limited to what I can say about the other three, so I will just review the ones I went on :)

      1) Seven
      I went on this maze first. It is loosely based on the film by the same name, but this isn't wholly obvious as you walk around the maze. I must firstly point out that neither me nor my friends are wimpy at all. We are all of age and have become accustomed to horror films and such, plus we had sampled some of Thorpe Park's scariest rides during the day. We queued for this maze for about 20 minutes and saw a few people run out of it screaming; we laughed at them and thought they were being over dramatic. Prior to entering the maze, you are given a bit of a debriefing. You are told not to be abusive to the actors and not to be violent, not to bring food into the maze, etc. You then line up in groups of 10ish and enter the maze with your hands on each other's shoulders. Now this is where we all near pooed ourselves. The maze was TERRIFYING. In all honesty, our group was just terrified! The whole maze stunk, there were people jumping out all over the show, people in cages at knee level that'd grab your feet when you didn't expect it. There were 9 of us; we had people crying, throwing up. Definitely an experience... but not a very good one.

      2) Asylum
      Following our atrocious Seven experience, a few of us (wisely) decided to not go on any other mazes. However, five of us just weren't that sensible and went to Asylum, which is known as the scariest maze. We were very nervous and were grouped up with a few other people who took their positions in the front of the line. Now, this probably was worse than the first maze; it was very strobey, with mental patients walking around in hospital gowns. Very eery and creepy. But for some reason I think we found this one less scary as we were much more prepared. I reckon that we just were a bit too cocky going into Seven and didn't appreciate how scared we were going to be, but Asylum wasn't too bad.

      I would say that the mazes at Thorpe Park's fright nights are as scary as you make them and as long as you go in with a good attitude and just keep in the back of your mind that the whole thing is a total set up, then you will be able to have a good experience and not be too scared :)


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      14.11.2010 17:14
      Very helpful
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      Definitely a Must for thrill-seekers!

      I went to Thorpe Park last night with my friends for my birthday (Fright Night 10am-10pm) and had a fantastic time... Having purchased the tickets online early (2 for 1 Fright Night ticket for £40 = £20 each), we were able to print our tickets and go straight in when the park opened.

      We ran for SAW-The Ride and got on within five minutes. Thankfully it was fully functional unlike last time on opening day. It was actually really thrilling- I was not as scared this time... I am now well trained :3

      Anyway, we went to SAW ALIVE horror maze when it opened, which wasn't amazingly scary, but this one big troll-like guy in a room did scare me quite a bit before he went and stroked my head... Eeek!! At the end, the same guy kicked this chav out apparently for retorting "You want some?"... anyway, it made us laugh..

      After some more rides (X-No Way Out, Nemesis Inferno- where we took our friend's rollercoaster virginity, Quantum and others) we queued up for horror maze Se7en. We were first in the queue for when it was meant to open (4pm) but due to "technical difficulties" it didn't open until around 5pm, and everyone rushed in so we had to run to keep out spot first. The maze was meant to be about the seven dealy sins, but we really couldn't tell which rooms were which due to being scared by actors jumping out at us everywhere... what made this scary was the fact that one room had so many doors we didn't know which one to open... we were stuck for like 30 seconds, and funnily enough, the supposedly scary actress had to lead us to the next room by flashing her torch. LOL.

      After dinner at Noodle Bar, we went on the Canada Creek railway as a means of digesting our food and getting some good views of Saw-The Ride as well as Loggers Leap before going on some more flats (Vortex, Slammer) as it got dark. The Terror Zone which was new for this year was utterly rubbish and just consisted of actors walking around in the area with some smoke... definitely a let down... but only queued for like five minutes in which some ghetto girls in front started confronting us after a nasty comment was made by one of my friends... *sigh*

      Taking on Colossus and Stealth in the dark was quite scary as I'd never been on them before. Stealth is a bit overrated in my opinion as you really don't feel anything as it goes so quickly... You do not notice how high up you are. Colossus was good, the forces were so huge as you go through the heartline rolls.

      To finish off, we went to Horror Maze Curse, which was the best one of the day as there were so many actors who jumped out at so many different places- least predictable one I think... so that was a good end to the day... To kill time, we went on Rumba Rapids twice more as well as this new show "Barry and Stuart" which was actually really gruesome...

      Overall, despite some technical difficulties, the day went smoothly and it was a fantastic day. Fright Nights are definitely much more fun and value for money as the park is open for twice as long and the inclusion of themed horror mazes really give the park some edge and gives you lots more to do. Plus, going on the usual rides in the dark adds to the excitement so I would highly recommend that if you are to go to Thorpe Park, go during a fright night. We went on so many rides (27) compared to about 10 last time (normal day) so it was totally worth it. Next time, we will tackle horror maze Asylum :)

      Rides we went on:
      SAW- The Ride
      Loggers Leap X3
      X-No Way Out
      Rumba Rapids X3
      Nemesis Inferno
      Mr Monkey's Banana Ride
      SAW Alive (Horror Maze)
      Quantum X2
      Flying Fish
      Rocky Express
      Storm in a Tea Cup
      Se7en (Horror Maze)
      Canada Creek Railway
      Depth Charge
      Terror Zone (Walk through)
      The Curse (Horror Maze)
      Barry and Stuart


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