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Mike and Ike Original Fruits

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Brand: Mike and Ike. Sweets. / Type: Fruit

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    2 Reviews
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      04.09.2010 21:51
      Very helpful



      Once you eat a pack you wont be able to get enough

      Mike and Ike Original
      these are more seen in America and Canada but recently i've seen some at the co-op but were only there for a limited time (for some reason?)

      These Sweet Fruity Pill/Capsule Shaped sweets have a nice tangy Zing to them. There known to be like jelly beans but with much more flavor to them,like lime would taste of lime and strawberry would taste of strawberry for once...usually some candy companies don't get the flavors right or they taste like tasteless sugar(like cheap candies)
      But Mike and ike Sweet Flavored jelly bean like chews, are packed with the juiciness of Cherry, Lime, Lemon, Orange and Strawberry.

      in America these sweets are popular at movie theaters(cinema) and 60s-70s modern drive in theaters.

      these sweets are very addictive, like you cant just eat one pack especially if your someone who loves a good chew..personally there great for outings ,like if your going for a long walk or are just window shopping..it fits nicely in your pocket or bag. and they would make a nice treat for Halloween (add it to your pumpkin candy bucket)

      with the tropical version of this sweet i like pretending the beans are the pills from the matrix movie lol ''blue pill'' ''red pill'' .. i always wonder if they used this sweet as the pill in the movie cause they look very similar.

      they should advertise this product more in the UK,so more stores would stock them,I've only seen the big bag ones not the portable single sized bags yet (in the UK).


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      17.10.2007 00:35
      Very helpful



      Tasty Jelly beans that needn't be overly expensive - Jelly Belly Take Note!

      The last time I had a pack of Jelly Beans let alone see a packet that wasn’t made by Bassett’s, it was the premium brand, Jelly Belly that I had bought, and if you have ever sampled any of their beans, then you’ll know, like Yankee Candle, its another American company who seem to have got their recipes and ingredients correct with every fruit and taste test possible. Jelly Belly beans however have always been expensive even if you go as far as getting the little boxes or fun bags of Jelly Belly beans – they always come with a price and aren’t known as the “gourmet bean,” for nothing.

      Forget Jelly Belly for a moment and consider Mike and Ike. I’m told that Mike and Ike jelly beans are made in Pennsylvania, America and are available in three wonderful flavours, such as “Berry Blast,” “Original Fruits/Fabulous Fruits” (the green pack shown here on Dooyoo) and “Tropical Fruit/Tropical Typhoon.” Being a secret Jelly bean fan (and first and foremost hand up in the air confessor of preference to Gummi Bears from Germany and Bassett’s Jelly Babies from the UK,) Mike and Ike have had quite a trip in my belly already! But it’s only because the local coffee shop and nearby newsagents actually sell these colourful bags amongst the usual British confectionary on offer.

      So for the Fabulous Fruits, or as they are called here in the UK, "Original Fruits," you're getting a bit more here than meets the eye where Jelly beans with original fruit are concered. Just like their Berry Blast beans, Mike and Ike have packed 100% juice into their beans with an end result that each bean does taste what it states!

      ** The Quality, Price & Quantity **

      One of the very few considerations Mike and Ike have given to this range of sweets is simply how good to hold each bean is. All the beans have a slight glaze to them but they don’t break up easily or feel chalky like other beans I have tried from other companies, and the best news of all is that they actually measure 1 to 1.5 cm in length which outshines Jelly Belly beans on individual size for a start.

      The price of these 55g bags should cost around 45p and upwards. I have only ever bought these beans from either two local sources and are priced from 45p up to 65p depending on the stockist.

      ** The Flavours & Taste Test **

      Like most sweets of this nature, it’s a trick of the light for the colours which are colour coded from fruits to the colour of each bean. So naturally where you would find red jelly beans from other companies stating that this is cherry flavour or strawberry, it is exactly the same as you will find with Mike and Ike.

      Orange colour shows the orange flavour and it tastes just like Florida Orange juice, or a slightly more refreshing can of Tango without the added fizz or aftertaste due to sweeteners. The lemon is similarly colour coded and tastes like Lemon should do but without being overly bitter. Lime flavour is tangy, quite bright, not sour and yet has a nice rounded flavour to it the moment I swallow and choose my next victim and they are two of my favourites;

      The more obvious ones like a bright red for cherry (utterly delicious, sweet and very strong in a cherry taste) and the strawberry flavour (darker red and not as shiny) are quite exquisite and worth looking out for as I realised not many were in my pack against the more tangy/citrus flavours in abundance.

      ** The Company **

      What comes as a massive surprise to all of these beans is how good each one is to eat, one at a time to savour the flavour which is packed into these beans. Normally I’m used to taking a few jelly beans into my hand and gobbling them up for a mixture of tastes. But here, you don’t want to do that because of the strength of the flavour Mike and Ike have packed into each bean. I keep saying Mike and Ike – but the company from the U.S are called “Just Born,” and they have been going since the 1940’s when Mike and Ike Jelly beans first came into production.

      As a company who are American then, I must point out that whilst looking through their home website I was shocked (but delighted) to find that they also own a product I have loved since I was 12 and receiving American sweets from family in the U.S The product they own (and the one I have always adored) is called “Hot Tamales,” and they are red jelly beans packed to the gills with cinnamon flavouring. Maybe “Just Born,” will bring Hot Tamales here once and for all!

      And as good as Hot Tamales are with their distinctive flavouring, so too are Mike and Ike jelly beans. The hard shell of each bean however quickly diminishes into a softness which is similar to soft liquorice and indeed knocks Bassett’s own jelly beans for a quicker turn in softness before the sweet, full and deep juices emerge from each bean.

      Mike and Ike beans however soft they get in my mouth reveal that they don’t keep their elasticity for long and that’s good news for anyone who doesn’t want to chew for ages.

      ** Conclusion **

      The best news of all is that despite heavy advertising on both their UK and US websites, I’ve kept the best news to the end where the content of these heavenly beans are concerned. They may well have 200kcals per pack, but they have zero protein and zero fat. Yep, you sure did read it here for the first time; no fat whatsoever!

      So the next time you see one of these packets looking at you in a shop amongst the more known British sweets on offer, consider them if you’re looking for an intense jelly filled treat. Mike and Ike may well put a smile on your face and with the lack of sorbitol in this product; the smile should last all day without worrying of running to the loo! I’m off now to buy my other favourites, Berry Blast and Tropical Typhoon versions; they taste like old Tropical Opal Fruits/Starburst with much added zing! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2007.


      (Currently the company are doing around the UK tours with free samples!)



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    • Product Details

      Chewy, bite-sized jelly candies in tropical fruit flavors

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