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Acoustic Energy Aego M

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    6 Reviews
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      09.08.2010 14:55
      Very helpful


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      amazing quality at very fair price,

      The sound quality from these speakers is just wonderful. I'm of an age to downsize and wanted to save space so I wanted a way to combine a stereo system with quality sound from TV, radio and laptop. And Acoustic Energy AegoM fits the bill to perfection. As the salesman said to me, this company are hi fi specialists who have moved into the computer market bringing their sound expertise with them. Other brands have started from the computer end to fill the market for games players who wanted loud crash whoosh kerplunk noises. I won't describe the set up in detail as earlier reviewers have done that. I have the white version which fits well with any décor. They aren't cheap but are worth every penny.

      I seem cursed with other equipment with poor or cheap sound systems. So the AE system is mainly used to substitute for the widescreen TV speakers. I also connect to a very old cheap radio and cassette deck from its microphone socket to the subwoofer input and the sound immediately becomes top quality. I also use the laptop to listen to music and connect in the same way. When I want to watch a DVD on the laptop, I also use the Creative Labs X Mod and get surround sound with no loss of quality


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      20.05.2010 00:13
      Very helpful



      Excellent speakers, if not a little pricey


      The Acoustic Energy AEGO M speakers comprise of three parts. One sub-woofer and 2 smaller speakers, all of them with a white body and black front. The two smaller speakers are designed to act as a left and a right sounds, similar to headphones, with the sub obviously offering the bass and middle sounds. Acoustic Energy is a company that specialises in hi-fi and speaker systems, the company was founded in 1987 in West London and has been producing award winning speaker systems since 1991, with the first speaker system the company ever produced - quite an achievement. More information on the company can be found on http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/About_AE/index.asp which is where I have found my information.

      The Product


      The particular set of speakers that I own are the white version, which I will go on to describe, however they are also available in black. The sub-woofer and the pair of peripheral speakers are all of the same design. A box with curved edges, the main unit, as I said is white and the speaker part is black. On the main unit there is the volume control dial with a red LED. It is a very simple sleek desing that looks very stylish. The minimal controls on the front enhance this design. On the back of the main unit you have the other changeable options. These are a "loudness" function and a bass setting (which there are 3 of).

      The other 2 parts of the system set are almost exactly the same as the main unit, however they do not have the control dial on. They also have a small slant at the back which means they sit at a slight angle, to give them extra sound projection.


      *Sound Quality - With some speaker systems, the louder you have them, the more crackly they get and lose the quality they have at lower volumes. Sometimes we sacrifice sharpness of sound for loudness, however, with these speakers this certainly is not the case! No matter whether they are on very quietly or extremely loud they still hold the same quality of sound. You can hear every beat and note, every vocal and all of them are heard clearly.

      *Bass - There are 3 bass settings on the speakers, levels 1,2 and 3. Level 1 reduces the bass, level 2 is a medium setting, and believe it or not level 3 enhances the bass. This is one of the good features on this product as I found it useful to be able to change the settings depending on what type of music I am listening to, or even from song to song. The bass comes mainly from the sub-woofer but can also be heard from the other smaller speakers.

      *Melodies - The melodies can be somewhat overpowered when the bass setting is turned right up along with the loudness feature. However if you can get the settings right for your songs then there is no issue. The melodies, along with everything else, can be heard clearly.

      *Volume - As I mentioned before, the volume does not affect the quality of the sound. The volume control of the speakers is affected by 2 things. For example if I am playing music from my laptop, and turn the volume up on that, the volume through the speakers goes up. Also, by turning the speaker volume control clockwise, it has the same effect. Therefore, if the device you are playing from has a louder volume capacity then you do not have to turn the speakers themselves up as far. My laptop is the loudest device I have in my house, and I have only managed to play music where the speaker control is only halfway round - it was THAT loud!! I don't know quite how loud it does actually go, but at that time, my face was vibrating to the bass, as were DVDs on the wall and my can of coke on the floor. I will find out when nobody else is in, if I can survive it.

      *Overall - In conclusion, I think that the sound quality in general is excellent for all types of music and listening. They are useful for personal use, or for parties and there is no compromise on sound quality with increase in volume. All elements of songs can be heard and sound good, meaning that listening to your favourite songs can become even more enjoyable.


      I have heard from a few sources, including the acoustic energy website that these speakers are easy to install. They are like most speakers that connect to a normal stereo, a set of wires for the right speaker and a set from the left - in this case they connect to the sub-woofer rather than a stereo itself. Now I would hardly call myself an expert in this area, but I know enough to connect a few wires in some speakers. Me and my brother undertook the task together, after briefly consulting the manual. (Its one of those where it has a picture of one thing a picture of another, a set of arrows and then it miraculously comes together, like a flat-pack wardrobe!) After struggling for about 20 minutes we finally got it to work properly, with all 3 speakers playing at one time. The installation itself is a simple task, I think it is just a case of making sure the right wires are in the right holes, and we probably got it wrong a few times before getting it right. Once this is done, you simply place the 2 peripheral speakers where you want them around the room. The connecting wires are quite long probably between 8-10 foot long, so you can place them almost anywhere in an average size room, with the sub-woofer acting as a hub for the sound in the centre. Once this is done, simply plug it in to a socket and your done. You can play music through them simply enough has they come with a normal jack that connects to the front of the speakers and a connector to plug into anything else you want.


      The price of these speakers, and what a price it is, is extremely high in my humble opinion

      There are currently a few items for sale on ebay, ranging from around £45 (including p+p) to £130 for a new set. I think that if you hunt around a little further, you could probably find a good deal on a set that are second hand like I did.

      As you can see by the offers that ciao are showing they can range up to quite a high price. Mine were purchased from playtrade, they are also used. However, due to some damaged packaging they were considerably cheaper than anywhere else. Half the price in fact at £63.00. There is no damage to the speakers themselves, so this is an absolute bargain. I would advise trying to find a second hand set of speakers if possible, as a lot of people would not be able to spend a lot on this type of thing.

      My Opinion

      These speakers are essential in all my music listening now, before I had these speakers I just used to listen to music through my laptop. Being easy to set-up and the sound being absolutely amazing it makes the speakers absolutely worth it. They look stylish and aren't too big or imposing, so they will fit in most people's spaces. Whether that be a living room or bedroom - which is where I have mine. I wouldn't however recommend these speakers to the casual music listener, who just listens every so often. Between me and my brother we have them on all day every day, making them worth it!

      * My recommendation and final opinion on these speakers are that I would recommend them to anyone who listens to a lot of music, as well as watching films or gaming, as they are compatible with anything. The sound, especially the bass is absolutely immense, however, it can sound very "bangy" for the people in the next room/downstairs, so if you have company in the house who would object, I would not advise the strongest bass setting. If you would not use these speakers regularly then these are definitely not for you as there is no way that you would get your moneys worth on them. Overall, I will rate them at 10/10 for my usage.


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        18.04.2010 16:14
        Very helpful



        Amazing sound quality at a very reasonable price.

        I bought these speakers when I arrived at University as I wanted decent sound quality in a small package and had read some good reviews. The speakers didn't disappoint.

        Setting up the speakers was easy, all that needs to be done is plug the satellites into the subwoofer, and then connect the subwoofer to the audio source (a pc in my case).

        The speakers are heavy, which reduces distortion. The system provides more than enough sound to fill a large room. In fact, I have never felt the need to turn the volume past 2/3. There are 3 bass settings which can be adjusted according to preference.

        The only downside that I have had with these speakers is that one of the wires to the satellite speakers failed. This was not a big problem as they are standard speaker cables and a replacement was cheap.

        Overall, these are fantastic speakers which produce a rich sound. I would say that they sound better than my Bose Ipod dock by quite some margin.


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        13.12.2009 21:38
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Ideal satellite speakers

        I heard about AE (acoustic energy) but that is all, never really felt any urge to delve into its range of audios until recently, in fact bumped accidentally to some massive sound which was too impressive and sweet to ignore. I was riding down the lane a couple of nights ago, and I was passing through a neighbor of mine who also happens to be a very good friend of mine, McCartney's "Mother Mary" was streaking out in streams from her window, I was wondering if this was again a new recording. I decided to have a look at it. The acoustic and tonal quality was bloody impressive and what I saw was even more so.

        My decision to go for Apple iPod was belated and was on purpose. I always contended that the there was no doubt about the quality of Apple but I had my own reservations about its audio capability. I only decided to go for it after being sure that there is an app. (Sony SRSGU10IP iPod Speaker) which will negate my apprehension and Sony provided it. But believe me I would have definitely settled for AE's AEGO M speakers without a second thought and that too ahead of the Sony app I own.

        Acoustic Energy AE AEGO M speakers sport a look that justifies its performance, sleek, trendy and inviting. My friend has got the white variation and I have come to know that it has got a black option too and it is similarly impressive. I have been ruing the fact that I have not been able to get my earnings from my ciao account, the simple reason being I don't have a UK a/c and I'm not a resident of Great Britain. Now things are settled and I am very happy that I have enough money there to get this satellite system.

        Never mind you get amazing performance be it connected your free view TV, iPod, mobile phones, mp3 player and PSP. Excellent all round gadget this is.

        What has struck me is my reservation regarding the iPod audio quality is vindicated by two recent developments. First the Sony's iPod app speaker which more recent than the AE's AEGO M speakers. If you reflect on it a little bit both these apps are more or less capable has great compatibility. But no body can deny that they are mainly developed for iPod applications. The level of success and popularity achieved by the iPod generation media players is phenomenal. The speaker manufacturers have sensed great marketability of such apps hence can hardly afford ignore exploring the development of apps which enhances the performance of iPods. In fact AE has mainly identified this market and they claim that AE's AEGO M speakers are really meant for iPods that it performs equally well with other devices is a bonus and the company itself has gone on to confirm this in their official website too.

        Before going any further here is the


        *Speaker type: Computer/PSP (no iPod dock, connects via mini-jack)
        *Channels: Left/Right with subwoofer
        *iPod Models Supported: iPhone, 2G Nano (Aluminum Body), 1G Nano (Chrome Back), 2G Shuffle (Aluminum Clip), 1G Shuffle (White Plastic Stick), 4G (Click Wheel or iPod Photo), Mini, 5G (Video), 4G (Click Wheel or iPod Photo), 3G (4 Horizontal Buttons), 2G (Touch Scroll Wheel), 1G (Physical Scroll Wheel)
        *Connection type : Minijack/RCA
        *Size: Satellites each 4"H by 2.75"W by 3.5"D; subwoofer 14"H by 7.75"W by 10.5"D
        Weight: 9k


        *Two very small satellites
        *One Smart looking sub-woofer (rounded edged with smooth finish)
        *The housing is rock solid facilitating reduced wasted resonance


        #Excellent quality cables which will put shame most of the cables that are supplied with computer speakers.
        #66inch mini-to-mini connection cable coupling an audio source with a 1/8 inch stereo output to the AE AEGO M's front mounted input.
        #6.3 foot cable having a mini plug on one end plus left/right RCA pugs on the other
        #Pair of 16.4 feet speaker cables.
        Note: Connectors are gold plated hence no carbon deposit/ rusting


        On the back of the subwoofer (refer to picture 3), there is a connection for central speaker plus a center output. You can coolly have a 3.1 speaker set up so that the central speaker has predominance considering the left/right speakers.

        A rear switch of the sub woofer, providing you with a choice of three bass level options, the least being Level 1 to Level 2 with Level 3 as the most.

        Personal note: The best bass level setting being Level 2 giving superb natural sound.

        You need not scratch your head for setting up the connection because they are color coded, matching international norms. Just plug in and take care that match and males and the females with similar colors.

        It does not have a iPod dock only provision being line level audio output. But with a bit of expenditure you can always have the option of Onkyo iPod Dock to have a remote control over it

        ===AUDIO PERFORMANCE:===

        Its audio performance is just superb: Never mind what sound track you are playing. It handles everything with great aplomb. The output is sharp, full, tonal, clear and above all beautifully balanced. The bass does not exactly boom neither the treble is shrill, perfect balance all over, low, mid-range and high frequencies, the blend and performance is near perfect. You just listen to the roll of the drums, perfect rolling effect.

        MY GRUMBLES:

        The mid-range is a bit heavy but nothing to be finicky about it, it is hardly hampers or spoils your musical bliss. I just wonder with its balance lovely deep bass, perfect treble and amazing stereo imaging.


        All speaker systems are impedance sensitive, so is Acoustic Energy AEGO M speaker. If you use this satellite as I have mentioned you can do, just take a bit of care to read the manuals of these system like Freeway TV, iPod, computer and even PSP. It is quite possible that they have different out put impedance and may be your brands may just not match with its requirements for best performance. I have mentioned what this satellite system supports but if you go beyond that the performance that you expect may not be there-just a mater of resistance, the impedance does not match.


        The most spectacular aspect of Acoustic Energy AEGO M speaker satellite is that just let it perform at High Volume, there is hardly a hint of distortion and try it at low volume it will please you all the same.


        1) Acoustic Energy Limited is a British venture relocated to Cotswolds from its original base in West London (founded in 1987)
        2) Won the British Hi-Fi Award for Best Speakers consecutively 1991 and 1992

        Their motto: "Personal audio doesn't have to be just personal anymore. The AE Music system brings big-scale high fidelity sound to MP3 players, PC's, Macs, multi-media phones and even hand held game devices with complete plug and play simplicity."

        Website: http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/About_AE/index.asp

        Address: Acoustic Energy Ltd,
        16 Bridge Road, Cirencester,
        England, UK, GL7 1NJ
        Price now: 129.23
        Least price: £86.09 (Exc VAT)
        Mid-way price: £99.00 (Inc VAT)
        Best buy (if you are luck) £108.5 (incl VAT)

        Bottom line 1: Acoustic Energy Aego Ms MUST HEAD YOUR LIST if you are thinking of a satellite 2.1 system.

        Bottom line 2: Use it at your office, bed room and the drawing room, no problems with its performance.

        (First published at ciao.co.uk under the same user name)


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          25.08.2009 17:52
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          Amazing speakers

          I needed a pair of speakers for around £150 that weren't so big they sttracted everyones attention. Whatever site I went on, these speakers were always rated 5 stars and its not hard to see why.

          The satellite speakers are tiny, but very heavy duty with some very powerful drivers. THe subwoofer is huge in comparison but still not too big and it comfortably fits under my bed.

          Lots of websites rate them as the best speakers available under £200. I bought them on ebay for £90 and think they're an absolute bargain.

          I listen to a wide variety of music and these speakers will perform with anything.

          THe cables for these speakers are very thick and of good quality.
          On the rear of the sub woofer, there is a toggle switch which allows you to set the bass to 3 levels. Level 1 is great and 2 is more than enough but 3 is still there for all of you who love to keep the neighbors up with vibrating floors.


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            16.01.2009 02:00
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Goes above and beyond the call of duty for the price, cracking pair ;)

            I wanted a new set of speakers for under £100 for university, and after doing a lot of research into it, these were apparently the best.

            When I first opened the box I was shocked at the size of the satellites, they are tiny! The sub on the other hand is sizeable, but not too large. I was even more shocked when I got the speakers plugged in!
            The sound quality really is excellent, especially when you consider the price range they're in, I think they are better quality than a Phillips 600W surround system I used to put music through. The bass is very good, but not overdone and the trebles are crisp. The mids are perhaps not quite there, but having said that I generally scoop the mids on my EQ anyway.
            Note that I am saying all this with a Creative X-Fi X-mod soundcard, you really need a soundcard (not integrated!) to get the most of these speakers, and the card was £30-40 well spent.

            For the size they are very loud. I could shake the entire block at university with them; people 2 floors up were saying they could hear when I got a new MSN message! They were shocked when they came in at the size of the things that had been impeding their studies.
            The build quality is superb, the satellites are heavy for their size, and have a metal casing. The sub is wooden as you'd expect but the volume knob and surround is metal, giving it a nice feel.

            It has a front input for music if you don't play music from your computer, and will actually mix the front and rear together, having the front slightly lower in the mix. This is a nice touch, not that I use it myself as I play all my music from the computer. On the rear it has an option for a centre speaker, although I don't know where one of these can be purchased from, and has an on off switch for it. The sub has 3 levels too, so if your housemates are sleeping you can crank it up to full :P.

            Anyway there's only so much you can say about a set of computer speakers, so I'll stop, but these really are very good value for money, and I'm more than impressed with them


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        • Product Details

          Give your iPod an Aego! Personal audio doesn't have to be just personal anymore. The AE Music system brings big-scale high fidelity sound to MP3 players, multi-media phones and even hand held game devices with complete plug and play simplicity. The Aego M-System builds on the strengths of the award winning Aego 2, offering a pair of heavy-alloy satellite speakers and a compact subwoofer for a full range sound that embodies AE's sound quality principles. The sleekly styled satellites have smoother treble and a funky rounded design while potent amplifiers are built into the subwoofer to drive all three loudspeakers. The package gives room-filling sound from devices like the iPod, PSP or MP3 mobile phones.

          With just one cable the M-System turns any personal music device into the heart of a home entertainment system. In the living room, in the bedroom, away at college or simply for a spontaneous party, the M-System delivers a big sound form the smallest devices. Better still, the M-System's gorgeous looks, high quality sound and plug and play simplicity won't cost a fortune as it remains just as affordable as the best selling AE Aego 2.