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High5 Caramel Sports Bar

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Brand: High5 / Type: Carbohydrate Sports Energy Bar

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2011 08:04
      Very helpful



      A great bar to give you a boost of energy in whatever sport/recreation you are doing.

      As a cyclist/triathlete, the use of energy gels, bars and drinks during training is usually a regular occurrence, however over the past year I have cut down on using them due to the cost and the sugar content. I bought this bar from my local shop recently as I have a couple of big races coming up and so I really need to train hard over the next couple of weeks. I used this bar on my ride this morning as it was my first long ride for a few weeks and so I decided it would be needed.

      The bar is made by the sports nutrition company High5 and is part of there energy bar range. It comes in a blue wrapper and is 15cm x 4.5cm x 1.5cmin size. Each bar will cost about £1.20 each, which means it can get very expensive when buying them in bulk. On the front of the wrapper it has the name of the product along with the flavour, which in my case is Caramel. The rear of the wrapper is yellow with a lot of small black text

      As these bars a designed to give you a boost in energy whilst exercising over a prolonged period of time, they have a high calorific and carbohydrate content. Each bar (55g) contains 218 calories and 38g of carbohydrates (of which 28g is sugar). This is the reason why I cut down on my intake of these bars as I was worried on there impact on my teeth.

      The bar comes coated in chocolate that has a nice cocoa scent to it when you open the wrapper. When biting through the bar, it is quite firm but not hard. There is a nice taste of the chocolate, caramel and the added oats, rice and raisins. The inside of the bar has a light brown caramel colour to it and it is easy to spot the oats, rice and raisins added. On the whole the taste is nice but I find that I can't eat a whole bar in one go as it has quite a sickly taste after a while and it is quite heavy in your stomach.

      As the sole purpose of this bar is to provide you with a supply of energy when exercising for a prolonged period, this is what it should be rated on. I have used this bar in the past and also used it on my ride today and I find that it does offer a boost in energy. After taking it, I felt like I was able to ride on further and push a little harder. How much of this energy "boost" is from the bar and how much is psychological I am unsure, but eating some of the bar definitely had an impact. This is what it is meant to do so therefore I can rate it highly in this.

      I only ever use this bar when cycling as I find that it is too bulky to eat when running. When cycling, I usually have to stop to open the wrapper as I find it a bit too fiddly to open whilst riding. This isn't too much of a problem but if you are in a race then it would be advisable to pre-open the bar to save time.

      On the whole I have to rate this bar highly as it is a nice tasting caramel energy bar that does seem to work for me. The price per bar is quite high, but if you compare it to any other sports nutrition brand then the price is quite similar. If you are a keen cyclist and would like to try and improve your performance when riding then I would recommend that you give this bar a try. It can be bought from any good cycling/sports shop or online. It also comes in a banana flavour which is very nice (reminds me of banana milkshake) or a berry flavour which I'm yet to try. The official website for the product can be found at http://www.highfive.co.uk/recovery_bars/sports_barUK.html and this contains further information about the bar and its benefits.

      I am going to give this bar 4/5 as the high sugar content, unavoidable it may be, puts me off from using these types of bars too often.

      Thanks for reading.

      This review may also appear on my Blog and on Ciao under the same username.


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