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Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself Crisps

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Crisps

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    2 Reviews
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      08.04.2010 18:16
      Very helpful



      Try them for yourself .

      Sainsbury's Be good to yourself crisps.

      I recently brought these crisps from Sainsbury's as im trying to be healthy what with the warmer weather coming up, and wanting to try and lose these extra calories that i have accumalated over the winter months what with eating stews and dumplings etc.

      I purchased the cheese and spring onion, and they were really lovely, they are lacking a bit on the flavour side of things, but they a very natural looking and tasting crisp.

      They also do these in various flavours like black cracked pepper and sour cream and chives. They are really good if you are on a weight watchers controlled diet, as per 30grams per packet they contain 95 calories. The protein is at 0.9gs, and the sugars are at 0.5grams.Starch is 13.5grams. salt is 0.3grams.

      They come in a plastic white and green package with a picture of a bowl of these crisps on the front.

      They are not suitable is you have an allergy for milk.

      They are most suitable for vegetarians.

      They are looking and tasting like real potatoes and they are part of the be good to yourself range.

      They come in 20grams packets and are foiled lined for extra freshness, and to hold in the flavours.

      They are quite crisp and they do have some flavours but not that strong, ok if you wanna lose weight.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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      22.02.2010 11:51
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A Delicious Diet

      After what can only be described as a fulfilling new year I've noticed that my waistline is getting a bit on the broad side..Again ! And to be honest when your best friend greets you with the words" Hi Fatty ", you know its time to start counting the calories. Maybe if I stopped calling her Drac she might be nicer , something to consider ...where was I ...Oh Right ! Dieting..

      The thing I most hate about dieting is the fact that most of the food you're 'allowed ' to eat is boring and usually quite tasteless.
      Do you ever feel guilty when you're eating a snack. Are you constantly looking for ways to cut back on the fat but feel like me that you often have to sacrifice flavour?

      Sick of paying over the odds for 'Diet food' I decided to have a look at the own brand alternatives and after two weeks of trying and tasting it was really hard work I can tell you , all that chewing and swallowing , I can finally declare...I've cracked it .Sainsbury's to the rescue!

      What could I be talking about .I'll let you into the secret as long as you promise not to use the same store as me ( I need these crisps !) Sainsburys be good To Yourself 35% less fat crisps. The claim is that because of the way they are cooked the fat content is reduced.
      Sainsburys be Good to Yourself crisps come in small multi-packs of six and are £1.05p a pack. Look out in your store though because they are often on offer of two for £1.60.When you consider that most multi-packs of crisps retail around the £2.00 mark these are a bargain for your pocket as well as your waist.


      Sainsburys Be Good To Yourself 35 % less fat crisps , (because I'm lazy will just refer to them as BGTY from now on ...besides thinking of the description is making me hungry ).

      The BGTY crisps come in Three flavours Black Cracked Pepper ,sour Cream and Chives or My favourite Cheddar and spring Onion.

      The Packaging

      You couldn't fail to see that these crisps are for the weight watchers amongst us with 35% less fat blazoned across the front of the packaging. The packaging is white with apple green accents ,the same as the rest of the sainsburys BGTY Range. After you open the main package you come to the individual bags. These are the same colour as the rest and each pack contains 20g of crisps, the packs are foil sealed to keep the crisps fresher. This is one instance when I can see the foil actually works because they are extremely crispy.

      The Crisps

      Unlike most crisps, BGTY crisps look more like very thinly sliced potato .They tend to all be the same thickness so you don't get the puffiness that you do with normal crisps, ( Even golden wonder lights suffer from this puffiness and it does mean that the potato burns where it is thinner,spoiling the whole taste experience. ) The crisps are very crunchy and don't melt in your mouth if you leave them on your tongue, so you do have to crunch them to eat them , which is very satisfying, especially when I'm trying to annoy my husband, BGTY crisps facilitate that every time . The flavour as I have already stated which i enjoy the most is the Cheddar and spring onion, you can smell the aroma of both of these ingredients the second you open the bag, its not an overpowering smell ,but its guaranteed to get your saliva glands working.


      Dried potato,potato Starch: High oleic sunflower oil,Cheddar & onion Flavour: Potassium Chloride,salt.
      Calories etc per 20g bag
      Energy 395kj -95 cals
      protein 0.9g 2 %
      Carbohydrate 14.0g
      of which sugars 0.5g
      Starch 13.5g
      Fat 3.8g
      of which saturates 0.4g
      Fibre 0.9g
      Salt 0.37g
      of which sodium 0.15g
      Allergy advice .Contains milk : suitable for vegetarians

      My Summary

      After buying these I wouldn't go back to traditional crisps, even if I wasn't trying to lose weight.They have a moreish taste that once you've tried no other crisp will live up to, Not only are they good for your diet they add a few pounds to your pocket, because they are better priced than other multi-pack crisps on the market.I Give these crisps four stars it would have been five but I think they need to flavours to their combinations as at present they only have three.All in all a Delicious diet .


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