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Sony KDL-32EX401

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    6 Reviews
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      02.03.2013 17:13
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      A fab 32 inch Sony television

      Back at the beginning of 2010, I had been looking at buying a new TV - going through all the possible options; I went from wanting a Samsung to an LG, and then I decided that I wanted a similar TV to my then boyfriends. At the time he had some Sony TV, that I loved the remote for so at the time I thought I want the same as it will get me a decent remote control. Admittedly that's not a reason to want to buy a TV, but it was one of the reasons I bought this Sony Bravia television. Admittedly I didn't quite get the remote control I wanted but, I did get the television I expected and even nearly 3 years later I'm still more than happy with my choice.

      ~*~ Sony ~*~

      Sony is a fairly large company in the technology and electronics business as far as I'm concerned. They seem to have a large stake in technology across the globe, from televisions, to mobile phones and laptops - you can't go too far without seeing something made by Sony. The items though do seem to last the test of time, we have a few items made by Sony in our house that still work from many years ago, including a tape player I had as young girl at Primary School - so Sony items seem to stick around a bit, and I'll be happy to see them stick around for a bit longer!

      ~*~ Sony Bravia KDL32EX401U ~*~

      32 inch Sony Bravia Television with Freeview...

      Full HD 1080 - watch sports, movies and games in superb High Definition detail with a 1920 x 1080 pixel picture resolution
      USB Media Player - plug in a USB device and enjoy movies, photos and music on your TV using USB playback

      HDMI® - 4 inputs (3 on rear, 1 on side, all with CEC) make it easier to connect to High Definition sources such as Blu-ray DiscTM and PLAYSTATION®3
      Light Sensor - automatically adjust screen brightness to suit ambient light levels in the room so you can enjoy optimum picture quality with minimum energy loss

      BRAVIA ENGINE 2 - experience incredibly clear and defined colour and picture detail
      Live ColourTM - select from four modes, Off, Low, Mid, and High, to adjust colour settings for vibrant pictures and optimal image quality

      24p True CinemaTM - reproduce the authentic cinematic experience and enjoy movies exactly as the director intended in 24 frames per second
      Cinema Mode - choose from two different cinema modes to reproduce an authentic movie experience at home with unique film-like textures and adjusted colour and brightness settings

      Scene Select - with one-touch of the remote control you can easily enjoy the best atmospheric, dynamic and realistic picture and sound settings to suit whatever you're watching
      BRAVIA Sync - control your entire home entertainment system with a universal remote control option which lets you play or adjust settings on compatible devices at the touch of a button

      ~*~ Unpacking and putting the TV together ~*~

      My television was delivered from Amazon by my local delivery driver from DPD, I knew the bloke, and got the third degree asking why I needed such a big TV! I told him to mind is own business and to get off back to work (in the nicest way possible!) and took my big box full of Sony television up to my room, all 32 inches of it - it was hard to get up the stairs but it was well worth it! Took me a little while to get into the box as well as it was really well packed, the box came with handles to get it moved, but as it is quite wide it was quite difficult to carry on my own, but since I was home alone I didn't have a lot of choice. The top was the place I went for to get the box undone, through a thick layer of duct tape, and opened the flaps on the top to reveal some polystyrene, so beware if you don't like polystyrene that it does come placed in a lot of it. It look me a while to unwrap the TV, after taking off all the plastic and placing it on the bed, to protect it face down. The stand that the television is stood on now, was originally detached from the television, it was in a separate plastic packaging at the bottom of the box, thankfully it came with instructions as to how to get the stand attached. It did involve a screw driver, so it involved a trip to the tool box to find one - can't remember now if it was a Phillips head or what but it was quite easy to do just line up the holes with the bottom of the television, get the screws in place and screw it in until you get resistance because that means it's gone into the bottom and as long as it's not lose you can happily pop the television on its stand and alter the tilt of the television. As you can put it back or forwards depending on what level you will be looking at it from, it's quite stiff to do so - even now a few years down the line and it will sound like its creaking, but you won't break it moving it - I was a bit nervous because I thought I was going to break it, but now with a bit of persuasion I've got a television that is at the perfect angle for my room to watch and enjoy it from my bed. It is quite a heavy television despite it being quite thin, as it is a 32 inch screen - and on the bottom of the stand you have some pads that means the stand sticks nicely to the surface so after a while of sitting you might find it's a bit stiff to change the viewing angle - but with a bit of persuasion it will do what you want with it. Setting it up enough to be able to plug in and start the actual television set up was about 15 minutes but only because I had to hunt out a screwdriver, it's a quick set up television I think!

      ~*~ Setting Up ~*~

      The great thing about this television is that everything comes with a section in the manual - so if you're unsure about anything it's all in the manual. However the lucky thing is, this TV does everything on screen, it's all very self explanatory so you really don't have to do a lot with it to set it up. As it comes with Freeview built in, you would need to plug in your aeriel before turning the television on - as it can't do much without a reception input into it. Once that's plugged in you can set up your television, and it will set up your freeview at the same time. It will give a number of options on the screen about how you want it to update, and going through searching for channels. It's a very simply set up television as, you can just go through the first few quick options, and then leave it to search for all your channels. I don't think I had a lot to do that day so I sat and watched it pick up the channels, and compared to my old TV it picked up a lot more channels and a lot faster. Once it had finished it started out on BBC1, and then gave me the options to change channel or just to get on with using the television. It's very simple, even my parents could manage it and they normally ask me to help them. To set up anything you add to the TV such as Sky boxes, DVD players or games consoles, it's as simple as plugging it into the TV, just selecting which HDMI or Scart lead it is attached to and off you go.

      An amazingly simple to set up television!

      ~*~ Screen and picture quality ~*~

      Now I don't proclaim to be any expert with televisions and their picture quality - but I like to think I can see a decent screen when I look at one in the shop. I'll give you the technical part, but that isn't much of a swaying factor for me any more, because you can have a good quality TV on paper but in reality it might have a terrible screen! The television is a 32 inch, 80 cm screen, in LCD, it has a Screen Aspect Ratio of 16:9, which at the time of buying this television it was really quite good - now there are obviously a lot better ratio televisions on the market, but it doesn't seem to have a bad quality picture - well not to my eyes any way! I have watched all manner of things on my television, from your average run of the mill shows on freeview, to movies, concerts on DVD, my PlayStation and it's even had my laptop plugged into it on occasions so it's definitely very versatile. I can safely say that I can lay in bed at night or sit on my bed during the day to watch the television, and it's not had an issue with colour quality, or my ability to be able to see great details to the television. It's a full HD television so it's going to be high quality when you use the HD capability, I've only used it in this capacity with the blu-ray player in my PlayStation - but I have to say it's a really good quality picture, that doesn't hurt your eyes even if you're watching it in the dark. It's not going to be anywhere near as amazingly bright, and colours as outstanding as a newer television that's a lot more expensive but it is good with it's colours - I can't say I've got any complaints. Even in comparison with the two other 32 inch HD television I've had access to, like a Sharp one in my living room and my boyfriends Panasonic. They are all good TV's but mine has the sharper image, and a stronger colour - and it feels a lot easier to watch than the others. The TV has it's widescreen and letter box capabilities, so depending on what your watching the television will alter to how the film or programme is being played out. It's easier than having to change it yourself, that is a great thing with this television it's just easy to watch everything with it, without a great deal of effort having to be made, apart from pressing a few buttons on your remote control!

      ~*~ Sound Quality ~*~

      The sound is fabulous actually, I am very happy to put on one of my many music DVD's whack up the sound and enjoy the experience, there are no crackles or breaks in the sound so it's a very good experience. The volume obviously has a limit, but I don't think mine has been much further than 40, but I think it does go all the way to 100, but I think if I tried that loud I'd crack the ceiling below my room. I find the sound with this TV is very well dispersed as well, with our other TV at home if you're not sat in front of it the sound is very difficult to hear, with my TV however the sound is well around the entire room and even if I'm downstairs if the volume is right I can hear it through the floor boards. I'm not sure about any technical features about the sound of this television if I'm honest, I just know it has good sound in my room - we can attach any surround sound, and it just makes it even better sound quality, but too loud and it will vibrate the floor boards and make me very unpopular with the rest of the family.

      ~*~ Remote Control ~*~

      The remote control, is big, wide and flat with many buttons on it. It gives you the option to switch from different HDMI ports, different channels, and the ability to add favourites to your television menu. I was after a nice thin remote, but I wasn't so lucky. I can't complain too much though, the remote is nice and comfortable in your hands, very simple to use, and even if you press the wrong button pressing return round your centre button makes it easy to move back. I've had the Sony batteries in my remote control since I got this TV back in June 2010, and they've not run out yet so I am very happy - that and the fact that I've thrown it on the floor so many times and it's not broken once yet, so it's resilient to kids and well just me being an idiot and not noticing the remote was on the bed.

      ~*~ Freeview ~*~

      This television has a normal freeview built into it; with your regular freeview channels of BBC3, E4, Dave for example. There is no freeview HD or + so you can't record it unless you add a box that does that. I would say in my area there is no analogue signal any more so I can press the analogue button but it just brings up snowy fuzz on the screen, so I always ensure the Freeview is switched on. Through the HDMI ports you can add the recording freeview box if you want to, and just from that select which HDMI port it's connected to, turn it on and off you go. However the freeview built in is really good, it automatically updates when new channels are added and when they move round so since I've had this television I've never needed to retune so I can't complain!

      ~*~ Ports and Connections ~*~

      This television comes with the usual ports for aeriels and a scart socket, 4 HDMI ports. They are all easy to access as they are on the side of the television, it is literally a case of just plugging the cables in and off you go. On the other side of the TV you have the television controls for the volume, channel and turning the TV on and off.

      ~*~ Features ~*~

      This TV comes with built in Sony Bravia, which was one of the main reasons I bought this actually, BRAVIA stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture - which is basically a brand that has replaced what Sony used to use as a WEGA from previous models, it's just a fancy way to show off how good they are at making great resolution TV's to be honest. There is theatre sync with this television too, which means it aims to bring similar lighting and situations to sitting in a cinema when you're watching a film. It's all quite novel, but it is really nice when you can sit and watch the television - and when you turn the lights down the TV will dim at the same time so your are not blinded by the brightness of your television. The favourites mode in the menu on the TV means just by being on the right channel you can press the heart button and you will have added the channel you are on as a favourite so you can select it from the menu. I don't personally because I have channels I watch and I'm aware of the channel numbers, but for some it's a good idea. I use the sleep function most nights, where the TV can be set to a particular number of minutes before it turns off - which is great for nights that I'm watching TV, but know I'm going to fall asleep, means I'm not leaving the TV on all night. Admittedly though if I did leave it on for more than four hours, without pressing a button on the remote control it will go to sleep on it's own accord. It's a good power saving option, and doesn't leave you thinking that maybe you've left the TV on all day while you've been at work. There are many features to this TV, if I wrote about them all, I'd be here all day, but it is a clever TV, without being an internet TV - if you're looking for a good TV, with good sound and picture quality without breaking the bank, but with HD and Bravia technology, and if you can get hold of it this TV is a great option!

      ~*~ The Most Important Bit... The Looks ~*~

      Just look at the pictures it's a great looking TV in two different colours in the grame it's very easy to coordinate with the rest of the room, and even though it's 3 years old you'd not think it was - it's still in great condition! The picture above listed by Dooyoo is exactly how mine looks!

      ~*~ Price and Availability ~*~

      I bought this TV back in 2010 for £379, it is not available on Amazon anywhere as a new TV any more. However you can buy the next model up from this one on Amazon for £314 so you could get something similar and upgrade, but if you aren't looking for something internet based you can buy this TV online on Sound and Vision.co.uk online for £329!


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        07.04.2012 15:41


        • Reliability


        A decent enough television at a very reasonable price.

        I only bought this TV around half a year ago and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

        For £350 from Costco this HD TV was a very good buy. For an 18 year old student £350 is quite expensive, however I couldn't regret it less.

        I only bought the TV to have in my room, watch films with friends etc. And wow. It has definitely done the job. The installation was easy enough, set up within 10 minutes. Around a month after purchasing the TV I decided to buy a wall mount for it, I was quite worried that at certain angles the TV may look distorted or produce a darkened picture. This was not the case.

        The HD works fantastic, connecting my Xbox 360 with the HDMI cable produced a perfectly, crisp picture. Even just watching it's built in freeview the picture is quite brilliant. The sound of the TV is also quite impressive, I love the fact that you can alter the sound to your taste, as well as the picture.

        32" is a perfect size for my room. I'd previously had a 22" Grundig television, and decided that it was far too small.

        The interface that the Sony Bravia uses is very, very, easy to navigate. It includes the ability to alter sound, picture, language as well as giving the user an option to use a USB stick/Hard drive to view pictures, listen to music, watch films and so on.

        The remote control is very easy to use, which is common in the Sony Bravia series. Unfortunately there are many useless features. One being 'Theatre mode' which is basically darkening the picture rather than anything else. In my personal experience I've never needed that feature.


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        28.02.2011 04:48


        • Reliability


        very very good!

        I LOVE MY NEW TV!! Just moved to a new house and treated myself to a new tv for my bedroom was after a relatively small one 32 inc was the model I settled on also it needed to be able to handle my PS3 along with play blu-rays. I was looking for a future proof TV that I would have to replace in the near future and a brand name that I trusted, all of which the TV offered.

        I was not disappointed at all; first off the price is a steal £299 from an online store inc delivery and a name that I cosider to be one of the best in the market. Secondly it has 4 hdmi sockets so I can play my PS3 and have my blu-ray player and Sky HD all connected and the picture quality looks amazing on the screen. Very impressed watching football on HD the movies are amazing was very pleased with the theatre settings that make the movies even better.

        I connected it to my surround sound so didn't get a chance to use the tv speakers as such but through the speakers it sound really good.

        The look of the TV is stunning it looks really flat on my wall and I could not recommend it any more, I spent a lot more on my "main" tv and with the exception of size I really can't see much difference.


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        02.11.2010 09:47
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A very nice television to own

        Whenever going out to purchase a new television most of us now have to consider how good the HD graphics are and whether or not it has full HD capabilities and how many HDMi cables there are.

        This is plenty to look out for but I have a Sony Bravia surround sound system so I went out and brought myself the Sony Bravia KDL32EX401U television.

        I am not a big fan off super sized televisions and I prefer the more smaller kind and this is a 32 inch television. I find 32 inch screens the perfect size to show off plenty of colour and great images but also not to big where your sat with your head facing up the way to see what is going on.

        The item weights 10KG which is so much lighter then my old CRT television screen and with 10KG you can easily find a wall bracket to place this television onto and hang it up on the wall which gives you an even better viewing experience.

        This television has got the full HD package so the 1080dpi is present so it is a super television for the overall graphics and something most people would want with there televisions as well.

        There are 4 HDmi cable slots so it means if you want a games console or blu ray players attached you can so you enjoy those special games or even special movies in the top quality HD and you can also attach a computer as well to the television because it has the PC connection in the back as well should you wish.

        With this television what grabbed me was the unique style and brand name. I was proud the television had this really heavy stand present which is about 1.5 kg so if you did not want a wall bracket you could easily stand it alone somewhere and this would not fall down. I think the black colour and brand name add that extra confidence. I love Sony products so this was a simple choice for me and it was priced at £339.99.

        There is freeview with the product but I have to be honest because my area still has no freeview yet so been unable to actually view this at all which is upsetting but at least I know it is present there if people do not have Sky. I have Sky HD box and the graphics from the movies and sports on this television is exceptional.

        The sound is quite good as well and you never need it to high because there is plenty coming out of the speaker at the bottom of the screen. The controls are at the bottom of the screen and I was able to actually get my Sky Control to tune into the television and take over the commands which I was never able to do before.

        You can change the language if you want to a different language setting, you have self timers, parental locks and more. You can swap the image from widescreen to normal screen as well which again is useful depending on what sort of programme you are watching.

        I found no problems with the television screen such as lost pixels as people have told me they are, I have found the item solid in performance and price. I think the control your provided with is can be very useful because without that control some of the other features cannot be done.

        I would recommend this television as it is perfect for any person.


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        12.08.2010 18:35
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        good quality item

        Well my front room has been newly decorated and the furniture been put back in and along with the furniture my new television has been installed. It is a Sony KDL-32EX401 and cost me £364.99 from Comet.

        The television I have bought is a 32 inch screen as I didn't want a larger one to take over the living room, this size is just enough to fit nicley on the corner shelf without blasting out the sound or picture into the room as I didn't want the television to be the main feature of the room.

        This is a high definition television which I haven't had before and the picture quality is brilliant, it is clear and sharp without it being out of focus or looking too false.
        I love the picture quality as it really brings things to life on screen.

        It has a remote control and is easy to set up with the user manuel that is easy to follow. It also automatically detects the brightness of the room and optimizes the picture for best viewing results.
        Turn the lights down low and the picture dims too. This gives it that cinema effect and is cosy at night time viewing, it also saves energy and helps to reduce electricity bills.
        I'm so excited by this television that its a real pleasure to own.

        The weight of the television is 9.5kg and you can have it on a shelf, on a television stand or attached to the wall, I have mine on a shelf up on the corner of the wall so that its out of the way.
        You can only get it in black, but it's a sleek black colour and looks very modern and is a good design for a widescreen television.

        It has two good quality speakers built in and the sound is also very good and clear with two 20 watt speakers it is loud enough for anyone to hear, but also is clear enough to hear when you turn it down.
        It is sterio surround sound so this makes it very good to listen too. It's like the sound is all around the room and is especially good if your watching a movie.

        There is a digital tuner built in and you can programme search and store your favourites and it finds extra programmes easily. You can also zoom the picture in and out to your preferance of screen size too. I like this as you can have if on normal for the television programmes and then zoom it to a cinema screen for movies or DVD's.

        There is a clock, a on off timer, video noise reduction, Automatic Format Detection (AFD), channel labeling and other good functions for you to play with once you enter the menu and get to know your television, but this is easy to set up as you can just read the user manual for guidance on what the television actually does.

        There is also teletext for if you want to look for holidays or other information and you can access this with the remote control. You get two scart lead sockets but have to buy the scart leads seperately like with most other television makes.
        This is also good for connecting your playstation to and it has a USB Media Player and four HDMI connections, you can listen to your favourite music, view photos, watch videos or plug in High Definition devices like a Blu-ray Disc Player or Playstation 3.

        On the whole this is an excellent widescreen high definition televison, it is worth every penny I spent on it as the picture and sound quality are second to none.
        I would definately recommend this one to you as I am really happy I own one.


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          22.06.2010 21:56
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          The best picture quality I've seen in this price bracket and an overall good-looking piece of kit

          For the price/quality balance we are all looking for, this Sony Bravia was by far the best on the market. I picked mine up for £385, and added an HDMI cable into the mix for a few pounds more.

          This is the 32 Inch model, which was honestly the perfect size for the space I had. Big TVs are all very well, but you need to think about what will look right in a small room.

          When I am running the HD television channels, the picture is clear, crisp and perfectly illuminated. Sony is at the top of its game with this TV, which uses it BRAVIA® Engine 2 technology to generate a really stunning picture.

          The picture is full High Definition 1080p quality. This means it is as good as it gets. It has 4 HDMI ports, so you can easily connect DVD/Blu-ray players as well as your HD cable or sky provider.

          I have also had Samsung HD TVs, but in comparison this one oozes quality and sturdy engineering (The Samsung stopped working just after the warranty expired).

          For users of Freeview, the set-up process is easy and integrated features will label up and organise your channels. It's a simple, 'press the button and your away' deal.

          There's a nifty 'Theatre' button which will dim the screen and ramp up the ambiance of the sound when you are ready to kick back and watch a movie.

          On the negative side, Sony make a really big deal of the Bravia Sync feature. This actually sounds a lot better than it is. Basically, if you buy a whole bunch of Bravia products like a camcorder, or digital camera, you can easily sync the devices and view the media via the TV. The whole top of the remote control is reserved for these features, and I am unlikely to ever use them.

          I also personally like how flat the front of the television looks. This is because the other rim is almost flush with the screen. It's a small detail, but makes a big difference to appearance.


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