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Morrisons Chick Peas In Water

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Peas

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    3 Reviews
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      23.03.2012 06:14
      Very helpful



      A very good buy from Morrisons once again!

      We all have foods I guess that we buy weekly! I once lived with an avid Vegetarian and although I didn't become one myself I did learn alot about different foods and what I liked and disliked (yes I'm looking at you polenta lol!).

      One thing I do love is chickpeas. I like to add them to stews, curries allsorts and yep I buy a can at least weekly. Not only do I think they taste great but they also bulk out meals I create and in a healthy way as chickpeas are known to be low in saturated fat and very low in cholestarol and sodium whilst being a very good source of fibre, protein and copper, folate an magnese! I eat them not only cos I love the taste of them but also because they are a way of me healthy eating as well!

      The Morrisons ones come in a basic looking white coloured can now since there labelling on their budget range is less garish and they cost 68p for a 410g can. On that can of course we are told that they are plainly and information such as ingredients and nutritonal information as well as cooking instructions are given and so on.

      The Chickpeas:

      These chickpeas are absoloutely great. Anyone who knows about chickpeas will know that dried you have to let them soak overnight and so on and me, well I can't be bothered with all that faffing about to be honest. These are small white peas, hard and smooth in texture small and in water and all you have to do with them is pop the whole of the contents of the can into a saucepan and heat them gently for a few minutes and then to serve them just drain the water off. Me though I always add mine to dishes as I explained earlier so like I say I make a curry up and add a sauce thats when I add these and let them cook with the rest of it gently for a while as I don't want to be eating chickpeas on there own afterall!

      These are great! They are a nice size, have a nice texture to them not being too mushy or anything and when cooking with them they stay firm and true and within dishes they even soak up other flavours which is great. These are not salty or sweet and not once do I found them to lose their outer shell which can look unsightly as well as the skin being a bit plasticky!

      All in all for the price I think they are excellent and easy and ready to use, just heat and serve and your done. I can use less of other ingredients and use this to bulk out a meal and I love em so well done Morrisons!

      Only available in Morrisons stores.


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        09.01.2010 14:30
        Very helpful
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        A great and quick alternative to buying dried chickpeas

        Chickpeas are chickpeas, wherever you uy them, right? Wrong! Just like baked beans, the way they have been prepared makes a huge difference to the texture of the product. And in the case of chickpeas, price has nothing to do with the quality of the product. I've paid over £1 for one can, and I've bought 5 for £1 in my local Asian supermarket and the cheaper were a better tecture.

        So, on to Morrison's chickpeas! I was lucky enough to buy them on offer at 2 for £1, but I think the price is usually 68p per 420g can. I buy the ones with no added salt, because depending what I'm cooking I like to add my own, or not. They have are the Desi variety and have a firm consistency, compared to the wallpaper paste consistency of some other brands. This is great when using in a curry as the soft ones will over cook very quickly.

        Chickpeas are a vegetable that has been used for over seven thousand years and are high in protein. When dried they have a long soaking time and a long cooking time which is why I use canned a lot. They can be used in may ways, making them very versatile. The dried peas can be ground into flour known as Gram flour and this is the base for onion bhajis and other Asian foods. Prepared peas can be blended and added to tahini and other ingredients to make Houmous, one of my favourite foods. Fresh Houmous is better than any shop bought and if you have a blender it takes under a minute to blend it together.

        Curried chickpeas are amazing. I fry off some onions and garlic, add ground coriander, cumin, garam masala and basar and throw i a can of tomatoes. I fry that altogether until the tomotoes and onions start to make a thick sauce and then add two cans of drained chickpeas, fresh spinach and fresh coriander. Once in, they take three to four minutes to heat through, I serve it on rice with natural yogurt. Very tasy, and because it is meat-free it is so quick and easy to cook. We had this last night, fed three of us and my daughter and I have eaten it again for lunch today. So a little goes a long way - it's very filling.

        If you drain the chickpeas, then line a seive with a piece of good kitchen towel and put the chickpeas in it, roll them around to dry them, they are ready to make a tasty snack. In a bowl, put half a tsp each of chilli powder and dried coriander, toss the chickpeas in and then roast in a hot oven for 5-10 minutes until dry and hard, you have a gorgeous snack for the evening which is high in protein, zinc and fibre and very tasty too. Experiment with them and you'll find out whether half a tsp of chilli is too much or too little for you!

        My daughter makes a great rice dish mixed with chickpeas. She's a reviewer too though so I'll leave her to let you know about that!

        All in all chickpeas are tasty, excellent for the vegetarians among you and versatile.


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          14.07.2009 23:45
          Very helpful



          At long last, someone has produced a single-serving can of chick peas!

          PRICE: 49p for 215g (undrained weight)

          NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g, drained):

          Calories: 119
          Kj: 503
          Protein: 7.2g
          Carbohydrates: 16.1g
          (of which sugars): 0.4g
          Fat: 2.9g
          (of which saturates): 0.3g
          Fibre: 4.1g
          Sodium & salt equivalent: Trace


          Chick peas (which contain sulphate), water


          Contains sulphate
          3 heaped teaspoonsful counts as one of your five a day portions
          Suitable for vegetarians & vegans


          Morrisons Chick Peas In Water come in a largely brown tin, with an image of lots of chick peas on the front. The back of the can shows nutritional information, ingredients, dietary/allergy advice, cooking/storage instructions and Morrisons' contact details.

          Chick peas are something which I love, especially in my home-made curry, but I rarely have bought or used them much in the past, as firstly I find dried chick peas (despite intensive soaking and cooking) too hard for my liking, and secondly as I only like to use a few, a whole can is far too much for me and I end up throwing the remainder away.

          Very recently, I noticed that Morrisons sell small cans of chick peas, containing exactly the right amount I like to use in my curries, so I bought some.

          The can has a ring-pull function, and inside, is packed tightly with nice pale brown coloured chick peas in a little salted water. There is no noticeable smell which emanates from the chick peas, which I found good as some brands smell earthy/musky which can sometimes put me off.

          On draining the peas, I gave them a wash (as recommended on the tin) to remove the slight sliminess, and those funny little bubbles which form in the liquid.

          Once rinsed and drained, the chick peas are ready for use. I simply tipped them into my vegetable curry which was bubbling away on the top of the cooker, gave a stir, and let them heat through - I waited about 20 minutes before eating.

          On serving the curry, the chick peas had kept their shape and not gone mushy, and they looked attractive mixed with the other vegetables. I was hoping they wouldn't be too hard, bearing in mind that they'd remained whole and none of the husks had become detached.

          Settling to sample how my curry had come out with these never-tried-before chick peas, I took a mouthful and was pleased that they were nice and tender, with a good, beany sort of flavour....very easy to chew, and very pleasing to my occasionally discerning palate. The curry sauce coated them nicely, and I just sat and scoffed, and scoffed, clearing my plate in almost no time.

          Delighted that I found just the right portion of nice, soft, tender and tasty chick peas in a small enough can for a single serving, I vowed to always buy them in future from Morrisons.

          I definitely recommend Morrisons' Chick Peas, especially if you live alone and don't like to eat them every day - it's brilliant having a much smaller can of them, and I'm amazed that no other manufacturer has considered doing this before. They taste nice, and don't have that horrible earthy flavour present in some other brands of chick peas - and there is no wastage at all.

          I will buying these again and again and again, stockpiling just in case Morrisons cease making them, to the point where I may even have to buy a new property just to store them

          Well done Morrisons, and thanks everyone for reading!


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