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Murphy LCD TV 16" DVD

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2010 13:00
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      Looks Good But It Isnt

      Ive decided to lay off writing any beauty or make-up reviews for a while until I have managed to write about my product suggestions as they have been mounting up for quite some time and I never seen to get around to writing about them. So I thought Id start them today beginning with this "Murphy LCD 16" TV With DVD Player" also known as the TV I have in my bedroom. Im no expert on writing about TV's or anything electronic for that matter but I do have some very strong opinions on this so thats why I wanted to write about it - this is my very first TV review so bare with me LOL.

      My mom bought me this as a moving in present when I moved in here about 2 years ago and I think she paid around £150 from one of her catalogues. Looking around the internet I can see that this is still available for £149.99 from very.co.uk but carry on reading this because I dont think it is worth it at all.

      Design & Appearance:
      There is no denying that this is a very cute and stylish TV and appearance wise I really do like it. Im a very girly girl so a pik TV is something I HAVE to have and it would be great for any girls bedroom little or a teenager. All the buttons and controls are clearly visible on the front, back and side of the TV and as this is supposed to be a space saving TV there is a built in DVD player on the side. This has a 16" screen which actually sounds much bigger than it is but it is a good size for a bedroom TV set and you can clearly see the screen so that good enough for me.

      This is said to be wall mountable but I honestly cannot see how as there is nothing on the back of the TV that could be attached to a wall or a bracket I have had to put mine on a shelf so dont buy this thinking you can put it on the wall because I dont think thats possible.

      This TV has quite a few little added features that would be brilliant if they actually worked although it is HD ready if you have a HD Sky box or anything like that and this is an LCD TV but if Im being totally honest I have no idea what that means. My mom thinks it has something to do with the colours being better and the picture being clearer but it just looks normal to me - nothing fancy just like your bog standad TV.

      For the Freeview & DVD Player features Im going to write them in seperate sections because I do have a lot to say!

      Has never worked since the day we bought it. This TV is supposed to have built in freeview so you can get extra channels without having to buy an extra box and that way it saves space but no-one in my family has been able to get the freeview to work on this set. Following the insructions to the letter didnt help and I believe my mom did ring the helpline and they couldnt help either. Luckily my mom has since had Sky installed in my bedroom but if she hadnt I would have just had the 1-5 channels. So if your buying this with the extra freeview in mind dont bother because if your is anything like mine it will never appear.

      The DVD Player:
      Has worked once. I know I havent done anything to break this TV because it has been nothing but trouble since it was brought. The DVD player worked once on the day I got it and hasnt worked since despite me trying loads to play disks on there - both real and copied disks! Im not sure whether I just have a faulty TV but it seems nothing works on there or it does once and then refuses to again. The DVD player was another big factor in my moms buying decision because my old seperate DVD player had recently stopped working and then this works once!
      So again if your buying it for space saving DVD player feature then dont bother!

      The colour and picture quality on this TV are both great but its just the added features where it loses points as they would be great if they actually worked. I do think that maybe we were sold a dodgy set but this has definately put me off buying a Murphy TV in the future because I can trust that it wont happen again. Its a shame as all the features would not only be great technically but would have saved loads of space + extra money being spent. I cant recommend this but if anyone else has this and had good experiences with it Id love to know. Picture, sound & colour quality are all brilliant so it gets 2 stars but for everything else dont bother. Such a shame.

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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