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Whistle Down The Wind

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By Andrew Lloyd Webber. Swallow, a 15 year old girl growing up in America's deep South in the fifties, discovers a mysterious man hiding out in a barn. When she asks who he is and the first works he utters are "Jesus Christ", it's as if all her prayers have been answered. Swallow and the town's other children vow to protect the stranger from the world that waits outside - the townspeople who are determined to catch a fugitive hiding it their midst. Whistle Down The Wind's multi-award-winning songs and powerful staging combine epic storytelling with intimate emotion as the innocence of children collides with the cynical adults world.

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2011 01:14
      Very helpful



      a funny, sad, happy clever story told in great songs by masters stienman and webber

      Whistle Down The Wind - Andrew Lloyd Webber And Jim Steinman
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      So this may come as a shock to people who read my stuff, I actually am quite worldly, I may be a rocker and a punk but at the same time I love just as much to sit and listen to an ALW musical!!

      Andrew Lloyd Webber is a... do I really need to tell you?!?!?
      Surely everyone knows Lord Webber by know!!!
      Well if you don't he Composed and created many of the most classic musicals of the last few years, such as "Evita", "Phantom of the Opera" and "Jesus Christ superstar" that's without mentioning all the others!!!
      Oh and this may surprise you ill give one song he wrote now, and another at the end of the review!!!

      He made the hit single Doctor Spin - tetris!!!, yep he was the genius behind making the Tetris theme tune a dance hit in the 90's lol!!! But the second reveal is better that's coming later!!!!!!

      Anyway along side Webber you need a good Lyricist, Webber can make a piano say words we cant imagine, but only a Lyricist can make his words come to life, and in Steinman he has picked someone with a different sort of history here than his normal collaborators
      Steinman is most famous for his work with Meat Loaf on the Bat out of Hell albums, and various other ventures that were never quite as well received.

      Well better talk about what im not being paid for!!!
      Well we have the story of a small town in Louisiana, originally it was somewhere in Lancashire, as this is based on a novel by Mary Hayley Bell, it is also set 10 years earlier, but rest of the story is pretty much as is!!

      The story starts with a choir and a choral church setting, letting you know that this is a religious town, which does impact on the children of the story, and the children are the story....
      A cold blooded killer has escaped prison, and will obviously do anything to not be spotted caught!!
      Well he decides to hide in the children's hiding area, they bump into him, pretty much literally, asking who he is he replies "Oh Jesus Christ" at the shock but the children see that as literal, and as such the story then tells itself...!!!!

      The criminal hiding gets children who look up to him for their own reasons which are explained so lovely and carefully over the cause of the story!!!
      That's where I leave the plot, that's quite early in the story, and I don't want to ruin it for others.

      Oh this is a musical isn't it, better tell something about the sounds!!!
      Not sure which version you may buy, ive listened to London 1998 cast, normally it doesn't matter that much, though I listened to evita original versus film remake and original was 10 times better!!!!

      The songs jump all over the place yet fit beautifully, you have some typical opera type numbers, some 50's jazzy type numbers and some really rockin rock and roll numbers, the whole soundtrack is beautiful, it manages to mix styles and colours beautifully.
      The well known songs from this are boyzones no matter what which is an almost completely different song here, but still recognisable!
      And the title track which is beautiful and moving and holds you close to tears before kicking you, making you cry more!!!

      Steinman and Webber have done a wondrous thing here they have made a musical thriller that needs other people to listen to; it's created a show where kids of all ages really show talent! These kids are great.

      Depending on which version you get im sure you will be happy, ive listened to London cast, but im sure Us cast would be as good, Lloyd Webber doesn't normally cast badly!!!
      If you like this then, try all Lloyd Webber and all Steinman, it's almost the perfect mix!!!

      Kylecoares greatest moment will arrive soon, but then he will fall further than any coare as ever fallen
      On the astroroid known as Ciaofun, also known as the place a good man will look for a beer
      Oh and just so to finish the review I almost forgot the other major single by mister Llyod Webber was......

      Should I tell you? Its gonna be painful unless you know, your never gonna believe such a great musician was behind this.....
      Ok here goes...

      "Itsy Bitsy teeny weenie polka dot bikini" by timmy mallott!!!!!!!
      All true!!
      As one last bonus I say look up me first and the gimmie gimmies doing phantom of the opera on you tube!!!! Youl see the song so different!!!!

      Goodnight good morning


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