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Kerrygold Lighter Softer Butter

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Brand: Kerrygold / Type: Margarine

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2009 20:07
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      A low fat version of kerrygold spreadable butter but which isnt as tasty

      I usually buy Kerrygold softer butter because I prefer butter to margarine but I like the fact that you can spread Kerrygold softer straight from the tub. It is the only softer butter I know that doesn't add oil to it to make it softer. On one of my recent shops there was no Kerrygold softer available so I thought I would try the Kerrygold Lighter Softer butter. This butter has a reduced fat content but still comes in the softer format making it easier to spread on your bread and means you don't end up using as much.

      The butter is made to be softer using cream from cows which have been grazing in the summer on the lush green fields in Ireland. This produces cream which is richer in the naturally soft milk fat. The butter is then made even softer during the manufacturing process using a crystallization method. The only added ingredients to the butter are water, salt and milk protein.

      The butter comes in the traditional Kerrygold gold coloured plastic tub with a removable lid and is available in a 250g or 500g tub. The difference between the normal Kerrygold softer and the lighter softer butter is the pale turquoise blue banner which wraps around the tub saying "Lighter Softer Butter, Reduced Fat." You could quite easily mistake this for the ordinary Kerrygold Softer because the labelling is quite subtle.

      The butter is a pale yellow colour which contrasts quite remarkably to the rich gold colour of the full fat version. It looks more like a margarine than a butter which you expect to be much more yellow in colour. It spreads quite easily from the tub and is probably a softer consistency than the full fat Kerrygold butter.

      However where this one falls down is in the taste test which in my mind is the most important part. In losing some of its fat it also loses some of its flavour. It tastes somewhere in between a margarine and a butter. I am a bit disappointed as I love the Kerrygold softer butter as it does taste really creamy. The reduced fat version however lacks that creamy butter taste. It does taste all right but not any better than any of the other margarine/butter substitutes.

      Looking at the nutritional information this is how the reduced fat compares to the Kerrygold softer version.

      Nutritional Information (per 100g)
      Full Fat Reduced Fat
      Energy - 720 kcal 544 kcal
      Fat - 80g 60g
      Protein - 0.4g 0.5g

      Yes the reduced fat does have 20% less fat but it probably has about 50% less taste! If you are on a calorie controlled diet then perhaps you should buy the Kerrygold reduced fat butter. Personally I would rather buy the full fat version and just have it now and again but when I have it really enjoy the taste than to have the reduced fat version and not enjoy the taste as much. I would only buy the reduced fat version again if they didn't have any of the normal Kerrygold softer butter in stock.

      The price for a 250g tub is around £1.08 and for a 500g tub it is £2.09.


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