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Odeon Cinema (Maidenhead)

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42-44 King Street, Maidenhead, SL6 1DY, Tel: 0871 22 44 007

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2008 13:43
      Very helpful



      I'll be staying a fan of Vue and Cineworld!

      I don't know anything about Maidenhead to be honest, but I'm pretty sure this is the only cinema there. I was away staying at me girlfriends Nan's last week, and we wanted to go to the cinema. We went swimming first, which is why we were at Maidenhead in the first place.

      Anyway, we got there at about midday, and couldn't wait to sit down and enjoy our movie... At the time we weren't one hundred percent sure what we wanted to see... I wanted to see the new Batman film, however my girlfriend hadn't seen any of the other Batman films and wanted to see them before spending £7 on seeing the newest one. So we decided we'd see that another time. We both wanted see Wall-E, and had both heard pretty good things about it - and we'd both been laughing at the films trailer the night before when we saw it on TV! So we'd finally decided what film we wanted to see.

      From the outside, the cinema doesn't seem as impressive or big compared to the Vue cinema I usually go to in Cambridge. We walked through the doors, to find a large, virtually empty room. There was a really old arcade machine to the right, and to the left a small counter where you're meant to buy your tickets. There was no food or drink to be seen, and at the far end of the room was a few doors with numbers above them - obviously being the screen numbers. So at this point, we were both pretty unimpressed by what we saw. However, both wanting to see a movie after our morning swim, we looked up at the two plasma screens above the counter to find out what time our movie was being shown. Guess what? They weren't on! We saw a few other groups of people looking through a booklet with ODEON plastered on the front, so I walked up to the side of the counter and grabbed one for myself. I thought it was a bit silly how the small magazines with all the times and dates in were at the front of the queue.

      I opened up the booklet, and at the top of the front page it stated: 'What's on at Maidenhead Cinema (August 2008):'. We were finally getting somewhere! Until of course, we started reading down the list. The list was quite long, probably had twenty odd films on it, and beside them were little boxes, some of which had little green ticks in them - these ticks state whether or not this particular movie is showing at Maidenhead Odeon. Out of all the films on this list, which included the likes of The Dark Knight, The Mummy, Mamma Mia, Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda and Hellboy II, about five different movies were selected. All of these films being the not so popular ones such as: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and a few others. Although we wouldn't mind seeing them films, but as none of these received reviews good as some of the others, we didn't want to fork out £7 a seat to see them.

      To make matters worse, the floors were dirty, there were no toilets in sight and well, it's just a really bad cinema! We never saw a movie that day, but we are going to see the new Mummy film later on this week, at a real cinema which sells popcorn!

      For those that are crazy enough to want to visit such a poor 'cinema', here's the address and website:

      0871 22 44 007

      Odeon Maidenhead
      42-44 King Street
      SL6 1DY



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