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Heinz Baked Beans

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    126 Reviews
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      15.12.2013 07:24
      1 Comment



      A tried and trusted favourite that always tastes great

      When I see the familiar turquoise, black and white label, I know that I'm getting quality. Yes, I buy other brands now and then when it gets towards the 30th or 31st of the month (we've all been there) but this is my favourite and the company has been around for a long time, since 1886, in fact.

      The can has 13.7 oz / 385g of baked beans with tomato sauce. It's got a ringpull top (which saves having to hunt for a tin opener or having to knock on my neighbour's door) which works well, just pull up in one, firm go! The price varies according to the supermarket but tends to be around the 75p mark in places like Asda.

      The beans are nice and firm and the tomato sauce is lovely. You can just tell it's Heinz. It's great for lunch - you can't beat a plate of beans on sauce with a little bit of butter melted on the top. Quality product from a trusted name.


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        12.06.2013 04:42
        Very helpful
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        A lot have copied, but you can't beat the original bean

        =Heinz Beans=

        I am sure that Heinz Beans have been a staple item in many a cupboard over the decades.

        Although Heinz Beans come in a variety of forms, from the traditional tin, the individual microwave pots, and the large fridge pack.

        Regardless of the form, the labelling is the same, the turquoise green, the square shape with a black background, which contains a picture of the beans and the words "Heinz Beanz" which is printed in white text, followed by the words "baked beans in a deliciously rich tomato sauce" which are displayed in yellow, plus that beans is one of our 5 a day.

        =Based on a Can=
        On the back of the can there is the ingredients, the nutritional information, cooking instructions, all this information is clearly laid out, easy to ready, and all the information you may need, including the contact details for Heinz.


        1, Empty the contents into a clean saucepan
        2, Using a wooden or plastic spoon stir the beans prior to heating.
        3, Cook over a low heat, until the beans and sauce are gently bubbling
        4. When the colour turns to a deep red, the beans are ready
        5. Stir to ensure an even distribution,


        =Microwave - This is based on a 850 W microwave

        1. Empty the contents into a plastic microwavable container
        2. Stir before cooking
        3. I cover mine with a piece of kitchen paper (this saves cleaning a splashed interior of a microwave.
        4. Heat for 1 1/2 minutes
        5. Remove, stir, re cover
        6. reheat for 1 minute
        7. Stir before serving

        - Times may vary depending on the quantity of beans, and your microwave wattage.

        =The Beans and Sauce=
        The sauce that comes with the beans is a tomato based sauce. The sauce is rich, but not over powering, there seems to be enough sauce for the beans, without being over powering.

        =Baked Beans=
        Baked beans are so versatile, whether you have beans on toast, an accomplaiMt to potatoes, chips, waffles, whether they are for adults or children.

        =One of your five a day=
        A half size of a standard tin, provides 1 of your 5 a day.

        =Store in Fridge=
        If you open a can of beans, and find that you have too many, the remainder can be put in a plastic, sealable container and stored in the fridge, I find that they store perfectly for a couple of days.

        =Nutritional Information=
        A 415gram tin contains 328 kcal (1/8th of an average mans allowance, 2,500 kcal, and 1/6th of a average woman's allowance 2,000 kcal)]

        -Additional Information-
        19.4g protein
        0.8g fat
        53.4g carbs

        Gluten Free
        Suitable for vegetarians

        =Price and Availability=
        Heinz beans are available from many retailers and prices can vary widely, on average a 4 pack of 415g tins cost £2.60

        There have been many competitors to the Heinz baked bean, from Supermarket own brands, other retailers such as Branston Beans,

        =For Me=
        There is only one set of baked beans that I will eat and that is Heinz beans, there is nothing to beat them.

        When I use to stay at one hotel in Tunisia, I was friends with the Rep from the tour company, I use to being out some tins of Baked beans

        I have found a restaurant in Tunisia, that serves Heinz baked beans, (the owner has people that bring beans out to her), and although I love being All Inclusive in the hotel just to get out and have a Jacket potato with Heinz beans, was sheer luxury.

        =Would I recommend=
        Yes, I would highly recommend, the baked beans are so versatile and can be used in most dishes.

        =One of my recopies=

        =Sausage and Tomato Casserole= (serves 4-6)

        1lb Sausages
        1 Pepper - chopped and deseeded (can be any colour)
        2 Tins Chopped Tomato's
        1 large Tin Baked beans
        1 Onion - finely chopped

        1. Grill sausages (or fry) to they are brown and almost cooked through.
        2. Drain any excess fat off and put sausages in large casserole dish
        3. fry onions till golden - add to sausages
        4. Pour in tomato's and baked beans
        5. Cook Gas 5, 160C for 1 hour

        You can also put this into a slow cooker and leave for about 6 hours.


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          04.06.2013 09:03
          Very helpful



          No has bean

          Only to be read after the 9.00 pm watershed.

          xxxx-Back Story-xxxx

          To help you to understand where I'm coming from, I must explain that as a teenager I was exposed to a scene of lust and lasciviousness that would have made Caligula blush.

          In the film in question, a woman of ample proportions lay in a bath while she was covered all over in baked Beans, which her male accomplice then proceeded to consume. Can you imagine the traumatising effect this had on a sensitive young mind? Baked beans, but most especially Heinz beans, had been a staple food of my childhood. Beanz do mean Heinz. Always have. Always will. And this is why for some reason I assumed, in my naive and impressionable way, that these were Heinz beans

          Since then and until a few days ago I had rarely if ever eaten Heinz beans as a consenting adult. I can't swear that the occasional fried breakfast hadn't been spiked with them; and of course in my wild and reckless youth I experimented with all sorts of things, but in moderation and only on Saturday nights, you understand.

          The thought of that rich sauce oozing across her body and those beans slipping into every imaginable crevice (and some unimaginable ones as well, no doubt) was more than enough to put me off them. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is what you get when you combine a vivid imagination with a strict Methodist upbringing.

          xxxx-The Sauce Thickens-xxxx

          However, the other day I saw four-packs of Heinz Beans on sale at two for £2.50. Any members of the yellow sticker brigade out there, or indeed bargain hunters of any hue, will know that is a remarkable price for Heinz Beans at 31.25p per 415 gm can.

          I was faced with a dilemma - the kind that would have made a jolly good medieval morality play. Here were Lust and Greed, in the form of a supermarket 2 for 1 offer, ganging up on Charity and Chastity in all their innocence (me).

          Greed and Lust won, of course. Besides, I told myself that it was about time I had some excitement in my life.

          The girl at the checkout looked at me oddly. I told her I was buying them for a friend and she looked at me still more oddly. I double bagged them and left hurriedly, turning up my collar to hide my face.

          xxxx-The Climax-xxxx

          Once I got them home I locked the door and took one of the cans out of its tight, clinging plastic wrap that accentuated its firm roundness.

          I was impressed to find that these beans were low in sugar, low in fat, high in fibre (moral, I hoped) and had no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. So clearly these were virtuous beans, after all. And actually, beans constituted only 51% of the contents of the can. We were only a smidgen away from a breach of some Descriptions Act or other. Two percent less beans and it should have said : " Heinz Deliciously Rich Tomato Sauce with some beans in it".

          Slipping the beans out of the can was a cinch. The ring pull makes such a difference and I have known trickier zips. I doubt I'll ever be required to open a can of beans behind a woman's back, but if the situation arises I've got it covered.

          The beans slid into the saucepan and I began to get them warmed up; gently at first but then more vigorously, yet taking care not to bring them to the boil.

          I deliberated over how I should eat them. With a sausage? That just seemed wrong. With a couple of fried eggs? Nightmarish images flashed before my eyes again. In the end I decided on toast. Good old, dependable toast. No butter, naturally.

          They were delicious. How could I have doubted? It hadn't been the fault of the beans. They were just as much a victim of the whole sordid affair as I had been. Beans are intrinsically good, even if they do give you flatulence, and Heinz beans are even better.

          xxxx-Apres Bean-xxxx

          I don't smoke so I was unable to enjoy a postprandial cigarette. However, I took the baked bean can gently in my hands and looked at it lovingly.

          Was it the beans (51%) themselves, the tomatoes (34%), the water, sugar, modified corn flour, spirit vinegar, salt, spice extracts or herb extract that had made these beans such a tasty dish? Maybe I shall never know.

          Yes, it was "good to know" that they were gluten free and suitable for vegetarians; and that just one quarter of a can was equal to one of my five a day; and that the metal could be recycled. The important thing was that a deep wound had been healed and I had been reunited with a childhood sweetheart.

          So what if there were 79 Kcal per 100 gms? The Karma Sutra might have more varieties, but Heinz have the one that matters.


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            27.05.2013 05:15
            Very helpful



            A delicious, rich tomatoy tasting baked beans that taste the "cleanest" of all the baked bean brands

            Heinz Beans

            ~~~ Packaging ~~~

            Heinz comes in a turquoise green can with a part of the front of the can being a square like shape with a black background on which a picture of the beans are shown and the words "Heinz Beanz" are printed in white text below which the words "Baked beans in a deliciously rich tomato sauce" are displayed in yellow. It tells us that it's one of our five a day which is handy to know.

            Round the back we have the ingredients, nutritional information and cooking instructions which are clearly laid out and easy to read, although I feel the text could be a little bigger. It also has their phone and contact details which are useful as not every product includes this and means you can complain or compliment them on their product if things go very wrong, or if you just like the product. Not all companies provide the contact information on their product.

            ~~~ Cooking Instructions ~~~

            You can either Heat it on a hob or in a microwave; the instructions for each are given below.


            * Empty Contents into a clean saucepan
            * Get a wooden or plastic spoon and stir the beans prior to heating
            * Turn on at a low heat, you want it such that the beans have steam coming off them
            * You want very gentle bubbling
            * The product starts of a deep red colour when it is not ready and turns lighter until it reaches vibrant red when ready
            * Stir throughout heating

            Microwave (850w instructions)

            * Cook in a Perspex container
            * Stir before heating for 1.5 minutes
            * Stir again, reheat for a further min
            * Heat for slightly longer in lower powered microwave oven (Our Microwave oven is 750 watts)

            Typically it takes me around 6 minutes to cook the beans in a pan and around 4 minutes to cook in a microwave though the pan lets me cook faster or slower as required depending on what I eat my meal with.

            ~~~ Appearance, Taste, Texture ~~~

            When uncooked the beans are a dark red colour, when cooked they change to a brighter more appealing warm red colour. They smell quite like a tomato soup, which is no surprise as they contain a lot of tomato sauce.
            The tomato sauce is very rich and pure tasting, it has a distinctively "Heinz" flavour similar to their soup and tomato ketchup range, which I find refreshing and unrivalled by other brands which either taste bland, dirty or just lacking in some intangible quality relative to Heinz. What I like is that the tomato sauce is very rich but not sour or too sweet unlike other beans (as I find cold tomatoes either sour or sweet and other brands tend to taste like this when cooked), there is a slight sweetness about Heinz Baked Beans but this is nice and very much different from the taste of a cold tomato (which I am not too keen on).

            The texture is softer than a lot of other beans and the beans blend into the mix of the sauce a lot more than say Branston, the other brands of beans are largely a little chewy and even dry due to the sauce not being as creamy or thick but these beans are easy to bite and accompany a meal very well, they have more sauce than a lot of other brands which is something I personally like.

            ~~~ Versatility ~~~

            The great thing about baked beans is they can be an accompaniment to potatoes, waffles, fish fingers, Mexican bean burgers or fish, or a combination of the above at the same time! Indeed I often eat them with fish fingers and potatoes one night and a waffles and a piece of fresh salmon another night. Finally, I'd say another great meals utilizing beans, that takes little time to prepare, is beans on toast. These beans by Heinz work the best as far as I am concerned due to their extra sauce that makes this meal particularly delicious.

            Heinz beans can also be handily stored in a plastic container and placed in the fridge whilst you are not using them which is quite handy as the whole can need not be eaten in one sitting but refrigerated provided you have not heated up the whole can. I usually put half a can in and if I need more put in another quarter etc. I usually leave at least ¼ of the can in the fridge to be used the next time I eat.

            ~~~ Nutritional information and Allergy Advice ~~~

            A full 415g can (which I will sometimes eat, though not often) contains 328 kcal of energy which is around a 1/8th of an average man's RDA (2500Kcal) and around a 1/6th of a women's RDA (2000Kcal) which is probably what my individualized RDA is closer to. It contains 19.4 g of protein (a great amount), 0.8g of fat (Very low and a protein to fat ratio far higher than 1 which is great for fullness and health) and 53.4 g of carbs (not exceptionally high or low for such a big portion size). It only contains trace amount of saturated fats which means overall its great from a health perspective the only threat it offers is too much carbs but you would need a diet rather unbalanced towards pasta, cereal and bread with very little veggies, meat, fish or quorn for the carbs in this product to become fattening. It's one of the few products that I think it's possible to say; yes under more circumstances than not this product is good for health.

            It tells us that this product is gluten free which is great news for those intolerant to gluten and that its suitable for vegetarians which is again useful information for the consumer, one thing I feel it could make clearer is if it contains mustard power or derivatives, or if it was cooked in a factory processing peanuts as mustard and peanut allergies can be quite serious to people relative to say lactose intolerance. I would assume naturally that it would not contain these things or be processed in a factory using these things but it does not explicitly say it wasn't prepared in a factory where mustard or peanuts where handled.

            ~~~ Cost ~~~

            I paid £2.60 for a four pack in Tesco's; compared to a four pack of Branson's which was also £2.60 in my local Tesco's its comparable however the Tesco's Own Brand beans where only £1.70 making it 90 p cheaper for a 4 pack of beans this is £7.20 less a week (as it takes 8 cans to last a week in my home).

            ~~~ Would I recommend ~~~?

            Yes for me personally the extra taste relative to all other baked bean brands makes them worth paying a little extra as the taste generally makes up for it. However sometimes it will be appropriate for a consumer to use another, cheaper brand if it's say a month like Christmas where presents and a fancy Christmas dinner have to be purchased which are quite expensive. I find times when I do not want to pay the extra cost thus I would say that this factor prevents me giving this product the full five Doyoo stars as the competition whilst inferior on the taste front are often around a pound cheaper for a four pack and this can add up over a month. It's four Dooyoo Stars from me.


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              11.02.2013 01:35
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              lovely baked beans

              Baked beans are the ultimate easy food. They go with anything, chips, chicken, pizza, toast etc. You can't really go wrong with a side of baked beans. They're especially popular with kids as they're easy to eat and aren't too bold tasting so normally go down well. They're also suitable for vegetarians which is good as they're available to more people.

              Heinz is a very well known household brand which has been around for as long as I can remember. They make allsorts of kitchen products inlcuding soups, sauces and beans. I think Heinz is the most well known brand of baked beans.

              Heinz beans come in a circular tin with a blue and black label. The Heinz logo is on the front in big white letters with 'Beans' underneath. I don't think the packaging has changed for a long time so they're easy to spot on the shelf. There's a ring pull on the top of the can so you're able to open it easily without using a can opener which drives me a bit mad as mine is useless.

              You can put beans in the microwave in a bowl or on the hob in a saucepan. I rarely do them on the hob as I think they taste exactly the same in the microwave and it's more convenient and quick. If I was putting beans on the side of a meal, I used to put them on the plate then microwave it before adding the rest of the food but I found myself burning myself on the plate so it's easier to put them in a separate bowl and microwave them before serving up.

              The beans are really nice. The sauce isn't too tomatoe-y or strong so it's got quite a bland but nice taste. It's not too thick but has a nice consistency so it doesn't just tip off the plate when you're eating them. The beans are pale orange and there's plenty of them in the tin. There's a good sauce to bean ratio. The beans are nice too, unlike some brands I've tried which are too hard or too soggy, these are perfect, quite chewy and soft. Overall the taste is quite bland but nice enough to want to eat.

              I'm a huge fan of beans on toast or beans with my cheese and potato pie. I love baked beans on cheese too but don't always fancy cutting cheese for cheese on toast. I recently discovered adding grated cheese to the beans before microwaving them. The cheese melts in the beans and is absolutely heavenly on toast! I saw on an advert recently that heinz have made a cheesy bean variety. I've not seen them in store yet but I can not wait to try them!

              You can get Heinz baked beans in all supermarkets and most smaller stores and corner shops as they're very popular. You'll pay around 68p a tin or £2.50 for a pack of four tins. They're often on offer so lookout for promotions when in store. I'd definitely recommend these beans as they are better quality than some of the other brands I've tried. The sauce is a great consistency as are the beans and the taste is lovely, not too strong or too bland and they go well with a variety of meals.


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                20.09.2012 10:54



                Good all round product

                For many years we have purchased Heinz Baked Beans, and enjoyed them, knowing that they are a product you can trust, having faith that the ingredients are the best quality and Heinz are a company in which you can have confidence.

                For the above reasons, I have always automatically opted for this brand. However, in recent years, the price of baked beans has been steadily increasing and it is no longer the cheap, convenience food it used to be. Therefore, I have tended to shop around for cheaper alternatives, whilst still demanding a quality product. This means generally avoiding shop's own brands with their watery sauce and pale, insipid beans.

                I recently tried Branstons Beans and enjoyed them more than I thought I would. When I went back to Heinz Beans, because they were on special offer, I found the flavour did not seem as rich and satisfying as the Branston product; but I did enjoy them nevertheless. I like the fact they are low fat and low sugar, and the label emphasises no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. An added bonus on the latest tins is the ring-pull, which I find is a great help since I suffer with arthritis in the hand, making a can-opener difficult to use.
                All in all, I'll probably stick with Heinz.


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                18.09.2012 18:59
                Very helpful



                My No.1 baked beans brand, can't beat good ol' Heinz!

                Ok, ok I think we all get the gist of that rhyme! Unfortunately every time I serve beans in my household my children remind me of it right at the dinner table! I think baked beans are a real comfort food and most kids love them with anything! I never used to like them as I thought the texture of the beans was too mushy but then I realised that, that was because my school always overcooked them! I buy Heinz beans regularly when I'm shopping as they are generally a convenient food item to have in on emergencies, for a quick snack or as an addition to a meal.

                ~ All about Heinz ~
                Heinz are a famous brand and our probably mostly known for their baked beans. They also make other food products such as tinned soups, sauces, ketchups, tinned pastas (hoops, spaghetti, ravioli, macaroni), tinned mini meals, sandwich spreads, toast toppers, baby food, pasta pouches and desserts such as sponge puddings. There are 57 varieties of Heinz products to choose from.

                ~ Product and availability ~
                Heinz baked beans are available more or less anywhere including corner shops, discount stores and news agents because they are so popular. You can by them in several varieties including the normal tomato (the one im reviewing), BBQ, curry, sweet chilli, mexican spices, organic, weight watchers, five beanz and reduced sugar and salt. You can also get them in loads of different sizes such as the snap pots, 1kg tubs, 200g tins, 150g tins, 415g tins and 390g tins. The tin I have is the 'regular' sized tin (415g) and costs around 70p a tin, which I think is expensive considering own branded baked beans are around 40p. You can however buy them in multipacks of four at around £2.50 which saves you about 30p, so might be good for larger families who buy them regularly but if you don't its not really a major saving.

                ~ Packaging ~
                Heinz baked beans comes in a signature blue tin, I don't think this tin has ever changed colour so it makes it easily recognisable on the shelves as Heinz. The tin has a ring pull which is great because you don't have to dig out your tin opener! On the front of the tin is the traditional bold, white heinz logo on a black background. Underneath this it says: baked beans a delicously rich tomato sauce. And underneath this is an image of the baked beans themselves, looking very appetising with their vibrant orange colour. On the front of the tin there is also a little, green label type thing telling me that these are 1 of your 5 a day! Result! On the back of the tin you can find contact information, ingredients list, nutritional information, cooking instructions and storage information.

                ~ Cooking ~
                There are two ways in which you can heat these baked beans up (unless you count eating them cold as a way of eating them, but I find this disgusting!). You can heat them on the hob or in the microwave. I usually opt for the microwave because I think of baked beans as a convinience food so if I have the option of using the microwave I will use it because it's quicker! To microwave you simply pour the contents into a microwave safe bowl/jug and heat them on full for 1 1/2minutes then sir and then heat again for a further one minute. Simples!

                ~ Smell, taste, apperance and texture ~
                Heinz baked beans don't really smell that strongly of anything, I think once there cooked you get a slight hint of tomato but nothing else which is a good thing as some tinned foods smell nothing like they should! The beans themselves are pale orange in colour and the sauce is a much more vibrant orangey, red colour. When tipped into a bowl/jug they essentially look like baked beans in a tomato sauce....all good! The sauce is quite runny and doesn't really thicken up on heating but that doesn't bother me, there is also plenty of it! The beans are nice and soft but not so soft that there mushy, in other words they still have a bite to them. The sauce tastes nice and tomatoey and goes really well with the beans. To be honest they are what it says on the tin, theres not really that much flavour going on in there apart from tomato but I don't think you need anything else.

                ~ Other Information ~

                1/2 of a can contains 1 of your 5 a day, 164 calories, 9.7g of protein, 26.7g of carbs, 10.3g of sugar, 0.4g of fat and 1.3g of salt. So really they are quite high in sugar which I guess is why they offer a reduced sugar and salt variety.

                Heinz baked beans are gluten free and suitable for veggies.

                Apparently Heinz baked beans are low in sugar (not according to the nutritional information), low in fat, high in fibre and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

                ~ Overall opinion ~
                I love Heinz baked beans! I think they are the best brand out there, I have bought other baked beans but I think Heinz sauce is by far the tastiest, other brands tend to be very watery. I do find them expensive however Heinz is one of the brands I feel you cant swap for something else so I do pay the price for them and cut down on other things. They are actually quite filling and are ideal on a jacket potato, with an english breakfast, on toast or encourparated into meals such as corn beef hash or a spaghetti bolognaise. I like the fact that they are one of your 5 a day as sometimes I don't feel like I get my complete 5 so this helps me along the way, I also dont feel too guilty about my children having these with them being low in fat and high in fibre. I would definately recommend these to anybody who likes or is wanting to try baked beans, i dont think you will want to touch another brand afterwards! If you prefer more exotic flavours try the BBQ or curry ones as they are also delicious!

                I give these beans 4/5 well deserved Dooyoo stars because they are and I think always will be a staple in my household however the price and sugar content let them down ever so slightly in my opinion.


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                13.07.2012 12:07
                Very helpful




                --What you get--

                Various sizes of tins of classic baked beans in tomato sauce, with standard size being 385g.

                --Pricing and availability--

                These are available in supermarkets, convenience stores and pound stores across the country. The prices vary from 85p per tin to 4 for £2 on offer, and obviously the smaller tins come cheaper at around 59p or 49p depending on your size of choice.

                --Personal experience--

                Having been a huge Heinz fan since I was young, I have extreme brand loyalty to this brand of Baked Beans. I am not generally fussy with brands, but there are a few things that you cannot compromise on for flavour and quality, and Heinz baked beans are one. I have these approximately once a week on toast, in jacket potatoes or with chips and omelettes.

                They make for the ideal snack at lunchtime at work, easy to take around with you, easy to open the tin (no tin opener required - just a simple ring pull!) and versatile, matching a variety of other flavours, though obviously perfectly complementing hot buttery toast!

                These are the easiest thing in the world to prepare, if you're not the best cook. Here are the steps for the less competent in the kitchen ;)
                1. Open tin with ring pull
                2. Pour into microwaveable bowl
                3. Stick in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.
                4. Done!
                When you are looking for a quick, easy dinner which you don't want to spend a lot of time over, and will fill you up substantially, beans with anything is a good choice. Some people claim loyalty to other brands such as Branston, but I personally don't think they are as nice as Heinz. There are also various supermarket own brands out there, but I can say that these make me feel faintly sick after the superior flavours of Heinz.

                One thing I would mention as a possible downfall of this brand is that when on offer in certain pound stores, I have got beans of a slightly inferior quality to the tins I have picked up in the supermarket. I am not sure whether this is because they are nearer to their sell by date, but the sauce tastes slightly different, and is slightly less preferable to other tins I have experienced. However, this does not detract from my brand loyalty towards Heinz, as 9 times out of 10, I get the best baked beans out there!

                One tin feeds me for two days and once I've opened it I put it in the fridge as this keeps the contents fresh. They tend to keep well, and I have had the other half a week later without any problems. I tend to buy the larger tins in four packs as these are on offer quite frequently though as my other half detests baked beans I guess I should buy the individual portion sized tins!

                Delicious, moresish, high in sugar, but ultimately substantial breakfast, lunch or dinner! For breakfast, I have veggie cooked breakfast, so eggs, tomatoes, beans & mushrooms (yum!) or for lunch or dinner, they can be had with many different foods, which I have previously mentioned.


                In conclusion, absolutely perfect with potatoes or bread based food, cheap and cheerful, quick to make, the best brand of baked beans on the market in my personal opinion!


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                  24.01.2012 20:10
                  Very helpful



                  Just lovely :)

                  I have been eating Heinz baked beans on toast since I was a kid, and thirty years on I'm still enjoying them!

                  I have tried other cheaper brands, including supermarket's own brand and Branstons, but nothing comes close to the perfect flavour of Heinz. I think they have a bit more sugar in them than other beans, and the sauce they are in is thicker than the rest.

                  I think they are good value for money, especially the ones that come in packs of four.

                  I love the fact they come in different size tins, and the small tins are perfect if you are just wanting one round of baked beans on toast. I use the bigger ones (like the ones in the picture) when I want to serve 2-3 people.

                  They are a perfect addition to a cooked breakfast!

                  They keep well in the fridge if you don't use them all at once, but only for about 2 days. But, don't forget, they do handy fridge packs which will keep them fresher for longer.

                  Try teaming them up with cheese them in jacket potatoes too!


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                  03.12.2011 13:55
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  a perfect addition to many a meal

                  We consume quite a lot of baked beans in our household, they are a cheap and easy addition to so many meals and also very versatile as they work well with so many things. Now I do prefer branded baked beans as I find the flavour of the sauce to be much nicer although they can be quite expensive so I stock up when I find them on offer.

                  My last purchase of Heinz baked beans were from Iceland they were on offer but not a fantastic one but I had ran out and needed some for dinner that evening. I paid £1.00 for two 415g tins of the original Heinz baked beans. You can pay up to about £0.80 per tin for these beans in some stores but its worth looking out for the multi pack of four tins being on offer if you are lucky you can sometimes find them for £1.00 for four tins.

                  The Heinz beans come in a an aluminium tin, one thing that I find great with theses beans is that they have a ring pull opening which I find much easier than having to get my tin opener out. The tin is wrapped with a paper label that has a picture of the beans on the front as well as the Heinz logo. It also states on the front of the label that the beans are one of your five a day and come in a whopping 57 different varieties. On the back of the label you can find the cooking instructions, ingredient listings, dietary information and nutritional information.

                  One thing about baked beans is that they are fairly good for you as they are low in fat and also make up one of the recommended five fruit and vegetables a day. The nutritional content of half a tin of the Heinz baked beans is:
                  Calories: 164
                  Protein - 9.7g
                  Carbohydrate - 26.7g
                  Fat - 0.4g
                  Fibre - 7.7g
                  Salt - 1.5g

                  It is really easy to cook the baked beans you can heat them on the hob in a saucepan or in a microwave in a suitable container. The beans literally take a couple of minutes to heat so are a great quick and easy item to cook. Although it does say on the tin not to boil or overheat the beans as it can impair the flavour. You can also eat the beans cold from the tin, not something that I would do but I know people who do like them cold.

                  I really like these baked beans they are excellent quality and the sauce is very nice tasting. It is not too rich or too sweet, I sometimes find that with the cheaper baked beans the sauce is very sweet and a little sickly. The beans themselves keep their shape when cooked but are nice and soft to eat. These beans go with so many meal's, one of my favourite is simple beans on toast with a little grated cheese. Alternatively I use them to accompany many meals like sausage and chips, cooked breakfasts, shepherd's pie etc. They are just such a versatile kitchen cupboard staple in our household and you can always normally find several tins in my kitchen cupboard especially if I find them on a good offer.


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                    25.10.2011 10:21
                    Very helpful



                    see review

                    Something's in life just cannot be copied and for me if you are having baked beans then they have to be Heinz.

                    Cost and Stockist
                    Heinz Beans are available in all major supermarkets and pretty much all independent stores as well. I currently get two cans for £1.50 at my local shop for two 415g cans

                    Why Buy?
                    Heinz Beans have been eaten since 1895! They are a low fat, high fibre and of course contain 1 of your five a day great for parents who struggle to persuade their little angels that broccoli is yummy without smothering in cheese sauce!

                    Evidentially nutritionally Beans on wholemeal toast is an excellent meal and for a fast snack you cannot get better.

                    I Buy beans not only to go on toast and for the classic beans and mash but I also add them to shepherds pie and they are a good extra in chilli as well.

                    I have mentioned this briefly but Beans are free from artificial nasties and of course are suitable for vegetarians and Gluten free they are low in fat, high in fibre and Carbs and low in salt in fact looking at them they really are a super food and evidently during the second world war they were classed as essential in the rationing system!

                    Should you want to check the nutritional information and shamefully you have no can in your cupboard the information is available at www.heinz.co.uk

                    I really recommend Heinz beans they really are a classic and in my house an essential back up for emergency snacking and really the great British Fry up wouldn't be the same without Baked Beans!


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                    23.10.2011 16:56



                    Timeless flavour that unlocks the secret tastes to be found in a cooked breakfast

                    Baked Beans from Heinz are like old fashioned sweets - timeless. When looking through the shops to find alternatives the choice is often rare, suggesting that Heinz dominate the market; for good reason! Beans are the warm heart of a English cooked breakfast, tasking great in combination with sausages and egg. If you're the more adventurous type with your food then you could even try beans with a roast dinner, adding a tasteful yet quirky twist to the traditional meal.

                    But the taste isn't the only reason you should choose this product over others as, the cans have multiple uses for example as monitor supports; exactly what I'm using four for currently. On the front of the can is the retro styled design that brings back the classic look from times passed, making it a stylistic choice for the kitchen as well as the taste buds.

                    If you get you get anything else besides Heinz then your missing out on that secret ingredient!


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                    19.04.2011 16:39



                    The best baked beans you can buy

                    I'm not a brand snob - if I can save money and buy supermarket own brands that taste nice then I will always take that option. However, there are exceptions - and one of the biggest is baked beans. It has to be heinz everytime. I have tried countless supplies of baked beans and they all have the same problem - the sauce. Only heinz make a really tasty and consistently 'comfort food' warming rich tomato sauce. The fact that Heinz beans contain no nasties or e-numbers is also reassuring.

                    The packaging is of course the classic green tins with spashes of orange comp;ete with white and black wording. Simple and effective - much like the product itself.

                    A 415g tin of Heinz baked beans will help feed my partner and I (i'd feel a bit greedy eating a big tin to myself!). The great thing about beans is that they versatile. I tend to eat them over crispy jacket pototoes and love the taste of the beans mixing together with the melted butter on the spuds. I'll also happily eat them with slices of toast or just a quick supper like egg and chips.

                    Low in fat, full of essential vitamins, protein and fibre - they are one of the best foods you can eat.


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                    04.02.2011 18:52
                    Very helpful



                    They are also great to add on the side of the plate to a fry up or anything with chips.

                    I have recently had my son staying over at my place, following a split with his current partner, and he did bring some food with him, which i didnt expect him to do so. I usually buy the cheaper make of beans, but as he had brought them thought I would try them, on toast as a snack for lunch.

                    I hadnt realised just how much better these taste than the cheaper make of beans, they are really nice and come in a lovely thick tomatoey sauce.

                    They come in a tin and have an easy to open pull ring, which I do like the idea of.

                    You can use them as an accompany to any meal, like fish fingers and chips and these delicious beans, also they are great to add to a casorole which adds to the flavour, I have put them into a sasage casorole, and they really made the gravy thicker and added that little bit extra.

                    The sauce was both rich and tasty tomato flavoured, and they really tasted great on a slice of wholemeal toast, with a scraping of butter. They are am ideal scource of fibre and low in fat, they are really great to keep a few tins in your food cupboard in case you need a quick and easy snack, and are very filling indeed.

                    Once opened you can pour any remaining beans into an airtight container and leave in your fridge for up to a couple of days, apparently having recently seen the adverts on telly you can buy a special resealable pot that is especially designed for your fridge, ive yet to buy this and try it, but no more cheap beans for me, having tried Heinz I really do prefer the taste of the sauce that they come in, also I didnt find the beans hard like some of the cheaper ones.

                    I will be buying these from now on, as I enjoyed the taste of these and liked the flavour of the sauce.

                    I have since tried these in a toasty sandwich, just spreading butter on my bread on the otter side and filling the middle with Heinz Beans, and then toasting in my breville, they make for a really lovely hot tasty sandwich, but be very careful the beans do get really hot in the middle of the toastie.

                    I will be stocking up on these beans but also will be looking for the larger multi packs as I always up for saving a little bit of money.

                    Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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                    14.01.2011 22:43
                    Very helpful



                    Do you love them or hate them

                    I think baked beans are a bit of a marmite love them or hate them product. In our house I love them my boyfriend hates so I was very happy to discover that heinz have created a beans fridge pack! A fridge pack for those of you who don't know is a 1kg plastic pot of beans which means you can open and use as you wish then seal the tub back up and pop back in the fridge until next time - no messing around with half tin cans and other pots which is great. The pot does say that it will keep the beans fresh for 5 days after opening but I have had mine open a little longer than that and they still taste great to me.

                    Baked beans consist of beans, tomatoes, water, sugar, modified cornflour, salt, cornflour and antioxidant - ascorbic acid, spice extracts and herb extracts. They are full of fibre, almost fat free and are 1 of your 5 aday which I never actually realised until buying my special tub of them.

                    I think baked beans are great on toast for a filling breakfast or a healthy lunch. They also fab as an add on to a meal like an all day breakfast or egg and chips. As they are in sauce baked beans to have a tomatoes flavour to them and I find that the texture of them could be explained a almost powdery which I guess is a sensation you either like or don't like and they have a shell around the powder which I also know some do not enjoy.

                    Baked beans are also easy to prepare wither by heating them up on a hob in a sauce pan or blasting them for a couple of minutes in the microwave and I believe some people like them cold though I prefer mine warm.

                    100g serving of baked beans is only 78 kcal they ontin 4.5g of protein, 12.9g carbohydrate, 0.2g fat, 3.5g fibre, and 0.3g sodium.

                    They are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians

                    Baked bins come in small tins, big tins, plastic pots and plastic tubs and the price will vary depending on the size you buy.

                    I give baked beans 5 stars.


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