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Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix

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9 Reviews
  • Super easy to make
  • Endless possibilities for serving
  • Not very good for the diet!
  • Larger slices can be quite sickly
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    9 Reviews
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      18.08.2014 21:30
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Endless possibilities for serving"
      • "Super easy to make"
      • "Moist and scrummy"


      • "Larger slices can be quite sickly"
      • "Not very good for the diet!"

      Bake like a pro with zero fuss!

      This has long been a favourite of mine and is one of the few packet mixes that I will allow myself to purchase. I bake quite a few cakes from scratch but I struggle to achieve the taste and moistness that this mix achieves.

      I first discovered the Betty Crocker line whilst on holiday in the USA many years ago, back then it was impossible to buy in the UK and being as good as it is we would have to stock up on our visits to the US. Over time more of the Betty Crocker range has appeared on the shelves of the major UK supermarkets but I still think the devil's food is one of the best.

      Method- this couldn't be quicker or easier. The mix has an all in one method with the only ingredients that you need being water, eggs and oil! My handy tip at this stage though would be where possible mix with an electric mixer rather than by hand. Not only is it much easier and quicker but you get a much smoother consistency which in my opinion adds to the overall finish of the cake. When you're happy with the consistency pop it in the oven for approximately 30 mins and you are done! The smell that will fill your kitchen whilst this cake is cooking is simply divine, if that smell could be bottled I'm sure Betty Crocker would make just as much from that than her line of baking goods! The cake is 'devilishly' moist so it is critical that you allow the cake to fully cool before attempting to turn it out of your tin.
      For the 'icing on the cake' quite literally team it with the Devil's Food fudge icing for a decadent, indulgent chocolate cake. I have yet to find anyone who hasn't enjoyed this cake although it can be a little much for some to handle. Try not to be too generous with the slices as you can quite easily overload with chocolate! I have baked this cake instead of a traditional birthday cake for a few family members and as a base cake the possibilities are endless!!

      Serving ideas-delicious served warm with vanilla ice cream or top with fresh strawberries in the summer!


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        31.01.2014 19:50
        Very helpful



        A yummy, easy cake, what more could you want!

        --- Introduction ---

        I am a huge baking fan and I love making cakes. I usually like to make my own from scratch, but recently I have started decorating cakes with fondant icing and I have found that with my limited amount of time, it is easier to use a cake mix so I have more time for the decoration. I was very skeptical before I tried this cake mix, as I didn't think anything that came out of a packet with all the flavours already inside it could make a very good cake. However, I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the cake that this mix made.

        --- The product ---

        This cake mix is by Betty Crocker, who is infamous for recipes for lovely cakes. The name has become more of a brand and this Devil's Food mix is one of many in Betty's line. The mix comes in fairly standard packaging, a baby blue cardboard box, with a picture of the cake the mix is supposed to make on the front.

        Inside the box, there is a plastic bag with the cake mix inside. The mix is a powder, which contains all the flour, sugar and flavourings needed to make the Devil's Food cake. There are simple instructions on the back about how to make the cake, including the ingredients that you need to add. To make the cake, you only need to add 250 ml of water, 3 large eggs and 70 ml of oil. Once you have added these, you simply stir the mixture until it is smooth and then pour it into a cake tin to bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes. It really is as easy as it sounds!

        After 35 minutes, the cake is ready to come out. I immediately noticed when I took it out of the oven, that it looked very moist. I found that the cake mixture seemed gooey in the middle, even though the outside was thoroughly cooked. I was concerned that this meant the inside wasn't cooked, but I took the cake out anyway, not wanting to burn the outside. I found that once the cake had cooled for around 20 minutes, the middle was no longer gooey and no mixture came off on the knife when I put it into the cake. This something to watch out for, as if you aren't careful you could end up burning the outside of the cake thinking that the middle isn't cooked.

        The cake itself was incredibly moist and I have to say very yummy. It rose very well in the oven and could easily serve the 12 people it claimed to be able to. There is a Betty Crocker chocolate frosting which you are recommended to buy to accompany the cake, but I did not purchase this. Instead I made a chocolate butter cream and I found that this complimented the cake very well.

        --- My Opinions ---

        I am really impressed with this cake mix. I was almost certain that the cake wouldn't taste very good because it came from a packet mix, but I have to say I was completely wrong. This mixture makes a delicious, moist chocolate cake that is really yummy. In fact everyone who tried a piece of this cake complimented it and many asked for the recipe! The mixture is around £2.15 in most stores, which is expensive considering you can buy ingredients for a cake for around £10 and they will make 3 or 4 cakes, especially seeing as you still have to buy eggs and oil on top of the cost of the mixture. However, I personally think that for the ease of making this product as it is really quick and easy to prepare and cook, the extra money spent is well worth it! If you are a busy person I would highly recommend buying one of these cake mixes and saving yourself the time of weighing out ingredients, you won't be disappointed by the taste!


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          22.01.2014 16:18
          Very helpful



          I love Betty.

          == Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake Mix ==

          Betty Crocker was a brand name thought up by Marjorie Husted. She was a home economist and businesswoman under whose supervision the image of Betty Crocker became an icon for General Mills that was back in 1921. These days you are more likely to know Betty from the baking aisle in the supermarket with a wide range of baking mixes available.
          The Devil's Food cake mix has a R.R.P of £ 2.25 They do come up on offer and this is when I stock up or I bulk order from Amazon where you can get 6 boxes for £12 with free delivery.
          I like to keep at least one of these in the cupboard with a tub of the frosting. I am a very competent cake maker and do make a mean chocolate cake , but the cost of the ingredients especially the good quality chocolate means its not an everyday cake and the children find it too rich. So this is where Betty comes in, for an everyday cake, a last minute ' Mum we need to take cakes to school tomorrow' then you can't go wrong.

          == What You Need ==

          Along with the cake mix you will need 3 medium eggs, 90 ml of vegetable oil and 250 ml water.
          You will also need some cake tins , grease and lined. I have made this is different sized tins and apart from cooking times it makes no difference. Mostly I use 3 tins for a triple layer cake and each measures 8 inches in diameter.
          You can also use the mix to make cupcakes and this is what I mostly make for school as they are easy to transport. On average it makes 18 cupcakes
          == What To Do ==

          The mix couldn't be simpler to use , add to it the oil, water and eggs and mix. I have a stand mixer so usually pop in all in there mix for 2-3 minutes and its done. I have also mixed it by hand in a bowl with a balloon whisk this takes a couple of minutes longer but achieves the same results a lovely chocolatey mix.
          Pour into tins or cupcake cases and level off the top then bake at gas mark 4, ( 180 degrees c, or 160 for fan assisted ovens )
          Cooking times will vary depending on tin sizes and your oven , but as a guide check after 15 minutes for cupcakes and 20 minutes for tins checking with a skewer to make sure the cakes are cooked through the middle.
          Leave to cook in the tins on a cooling rack for 5 minutes before removing from tins and leaving to cool completely.

          Once cold you can decorate as you like, I like to use the Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting as it goes so well with the cake , a tub will cover a triple layer cake spread between each layer and covering the top and sides, once spread i use a fork to make a stipple like effect.
          If decorating cupcakes I spoon the frosting into a piping bag and swirl around the top and sprinkle with chocolate curls.

          == Taste ==

          A lovely light but moist chocolatey sponge Betty really doesn't let you down it tastes lovely. When I give this to friends for the first time they never believe its a packet mix as it tastes so nice . I keep this is a covered cake carrier and I have eaten it a week after baking and it was still perfectly edible and had not dried out at all, admittedly that doesn't happen very often as it doesn't usually last a week in our house. If you cover your cake with the frosting you will need to eat it with a folk, for me this somehow feels more decadent and just adds to the chocolatey loveliness

          == Conclusion ==

          I love Betty and I have tried most of her mixes over the years, and the Devil's Food Cake mix is one of the best. I always recommend her especially to my friends who think they can't bake. The mix is so simple to use a child could do it , the directions are clear and easy to follow and you are rewarded with a very yummy cake at the end.
          The last time I bought the mix it was £2 the same as the frosting, so £4 for a large triple layer chocolate cake is a bargain in my book as well as being very easy and quick to make.

          5 out of 5


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            23.12.2013 10:50
            Very helpful



            This cake is so unbelievably simple and quick to make. It tastes deliciously moist and chocolaty too. Perfect to keep in the cupboard for an emergency and great fun to make with kids.


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            19.10.2013 19:24
            Very helpful



            Tasty chocolate cake

            I'm a huge fan of Betty crockers cake mixes as they always seem to get it right when it comes to baking!
            As I visit family regularly who live 50 miles away I always like to bring some cakes or cupcakes with me as their big cake lovers, anything with chocolate in..they're super happy! So I came across this chocolate cake mix in the aisle and it looked very easy to make and tasty for my family to eat.

            Making this cake is so easy to do as all you need is: 70ml vegetable oil, water,3 eggs, tub of Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Icing which you can find next to the cake mixes and 2 cake tins then all you have to do is mix all the ingredients together, stir for 2 minutes until smooth and creamy and place into the cake tins and bake! When it's cooking it does smell lovely which it's rich chocolate smell.
            After it's baked and cooled you sandwich the cakes with chocolate fudge icing and then spread some on top the cake or wherever else you want it.

            When I use this cake mix now I don't use it for a big cake anymore, I use it for making cute cupcakes using the same method as above but bake in cupcake tins, and I always get a lot of cupcakes out of the mixture! With the chocolate fudge icing on top they do taste divine and so most plus it always pleases my family who eat them.

            I would eat more than one cupcake myself but as I'm on a diet and these can be calorific I have to resist eating them all as they look and smell so tempting

            ~Nutritional information
            Per 1/12th of a cake without icing
            244 calories
            11.3 fat
            3.4g saturates
            19.4g sugars
            0.9g salt

            As you can see the cake can be high in calories depending on how much you eat and I'm not sure what each cupcake's calorie content is either.

            Overall I'd recommended this cake mix if you looking for a quick and easy way to make a chocolate cake and it's tasty too!

            Sugar,Wheat Flour ,Palm Fat ,Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (7%) ,Dextrose ,Raising Agents: Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Phosphates ,Modified Corn Starch ,Emulsifiers: Propane- 1, 2-Dial Esters of Fatty Acids, Mono-Diglycerides of Fatty Acids ,Salt ,Stabiliser: Xanthan Gum ,Flavouring


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            18.10.2012 15:29
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great choice

            When it comes to birthdays, I always like going over the top so when my boyfriends birthday arrived, i wanted to make the cake of all cakes! However, being a student, this also came with a budget. Laziness may have also pushed me towards getting an easier cake mix rather than all the ingredients too! When I asked him what flavour frosting he wanted, making the decision between white, milk and dark chocolate became a struggle. My solution: ALL THE FLAVOURS! So having to make 4 layers of cake, this mix certainly made it easier.

            I bought it from my local tescos for about £3 although Ive seen this box in many smaller supermarkets if your main one is too far. All that was needed to go into the mix which you had to buy separately was 3 eggs, water and vegetable oil.

            Mixing everything together was very easy. It didn't take long to get any lumps properly stirred in and soon enough I had a wonderful looking mix to pour into my cake tins. It was very hard to resist just eating the cake mix and of course couldn't stop myself from licking the spoon and bowl clean. It took only 23 minutes in the oven to cook and came out smelling and looking amazing. It cooled down within the next 20 minutes for me to pour on the 3 different frostings and was then looking at the massive tower of cake that I had created.

            The cake was lovely and moist and I heard no complaint from the many people who tried it. I wish it lasted longer than a day but however, even with its massive size, there was none left! I will definitely be using this mix again. No complaints from me!


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              16.05.2012 10:10
              Very helpful



              A quick and easy cake mix that gives homemade results.

              Yesterday I was meandering around my local supermarket when I came across the baking section, I had ¾ of a tub of fudge icing in the refrigerator so I had decided to make a cake to use it up, (and to stop me from eating it on it's own). Luckily for me the Betty Crocker cake mixes were on special offer for £1.50, so for the first time ever I decided to buy one as it was cheaper then picking up a tub of coco to make a cake with.

              The cake mix I chose was the Devil's Food Cake Mix, I have never eaten Devil's Food Cake before but I do regularly make my own chocolate cakes at home so I only have those to compare it to. The box is quite eye catching with a lovely picture of a slice of cake on the front, the box declares I only need 3 eggs, oil, water and icing. The front of the box also tells me that each slice (1/12th) contains 223kcal, 16.2g of sugar, 9.4g of fat, 4.4g of saturates and 1.0g of salt. One slice of cake contains a fair old chunk of your recommended daily allowances of sugar, fat, saturates and salt so it is best to just have one slice. The good thing about the nutritional break down is that if you are on a calorie controlled diet it is very easy to add this in to your daily allowance as appose to a home made cake where it can be quite difficult to work out calories per slice.

              I did assume that the ingredients in the box would be quite basic as I was adding the eggs and fat to the cake but I was wrong the ingredients include sugar, cocoa powder, emulsifiers (E477 & E471) lactose and xanthan gum. The ingredients list is not as basic as a home made cake but then again what did I expect from a packet mix. The box contains allergy warnings for, wheat, milk, egg and soy ingredients.

              The back of the box contains all the instructions, I flicked my oven on to 160c to warm up, I then opened the box and lifted out the packet mix, all the ingredients are in one large clear plastic bag, opened the plastic bag up and gave the mix a good sniff, it smelt quite chocolaty, not as rich as I was expecting. I tipped it in to a bowl, the mix was very fine and I could not see any sugar granules. I then measured and poured in 70ml of vegetable oil, 250ml of water and cracked in three medium sized eggs (my eggs come from my nieces free range chickens so I had to guess what medium sized was), So far so good. I then plonked my electric hand whisk in the bowl and proceeded to mix on low for 30 seconds, exactly to the instructions, the oil, water and eggs combined easily and quickly with the packet mix, I then turned my hand whisk up to medium and continued to mix for a further 2 minutes. Everything combined well and the resulting mix looked like chocolate mousse, and was starting to smell richer. I then split the mixture between two greased and lined 8 inch sandwich tins and popped it into the oven for 25 minutes. All the cooking times for different size tins are on the back of the box.

              As I washed the pots (a bowl, two beaters, a pair of scissors and a spatula) a warm chocolaty smell started to fill the air, I then pottered in to the lounge and a few minutes later my husband could smell the chocolatiness of the cake which is unfortunate for him as he is on a diet. The aromatics of this cake are good and the whole house smelled of chocolate cake, which is not something I notice with a home made cake.

              After 25 minutes the cake was ready to leave the oven, I carefully lifted the cakes out, I noted that the cakes were well risen, one had doubled in size while the other had risen slightly, I don't know if this was due to my separating the mix unevenly or something else, I prodded the cake with my finger to see if it bounced back, it did but it fell very soft and spongy so I tested it with a skewer to make sure it was cooked, it was. The appearance of the sponges was very uniform looking; they did not look home made to me. I removed the sponges from the tins easily and left them on a rack to cool.

              Once the cakes were cooled I sandwiched them together using a tub of Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Chocolate Fudge Icing. The cakes still felt over spongy. I have to admit that the resulting cake did look good, but I did not feel the pride I usually feel when I have baked a cake, I felt like a cheat.

              The kids flocked in the kitchen and were soon dividing the cake up. It cut easily into 10 slices and not the estimated 12, the inside of the cake was very dark and chocolaty looking, the sponge looked moist, and the air bubbles were uniform in size. It tasted very nice, not as rich as I was expecting, the sponge was very light, it did not taste devilish as I was expecting from the cake mix name. To be honest I was under whelmed by it, I was expecting so much more.

              Every body else thought it was amazing and I don't think they realised it was a packet mix, I could of passed it off as one of my home made cakes if I had wanted to but as I said earlier I did not feel proud of my efforts and felt I did not deserve the praise. My husband took some down for his mum and dad, the mother in law phoned up and told me it was one of the best cakes she had ever had, I did not tell her it was a packet mix.

              There are a few suggestions on the side of the pack that you could try like adding grated orange rind or chocolate chips or chopped nuts to the cake mix before cooking, I think these are good suggestions and would help make the cake more individual.

              In conclusion the Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake Mix is cheap, easy and quick to make and gives an authentic home made cake. It smells amazing and tastes nice but does not give me the same happy feeling as one of my own home made cakes. I would use it again if I wanted a cake in a rush with little mess as I would say it took me less than three hours to make, cook, cool and ice. I would recommend it for a person who does not home bake, as it is a fool proof mix, and can easily be passed off as all your own work.

              Thank you for reading Trayrope


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                30.01.2012 11:47
                Very helpful



                As good as home made

                I bought a Betty Crocker devils food cake mix as I had previously tried the Betty Crocker chocolate fudge brownie mix which turned out to be absolutely delicious. The devils food cake mix retails for around £2.00 in the supermarkets.
                I do normally bake my own cakes, but I decided to give this a go as packet mixes are just an awfull lot quicker and an awful lot easier than making your own, I figured that depending how good this was then it would be handy to just keep one in the cupboard.

                This is really easy to make, all you literally have to do is beat the cake mix together with 250ml water, 70ml oil and 3 medium eggs in a bowl and then pour the batter into the your tins and bake. You can beat this with a large wooden spoon or a balloon whisk, but it is much easier with a hand held whisk or in a stand mixer. I just pop all the ingredients in the bowl of my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, using the wire whisk attachment, I then just set it mixing whilst I prepare the trays. Once the trays are prepared I just pour the batter in and then pop them in the oven, less than 10 minutes preparation from start to finish.

                The baking instructions on the box are brilliant, it gives the oven temperatures and times for any oven, plus any size and shape of cake tin, and also tells you how what quantities you will get:
                Tin Size: Two 20.5 cm (8") sandwich tins, Bake Time: 23-28 mins.
                Tin Size: Two 23 cm (9") sandwich tins, Bake Time: 22-27 mins.
                Tin Size: 33x23x5 cm (13" x9" x 2") rectangular tin, Bake Time: 27-33 mins.
                Tin Size: 24-28 cupcakes (2/3 full), Bake Time: 15-20 mins.
                Tin Size: 32-35 fairy cakes, Bake Time: 8-12 mins.

                I've used this devils food cake quite a few times now, I do always have a packet in the cupboard, I have made it as a layer cake, and also as cupcakes. I sometimes only use half of the cake mix to make a dozen cupcakes and then keep the other half of the packet for another time. The cake mix does keep for a couple of weeks or so, and it still makes perfect cupcakes the second time around. I obviously add half the added ingredients if I am doing this way, to half the 3 medium eggs I just use 1 extra large egg and this works perfectly.

                The devils food cake is absolutely delicious, it is soft and moist and chocolatey, but not sweet or sickly at all. It is light and fluffy and always rises well. The baking times and the quantities that the mixture makes are spot on too. There is always a divine warm chocolatey smell dridting from the oven when you bake this. It tastes as good as home made, you would never in a million years suspect that this came from a packet.


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                  25.08.2011 20:15
                  Very helpful



                  creates a delicious cake

                  Betty Crocker is a brand who offer a range of baking products. From chocolate cake mixes to batters for pancakes and also toppings for cakes, there is something for all baking needs.

                  ~Devils Food~

                  The Devils Food Cake Mix is a powder based mix which requires a few additional ingredients. It can be used to make a 2 tier cake (circular or rectangle) or cupcakes. The cake will be chocolate flavoured and suitable to serve 12 if made as a normal cake or around 30cupcakes.


                  A red and cream cardboard box with a tempting chocolate slice is presented to us. All the relevant cooking information is on the box and inside, a solitary bar of crumbly, pale brown chocolate mix is supplied. No other ingredients are within the box.

                  ~What You WIll Need~

                  Ingredients : cake mix, 70ml of vegetable oil, 3 medium eggs, 250ml water and ready to spread icing.

                  Utensils : 2 lightly greased baking tins/cupcake tin, plastic mixing bowl, wooden spoon and a knife.

                  ~Baking Instructions~

                  Betty Crocker state that the preparation time will be 10mins. Firsty set your oven to 180c and have 2 baking tins already greased. Mix up up ingredients in a bowl and pour into 2 tins.

                  Cooking time will be different depending on what type of cake you are making but vary from 8-12mins for cupcakes through to 23-28mins for 8inch sandwich tins. Once cooked, ensure a knife comes out clean and allow to cool for 10mins before sandwiching the cakes together and decorating. Allow to set.


                  Sugar , Wheat Flour , Vegetable Oil , Cocoa (processed with Alkali) (8%) , Dextrose , Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate) , Modified Starch (Tapioca and Corn Starch) , Corn Starch , Dried Whey , Emulsifiers (E477, E471) , Salt Flavourings , Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum) .

                  Contains milk, wheat etc.


                  Nutritional values are based on 1/12th of the cake - 223calories, 16.2g of sugar and 4.4g of saturated fat.

                  ~Availability and Price~

                  This cake mix is available in supermarkets in a 500g pack. It is priced around £1.95. In addition, the spreadable icing is priced around the same price.

                  ~Our Experience~

                  My sister and 2 of the kids visit for lunch once a week and we like to put on a wee buffet. For the past few weeks, we have also been making a cake whilst they visit (well me and my sis have whilst the kids played). Whilst I would happily whisk up a sponge with jam and buttercream filling, my sister decided we were making a chocolate cake.

                  Betty Crocker is a brand I know and trust and I have rarely been disappointed with any purchases. Last week (and again this week), Stacey has visited with this Devils Food Cake Mix for us to bake. We have also indulged in 2 different toppings/fillings to create 2 nearly different cakes. Having experienced what I can only describe as scrumptuous choccie cakes, I felt I should review the cake mixes and tell you all about it!

                  ~Baking Up A Storm~

                  I already had all the neccessary utensils as I bake regularly but had 2 slightly different sized cake tins to work with! Once we had our lunch, we left the oven on to keep it preheated, used a small amount of butter on the tins to grease them and set about making this cake. I had a decent sized mixing bowl but I would recommend quite a large one as the mix does develop into something rather big!

                  The first time we used this last week, I found the mixture to be a bit lumpy and spent more time dissolving the powdery lumps. Today though, I used my sieve and got rid of them all as the fine powder fell into the bowl. I am not used to using oil in baking but followed the instructions and tipped in the oil, water and 3 medium eggs. Mixing it at first, it looks a bit icky and not at all impressive but its the end results that really matter! Anyway, the mix blends well with my wooden spoon though takes a few minutes so if you have an electric blender, you may be able to do it quicker!

                  Once mixed up, the mix resembles a thick, chocolate milkshake type consistency and pours smoothly into the two baking tins. Because my tins are different sizes (by about an inch), I intended on using the bigger one as the base and sandwich the smaller one on top. The cake mix looked nice and smooth and chocolatey once in the tins and all that was left to do was to bung them in the oven. I use the cooking time to clean the bowl/spoon etc which means less mess later!

                  ~Mmmm...Can You Smell It??~

                  The gorgeous chocolate aroma wafting out my oven whilst these cakes cooked was extremely tempting but I resisted and waited the 25mins required to cook! The larger cake took slightly longer but both went dark brown (not burnt just really chocolatey) and the knife came out clean. I plonked them on the worksurface allowing them to cool for around 20minutes as they were still warm after the recommended 10minutes!

                  Thankfully, we had no disasters with transferring the cakes to a plate or cake board. A quick run around the edges and a gentle tap on the tin allowed them to tip out in one piece. The cakes had risen perfectly with the bigger cake rising higher and each had a soft, spongey bottom! Last weeks cake had risen quite a bit so in order to have the cakes sandwiched together perfectly, my sister sliced a small amount off the top of the bottom cake before we decorated it and this allowed the smaller cake to slide on and stay put.

                  ~Time To Decorate~

                  As I said, we have attempted 2 different cakes but both times opted for the Betty Crocker icings which come in tubs. Last week, we tried the Chocolate Fudge icing which is quite dark and smooth. Once the cakes had cooled, I had the job of sandwiching them together which was easy enough. The crumbs on top of the cake don't tend to crumble away into the icing and everything stays the way it should.

                  The cake required only a small spreading of chocolate fudge icing, just enough to allow the top half to stick smoothly. Not wanting to waste the rest of the icing, my sister covered the top and sides of the cake with it. If used at room temperature and spread with a knife, it will cover every inch of your cake and one tub is sufficient for a large cake. This week we used the Chocolate Buttercream icing had although we were rushed for time and spread whilst the cake was still hot, it melted on and ran a little. We then decorated with white chocolate stars.

                  On both occasions, we have placed the iced cake into the fridge to set which has taken a good 30mins. Each cake looks completely different and I feel the icing is an important back of the overall cake. If the cake hadn't been iced, I feel it would be a tad boring, plain and not as indulgening to look at or taste!

                  ~Slice Me Up and Gobble Me Down!~

                  I had reservations and doubts about this being suitable for 12people. But believe me, these doubts were soon gone. The cake doesn't look massive but once decorated and set, you soon discover that 12pieces is about right. Last week, we managed to serve a decent sized slice to ourselves and 3 children which only used up nearly half the cake. The other half was kept in my fridge to be shared between myself, my fiance and Boo later that night. A large knife slides through the cake with ease and doesn't allow it to crumble. The cake can be wrapped up in tinfoil and placed into a box if take to someone elses home which is what my sister done today.

                  Each piece is substantial and even if say so myself, looks like something a fancy baker would have made and displayed in a cafe. Having the 2 cakes sandwiched together with the icing, makes it look professional and scrumptuous. The actual chocolate cake looks light, fluffy and moist without being wet. The icing really is the icing on top of the cake so to speak as it finishes the cake of perfectly and the addition of white chocolate stars, changed the appearance to a birthday type cake.

                  Using a fork or a spoon, the cake can be scooped up and gobbled down. The children loved it but couldn't eat a great deal of it. I think the overall taste depends on which icing you use. With the chocolate fudge icing, the fudge added an extra sweetness to the cake whilst the chocolate buttercream icing made it creamy and delicious. The cake itself has a pleasant, airy texture and is a little rich tasting which limits how much you can eat. It isn't too heavy or sicky on its own but with the addition of the icing and any other toppings, it can be a bit much.

                  ~Doing The Devils Work?~

                  I feel this cake offers an excellent treat. It is quite messy for children to make (compared to normal cupcakes) so certainly one for adults. It is quick and easy to prepare with ingredients that will normally be in households anyway and there isn't too much to clean up afterwards. The cakes cook well, cool fairly quickly and can be easily decorated to create different looks. I suppose you could add a normal, non chocolate based icing to the top but I think it works best with chocolate or chocolate fudge.

                  Yeah the calories etc are high but the taste and absolute indulgence of this cake is enough to send any one to heaven (never mind hell!). I do feel mega guilty devouring a piece especially if I know I want another but when you taste it, the guilt disappears for a short while. The cake tastes delicious so to hell with the weight gain..its a treat and we can work it off running around after the kids!

                  I think presented well, I could get away with serving this at a party as there is enough to go around and its something different from the usual sponge or cupcakes that I normally would serve. We have another mix there and another tub of icing so we fancy trying out the cupcakes next week! The total we spent on ingredients is around £4.50 which may seem quite high but every penny was well spent and I would happily buy this cake again.

                  A quality, tasty cake mix thats bound to impress and comes with a 5star recommendation from me, my sister and the kids :)

                  Thanks for reading and please note this review was initially posted on ciao on 22nd June when we last made the cake!


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