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    2 Reviews
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      05.02.2012 11:19
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      A good quality monitor, with a superb picture, sadly let down by the inability to tilt the screen.

      I've never really been a big fan of keeping up with any technology apart from computers just for the sake of it, and so it was only a couple of years ago when my sad old-school monitor finally gave up on me, that I decided to free up some space and take the plunge with an LCD one. After looking around on the Internet and in several shops I decided on the L194WT from LG.

      I made my purchase from PC world, and at the time it cost me £120, however you can now buy online for a good deal less than that by looking around in the usual places. I've just had a quick look and come across one site selling at £75. As this model is now a good few years old, it's not widely available on the high street, so online is your best option for this one.

      The monitor itself is a decent size for the average home computer desk, not too big and not too small. I'm not a big fan of the bigger is better craze with televisions and monitors, as I find that sitting too close to a huge screen just gives me a bad headache, so this 43cm x 29cm monitor is just the perfect size for me, and being just 6cm thick frees up loads of space on the desk. The monitor itself slides onto a circular base stand, which itself is quite compact and doesn't vastly increase the footprint of the monitor. It's not what I would term a super stylish looking monitor and stand, more of a neat, functional one. The base itself is black with a grey trim around it, and the outline of the monitor also has the same silvery grey trim. It does also come with an option to attach it to a wall, but I don't really think it's designed for that and I can't imagine it looking particularly great stuck on a wall! The power cable fits neatly into the back of it, well out of site, and you have the option of either using a digital DVI-D connector or the old fashioned analogue VGA cable, making this a decent choice for older as well as newer computers as you can connect it to suit yourself. What I do like about the design is that the power button, as well as the usual menu and adjustment buttons are nicely located on the back so they don't stand out, but are very easily accessible, meaning that although they don't stand out, it is still very straightforward to change the display at any time should you so wish, without having to muck about turning the screen around. In addition despite it being a widescreen model, it doesn't look too wide if that makes any sense! Some widescreen monitors just look too rectangular which I personally don't like, whereas this just looks the correct size.

      So the main issue with any monitor is basically does the picture look any good, and it is fair to say that the L194WT doesn't disappoint in this regard. I've run it via a VGA connector as well as the DVI-D connector and can happily say that the picture quality is superb with either of them. It handles the digital input effortlessly, and there is no evidence of any slowdown, ghosting of images or blurring, which is what you would expect from a quality brand such as LG. As I said earlier, the contrast, brightness etc can all be altered very easily, so it won't take you long to set the thing up, and once you are happy with the picture you probably won't need to change anything again. Streaming television and watching blu-rays are also no problem to this particular monitor. The picture quality makes this an ideal choice for use as a gaming monitor, and having played quite a few games on it, including some of the more video intensive modern ones, am very impressed at how it handles fast moving scenes. Obviously your choice of graphics card takes its fair share of the credit for this, but the L194WT certainly holds up its end of the bargain here.

      So picture quality is very good, so this monitor should be a definite purchase for everyone right? Well not exactly, there are a couple of drawbacks that do deserve a mention and do take some of the gloss off what otherwise is a good little product. Firstly you are supposed to be able to tilt the monitor forwards and backwards so it is positioned in the ideal place for your comfort. However no matter how hard I pull or push the monitor, I can't get the thing to tilt. As a result it is stuck in one position which albeit isn't the worst one it could be, isn't the one I would choose it to be in. This is a major downside for me, far more than a little inconvenient. I'm happy to entertain the suggestion that I have a dud one, however I've looked at it several times and I'm not actually sure that the unit is designed to actually tilt. Short of snapping the thing apart, I've put quite a lot of effort into moving it, so I do question the design here.

      My second little bugbear is the fact that this monitor seems to take far longer than any other monitor that I have ever used to come back to life after going to sleep. This is just me being picky really, but it is a noticeable amount of time and can be quite annoying if you need to do something very quickly on the computer. It wouldn't put me off getting one, but it is something to bear in mind when making your decision.

      So to sum this review up I would definitely say that this is a monitor worthy of some serious consideration when making a decision of purchasing a new one. The thing that you have to consider above all else is does the superb picture quality and compact size outweigh the major issue of the dodgy tilting mechanism. Taking everything into account I would say that I am happy with my monitor, its been going well now for over two years without any issues and I am willing to overlook the design flaw given this good performance.

      Thanks for reading this review and it may also appear on Ciao under my same username.


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        15.05.2009 00:02


        • Reliability


        A great piece of kit and a monitor worth every penny.

        The LGL194WT is a great monitor which provides great colour quality and transition and allows you to have your videos, games, dvds and other multimedia played on a screen which allows you to truly appreciate it. The monitor is easy to setup and looks very nice, sleek and not at all bulky like some monitors of this size in the market.
        The monitor was not the cheapest option available but I felt it was time to pay out and get a quality monitor with the upgrades I was doing on the pc and so paid out about £130 to get a respected name and one I felt would last and I have not been disappointed.
        The monitor is a quiet monitor which does not push out a great deal of heat and is easy on the eyes (provided your settings are right for your needs).
        I would highly recommend this monitor as I upgraded my graphics card on my pc so decided to get a new monitor before installing this and found that with a higher refresh rate than many of the standard high street monitors, its good looks and great light and colour controls the monitor itself made an impressive difference without the new graphics card...working with the new graphics card you really appreciate the quality of this LG product and it is like many other LG products in that it feels built to last.


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    • Product Details

      Increase your productivity with this TV's big screen size. Work on a spreadsheet, browse the Web, and watch a movie on its screen with room to spare.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: LG L194WT - LCD monitor - 19"
      Device Type: LCD monitor - 19"
      Panel Type: TN
      Aspect Ratio: Widescreen - 16:10
      Native Resolution: 1440 x 900 at 75 Hz
      Brightness: 300 cd/m2
      Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 (dynamic)
      Response Time: 5 ms
      Colour Support: 16.2 million colours
      Input Connectors: DVI-D, VGA
      Display Position Adjustments: Tilt
      Screen Coating: Anti-reflective, anti-static
      Colour: Silver
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 43.5 cm x 22.6 cm x 37 cm
      Weight: 3.6 kg
      Microsoft Certification: Certified for Windows Vista
      Environmental Standards: ENERGY STAR Qualified
      Compliant Standards: FCC Class B certified, UL, TUV GS, cUL, ISO 13406-2, SEMKO, TCO '99