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Tesco Cheese & Onion Crisps

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Crisps

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2010 13:34
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      My favourite own brand of cheese & onion crisps

      I'm very partial to a bag of cheese and onion crisps and will eat a packet most days. These are the current brand that are in the cupboards and I must admit that they're one of my preferred options for cheese and onion crisps as I find them rather moreish and have to resist the temptation to reach for another packet as they're not the healthiest snack I could eat.

      The bags that I've eaten are by no means full of crisps but assuming that the bag hasn't been squashed, those that are present in the bag are quite large and there aren't many small crisps (except at the bottom of the bag but this is inevitable). If I'm going to compare to the own brand crisps of other supermarkets (which we alternate between depending on where the online shop is coming from that week or if any are on offer), I'd say that in general the majority of the crisps look larger.

      In comparison to the Sainsburys version, these are quite strong and the taste of the onion seems to really override whatever cheese is contained in the flavouring. While the flavour is undoubtedly on the strong side, I don't find this off-putting. On the contrary, I actually enjoy the strong taste - after all, if I'm going to eat flavoured crisps, I want them to taste of that flavour and I'd eat plain crisps if I wanted something mild. If I've got any slight criticisms about these crisps, it'd be that I can't really taste the cheese underneath the onion but I can easily let this one go as most cheese and onion crisps seem to emphasise the onion aspect of things. I find these crisps incredibly appetising and one bag never seems enough, especially as you never get a full bag of crisps these days.

      ****************Nutrition Info********************************
      As nice as these crisps are, they aren't exactly healthy. In a standard 25g bag of these crisps, there is 8.4g of fat, 0.8g of which is of the saturated variety and 6.8g of which is the healtheir monounsaturated fat (the rest is polyunsaturated fat). Salt-wise, there is 0.3g, which the packaging tells me is 5% of the Recommended Daily Allowance. There are also 135 calories per bag. For allergy sufferers, the crisps contain milk and are supposed to be nut-free (although this can't be guaranteed). They are suitable for vegetarians.

      ****************Overall verdict*******************************
      If you don't like a strong taste to cheese and onion crisps, these probably aren't the best crisps for you. I personally love the taste of them but they won't be too everyone's liking. The other thing I like about these crisps is that they're not too greasy. I'm not a fan of having greasy fingers when I'm eating crisps, especially as I tend to be eating crisps while doing other things and this isn't particularly convenient.


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