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Blumarine BM 96122 Sunglasses

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Manufacturer: Blumarine / Type: Sunglasses

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2012 23:02
      Very helpful



      A well made pair of sunglasses

      ~Original Capri style from Bluemarine~

      As someone who enjoys wearing sunglasses almost all year round (depending on the weather of course) I have a large collection to call upon that enables me to chop and change my style from day to day if wanted. I suggested these super sunglasses made by Bluemarine as a review subject as they really are so very easy to wear and suit almost all outfits, which I feel makes them worth reviewing. I feel that these lovely Bluemarine sunglasses are one of my favorites amongst my collection, even though they are not the most expensive, or the most couture in terms of their style and the design house from which they come. I favour them as they fit well and look great every time I wear them, which makes them a reliable choice

      Bluemarine say that their sunglasses collection was born in legendary Capri, which gives their frames a relaxed and warm style. They have given their frames a look they feel is 'edgy and blends style, functionality and glamour' which I feel really explains my feelings about this particular pair of sunglasses, as I feel they tick all the boxes. Bluemarine also say that their sunglasses are made so that 'every piece is a fashion statement' which again I can agree with, as I find these sunglasses to be very stylish and fashionable. The ethos of this brand seems to be that they provide good quality materials using the distinctive Bluemarine logo along with a combination of plain or embossed frames, metal hardware and/ or blingy crystal design embellishments - Which I feel is something they manage to do very well.

      ~Price and value for money~

      I would say that the Bluemarine range offers a good deal of choice in terms of style and fit when it comes to sunglasses, (at a mid range price in my opinion) with their glasses being on sale from £99 to around £200. This makes them a cheaper and more affordable option than brands such as Dior, Gucci, Chanel etc, although in my opinion Bluemarine are by no means the cheaper less stylish outsiders when it comes to style and finish just because they can be cheaper to buy. Over all I can honestly say that these are well made and offer value for money. I have had these particular sunglasses in wear for 2 summers now and still feel their quality is rather good. I feel these sunglasses are durable, stylish, comfortable and really very versatile and am more than happy with them even after repeated wear.


      The durable resin frame uses lovely big sweeps and curves to give a full style lens shape combined with a sweeping sexy arm style, making these sunglasses look very glamorous. I feel that the use of clever detailing such as beautiful Swarovski crystals on the temple areas at each side of the frame arms, gives these sunglasses a little hint of bling without being too much. The sides of the frame arms are further enhanced with the use of a silver metal overlay that sits in the cutaway of the arms and holds the Bluemarine 'B' logo. I feel this little detail really looks lovely and makes the glasses stand out nicely when I wear them, as the silver and crystal materials catch the light on sunny days and add a little sparkle to the overall design.

      ~The frames~

      This shape of frame is something that I find very easy to wear, which is perhaps why I tend to opt for these so often as they never feel too tight across the bridge of the nose, or around the frame arms. The large sweeping lens shape makes these a great choice for super sunny days in my opinion, as they provide excellent UV cover over a wide area when in wear, which I feel is very beneficial. I haven't had any problems with these sunglasses at all and I feel that the frame and all its fixings is durable and well made. All of the tiny screw fittings that hold the frame arms in place still work very well, as do the fixings for the silver metal inlay on the frame arms.

      The frame itself still looks really fresh and bright and hasn't faded or warped at all which I have been pleased about. I opted for these in what I would call a really lovely warm cherry-pink/ light burgundy wine shade that is both easy on the eyes from the view of the wearer and the onlooker in my opinion. The frames are neither too bright or too dull which makes them a great choice to go with all kinds of outfits. I could also have had these sunglasses in a simple black effect with the same lovely smokey lenses and I have also seen these in a super light gold beige which I feel would look stunning with a tan in summer.

      ~The lenses~

      The colour of the tint used on the lenses in my frames is a complete contrast for the frame colour, with them being a soft and muted gradient style dark to light warm grey. I find these lenses really comfortable to look through in most weather conditions, as I feel they can cope with super bright sunlight as well as cloudy and slightly dull/ over cast days. As I have a good number of other pairs to choose from I feel that I can honestly say these lenses are amongst the best, as I never feel they have caused me to suffer eye strain and have always given a crisp and clear view when I have worn them. Even after repeated wear there is no scratching to the lenses which again I am pleased about.

      ~Storing the glasses~

      I have found the clam style storage case that came with these sunglasses to be very good as it is a solid style case that provides excellent protection for the glasses when they are stored away. These cases used to come in either soft hot pink or soft summer gold and I feel that having seen them both they are equally nice to look at when new. My case is the pale gold colour and whilst it has marked a little over time I feel the outside of the case still looks fairly good. The light gold material has a very slight textured feel to it, which is combined with a silky finish and sheen and further enhanced with the Bluemarine logo that has been printed on to look like silver crystals. The inside of the case has a soft light beige suede effect material covering it which I feel provides a nice smooth surface on which to place the sunglasses. The clam style case snaps shut in a smooth action and remains closed when the glasses are inside it without the need for any further closure other than the hinges that allow the case to open and close.

      ~Product rating~

      My rating for these sunglasses has to be 5 stars as I wear these often and find them ultra comfortable and easy to look through. My reasons for giving this rating as as follows: The style of the frames is really good as I feel they cover the eye area well yet don't engulf the face and end up giving a mask like appearance when they are on. The big sweeping lens style is uber glamorous and works really well in my opinion. All the materials used to make these sunglasses are of a durable quality which should make these last for a good number of years. At the time of suggesting these as a review subject they were still on sale through a number of outlets. The style can be viewed here: http://www.amazon.com/Blumarine-Womens-BM-96122-Sunglasses/dp/images/B001U89S2W


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