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Brand: Intersnack / Type: Other Vegetables

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    7 Reviews
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      31.08.2011 15:54
      Very helpful



      Lovely! :)

      As a weird fussy eater that pretty much lives on potato based foods I've tried most brands of instant mash. I'm quite happy to sit and eat my way through a plate with simply a huge dollop of mash and gravy as a comfort food or just a quick meal. When my fav brand of instant mash stopped being sold (the Aldi home brand) I tried a few brands including tescos own and smash and found I really disliked them due to all the measuring involved. Then I found Mr Mash being sold at my local Cool trader for a pound. I purchased it and tried it.

      I purchased it because I was looking for a brand to replace an old one and because the box looked good, the image of the food looked tasty and it told me that the flakes were already put into servings. It looked like it was what I was looking for.

      So, Mr Mash is made from 99% real potatoes. What the 1% is isn't very clearly stated. The potatoes are scrubbed and peeled before flaked and steam cooked. Mr Mash instant potato flakes are gluten free! Below are the nutrition values as copied from the box.

      Nutrient per 100g (prepared with water) per 142g (serving prepared with water)
      Energy 69kCal 98kCal
      Energy 292kJ 415kJ
      Protein 1.5g 2.1g
      Carbohydrate 14.8g 21.0g
      of which sugars 0.6g 0.8g
      Fat 0.4g 0.6g
      of which saturates 0.2g 0.3g
      Fibre 0.9g 1.3g
      Sodium Trace Trace
      Salt Equivalent 0.1g 0.2g

      Preparing the mash couldn't be easier, boil the kettle, pour the water into a measuring jug to amount suggested for your amount of servings, pour in a bowl. Open the packaging and pour in the flakes, stirring until it looks like mash! I always add a nob of butter just to make it that bit creamier and yummy and add your preferred amount of salt. Voila!

      It tastes really great, just like mash is supposed to and it really warms you up on a cold day. I'd place this ahead of Tesco's own brand, aldi's own brand and smash. It really tastes gorgeous and I love it! I recommend it to all instant mash lovers. Try it for yourself. You can buy it from ASDA at £1.14 but if you look round freezer shops like Cool Trader, you're sure to find it cheaper!


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        07.08.2011 15:55
        Very helpful



        A cheap and quick way to make mashed potatoes

        I have been buying Mr Mash for years. It was my sister who first recommended it to me many years ago when her children were small. Prior to my buying this I used to buy Smash Mash or store brand mash but its always Mr Mash I buy now. It isn't purely for its taste; it is also for its cost; you can buy it really cheap at Iceland; only around £1.00.

        Mr Mash is made from '99% real Potato' and it tastes really good.

        Mr Mash has No artificial flavours, colours, no added Salt; it is low in fat, Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

        In the large box I always buy it states you get 15 Servings. I would probably agree with this. Of course it all depends how much mashed Potatoes you want! The Potato powder/flakes come in foil packets and is incredibly convenient and quick to make. In all honesty I will say that in my view its not as nice as home made mash! But it's the closest thing to it. This is ideal for busy mums (or dads) trying to juggle Home and work life. The product can be microwaved if you prefer; although I always just use Water from the Kettle. According to the instructions; you should pour ¾ pint of boling water into a bowl; then add ¼ Pint of cold Milk and a 'flat teaspoon of salt'; You should then sprinkle on the contents of one packet of Mr Mash; wait a minute or two for the contents to be absorbed, stir and then add a little butter and stir again. The Box also provides you with information regarding making just two portions of Mash.

        Personally; I make it the following way. I pour some boiling water into a Bowl; then add as much instant mash I feel necessary (depending on how many people are eating); in between I add butter and I also often add cheese. My daughter and myself love Cheesy Mash so we have this quite often. Its basically common sense or fairly easy to estimate how much of the instant mix you will need etc/how much water. You just then make it to whatever consistency you like. I don't like runny Mash at all so mine tends to come out quite fluffy. Personally I do not add Milk; in my view, im happy just adding Butter. However, for those who want a more milky/creamy taste, they may prefer it with added Milk, although I don't think this is necessary.

        Potatoes 99%
        Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides of fatty acids)
        Stabiliser (Disodium Diphosphate)
        Antioxidant (Ascorbyl palmitate)
        Extract of Spices


        Per 142 g serving; 98kcals

        Mr Mash is a good product and incredibly good value for money; highly recommend.


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          03.04.2010 15:30
          Very helpful



          worth having in store

          I wouldn't have dreamed of using instant mash as I well remember when it was first introduced & it was really nasty. However, with hubby working most evenings & both my daughters away from home, I found myself splashing out 29p for a box of Mr Mash the other day as I needed some comfort food.

          I found it in QualitySave & it says on the box that it contains 5 servings but I would say rather that it would be enough for 2 -3 which is a couple of tablespoons each.

          There's nothing like home-made mash but it can be time-consuming & then there's the inconvenience of washing up so, as I was cooking just for me I decided this was a great price as it states it contains 99% real potato.

          It also tells me the following -
          - suitable for vegetarians & gluten free
          - no artificial colours/ flavourings
          - no added salt
          - low in fat

          Plus all the ingredients are listed as well as cooking guidelines using just boiling water or using the microwave. It can be reconstituted in a matter of minutes so would could be made almost last-minute before serving up a meal.

          The tiny flakes don't look too appetising - rather yellow & finer than I'd remembered - but once water, a little milk, a dash of salt & (for me) a small knob of Lurpak & a generous amount of black pepper, I have to say it was rather nice.

          The colour paled from yellow to white & looked much more appealing. I found it to be quite smooth & creamy & there weren't any lumps.
          I'm not sure I'd have enjoyed it as much if I'd had something without a sauce though as it may taste a little dry, but it went down well with some lamb casserole + veg.

          When I use the rest of the packet I'll make sure I stir it more because I found bits of dry mash at the bottom of my bowl but I can't blame Mr Mash for this as I was in a hurry!

          There's a nice recipe on the back of the box for Megasaurus Mouse & the preparation guidelines are given both in writing & pictures so I'm sure children would like making up this instant mashed potato (with supervision) as it doesn't take too long to prepare.

          - nowhere near as nice as home-made mash but a heckofalot quicker to make.
          - great price considering the price of potatoes.
          - nice taste & texture.
          - great to have in stock.


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            03.04.2010 12:55
            Very helpful



            I wont be dumping my spuds just yet but this is actually ok!

            I visited my daughters last week and was horrified to see her serving up mash potatoes from sachets to my grandkids, I hate all this packet food and much prefer to make everything from scratch but she assured me that this stuff was good and not just easy and she too was having it.

            I was having a very simple salad so no packet mash for me but my daughter did invite me to try a forkful in order to show me that it tasted nice and I have to admit it was actually ok much to my shock.

            The packet mash in question is called Mr Mash and it can be purchased from Farmfoods for only £1 per box and in each box you get three sachets which each make 5 servings so there is 15 servings in total for only one pound.

            What did make me feel better about this stuff is that on the box it tells you that it is made from 99% real potato and it contains no artificial colours, flavours or added salt.

            To make this stuff you simply add water, you can add butter or milk to taste but it is not needed, you can either add boiling water to the mash flakes or you can add cold water to them and then microwave, my daughter assures me that it is better to add boiling water than to microwave.

            The taste of this mash was just like a typical mash potato except it had a bit of a creamier texture to it and there was a somewhat sweetness to it that I would have preferred it not to have but for something I had thought I would hate, I have to admit it was quite nice.

            NUTRITIONAL INFO (per 142g serving)

            Calories - 98
            Sugars - 0.8g
            Fat - 0.6g
            Salt equivalent - 0.2g


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            02.04.2010 23:18
            Very helpful



            A great quick and easy way to make your mash!

            After recently giving birth to my second child I get very tried very easily. Come half 5 in the evening I'm ready to be going to bed myself. But I've still got a long evening ahead of me. Needing to prepare dinner for my 2 year old I really have no chance to put my feet up and watch a little bit of TV.
            I usually purchase smash, which overall is the best instant mash about. But after popping into my local Asda I found then that they had Mr. Mash on offer instead. Priced at only £1 for 3 sachets which makes up to 15 servings but when you've only got one little mouth to feed I find they go slightly further.

            Mr. Mash is a great convenient way to make a quick easy dinner for my daughter. Chicken dippers, Veg and mash always goes down a treat and only takes minimum amount of time to make.

            Mr. Mash tastes great and is very easy to make. In 5 quick as easy steps you can also have great tasting mash.
            - Pour a third of a pint of boiling water into a jug.
            - Then top up to a pint with milk. (They do state to add in some salt but I prefer not to)
            - Mix in the Mr. Mash powder.
            - Let the mash absorb the mixture and then gently stir. (If you like it runnier, then add in a little more milk to give it a runnier and creamier taste.)
            - Then add in a small amount of butter for extra taste. (I also like to add in a small amount of pepper for extra taste.
            We also like to add in a small amount of grated cheese every now and then to make a cheesy mash potato.

            It has a lovely creamy smooth texture and when mixed properly you are left with no taste of the fine powder. It doesn't leave a nasty taste in your mouth and doesn't taste full of salt as I have found with own branded instant mash.

            The box I purchased included 3 sachets, which have lasted quite a while as I use them to make quick and easy meals after a long day and I physically don't have the energy to make it properly.

            The mash sachets come in a box which is recyclable. On the reverse of the box is a recipe which gives you a great cooking idea if you're struggling to know what to have with your mash. The box I currently have has a recipe idea for megasaurus mouse which will cater for up to 4 people. This is a fun way for your children to eat good food. It basically uses the whole packet of mash with sausages placed sticking out of the mash, served with peas and carrots to create a face on the front.

            Mr. Mash contains 99% real potato and is low in fat. It's also suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free. It also contains no artificial colours, flavours or added salt unless you add it in yourself.
            Overall nothing will beat the greatness of a perfect baked potato mashed up drizzled with butter, but this is a great easy way to make a competitive mash.


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            09.11.2009 10:21
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Worth keeping a box in the cupboard for a quick snack or if in a rush!

            Well what a great weekend I had, went to Asda haven't been there for months and months. Great bargains to be had, then on Sunday over to Morrisons for my usual shopping trip. Had to be quick as we were having my Son and his girlfriend over for dinner YIPPEE!

            Why so excited, I don't seem to be in much demand for cooking these day's, as with two sons having left for Uni (other son then settled up in Warwick after going to Warwick Uni!) other son lives with girlfriend, one veggie daughter and another son that prefers to eat pizza's, burgers, and general junk (apart from fish that is!). So I don't often get the chance to cook a proper roast dinner. So lovely roast chicken and all the works were on the menu this day!.

            Now getting back to what I'm here for while rushing around in Morrisons, I spotted this Mr Mash being on special offer 59p B.O.G.O.F. so grabbed some for son in Uni, as he just seems to eat pasta or rice whenever I talk to him.

            Now I have never been a great lover of these dried potato products, but on having tried this in the past it isn't too bad.

            We all know that SMASH is probaly the most popular one especially after their great commercials with the space aliens in! but this comes a very good second to the best.

            Mr Mash comes in a green cardboard box that contains one 120g sachet of dried potato flakes, it couldn't be easier to make as all you have to do is;

            1. Pour boiling water into bowl
            2. Add some cold milk
            3. Sprinkle on sachet
            4. Wait a few seconds
            5. Stir

            So hey presto instant mash in seconds, but I have to say this tastes alright depening on how you like your mash, but none of the instant mash's can ever replace the real thing!

            Now we tend to have this when we are on holiday and Hubby likes to have his really runny YUK! can't stand to make it like this as it is more like a thick soup. When I have some it has to be very thick with lots of grated cheese in as I don't like the taste of this on it's own.

            On the back of the boxes I have there are recipes on how to serve this in a different way ( much the same as I have mine!). One is to add cheese and chopped ham which comes under the title of "Stringy Cheese and Ham Mash" and the other is"One Pan Brunch Mash. This is bacon and mushrooms cooked and chopped and stirred into the mash topped with a fried egg and some grilled tomatoes.

            You can also make this mash in the microwave, I can't see why you would want to cook it this way when all you have to do is boil the kettle and pour over!!

            The box recommends that this is a 5 serving box, which I would not agree with this as I would think it is just enough for 2 servings. So I will give you the nutritional values on a 100g serving;

            ~~~Calories 69~~~
            ~~~Protein 1.5g~~~
            ~~~Carbs 14.8g~~~
            ~~~of which sugars 0.6g~~~
            ~~~Fat 0.4g~~~
            ~~~of which sats 0.2g~~~
            ~~~Dietary Fibre 0.9g~~~
            ~~~Sodium 0.05g~~~
            ~~~Equiv salt 0.1g~~~

            There are no artificial colours, flavours or added salt. It is low in fat and gluten free, also suitable for vegetarians. Not something I would have on a regular basis, but might come in handy for son at Uni instead of pasta and rice all the time!!

            I'll give this 4 stars as it is a great standby, but could never replace the real thing!


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              24.09.2009 11:39
              Very helpful



              A lovely tasty mash that's so simple to make!

              I eat so different to my twin boys but I am trying to vary their meals too so I popped into Iceland the other day to stock up on things for them. I spotted a box of Mr Mash for £1 and thought it would be perfect for them. They are 22 months old now so can eat chunky solid foods fine but now and then I like to give them a food they don't have to chew and munch on, instead they can comfortably use their spoons, or 'poons' and experiment with flavours and enjoy their meals by just swallowing. I actually used this quite alot when weaning them both onto 'our' foods as it was so easy for them to swallow, one box of three sachets lasted me weeks as only a little was needed at a time.

              Mr.Mash comes in a green cardboard box with a bowl of mash on the front. It clearly says Mr.Mash in bright yellow at the top of the box as well as 99% real potato, quick and easy, deliciously smooth instant mash.

              We are also told on the box that Mr.Mash contains;
              No artitficial colours, flavours or added salt.
              It's low in fat
              Gluten Free
              Suitable for vegetarians and
              One box is 15 servings.

              A 142g serving contains;
              98 calories
              0.8g sugars
              0.6g fat
              0.3g saturates
              0.2g salt equiv

              One 120g sachet makes approximately 710g abot 5 servings.

              Preperation instructions are provided around the box as well as a recipe for cow boy hash.

              To make a bowl of Mr.Mash you simply add water - you can then add milk and butter and season if you like. You can either use boiling water and mix it in to make the mash instantly, or cold water and microwave it to heat it up.

              I usually cut open a corner of the sachet as I know I won't use it all in one go and I pour out a fair amount of Mr.Mash mix, which is just yellow flakes really. I then gradually pour in the boiling water and stir simultaneously until I'm happy with the thickness and that there are no lumps.

              I have to admit after a bad expereience with a mashed potato like this years ago I'm very impressed with this. By bad experience I mean it all looked good and well in the dish until it came to swallowing and I had dry lumps of potato scattered throughout. Mr.Mash however I find always results in a thick, smooth and creamy mashed potato and with my own seasoning and personal touches creates a filling and tasty meal. Although when first pouring out the flakes it doesn't look like you will have alot they do puff up and create a fluffy, thick potato. More flakes can be added if you feel you havn't made enough up and again more drops of water. It is so easy to make, making it a quick and convenient meal for anybody.

              It goes with so many things including beans, sausages and gravy which is what I tend to use it with most. I find it a very tasty mashed potato and a box of three sachets lasts quite a while too as a little of the flakes goes along way in creating a fluffy, puffy, smooth bowl of mash!


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