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Sula Sugar Free Sweets

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Brand: Sula / Type: Candy

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2011 13:52
      Very helpful



      An excellent way to satisfy sugar cravings without giving up on your diet

      Just lately I've been finding it a little difficult to squeeze into my jeans (or any of my clothes if I'm truthful) and as I refuse to go up a dress size, I'm on yet another diet. I may not be able to do much about getting old but I intend to do everything I can not to end up old and fat! As a consequence, although I'm not following any specific eating plan, I'm currently steering well clear of the carbs, well, the bad ones anyway, so there's a marked absence on my plate of bread, chocolate, cake, biscuits and, of course, no wine to wash the rabbit food down either. However, sometimes the craving for something sweet becomes almost overwhelming and at times when fruit just won't fit the bill, rather than fall off the dieting waggon I've turned to the sugar free option and these sweets have proved to be a great help.

      These Sula sugar free sweets are manufactured by a German company going under the same name which has been marketing sugar free products in Europe for about 40 years and also in the UK for several years now. Originally these were sold through health food stores such as Holland & Barrett largely because they were aimed at diabetics but lately they've become more widely available in the larger supermarkets, too. The company claim these sweets contain natural flavours and colours and at around 8 calories per sweet, they don't take up any of your daily nutritional allowance, unless you eat too many of them, which is definitely not recommended as the packet carries a warning that they can have a laxative effect if eaten in excess. (Although for dieters that might actually help with the weight loss!)

      I won't give the entire ingredients list but I should tell you that despite being sugar free, they are not without some unhealthy ingredients including fresh cream, yoghurt, vegetable fat, butter and salt but these must be negligible amounts if the entire sweet only tots up to 8 calories. There is a warning on the packet that these may contain traces of peanuts and maize.

      These oval shaped hard candy sweets are sold in small cardboard packets and contain approximately 20 sweets. There are several flavour options available with the most common ones being Strawberry Cream, Caramel Cream and ChocoMint. There is also a Mixed Fruits variety which I didn't like and which had far too many orange flavoured sweets for my liking, and a Cappuccino Cream flavour but I've yet to try these. Of the various flavours, my personal favourites are the Caramel which have a taste very similar to Werther's Originals, and the Strawberry Cream. Depending on where you buy them, these sweets normally cost between 79p and 89p per packet.

      With many sugar free products I find the sweetness is frequently achieved at the expense of the flavour and there is often a chemical, almost metallic quality to the taste which accompanies the sweetness but with all the Sula varieties that I've tried, there isn't any such problem. The sweetners used are Isomalt and Sucralose and these, combined with the natural flavours result in the candies tasting exactly like any other sweet containing sugar.

      The Strawberry Cream sweets are indeed creamy with a sweet tasting strawberry flavour which is a close approximation to the real thing and without any unpleasant after taste at all and the Caramel Cream ones, although slightly less sweet, again, have a completely natural taste and a rich and creamy toffee taste. The ChocoMints, in my opinion, are less tasty being rather more mint than choc, and these seem to be less available in the shops so I suppose others must agree. I also found the Mixed Fruit variety, unlike the others, had a more pronounced chemical after taste.

      Be warned, however, all of these flavours are very moreish but for the reasons given above, you will need to use some will power and restrict your sweetie intake unless you want to end up with a griping tummy ache or suffer even more dire consequences!

      Desperate times call for desperate measures and there's nothing more desperate than a dieter in need of a sugar fix but I've found that these sweets, if eaten in moderation, will certainly help to keep the sugar cravings at bay.


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