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Circus of Horrors at Middlesbrough Town Hall

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A live stage show featuring rock music and strange acts following a horror theme

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2010 06:28
      Very helpful



      A good night out

      My partner and i recently went to to see this show at Middlesbrough town hall, we did not really know what to expect but as a avid Rocky Horror Picture Show fan and looking at the promotional posters for this show, we thought it looked like something we would enjoy, the town hall informed us it was a certificate 12A so my partner also bought tickets for her 14 and 16 year old sons.

      A Bit Of Background
      ****Rated PG: Not suitable for Chavs, Sissies, Close Minded Bigots and people of a nervous disposition, This is a show for Weirdo's, Goths, Freaks, open-minded people that know how to have a good time, know how to laugh, but most importantly - know how to SCREAM !!!
      This is a new show called Day Of The Dead (A Mexican X-Travaganza) the whole show is loosely based on a story Set in Mexico during the early 1900's, the cast of chaos mongers transport the body of their doyen Dr Haze to a remote area of Mexico, unbeknown to them they settled in a former burial ground of Aztec Warriors, there they join the local inhabitants 'Day of the Dead' rituals to try and revive their esteemed leader, all of course with disastrous consequences.

      The Show
      I would not normally use the frase freak show as it's a bit non PC but as this is how they promote themselves and it pretty much hits the nail on the head, (or through the tongue if you want the details) then that's how i will describe it, a very loosely based story as detailed above, with lots of mexican themed rock music and a smattering of scantily clad men and woman performing many good acrobatic type circus acts all done within a singing and dancing horror theme, then slotted in along the way you have the more freaky acts.

      The Acts
      I will start with the more normal but my no means boring circus acts, you have some run of the mill fire eating, knife throwing,walking on sharp swords and some impressive whip work, a bit more upbeat was the mini roller rink act with spinning dancing skaters whizzing round at high speed or the hula hooping woman with about 50 hoops going at once, the Aztec acrobats jumping through fire hoops and the giant acrobat wheel spinning around the stage, oh did i mention the bendy body of the woman in the jar and the fantastic aerial acrobatics, on to the more freaky acts you have the multi talented sward swallower who also dangles heavy weights from various piercings, the dwarf who has electricity shooting through his body and people getting there throat slit and nails hammered through they hands spattering blood everywhere.
      The highlights for me were the very funny small man who made about ten appearances throughout the show starting by charging his body with electricity and lighting bulbs in his mouth and up his bum! he then went on to lifting heavy weights with certain parts of his body and also done a seen involving a henry hoover and a certain part of his body!
      The young lady doing the aerial acrobatics and mini roller skating was also very good, going from an elegant high wire act to being whizzed round the roller rink at great speed, you have to see it to appreciate it.

      My Opinion
      The show starts with the story featuring heavily but this seems to become boring and just disappear rather quickly as the show goes on, this is not a bad point as it's a weak story anyway in my opinion, the mexican themed rock music and singing is not going to get into the charts but it is all original music and it fits in well with the show, i was not disappointed with the horror theme throughout the show and although as you can see many of the acts are quite normal circus acts they all managed to fit in very well with the horror theme, onto the act themselves some of the more basic acts like the knife throwing could have been a bit more exciting but some of the stuff i thought would be rubbish was fantastic and it all blended in very well and ran smoothly,the atmosphere was good and there was some audience participation.
      A very funny show with some good acts, well worth seeing as long as you know what to expect.

      More Info
      We were told by the town hall it was a certificate 12A however it is advertised as PG on the Circus of horror web site and i have seen it on a poster marked as 16+, and there was also some confusion over the certificate at the box office when we arrived, i really think this should be sorted out as i don't think it should be PG.
      Contains some nudity, bad language, adult humour and blood!
      Ticket price around £20.
      Web site: http://www.circusofhorrors.co.uk/News.html


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