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Waitrose Mississippi Mud Pie

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Brand: Waitrose / Type: Breads/Cakes

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2009 18:51
      Very helpful



      This is a cake to try once

      Wherever my husband and I visit my local Waitrose we always want to try their own-brand frozen desserts especially the chocolate gateaus with berries. As they did not have any of those we decided to try a different cake. There were a few new pies in the section and one was just standing out, Waitrose Mississippi Mud Pie. It was in a pink box and the picture of the cake was very appealing. It costs £3.99 per 570g.

      At home I unpacked it to defrost. It was looking a bit smaller than I had expected but very presentable. As it was slowly defrosting I took the box to read about the ingredients what I should have done earlier in the shop. The base of the cake is made of the chocolate flavoured digestive biscuits (29%); a layer of the Belgian dark chocolate ganache (35%). On the top of the chocolate ganache is the Vanilla flavoured mousse (19%), Chocolate brownie cubes, milk, chocolate shavings, cocoa powder.

      Allergens: contains eggs, gluten, milk and soya. May contain traces of nuts.
      Not suitable for vegetarians; it contains pork gelatin.

      Per 1/6 pie
      Calories 396
      Fat 23.5g
      Saturates 13.4g
      Salt 0.21g
      Sugars 25.8g

      The richness of the pie did not put me off at all. I put a modest slice of it on my plate, much bigger on my husband's and went into the living room to enjoy it with tea. Here I am not going to describe how much I had enjoyed it because I did not. The base was just very sweet and dry. Imagine that you mash digestive biscuits with cocoa and lots of sugar. Yes, that is the taste of it. The mousse when it was still cold tasted nice but after it reached a room temperature its texture and the taste changed for worse. The brownies and the chocolate shavings were actually nice. Because the base was that sweet the cake was impossible to enjoy. I somehow finished the first slice and an hour later or so decided to have another one hoping the pie would get better. But it did not. I had a few small spoonfuls and that was it, I just could not finish it. The feeling was as I had a stone in my stomach. I am very against the food wasting but I had to throw away the rest of my slice? My husband probably could have finished it but he was struggling with his slice as well. He agrees with me that the richness and the sweetness of the base has spoilt the whole pie. I cannot write pages about the experience of eating this pie because neither myself nor my husband have liked it. Although he actually managed to finish the pie by himself within two or three days.

      I personally would not recommend the Waitrose Mississippi Mud Pie to anyone because it is quite heavy and unhealthy. However, I believe, there are people out there who might receive a lot of satisfaction from eating it. My father probably would have finished it within a few hours :)


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