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Toshiba 32RV635DB

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    3 Reviews
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      11.02.2011 18:50
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An excellent affordable HD TV.

      Earlier this year I thought that is was high time I got up to date for 2010 with a new HD Television. I had an old JVC tube 28" for many years, and despite its dated look and picture quality, I just kept putting off the upgrade. After noticing that even my father had bought a new flat-screen, and the constant laughing whenever I hosted a sports evening, I started looking for my new tellybox! I wanted to buy a subtle flat-screen, which would not cost over £600 pounds, was made by a trusted brand and had all the functions I required. I chose this Toshiba 37RV635D. That, in plain English is a 37 inch HD ready LCD flat-screen. I chose a Toshiba because my laptop is also made by them, and seeing as I am very happy with that, I thought it would be a safe bet too go with them again. Here are my thoughts on the past six months of viewing.


      You do get a whole lot of TV for a very reasonable price. I bought mine for £449.95 around 6 months ago from Argos. Now, this model had been superseded, so you will be able to snatch this up at around the £400 mark. Great if your on a budget and need a new TV for the family home, or if you need several good quality screens for your business. I bought mine with a matching black glass and silver stand for £80 extra. I am very happy with the results and feel my money has been well spent on both purchases.


      Screen Size - 37 inches
      1080p support - HD ready
      Resolution - 1,920x1,080
      Aspect ratio - 16:9 (Widescreen)
      Contrast ratio - 1,300:1 (50,000:1 dynamic)
      Speakers - 2x 10W
      Screen depth - 89mm
      Stand size - 410x255mm
      Standby Power consumption - 13W
      Operational Power consumption - 106W
      Analogue and Digital incorporated
      Dolby Digital

      --Looks & Quality--

      I must say I was quite excited upon receiving my new TV, and proceeded to unwrap it remarkable quickly. I was impressed by its looks immediately. The front is finished in gloss black, with a silver gradient effect at the base just under the Toshiba logo. The read is of the standard matt black plastic look, and it has a large support base matching the rest of the exterior look. The screen area fits nicely into a frame which is about an inch wide around 3 sides, (three inches at the bottom). It does look a little chunky and so makes for a good solid and robust look without being to big for its screen. It is extremely easy to dust and clean, as there are no annoying tabs of plastic or clips poking out, its all very smooth and basic. I like this, it doesn't look too imposing and displays nicely in your lounge or bedroom. It takes the unit around 2 to 3 seconds to warm up, which is fine and not too long. The picture quality is of a very high standard indeed, big, bright, colourful and clear, and for a TV costing this much, again it is very impressive. The HD is very clear and detailed, and nice and easy on the eyes. Some HD TV's tend to give me a headache quickly, with the picture being a tad too intense, you don't get that with this LCD. Occasionally, very occasionally, you may detect a slight hint of blur, and sometimes even a blocky jagged look. I have only found this to happen using my Sky box though. The included Freeview, broadcasting a standard picture, again looks brilliant. The colours are nice and not too loud, creating a lovely even picture. It doesn't blow your socks off, and it's certainly not of LED quality, but it does feel comfortable to watch for a considerable time.

      Sometimes you may find that the auto-adjust for your input device may not be quite to your liking, but this can easily altered and can be saved for that setting. The on-screen menu's are displayed in a grey/black format, with a light green to highlight your options. This works quickly without effecting the picture, and is clear and easy to navigate and understand. The sound quality too is very good, with clear undistorted tones and a great vocal projection. I have never had mine up over 34, and at that level it is quite deafening, but still without distortion, crackling or heavy vibration. The optional Bass-Boost and wide stereo effects improve this even more. Built-in speakers of course can't match up to surround components systems or separate amplifiers, but its still more than adequate to match the general quality of the television and doesn't detract from your viewing experience.


      It has all the normal features you would expect for this type of television given the price, and a few more. Its internal Freeview is a given of course, and scans and stores quickly and with considerable ease. I haven't used the analogue tuning, but I expect this works fine. Navigation of the menus is straightforward and easy to follow. It's on screen guide is also very nicely displayed and clear, and can display eight days ahead with fourteen channels on-screen at once. On the options, you have picture settings, input settings, picture location and display format, sound settings and so on. Again, these are all very straightforward to find and adjust, with the on-screen jargon kept to a minimum. It does have limitations though, there is no Freesat capability or auto input detection. I like little quirky touches about my technology though, and like the fact that you can choose between a full menu display or a quick menu display, the latter merely showing picture size and mode and also media player and channel selection. Also, there is an option of weather or not you choose to have the Toshiba logo lit up or not. This is pointless, but somehow kind of fun.

      This TV, like many out today, had many input sockets littered all over the back and right hand side. It has four HDMI sockets, S-Video, composite and component system phono inputs, USB, coaxial, DVB interface and two SCART inputs. I feel it needs at least another SCART, as many systems, including older games machines and VHS recorders, (Yes, some people still use them!) require this port. Apart form my Sky box, which uses HDMI, I need a SCART for 4 other peripheral devices, so I find myself switching leads often to use them. Using a SCART splitter does have a major negative effect of the picture quality, as they do with most TV's, and HDMI/SCART adaptors are costly and in the long run not needed. It does not have an input for SD cards and such like. It does display your JPEG images well though, just pop your USB stick in, it switches to media viewer and hey presto! A giant digital picture frame. You are also able to connect your PC or laptop via HDMI. This is as far as this goes though unfortunately, with no internal support for MP3's or movie files. Another little annoyance is there is no definite 'off switch'. Standby mode is all you get via the remote or manual set control. I don't know about you, but I like my TV to be completely off when not being used for a period of time, so reaching for the wall socket does annoy me a touch. The coaxial port faces down, so if you were to wall mount the unit is wouldn't be an issue. Every other socket is flat on the back though, and there are a considerable amount of these on the right hand side. Although they are not visible from the front, and handy to access especially for USB, using them makes the wires obvious and ugly. The manual controls are also located here, with the standby button right at the top.

      Talking about the remote control, (see picture) it is a nice, small device, taking 2 AAA batteries. Black with white writing, it has large number buttons, clearly labelled smaller option buttons and D-pad style layout for on-screen navigation. The remote is functional and practical, and above all does it's job well. Again, easy to clean from accidental spillages and is quite hard wearing. Not the most glamorous, but in keeping with the TV.


      Get ready for a lot of polystyrene blocks to dispose of! Too much I feel, but it does make sure the TV reaches you in perfect condition. Large, easy to open box and thankfully none of those awful polystyrene 'chips' that get everywhere.


      On the whole, I am very pleased with this television, and Toshiba have came up to my expectations yet again. For the amount of money you part with, you do feel you get a good return and a higher quality items than that of you were maybe anticipating. I would definitely recommend this to you if you want quality viewing at a great price. That's if you can live without all the non-essential gadgets that some high-end TV's incorporate. Personally, if it has a great picture, sounds fine and you can use consoles and DVD players on it, it's good enough for me.

      As a footnote, I discovered to my disappointment that my old lightgun doesn't work on LCD TV's! So my retro shoot-em-up gaming on Point Blank and Time Crisis have been confined to my old TV. Nevermind.

      Thanks for Reading. © Novabug.

      Also posted on Ciao.co.uk.


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        09.05.2010 23:47
        Very helpful



        Good for use in other rooms as a secondary TV

        I have owned this model for exactly one year and having thoroughly tested over that time, thought i'd put down some pros and cons.

        Firstly a couple of the basics, its a full HD TV which means bar 3d tv, there's no better picture quality at this size. When you consider the price, on average around about £375.00, you begin to see the appeal. It is finished in a glossy black plastic that does attract dust but is easy to clean. It possess 4 HDMI connections, essential for your bluray player, as well as 2 Scart sockets and a USB socket. So you can plug a flash drive in and view photos, files etc.

        The TV has digital text and built in freeview. All of the installation is relatively simple and can be achieved through a simple menu function. The audio is Nicam stereo and there is also an easily accessible 8 day program guide.

        However, onto the downsides. First of all a slightly embarrasing moment for myself. Upon first installation of the set, I connected all the wires, installed batteries in the remote and carefully following the instructions set down for first usage in the accompanying booklet, tried to switch on use the relevant button. Nothing. No red light, no noise, nada, On consulting the technical help page on Toshoba.co.uk no red light, meant no power was getting to the set. I changed the fuse, ensured the wall socket worked and tried again. Still nothing. It appeared I'd bought a dud. Upon contacting the tech help and relaying the tale, it appeared that there is a secondary on off button on the left hand side that is not included in the manual, but is there so that you won't have to leave it in standby. Environmentally friendly it maybe, but damned annoting if you had to wait two days to figure out something that should be included in the manual.

        Secondly the freeview. If you live in an area where the digital signal is not very strong, like myself, you may wish to reconsider your purchase. Frequently during this past Winter, any change in the weather has meant a slight decline in signal strength and a lovely big box which takes up one third of the screen appears advising you 'Low Signal Strength'. Very annoying and to the best of my knowledge, very unmoveable.

        These two problems aside however, this is a very capable set and if you can live with the above, then maybe this is the one for you. Good secondary TV for bedrooms perhaps.


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        10.01.2010 15:53
        Very helpful



        Good tv but no good for channel flickers

        I bought this tv for the kids room after their old one went bang. I bought the tv mainly on price and because it was a name I knew. On the whole the tv is good. BUT the time it takes to react to the remote drives us insane. It seems the remote sensor on the television is very poor and sometimes you do have to wave the remote around for a bit before it senses it. Consequently you end up pressing buttons too many times which slows the whole thing down even more.
        With that said in every other respect we have been very pleased. It is attractive to look at, the picture is good quality and the sound is fine.
        There is a nice feature in the guide which you can use while still watching a programme, as in it doesn't go to blank screen but displays over the picture and it shows how long the programme has been running and how long is remaining.
        It has built in freeview and has adequate scart and hdmi inputs.
        On the whole we are pleased with the tv but it would be massively improved with a better remote response time.


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    • Product Details

      32" REGZA RV635 offers a Full HD 1080p ready LCD TV, blending superb picture and audio quality and delivering it in a stylish high gloss black design. The 32" RV635 provides Toshiba's acclaimed Active Vision II picture processing technology delivering stunning images from any high definition or standard definition source as well as featuring Resolution+ technology which enhances edge detail and texture to upscale high definition content to near high definition quality providing clearer, sharper, richer images.