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St.Moriz Self Tanning Lotion

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Brand: St. Moritz / Type: Tanning / Subcategory: Tanning Lotion / Tan / What it does: Tans,

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    22 Reviews
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      03.12.2013 02:52
      Very helpful



      A bargain price self tanner for a beautiful golden glow!

      A fake tan is not usually my thing; I'm an au naturel kinda girl. But with a very sun-less summer in Scotland and lack of an abroad holiday this year, I was tempted to use a little fake tan on my skin for a little golden glow.

      I have used fake tan before for special occasions, my favourites being Garnier summer body and St. Tropez self tan, but never as an everyday tanning lotion, which was what I was on the lookout for. I came across St. Moriz being advertised in a magazine as a cheaper alternative to St. Tropez. I was eager to try it out as there were many options available such as instant self tanning lotion - "for a healthy golden tan all year round" and also other options such as mousse, which I also purchased at the time.


      I bought the St. Moriz self tanning lotion from my local semichem for a mere £2.99. Online they can also be bought from Amazon and fragrancedirect for £2.99. What I love about St. Moriz is they do gift sets which are great for fake tan fanatics. I bought for my mum this Christmas as she swears by this tanning brand.


      The lotion comes in a large, white 200ml bottle. The bottle has a press down to open lid - flip it upside down and the tan comes out. It has a screw on/off lid at the top which is good for using all of the bottles contents, not just what you can squeeze out. On the front it has the St. Moriz logo and some bits and bobs telling you about the product. On the back it has "how to apply" and "top tips", which I found really helpful for my first application. It also has warnings and ingredients written on the bottle.


      Okay... First time I ever applied this I was like what?! The tan itself is so dark! I opted for the medium tanning lotion, so I expected it to be quite light, but the tan liquid itself looks very dark. Don't worry though!! It is not that dark when applied, I promise! My friend uses the dark tanning lotion, which I had to borrow one time. The change in my skin colour was so drastic that my whole look had changed. The funny thing is, even though I'm really pale, the tan still looked natural and had no streaks and no patches. But this taught me that there is a huge difference between both shades, so choose carefully which one you want by thinking about whether you want a drastic change in skin colour, or only a slight change in skin colour.

      The liquid is of an oily and quite running consistency. Although this feels a little horrible when applying, it ensures there are no streaks and the tan can blend in very well with your skin. Although some of my friends have mentioned that the scent is bloody awful, I actually don't think it is all that bad. It is definitely not as bad as some fake tans I have smelt previously.


      First of all you want to exfoliate and moisturise the skin, especially those areas which tend to get dry like the soles of your feet, palms of your hands, elbows, knees ankles and perhaps the hairline too! I find creams like Nivea and Aveeno are perfect for this.
      Also use a tanning mitt to apply to avoid getting the tan all over your hands. St. Moriz sell tanning mitts for round about £2.50, however you can get mitts from anywhere. It doesn't really matter where it's from as long as it does the job. A plastic coating on the inside of the mitt is really hand to keep your hands from getting tanned. You basically want to squeeze small amounts from the bottle onto the mitt and then blend into the skin in circular motions.
      Wash your hands, just to be on the safe side! And then wait for round about 4 hours for the tan to settle in before showering etc. After showering you should be left with a natural looking tan.


      One great thing about St. Moriz is that you can see the tan straight away. Not only is this great for when you're in a hurry, but it also allows you to see where you're applying and allows you to notice and rectify any streaks on the skin.


      One problem I always seem to have with self tanners is that the colour seems to fade quite quickly. This isn't the case with St. Moriz; the colour lingers on the skin for a good while, so you don't find yourself having to reapply it everyday if you do decide to use this as a daily tanner.


      I didn't have any issues with this product. But one caution to keep in mind is that once this tanner is on your clothes it is 100% impossible to remove. I wore a new turquoise dress to a party while wearing this fake tan. Noticed the next morning that my dress was stained with the tanner, and no matter how much I tried, I could not get the stain from my dress. I loved the dress so much, that I actually rebought the exact same dress! So if you are wearing this fake tan, remember to wash it off 100% so there is no chance of it staining any of your clothes!

      Comparison with mousse

      Compared to the St. Moriz mousse, I would say the lotion is much better. However, this may just be the case for my skin type.
      Although it was great that the mousse dried on the skin quicker, I felt that the mousse was harder to apply, left a more orange-y colour on the skin and was prone to more streaks. Whereas, the lotion applied very easily, it left more of a natural looking tanned colour and was less prone to streaking. The mousse also tends to dry out my skin and leave my skin looking very patching looking... Not a good look!

      Comparison with Pricey Self-Tanners

      Compared to other tanning lotions, this is definitely one of my favourites. It is no doubt the absolute best bargain tanning lotion I've ever came across and I've never heard anyone say that they didn't like it, or really criticize it in any way. However, I am stuck between this and the St. Tropez self tanner. Mainly because I think the colour result of the St. Tropez looks slightly better on my skin. But in terms of everything else they are just as good as each other. The difference in price means that I'm usually headed for the St. Moriz.

      What persuaded me to try it?

      One thing about the product that really encouraged me to buy it was that it has won Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards and was the winner in 2012. I remember thinking that if it had won an award then it must be pretty good. But I think I was actually blown away by how good this tanning lotion is for its budget price.


      Overall, I'm pretty blown away at how good this product turned out to be. After noticing the price, I was pretty sceptical about how it would turn out, however I'm really delighted that I've found a budget self tanner which really does what it says on the tin. For £2.99, this is definitely a bargain!
      I have already recommended this tanner to all of my friends who all love it, so I definitely want to recommend it to you guys! If you are looking for a cheap self tanner, this is the product for you.


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        04.08.2013 17:33
        Very helpful



        Impressed with this product.

        I don't normally use fake tanning products at all. I'm outdoors quite a lot and my face and hands are lightly tanned from working in the garden and walking the dog. As for the rest of me - most of it doesn't venture out of jeans and tops for most of the year so my body skin colour is something I pay scant attention to. But we were going to a wedding and I had purchased the most gorgeous pair of strappy sandals to go with my dress. My daughters insisted that if I attempted to wear tights with the aforementioned open-toed strappies then I would be disowned. The only alternative was to attack my pasty pins problem with a bit of fake tan.

        I wasn't keen on the idea at all. I remember using fake tans in the past - most of them smelled weird, left streaks and dark patches where your skin creases naturally. I never found one that was particularly successful. To me they all looked too - well, fake.

        A friend recommended St Moritz instant self tanning mousse to me. It was £4.99 for a 200ml bottle from Boots. The bottle inspired some confidence in me at least - on the lid was a sticker proclaiming it a winner in the Cosmopolitan Magazine Beauty Awards 2012. The long white bottle also promised 'a professional, flawless tan, easy, no mess application.' Suitable for all skin types.

        The advice on the back of the bottle suggests that you moisturise dry areas of skin and allow to dry before using the product. Wear gloves or use a tanning applicator to avoid staining your palms. Shake the bottle well and apply evenly in a circular motion over the face and body. Wash hands and any applicators after use. Wipe the nozzle of the bottle clean before storing. Make sure you are dry before coming into contact with fabrics etc. as staining may occur. For best results allow 4-6 hours before showering or swimming. Further applications will produce a deeper tan.

        I showered, exfoliated, moisturised my dry areas and with some trepidation started to apply the mousse with a tanning glove. The first thing I noticed was that this product didn't smell bad - in fact it had a rather nice light, soapy fragrance to it. I had chosen the 'medium' version of this tanning product and at first I was a little put off by the very dark colour of the mousse - but I started to apply, and as it quickly absorbed into my skin and dried, I could see that the colour was what I was aiming for - a gentle tanned look rather than the 'just got back from a month in the Caribbean' look.

        I put on two applications of this product in the week leading up to the wedding and was pleased with the results. My skin looked good and felt good too - my slightly sensitive skin had no adverse reaction to this product at all. St Moritz tanning mousse did exactly what it claimed on the bottle - it was easy to apply, there was no streaking and I was left with a gentle tan. The tan looked natural enough not to garner any remarks from the cheekier members of my assembled family at the wedding - so I'd call that one a success.

        Would recommend.


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        05.06.2013 03:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A tantastic fake tan - St. Moriz!

        ~*~*~ St. Moriz False Tan Lotion ~*~*~

        * Please note this review is for the false tan lotion and not the mousse but I will be comparing the two, thank you *

        ~ What is it? ~

        This is a fake/false tan lotion, it comes in a bottle and simply squeezes out of the lid.

        I will be reviewing the DARK lotion.

        ~ Why I use it ~

        I am milk bottle white, more blue than white at times actually so I like to use a fake tan to add a nice healthy glow to my skin. I have been using St. Moriz in the mousse formula for a while now, a few years at least and I have always been really impressed with the results but I found that over time the mousse was quite drying to my skin, when I spotted the lotion available in my local Savers store I had to get it.

        ~ Price & Availability ~

        I buy my St. Moriz in either B&M Bargains or Savers and I usually pay around the £2.99 mark for it, however it is quite widely available, it can be bought in Tesco, Morrisons, Amazon and various other places online. It is roughly priced at anywhere between £2 - £5.

        ~ It's won awards!!! ~

        Despite this being a bargain budget false tan, St. Moriz has won beauty awards two years in a row. It was awarded Best Body Self-Tan in Cosmopolitans Beauty Awards.

        The reason it has won awards is because it is an amazing product. The colour is tantastic! << See what I did there! It's easy to apply and there are numerous products available to suit different skin tones and as a plus it is cheap!

        ~ Lotion or Mousse - Which is better? ~

        Having always used the mousse in the past years I won't ever be caught saying it's useless as it isn't, however I do find the mousse quite drying to my skin and that it the main reason I swapped to the lotion.

        They are both easy to apply, both have a colour guide and they both smell exactly the same, the end results are also pretty much the same but my skin feels less parched after using the lotion and I don't find that I suffer with any dry skin areas like I do when I use the mousse on a regular basis (applying it more than once a week).

        You do need to work quite quickly with the lotion as it is very quick drying, I don't particularly find this a problem as I am quite quick at applying my fake tan but for those who like to take their time this is something you should be aware of.

        The great thing about the lotion is the drying time, I am completely dry within a few minutes of applying a generous layer of product which means I don't have to do the starfish stance! I can get dressed quickly. I also find it less sticky than the mousse.

        Both are amazing products but I would opt for the lotion over the mousse now that I have tried them both.

        ~ How to apply it ~

        Applying fake tan needs to be done with caution, the last thing you want to end up with is a load of streaks and patches so I would recommend that you use a fake tan application mitt.

        Squeeze a blob of lotion onto the mitt (the colour is very dark but don't be alarmed), then work it into your skin in circular motions, when you notice it drying out, add more lotion to the mitt and carry on as you were. As the fake tan has a brown colour this gives you a brilliant guide so you can see where you have applied the tan too and any parts you may have missed.

        The colour you are left with is a guide only. You won't end up being *that* dark.

        It is recommended that you leave the tan to develop for 4 - 6 hours. I apply it before I go to bed and then have a shower in the morning, that way it has had plenty of developing time without me needing to wash dishes/my hands/change a nappy etc.

        The colour intensifies and deepens overnight and when I wake up in the morning I always look incredibly dark, I then have a shower and watch as the water turns a brown shade and when it starts to run clear I know that the product has been washed off.

        I dry and check out the colour, which always ends up being a golden brown with no hint of orange. The scent also washes away and I use a small amount of shower gel to be sure.

        I have never not been happy with the end result so I really like this product.

        ~ Easy to use? ~

        This is very easy to use, there are instructions on the bottle for you to follow but it is pretty easy anyway.

        My bottle has a push down lid, this reveals a little opening to allow the tan to come out, the bottle requires a light squeeze and the product is released.

        The colour is very dark, it looks like gravy browning! But when applying it to the skin, it smooths on easily and feels smooth and soft, the fact that it dries quickly is a plus so I would recommend this to any tanning virgin.

        ~ Colours available ~

        The lotion is available in normal/medium and dark. I can't comment on the normal/medium as I have only used the dark however I found that with the mousse the normal one didn't give me a deep enough tan, if you only want a light glow then I would say to get the lighter one over the dark as the dark does leave you with a noticeable tan.

        ~ Overall ~

        I have been using this band of fake tan for years and even when I have had more expensive brands I will revert back to this - My old faithful, as I know how good the end results were. I was so excited to find this available as a lotion and have bought 4 bottles (just to be sure), I have used it three times now and still have over half a bottle left and that is three full body applications. At under £3 a bottle this stuff is incredible!

        I do exfoliate and moisturise the day before tanning and I also moisturise everyday after tanning as a way of prolonging my colour and I have found that this lasts a good 5 - 7 days depending on me taking baths or showers. If I shower I find the colour lasts longer but when I lay in the bath having a good soak then I notice the colour fade is quicker.

        It doesn't go as patchy when it is fading as the mousse and seems to fade more rather than go a little scaley. I am sure the moisturising helps with this too though.

        I use a tanning mitt to apply it, my mitt has a waterproof backing on the inside, if yours doesn't I would suggest that you wear a glove as this will stain your hands, and tanned palms is not a great look!

        I would highly recommend this to anyone.

        Bargain priced, amazing tan!


        Thanks for reading :o) x


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          10.04.2013 03:50
          Very helpful



          Fantastic product that everyone should try, i've had so many compliments since using

          I had been advised by a number of my friends to try the St Moriz tanning mousse after wanting to find a good quality self tanner. I have always been a little put off when shopping for false tan when seeing the cheap price tags, as i have always believed going off the price of spray tans etc at salons, then the higher the price the better quality the results.

          After a long time thinking and more and more recommendations by friends ( also looking it up on how to apply on youtube videos just to the results) i decided to take the plunge and purchase my first bottle.

          I have found that you can purchase the St Moriz self tanning mousse for around £2.99 from high street store savers, also for the same price at quality save and home bargains, which you can also purchase a tanning mitt, which i find is always best to use when applying any self tanner, of the same make for around £1.99 ( also a bargain )

          Application was really easy and straightforward when following the instructions on the back of the bottle.
          I opted for the "medium" self tanning mousse as i am quite fair skinned but wanted that extra bit of colour. I tend to apply 1 - 1 and a half pumps on the mitt for each arm and the same for chest area and neck.

          Applying with the mitt ensures you avoid any tanner to stay your hands, i apply the mousse in circular motions all over the skin i want tanned.
          I must say it has a lovely scent which in the past some false tanners i've used have had a plastic like smell which put me off using. Also a major benefit is how quick the mousse actually dries, which means less time waiting around standing like a zombie before you can put your clothes on.

          It states you should wait around 4-6 hours and then shower to wash off any residue of the tan, which also makes the tan even as well thus avoiding streaks. Depending on how much time i have i can still jump in the shower after 4 hours and still have great streak free results.

          Ideally, i would apply the tanning mousse earlier on in the morning so i can get any jobs i have to do done and it passes time so before i know it it's time to rinse off in the shower.

          I have been using St Moriz Tanning Mousse now for a few weeks and i reapply every few days to maintain a nice natural looking, streak free tan.

          I only wish i had have took the plunge when i first heard about this product and purchased it sooner as out of all the self tanners i have used in the past, this is by far the best, and for £2.99 you can't complain!!

          I would certainly recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice natural sun kissed tan, as it also comes in 3 different shades: Light, Medium and Dark, so there is a tanning mousse to suit all shades.

          Fantastic product and worth the pennies


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          06.11.2012 10:52



          Good buy.

          This product varies in price, though the cheapest I have found it is £2.99 from the local 'Savers' shop which for this product is fantastic.
          I bought the 'medium mousse' rather than the 'dark' as you can put more than one layer on but you can't take it off if it goes too brown for your skin tone.

          Any fake tan that I tried in the past has always gone patchy, even including professional spray tans due to small patches of dry skin on my arms, this is the only one that has ever looked natural on me.

          Follow the instructions and you will be left with a fantastic result.
          Exfoliate your whole body, paying close attention to your knees, elbows etc.
          To apply, I used a foam mitt all over my body, including my face but used sparingly over ankles etc.
          It was easy to apply and smells fine, though a little bit biscuity.
          I applied it approx an hour before bed the night before I was going out.
          A huge plus is that I didn't feel sticky after application.

          I would recommend this product.


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          09.10.2012 12:08



          Love this fake tan, great quality

          Depending on how you look at this fake tan it can be Great or Bad Quailty. But for me This fake tan is great quailty for such a low value. It is very simular to St.Tropez fake tan. Making sure your skin has been exfoliated as much as it can and moisturised before hand, this fake tan is super, when applying make sure you wear rubber gloves, as is a nightmare to remove if applied in the wrong place, when applying to skin it looks very streaky and a mess in my eyes, i tend to do it at night time, leave it to develop over night, making sure you have dark bed sheets, the wash off in the morning to leave a great looking, sun kissed tan. The smell isnt great, but when using other fake tan products you get used to it and is similar to other products. This fake tan is super quality for the money, the average price is around £3 and it lasts for a good while. I love this fake tan, if you have the patience it can look great but if in a rush and not got the time it can go so wrong, but its not any different to any other tan on the market


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          14.05.2012 21:15
          Very helpful



          A Fantastic value for money Product

          Well ladies(and gents) - i am sure we have all been there with a self tan disaster. I have had ALOT. I mean alot. I have tried nearly all of them from a cheapish one £5.00 to in excess of £28.00. Folks i can guarantee you will not be disappointed with this one,so let me tell you the story.
          For years i have tried self tans as i am naturally pale and i burn rather than tan(resulting in peeling). I can go on holiday for 2 weeks and still be as white as when i went. I decided a couple of years ago i wanted a "bronzed" look a few weeks before my holiday. So with a dubious mind and a couple of tentative steps i stepped into the minefield of self tan. I have been every color from bright orange, to amber. I have been streaky,patchy,sometimes resembling a zebra but in orange shades. I have stained my bedding, my clothes but NO more!!!
          About 6 months ago i was going on a holiday of a lifetime and had decided i would just have to be milk bottle white in my bikini(yet again), whilst in a shop(bodycare) looking for some sun cream, i was once again drawn to the self tan. A woman stood next to me was buying 10, yes i repeat,10 bottles of this very plain looking self tan. I asked her why she was buying so many and her reply,"because it's the best self tan on the market". So with no expectations of it being any good but with a recomendation, i thought for the lowly price of £2.99 i would give the self-tan shot one final go.
          The bottle is plain - it does not have any frills and is VERY easy to bypass on a shelf. It come in 2 shades- FAIR - MEDIUM and MEDIUM-DARK. Instructions on the back are pretty standard. Exfoliate thoroughly before use, apply with gloves, and then you have a couple of options, you can either wash off in a couple of hours or for best results leave on over night, then shower in the morning.If your looking for a darker shade you can then reapply.
          So without being exfoliated or moisturized i decided to try it on my legs(where it wasn't on public show).
          It is a pump dispenser so, with latex gloves at the ready pumped 2 squirts onto my hand. The foam seems substantial and is a pale honey color(so you can see exactly where you are putting it), the smell wasn't over powering but quite pleasant in fact with a hint of fruitiness to it. On application it went on smoothly(like moisturizer) but as i rubbed it in, it literally dissolved into my skin. You could see exactly where it had gone it and it was so quick it was practically a pleasure to use. I decided to go for broke and leave overnight. 5 mins after applying in a warm room this was COMPLETELY dry!!!
          The next morning i get up and jump in the shower a little colour ran off but nothing huge and after drying my legs, was amazed to find, a PERFECT GOLDEN BRONZED TAN!!!
          I literally jumped up and down in joy! It had accomplished what tons of others hadn't.
          I have since used all over my body and it has never once streaked, gone patchy etc etc. It is a lovely warm color and can be built up easily with a couple of applications. It lasts for about a week on my skin but some people say less about 5/6 days on average. The only one warning i would give it is HIGHLY addictive. I now have lovely skin when i need it(going out, holiday, special occasion) and the results are perfect every time!!!!
          It does not have to be expensive to be a good product and this is really a little gem of a product. This 200ml bottle does an easy 3 full body tans( i am 5'11- to give you an idea) and for 2.99 is alot better than every other self tan i have tried before at 3 or 4 x the price.
          This is now widely obtainable, shops, internet etc and my final words of wisdom are- stop reading starting getting!!!1 100% recommended


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            14.01.2012 15:37
            Very helpful



            ST.MORIZ is the answer to a salon tan at home

            A few years ago when my fake tan addiction began I tried many products at a range of prices. It was a friend of mine who introduced and converted me to the fabulous "ST. MORIZ". I have tried this product in both the spray and mousse form and I can reveal that the mousse form featured here is by far the best version of the product.

            The product suggests that you exfoliate the skin, moisture dry areas before applying the mousse. For the first while I followed these instructions quickly, but as my life has become more busy and then time I have to get ready has decreased I soon started applying the product without doing this. I can confirm that there is no obvious difference between exfoliating and moisturizing before hand and not. By exfoliating and moisturizing it will make skin more irresistible to the touch but does not alter the products effectiveness.

            The product is super easy to apply. It is very important that a tanning mitt or gloves are used for applying the product, If you apply the product with your hand you will regret it! It results it a hideous bright orange stain to the palms that will take days to scrub of fully. The product is quick and simply to apply. The colour is instant which makes it very easy to ensure it is applied evenly as missed spots are obvious and can be soon blended. When applying it is important not to scrub or forcibly apply it as this will result in streaks.

            The bottle advises leaving 4 to 6 hours for the tan to dry and then you should shower. Showering before going out is a MUST! This is for two very good reasons. Firstly, showering rinses off the top coat of the tan to leave a bronzed colour. If you do not rinse of this top coat and you spill anything on your skin or it rains the product will run and leave streaks! It may even run onto clothes, (however the product washes from everything in the wash). Secondly, the product is sightly pungent when first applied, but showering removes this smell.

            If you follow these guidelines ST.MORIZ is an affordable way to achieve a salon tan at home! I swear by this product and have not looked back. It is just as effective as "ST.TROPEZ" instant tan, the only difference is the price!


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            20.12.2011 12:26
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A good bargain product that could be great, however the scent lets it down

            I'm not really much of a self tan kind of girl and I must admit I only use it on rare occasions such as going out however when going out and baring skin I like to use to banish my pale skin. I hate the look of these false tans that make a person look more orange than bronzed therefore the more subtle the better for me. After trying a few tans which can be a bit on the pricy side I came across St. Moriz in my local body care store. The product cost about 2-3 pound so I decided I'd give it a go.

            The product comes in a white soft squeezable plastic bottle that has a pump action dispenser on the top that is easily pressed to realise the self tanning mousse. The packaging is very basic and there is nothing to make the product stand out on a shelf among others, in fact this would probably be the last id chose out of a bunch as it resembles a stores own make product or a bargain variety upon appearance, however I went for it due to its cheap price.

            The false tan from St Moriz can also be purchased in a spray form but I decided to opt for the mousse as I thought this would be easier to apply and overall look more even after rubbing into the skin correctly. I feel some sprays can leave streaks and gaps especially around the knee and elbow area. With this being a mousse and needed to be rubbed in, I also purchased an application mit.

            The bottle promises that this product can be used on all skin types and will create a healthy bronzed glow, professional flawless tan with an easy, no mess application. It is advised to apply the mousse first thing in the morning and allow to develop for 4-6 hours before showering. This promises to give a natural looking bronze tan. For a mid-tan it is advised to reapply the product in 5-7 days. For a darker continuous tan product should be reapplied in 3-5 days.

            Before I apply the product I exfoliate and moisturise the skin as advised on the bottle making sure I get the hard to reach places such as elbows, ankles and knees. The product is then pumped onto the mit and applied evenly where desired. The tan is very easy to apply as you can see where you have rubbed the product in and where requires a little bit more. I have to note that the first thing you notice about this product is the smell as it isn't very good. It's very strong too me and it's rather peppery so not the best on that front. When the product has been on a while the smell seems to still stay rather strong so showering after the 4-6 hours is definitely recommended.

            I can't fault the application of the product or the desired results as I was very happy with the finished look of my tan. I couldn't see any visible streaks and instead of looking orange I had a lovely yet subtle bronze glow that looked rather natural. I have used this product a few times now and I have always been extremely happy with the results. Only down side is I wish it smelled even a little bit better.


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              22.10.2011 19:41
              Very helpful



              A great cheap fake tan.

              I've always been a big fan of the sun and love to have a healthy glow. I often sunbathe when the weathers warm but we don't get that much warm weather in sunny old britain! I've used sunbeds occasionally but the fear of getting skin cancer has always prevented me from using them often enough to get a decent tan.

              I have always looked at the variety of fake tans in shops like Boots and Superdrug, but never really wanted to part with about £25 for a bottle of the likes of Fake bake or St Tropez, because I've never used it before and guessed it would end up really streaky or orange.

              I did use one fake tan just before I bought the St Moriz one, it was an expensive one from Boots but because the box had been damaged, I got it for £2.50 but I ended up an awful greeny brown colour so it was horrible.

              I was recommended this one by a friend who always has a lovely tan. When she said it was only a cheap one, I was suprised and decided to try it. I bought my bottle from Bodycare for just £3.99 which I think is very reasonable. I had previously bought a tanning mitt from Boots for a couple of pound when I used the last fake tan so I used this to apply the new one.

              Before applying the fake tan, I had a bath and made sure my skin was well scrubbed just with a scrunchie and shower gel, then I moisturised my elbows, knees, ankles and wrists as advised by my friend. I put walnut sized blobs onto the tanning mitt and rubbed it from my legs upwards in circular motions. The hardest part I find is my feet, I'm worried about getting really brown feet or streaks so I just put a tiny bit on the mitt and quickly wiped it over my feet and this works well for me. My back is also really hard to reach, and although you can buy things to help do it, I just stretched as far as I could. Nobody really sees my whole back anyway and I can't see it that much so I don't worry about it.

              When the tan first came out the bottle, I thought Oh my god, it's really dark brown, almost black but once it is rubbed in, it's nowhere near as dark. When it was drying, I did spot a few areas, paticularly on the backs of my arms that had gone a little bit streaky. I applied a little bit of tan and rubbed a bit harder to smooth it over. This worked and afterwards, I was streak free. When the tan had dries completely, I was a lovely golden brown colour and well impressed!

              I was careful not to get wet after applying the tan, even after it had dried because it said on the bottle to wait six hours before showering or perspiring. I did get dressed quite soon after putting the fake tan on and none of it went on my clothes. When I went to work afterwards, I got a few compliments and people asked if I'd been on the sunbed.

              As for the tanning mitt, after I've used it, I wash it thoroughly in the sink, being careful not to get wet, and you can use it again and again afterwards.

              Overall, I think this tan is fantastic. can't believe it is so cheap. The colour result is lovely and it's got a nice smell to it too. I think it must have some moisturiser in it too, because after I't, my skin feels lovely and smooth. I can't recommend this more, it's excellent value for money and does exactly what it promises on the bottle. Much cheaper than the leading brands!

              This is available in Bodycare and home bargains for about £3-4.

              Give it a try!


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                15.04.2011 01:52



                Best fake tan on the market

                This product has caused mass hysteria amongst my friends but I was highly scepticle at first as I have tried numerous self tanners and always been disappointed with the end result however I was inclined to try it and I certainly wasn't disappointed.

                St Moriz is said to be a 'rip-off' version of St. Tropez but speaking from experience I would say this fake tan gives a more even coverage than St. Tropez and £20 cheaper!!

                It is available from Amazon and online beauty stores and can also be picked up from local stores such as Superdrug for only £2.99!

                One of the main advantages of this fake tan is the pump despenser which means less mess and it is easier to apply the product if you are tanning alone. For best results it is advisable to leave the product overnight to develop and then you can assess the results in outdoor lighting to work out if another application is needed, the tan itself is not sticky and dries easily to it is comfortable to sleep in as long as the clothes worn are loose fitting so that the tan doesn't rub off.

                A further advantages is that the product shows up right away on the skin, therefore you can clearly see where you have and have not applied the tan which makes achieving an even, streak-free tan even easier. A permanent tan all year round is achievable with this tan as it does not wash off straight away in the shower and for the price of the product you can afford to apply it every few days to top up the tan.

                If exfoliating and moisturing procedures are carried out properly the application is very even. My advise would be that only 2 applications are needed for a dark tan for a big night out! Or just one application for an even glow.

                There is a coconut-type smell to this fake tan which is pleasant! The overall colour is a deep tan which doesnt look fake if applied properly, use a mitt though!


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                30.03.2011 18:23
                Very helpful



                The best fake tan i've ever used!!

                Well, I can't think of enough words to describe this product! It is AMAZING! I've used so many fake tans and most have either left me streaky, orange or even left me in rashes but this fake tan is so so so good! It is extremely affordable as it is around £2.99 and it is available either online on amazon.co.uk or from cheap shops around your area, for example in the UK it is available in such shows as TJ Hughes and Bodycare. So if you have any of those shops around you, I would really recommend that you go and look in as there are some amazing bargains! This fake tan leaves you with a gorgeous tan and it's not a streaky orange tan it's a beautiful brown holiday tan and you can notice results as soon as it goes onto your skin! The one thing that shocked me with this product is the smell! Usually with fake tans, they all have that disgusting cheap fake tan smell but this product smells so good! It smells clean and fresh which is simply amazing. To apply it, I use a tanning mit and I get a good sized amount of the mousse onto my body and rub in with my mit applying more mousse as I go. You really have to make sure its thoroughly rubbed in though to make sure it's not streaky but it is very easy to do as it sinks into the skin so easily. I recommend you apply this product in the morning as the tan needs to develop properly throughout the day and it is best not to shower within the first 4-6 hours of applying the tan, just for the tan to develop. The next day of applying this fake tan, you will feel so tanned and it doesn't look fake which is brilliant! The colour of this product puts a lot of people off as it is a dark brown colour, but once its rubbed into the skin you can't see it so that is another advantage. One and only disadvantage on this product is that the tan doesn't last long, it lasts about 1 wash and then it will just come off so that is a disadvantage for me but apart from that, it is such an amazing product and i absolutely recommend you invest in this fake tan!


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                  19.11.2010 14:56
                  Very helpful



                  Chmpagne Beauty At Lemonade Prices

                  I worship at the shrine that is St Tropez. Fake tan. Its is my one luxury and as I use is sparing a bottle of the mouse at £25.00 lasts me quite a while. Due to a change in financial circumstances my one luxury has gone and I was back to my pasty self until one of the girls at work came in with a lovely tan and I asked her with longing in my eyes is she had had a spray tan and I was impressed when she told me that it was a mouse tan called "St Moritz" and I thought that she had meant to say "St Tropez" she then explained that the bottle had cost her just £2.99! In her local home bargains, well that's it I thought and I ran out of work to get some before it sold out!, No I didn't really I just waiting until I finished work and then ran like the wind!

                  When you look at the bottle it is an almost exact copy of St Tropez but with just enough differences to make it different enough. The bottle is a tall cylinder shape with St Moritz running down the side just like St Tropez....
                  The nozzle on the bottle is like a typical nozzle you would expect on a hair mousse and again its just the same as the St Tropez nozzle dispenser, it also has a cleat lid that fits over the dispenser.
                  The mousse has a guide colour to it which is like a dirty bronze and the purpose of this is to show you where to put the tan and means that you do not miss any bits! There is nothing worse than visible white bits! The guide colour is not the colour that you will go so don't be horrified that you are going to look like a mud wrestler.
                  I personally do not think that there is a scent to the mousse although my friend disagrees and said that there is a slight scent but its very subtle and disappears when the mousse is applied

                  How To Use It =======

                  Obviously its entirely up to you how to use the tan but in a previous life I spent many hours putting tan on clients in the salon and this is they way that I do it.
                  Working from the feet up to the neck and face. Although I do always leave my arms and hands to last as if you apply to your arms and hands you risked the mousse running as you are applying it to other parts of the body.
                  Before using the mousse for the first time gently shake the bottle to mix it all up, just a couple of goes will do it, if you shake it too hard you will end up with more froth than mousse. Using disposable gloves spray about at a Satsuma size amount of mousse onto your hand.
                  Feet And Legs ====
                  Apply the mousse to your legs in a gentle sweeping motion with upward strokes until your cover the whole leg but leave the knees. Once you have applied to all legs get a small amount of mousse and mix with a little moisturiser and gently sweep over your knees, less is definitely more for the knees area as to much can result in really dark patches on your knees.
                  For your feet again mix the mousse with moisturiser and sweep upwards taking care around the ankle and then pull the toes from the bottom to the top and this will provide enough coverage to give a natural looking tan.

                  Upper Body =====

                  The best way to apply the mousse to the upper body is to use both hands in an downward sweeping motion all the way from your neck down to the top of your thighs and blend it into the mousse that you have already applied.
                  When applying the mousse to your breasts gently stoke the mousse down and then gently stroke the underneath to cover them.

                  Back =======

                  The best way to do your back is really to get someone to do it for you, I often ask my hubby to do it but as his idea of gently stroking to apply the mousse is like a getting a hard Swedish massage from Helga who is having a bad day and needs to vent her frustration I usually just leave my back as its never on show really (I am not going to think about why I always do my boobs however.......)
                  You can actually get an applicator to apply to the back, the only one that I have seen is a ST Tropez branded one and it approx £10.00.

                  Face ======

                  Less really is more when it comes to using the tan on your face, Squirt some mousse into your hand with some moisturiser before you apply to the face and this will give you a healthy looking glow rather than a deep tan, if you prefer a darker look then you can always apply again the next day to build up the colour as its much easier to add more than take any away.
                  Start from the hair line and work down and this way the tan will not get stuck in any of the fine hairs and will create a smoother look to the tan.
                  I find that it is easier to use my two middle fingers and gently sweep the mouse over the face and down to the neck and blend it into the chest area.
                  For your ears use double the moisturiser to the mousse and just gently sweep your fingers over, this goes for your eyes also as this helps create a really natural glow.

                  Arms and Hands =====

                  Squirt some mousse into your hands and start by gently rubbing the mousse onto your shoulders from the top and then hold your arm up and do underneath the arm pit to blend it all together and then gently stroke the mousse down to just above the wrist, apply a little moisturiser to the inside of the arm and blend with the mousse as you would not normally have a strong colour here with a natural tan.
                  You can now take off one glove and mix some moisturiser and mousse together again make it more moisturiser and gently brush over the hands from the wrists down and then gently pull each finger covering the top and just the side as you don't want to do underneath the fingers.
                  You then need to put the glove back on the hand that you have just applied the mousse to and repeat on the other side.

                  After you have completed applying the mousse I recommend using some talcum powder on certain areas where you perspire as this will stop the tan from becoming streaky, I put a good amount on the crease of my elbows a little further up and down from there as when you bend your arms any moisture will be soaked up by the talc and not make the tan run, I also apply a little behind my knees and as I failed the pencil test quite a while ago! I also apply a little here as well and it really does make a big difference in the appearance of the tan.
                  Obviously you can apply this tan anytime that you want to as it dries in 60 seconds but I always apply it in the evening before going to bed as I personally would not go out with the guide colour on as its not the most flattering shade unless you are going to a fancy dress party as a mud wrestler or a cave woman!.
                  I find that sleeping with the tan on allows it to really develop and although small amount may go onto you duvet and pillows it has always washed straight out on mine even at 30c but you can always just put an old pillowcase on for the nights that you are wearing your tan.
                  I usually wash the tan off in the shower in the morning and all the guide colour comes away easily and leaves you with a streak free colour.

                  Removal ======

                  The tan just wears off gradually over approx 4-5 days if you have not reapplied the mousse since the first application if however you wish to remove the tan for any reason I find that the best way to remove is just to have a really warm bath and use a body scrub and this will remove all traces of the tan.

                  Maintenance =====

                  Its quite easy to maintain your tan and also to refresh it and they way that I do it is to use a really gentle body scrub every 2-3 days and moisturise your body at least once a day and this will both refresh and stop the tan from fading and also from drying out your skin.

                  Conclusion ======

                  I think that this is a great product and I am amazed that more people are not aware of it as it really is just as good as the more expensive brands and I am pleased to say that the saying "You get what you pay for" does not apply to this product.
                  It is very easy to apply and goes on like a dream and although it does dry quick you will have time to blend it in should you make a mistake.
                  The colour is a lovely subtle tan rather than Oompa Loompa! Colour and if you prefer a darker colour that it easy to achieve by re applying the mousse for a 2-3 nights in a row.
                  My skin can at times be quite sensitive but I have had no irritation at all with this mousse and its been incredibly comfortable to wear.
                  The bottle lasts me the same length as the St Tropez one which for me is approx 2 months and I use it on average 3 times a week, although it is worth noting that I do not always cover my whole body every time so the length you get is obviously depending on how much you use but at just £2.99 its really is a fabulous buy.
                  I always buy mine at my local home bargains and they also do the spray bottle now as well as the mousse


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                    11.10.2010 14:20
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    for £2.99 you cant go wrong

                    st.moritz is a great alternative if you cant afford the more expensive brands like st. tropez and its just as good. And in this day and age when were all aware of just how dangerous sun exposure is its absolutely the way forward.

                    applying the tan---- I'd suggest always using a fake tan mit or gloves (hair dying gloves work great) to avoid streaks. Always ex foliate well, moisturise and shave before you apply because if you shave after you can find it will tend to go a bit dark over the pores where the hair grows. It takes a good 4 hours to develop properly and as with a spray tan looks better if you shower afterwards and then apply some more moisturiser. One application is usually enough for a great even tan as long as you make sure that you apply carefully to areas like the inside of the arms as this is were some people miss bits and end up looking patchy or streaky.

                    TOP TIPS----When applying to areas like the knees, around the ankles, the neck in particular and under the armpits it will be a big help if you apply some extra moisturiser to these areas before you apply to stop that orange effect that can sometimes occur.

                    If you end up with orange hands after letting the tan develop over night whilst sleeping then one spray of a cleaning fluid with mild bleach in it and a quick scrub is a great fix and for many beauty therapist's a trick of the trade.

                    £2.99 in all home bargains stores you wont find it cheaper anywhere else and there shelves are always well stocked


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                      23.09.2010 14:35
                      Very helpful



                      Excellent value product, does the job perfectly

                      Like most other nineteen year old girls, I love to have a nice glowing tan, whether it be real or fake. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of going away to a lovely hot country more than around twice a year, and so for the remaining 11 months that I'm in good old rainy England, I have to fake it! I used to be a big fan of sunbeds, until I really became aware of how dangerous they are. I then turned to fake tan...

                      I must say, my experiences with fake tan have been mostly bad (I end up with bright orange skin and dark brown elbows and knees). A friend suggested St Moritz fake tan, and given the comparatively low sale price, I guessed I had nothing to lose.

                      St Moritz fake tan either comes in a mousse or spary form, both of which can be bought either online or in some discount stores (it isn't widely available on the high street, if I'm being honest!)

                      I bought a 150ml bottle of St Moritz fake tan from the Amazon website for £5.64 (including postage and packaging) but the tan can also be bought from e-bay for around £3 plus postage and packaging (the cost of this can vary between various sellers). I have also seen the St Moritz range in Home Bargains for £2.99 and albeit only once, in TK Maxx for £4.99.

                      I cannot speak from experience with regards to the mousse, hence the following information and opinions given is relative only to the St Moritz mist. The fake tan comes in a tall, slim bottles with a translucent cap over the top. The 'St Moritz' logo is printed on the bottle, and instructions for use are listed on the back of the bottle.

                      It is recommended that you exfoliate and moisturise before applying the fake tan. The St Moritz mist should be sprayed onto the body from between 6 and 12 inches away, and rubbed in gently to achieve an even appearance. It should be noted that this is an INSTANT fake tan, but that unlike other instant brands, it does not instantly wash off. The tan develops within the following 4 to 6 hours and hence showering within this time is not recommended. To maintain a tan, you should re apply the product within 5 to 7 days, and if you want to maintain a particularly dark tan, it should be re applied within 3 to 5 days.

                      The first time I used the St Moritz mist, I didn't bother to exfoliate or moisturise. I applied it to my legs and feet, rubbing it in lightly to achieve an even appearance. The tan was evident immediately, and continued to develop over the day and the following night. Despite the fact that I had neither exfoliated nor moisturised, after showering, the tan remained even and a lovely rich golden colour. Admittedly, there were some darker patches on my ankles, knees and toes.

                      However, the next time that I applied the tan, I made a conscious effort to properly exfoliate and moisturise. I was absolutely delighted with the results! I have previosuly used St Tropez fake tan and can honestly say that there was little (even no) difference between the appearance of that and of St Moritz fake tan.

                      I am not usually lucky with other fake tans, and so I wouldn't attribute this even, golden colour to the good condition of my skin. I would definitely recommend exfoliating prior to use though, although I don't think that moisturising is absolutely essential.

                      The one negative of this fake tan is that after application, it leaves your palms very dark in colour. This can be avoided with the use of gloves (although this does sometimes mean that the tan doesn't turn out so evenly!). Therefore my top tip, if you can believe it, is...toothpaste. Rub a little in between your hands and then rinse them clear. It should get rid of any unwanted traces of fake tan on your palms.

                      All in all, an excellent product and highly recommded. An excellent substitute for the more expensive St Tropez.


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