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Zoggs Spandex Swimming Cap

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Zoggs / Type: Swimming Cap

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    3 Reviews
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      21.10.2013 17:23
      Very helpful



      who needs a swimming cap that isn't waterproof?!

      Over the summer we went on holiday, and as I had misplaced my Slazenger silicone cap, when my sister was going to get herself one I asked her to pick me up a swim hat and she bought me this Zoggs spandex cap.

      It comes in a variety of colours, purple, blue, black, green, blue and red etc but my sister knowing me to be quite girly bought it for me in pink ;-) The design is simple and just has the Zoogs logo on it so is basic looking, and this matches the decently low RRP. The cap is made of a soft and stretchy spandex material, which is apparently 30% more stretchy compared to silicone. Nevertheless, looking at it, it looks nice and doesn't look hideous or garish.

      Looking at it, it seems rather small and the pack says one size fits all but this is relatively hard to believe. However, low and behold it really does stretch and I am able to stretch this swim hat across the circumference of my head and it stays on perfectly. So far so good!

      Unfortunately, the main downside to this hat is it is not waterproof at all. It is made of fabric, so it is not even water resistant and is guaranteed to get my hair wet should it even rain and I am wearing this hat. To be honest, I had to ask my sister why she bought this for me, as it really was my main purpose for getting a swim hat!

      Overall I can't really recommend this swim hat, unless you just want a hat to wear for looking nice as it doesn't do the main benefit of keeping my hair dry. It has now been resigned to my daughters toy cupboard and she usually plays with it on her dolls lol. It can be bought for about £3.50 so it won't break the bank, but sadly it just didn't meet my needs!


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        13.10.2013 15:57
        Very helpful



        Fantastic! I wish these had been around 30-40 years ago!

        This is a review of the Zoggs Spandex Swim Cap.

        We LOVE all of our Zoggs products!

        ~~~ The back story ~~~

        My love of swimming stemmed from regular lessons from the age of four and water activities I experienced growing up in Australia. I have always swam whenever possible. We have a solar-heated pool at home, and a three year old daughter who has been having lessons since she was five months old.

        Our daughter has turned into a fish; she adores being in the pool day and night. She has twice-weekly lessons all year round, with an additional four a week for a month over summer, hence her need for a very comfortable, robust and stylish swim cap to keep her golden locks away from her face!

        This Zoggs swim cap has been in constant use on a weekly (and occasionally daily) basis for nearly twelve months.

        ~~~The product~~~

        Zoggs is an Australian company that produces a variety of swimming-related gear. We have multiple Zoggs items in our home.

        This Delux Stretch Fabric swim cap is widely available; I bought ours in navy blue from Tesco for £5.

        First things first: this swim cap is NOT waterproof. It is designed to keep hair out of swimmers eyes and to improve competitive swimmers' aerodynamic performance.

        The company website explains that this cap has 30% more stretch than silicon caps - I guess this is why it only comes in one size: "one size fits all". It is shaped and sized for a softer and easier fit, and the Spandex fabric ensures the cap is soft as well as stretchy.

        There are several colours available: black, green, navy, pink, red, purple and royal blue.

        ~~~ My experience and thoughts ~~~

        Nearly all swim caps on the market are made from silicon, which doesn't stretch very well and can be both difficult and uncomfortable to get on and to position correctly. These factors are amplified in young children. I therefore did not hold high hopes for this fabric cap.

        I needn't have worried!

        Firstly, Millie can get this cap on and off herself, and position it so that it doesn't cover her eyes and it feels comfortable.

        Secondly, the cap remains in place throughout her 30 minute lesson with little to no readjustment required.

        Thirdly, it is fast drying.

        Finally, after nearly one year's use, the cap still looks and functions as good as when it was first used.

        (I have used the cap several times and can confirm that it certainly is MUCH easier to get on than a silicon cap, and feels so much more comfortable wear.)

        ~~~Care tips ~~~

        This swim cap is very easy to care for and much easier to look after than the old style silicon caps. We simply rinse the cap under the shower to remove the pool chemicals, then use a little shampoo or body wash as a soap and finally rinse it clean. We transport it home in a plastic sandwich bag and hang it out to dry over the nearest available tap, rail or clothes horse.


        Highly recommended!


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          13.11.2012 13:44
          Very helpful



          An excellent quality cap that is easy to pull on and off

          My ten year son has swimming lessons in a private swimming pool attached to a local school. The pool insists that all swimmers wear a swimming cap for hygiene reasons, regardless of how short their hair may be, much to my son's displeasure.

          Initially, my son wore a silicone swimming cap from Zoggs but he found this a real struggle to put on himself and gave him a reason to moan about wearing it on every occasion. I searched for a stretchy alternative and ultimately found this spandex cap also from Zoggs, available from a third party seller on Amazon.

          I paid just over £3 including postage back in March but the prices of these caps seems to fluctuate daily, generally somewhere between £3-£5. Bizarrely, the prices seem to change according to colour choice so the more flexible you're able to be on colouring, the more likely it is to find a bargain. Unfortunately, I don't think my son would have been too impressed with a pink or purple cap but the royal blue one I chose is suitably neutral to appeal to a fashion conscious child without embarrassment. The design of the cap is fairly inoffensive, with a single block of colouring and the familiar Zoggs logo positioned at the front.

          My main reason for purchasing this cap was so that it would be easy for a child to put on and remove after swimming, without needing any adult assistance. The stretchy material that this is made from is absolutely ideal. Containing 80% nylon and 20% spandex, this has loads of stretch and simply pops into place with no effort whatsoever. It is easy to adjust to the correct position with no problems and my son's hair isn't caught up at all, which was something that he experienced with the tighter fitting silicone cap. Once in position, this spandex cap fits securely and has never become loose or slipped forward to distract my son whilst swimming.

          I was a little unsure prior to purchase whether this would be a suitable fit for a ten year old as the cap isn't sold in a junior size. I really needn't have worried as the amount of stretch provided means that the cap adjusts really easily and would be suitable for everybody from very young children, right through to adults. I can easily put this cap on and there is plenty of room to tuck in my long, thick pony tail too, without feeling that my hair is being pulled or restricted. Even my two year old is able to wear this without obstructing his eyes. (His favourite trick is to pull the cap on himself, lay down on the carpet and announce that he is swimming!)

          The only drawback to this design is that the fabric is not at all water resistant, let alone waterproof. This material offers no protection whatsoever to hair and certainly doesn't prevent it from getting wet whilst swimming so this cap would not be suitable for that purpose. It is ideal for situations where a swimming cap is compulsory or for swimmers with longer hair simply needing a cap to keep their hair out of the way neatly.

          Long term care of the cap is pretty straightforward. The care label does indicate that this should only be washed by hand after use but, in all honesty, I tend to stick this straight in the washing machine along with the towel and trunks. Handwashing is all well and good but I find that it isn't enough to remove the strong smell of chlorine left behind after swimming. I usually put this through a 40 degree cotton wash on a high spin, with no ill effects. This has been worn on a weekly basis since March and is showing no signs of any fading, bobbling or misshaping and the side seams are all still secure. Even the Zoggs logo is still firmly intact, despite my blatant disregard for the washing instructions. After rinsing or machine washing, this dries really quickly too as the fabric is thin without being flimsy.

          This backs up my previous experience with the Zoggs brand, having found them to produce excellent quality products that are robust enough to meet the needs of kids undertaking water sports and swimming for pleasure, whilst still offering good value for money.

          For a swimming cap this is relatively expensive but I certainly feel that this is well worth the money, given the high quality of the fabric used. If worn for the sole purpose of covering hair and keeping it out of the way whilst swimming, this is an excellent purchase and a design that even very young children will be able to wear with needing adult help. I'd certainly be happy to purchase this style of cap for my younger children and can recommend them to other parents and adult swimmers.


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