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Peppa Pig 4 Piece Luggage Set

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Type: Kids Luggage

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2010 12:07
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      A good set that can be played with or used for travelling

      A few weeks back it was my nieces birthday, she is into anything pink and girly as well as anything to do with Peppa Pig, sp I set out to find something that fitted this description. Whilst online I came across the Peppa Pig 4 Piece Luggage set, now I knew that she was going on holiday soon with her family and this fitted the description of what she wanted perfectly, it was pink, girly and had Peppa Pig on it, also it was going to be something practical which she could use, I thought she would feel very grown up with her own little suitcase to pull along behind her.

      The luggage set as I have already said consists of 4 separate pieces, a small wheeled bag/ suitcase, a back pack, a trainer/ gym bag and a purse, all of various sizes as I have described below.

      Wheeled bag/ suitcase - The suitcase measures at 40c, x 29cm x 9cm meaning it is the perfect size for a child, this does not include the feet or the pull up handle. The feet on the bottom of the case are ideal for your child to stand the case down and the pull out handle makes pulling the case very easy for a child. On top of the case is also a strap for when your child gets tired or fed up of pulling the case along. Personally I thought this would be perfect for when my niece went on holiday, it is large enough for her to put a few of her belongings or toys in but is not so big that it is going to get in the way when travelling. The material it is made from appears to be very strong and durable, my niece has only had hers a few weeks but she has used it to play holidays so it has had a fair bit of use already and so far seems to be standing up to the test. The case fastens with a zip which goes all the way around the front of the case allowing it to open out as a proper suitcase does. The whole thing is made from a pale pink material, similar to that which back packs are made from (I'm not sure exactly what this is) and it has piping around the edge of the case and the handles, this is in a darker pink than the case itself. There is a round picture on the front of the case depicting Peppa Ping riding a bike with grass and flowers in the background, this seems to be made from a plastic type material. The whole item is very easy to keep clean I have been assured, should anything get spilt on the case it simply wipes off, the strong material means that tougher stains can be scrubbed in order to remove them.

      Back Pack - The Peppa Pig back pack is quite a basic back pack, it has not fancy pockets on the outside or the inside, but would be ideal for a child to take to school with pencil cases or their lunch in. In order to match the suitcase it is made from the same strong and durable pale pink fabric with darker pick piping around the edges. The back pack has 2 straps (on the back obviously) in order to it to fit nicely over the Childs shoulders, and on the front of the back pack is the same Peppa Pig picture to match the suitcase. The measurements are 24cm x 27cm meaning it is not too big for a child to carry but makes it a decent size for them to fit school equipment or lunch in. Being made from the same fabric as the suitcase it is very easy to keep clean which is quite important if it is being used for school. I believe my niece uses hers for school, at that ages they do not have loads of books to carry around but like to feel grown up by having their own bag to take their pencil cases in, the whole thing fastens securely with a zip around the top and sides of the bag. Again hers has had a lot of use and has proved to be very tough and durable.

      Gym/ Trainer Bag - This bag is designed to be used for school PE kits or swimming kits or even to be taken on holiday. This is basically a in the style of a back pack but instead of fastening with a zip it fastens with a draw string, these same draw strings also form the handles of the bags. When opened out full the bag basically 2 rectangles pieces of material put together to form the bag, the fabric this is made from is slightly different compared to the back pack and the suitcase, it feels more of a plastic material which would make it ideal for putting a wet swimming kit in or wet muddy trainers. It is the same light pick colour with the round Peppa Pig picture on the front to match the other 2 pieces of the set. The pale pink colour is probably not the best colour if dirty trainers are going to be stored in the bag, however the material it is made from is extremely easy to keep clean and simply wipes down, both inside and out. The bag although simple in style is very well made and appears to be very durable, the cord handles are also strong and so far have shown no signs of fraying. My niece uses this part of the set for her swimming kit for school and it has been very successful as the material is reasonably waterproof and is also a decent size measuring at 29cm x 38cm ideal for carrying her swimming costume and a small towel.

      Purse - This is the final part of the set, the purse is basically a small round purse made from the same fabric as the suitcase and the back pack, again it is pale pink in colour with darker pink piping around the edge of the purse, this too fastens with a zip around most of the purse meaning it opens out nice and wide. This too has the same Peppa Pig picture on the front of Peppa Pig riding a bike again to match the other 3 parts of the set. I would say that so far this is the part of the set that has had the least use for my niece as she is a bit too young, however she does use it when playing games and is planning to take it on holiday with her with a little bit of spending money in.

      I bought the Peppa Pig 4 Piece Luggage set from Amazon and it only cost me £16.99 which I think is an excellent price, it was daintily well worth the money and has proved to be very popular with my niece as well as very hard wearing and long lasting. I have also seen the same set for sale in various other places online such as Asda, the price does vary a little depending on where you buy it from but from what I have seen all places are selling the set for around about £15 to £16.

      Overall I would definitely recommend this set to anyone who is buying for a child that likes anything pink and girly, I would probably say the set is suitable for children around about 4 to 6 years old. It is something practical that they can use for school or holidays but it will also make them feel grown up to have their very own suitcase that they can pull or their own purse. Although the set has its practical uses my niece also uses parts of hers for various games around the house so it is also something they can have fun with as well. Personally I think you get a lot for your money with this set and it is very hardwearing as well as easy to keep clean which is needed when it comes to children. I was very pleased that I bought this set and would recommend it to anyone.


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      Includes wheeled bag, backpack, gym bag and purse.

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