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    1 Review
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      03.11.2011 17:52
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great product.

      I used to have a much smaller screen that I really didn't like and found much harder to use - it was too small to read information on, especially in small fonts without having to really stare at the screen, and it wasn't bright enough to be able to make them out without straining. This can me a lot of headaches and I would only feel quite ill at he end of the day, as I have to spend a lot of time in my job in front of the computer. This monitor makes such a great difference and has helped me no end - it doesn't sound that big at 21 inches from corner to corner, but combined with a really crisp, sharp display and excellent levels of brightness, it makes such a difference.

      -ooo- The Product -ooo-

      At nearly two hundred pounds, this is not a cheap piece of equipment, but I think it is worth the price in terms of both looks and performance. It has a large rectangular base which gives good support and has a metallic arm holding up the screen. There is a blue light that indicates power under the screen, and this is reflected in the metal, which I think is a nice design feature. The screen itself is framed with a glossy black material, which I think frames the screen really well. There are buttons on the right hand side that lets you adjust the settings such as brightness and contrast. I find the default setting for brightness too much, and turn it down to about 30%, which is still brighter than my old screen.

      The screen itself is widescreen, and is really clear and sharp. Since I use it for work, I haven't tested it out with any games or things, so I don't know how it handles high frames rates and the like, but everything I have used it for it has done well with.

      -ooo- Would I Recommend? -ooo-

      If you're looking for a new LCD screen, I think this is a great buy and will help enormously, and make it much easier to work. With a screen of this size, I can have several windows open at the same time, helping me to work between different documents and compare information. The quality is great, and I also think this is a really modern, good looking screen that would look great in any modern office or study. LG seem like a really good manufacturer - we also have a TV by them which is great, so I would definitely recommend this product to everyone who works a lot with computers.


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