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Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace

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    12 Reviews
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      30.10.2013 21:42
      Very helpful



      Good value for money phone suited for the average to business user

      Having recently purchased the Samsung S5830 (ACE) for £39.99 from Cash-converters I was looking for a few things in mind;

      - touchscreen
      - Wifi and capability to download
      - user friendly and fairly decent battery life

      First reason for purchase was the appearance, I prefer black handsets and not too bulky also so this was about right for my requirements, second thing to grab my eye was the standard mini USB charging point. The curse of my life seems to be my phone battery running out of life and not being able to charge whilst being away from home, as this connector is used commonly throughout a range of handsets it doesn't take long before finding a friend close by with a Blackberry or HTC which can quickly revive your samsung also.

      The handset was purchased unlocked so allows me to use additional providers in the future however I have started using this with Three and have managed to grab an unlimited data package out of em also!! Im an avid data user, when im out of my Wifi zone I like to be able to check my e-mails and facebook etc so with my unlimited data sim from 3 and my bargain Samsung I am now able to keep connected on the move and so far so good, having being streaming youtube videos and soundcloud files the performance works well.. not only this but the handset integrates Tethering as found in most new released handsets which allows the handset to act as a portable WIFI hotspot to provide connectivity to other local devices. Works a treat with my laptop and also had it linked up with a Digital TV box the other-night which managed to stream on demand content from iPlayer like a breeze.

      The general layout and use of the handset is pretty generic in what you would expect from Samsung, the menu and navigation is simple and easy to understand and navigate between. The menu features a similar design to the iPhone with the finger slide accross the screen to navigate between apps etc.

      The handset is Android based so access to all the latest Apps is just a matter of clicks with Google Play. Battery life so far seems pretty decent aslong as im not hammering the internet too much throughout the day, general use calls, texts the odd browsing and its lasting just over a day which again is pretty average in smartphones with regular use on the market today.

      Tethering puts a heavy drain on the battery so best to keep plugged in whilst using. The camera and video works well, good quality not quite HD but more than acceptable given the price paid.

      There are quite a lot more newer released Samsung's on the market today but for a much higher price tag if your looking for something to similar to the latest trend without breaking the bank then the Galaxy Ace may be the next smartest thing you buy.

      Thanks for reading, please leave feedback on how I could improve my reviews!


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      26.12.2012 01:35
      Very helpful



      A well packed starter smart phone for first timers, well made and easy to use too!

      After ten or so many years, I have finally given up the ghost of using the traditional mobile phone. The idea came to me to change up to a Smartphone recently when I was out having coffee with friends and hid my old Nokia phone away the moment everyone around me started to produce their Smartphones. When it takes up to half an hour to load up an Internet page on my old Nokia and far too long to text someone through the conventional key pad, I knew it was time to change up to something a bit more modern! Infact over the years from the first time I bought a mobile phone back in the 1980s with the exception of the "credit card sized" Orange flip phone, Nokia has always been a brand preference where I'm concerned. I may be hip with a lot of gadgets, but when it comes to mobile phone use, I just didn't see the point of having so many features on a mobile phone and preferred to spend time with friends meeting up, instead of meeting up with their Smartphone in their hand, trying to get a real word in edge ways! Then I read Blissman70's review of his Samsung Galaxy Ace on Ciao UK and decided to look at the Samsung brand once and for all. Between that and some pretty disappointing reviews concerning the Nokia Lumia handsets, it seems that my attention to Samsung couldn't have arrived at a better time.

      Nar2's Quick Skip Product Spec

      * Make & Model: Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830.
      * 3.5" TFT screen, touch screen with one push button control.
      * Small headphone socket, USB data combo charger cord & plug option.
      * 2.3 Gingerbread Android software & 800mhz processor.
      * GPS with digital compass & 5.0-megapixel camera.
      * High Speed 3G & Google Play Apps, 158mb internal memory & 2GB slot card.
      * 11.3cm by 6cm by 1.1cm width, 112grams weight.
      * Comes with mini SD memory card and white interchangeable rear clip on fascia.
      * My price £99 from Vodafone UK on PAYG network.

      General Quality & Design

      As a brand, I've noticed that Samsung have been rather busy this year. Across the board, their cameras, household appliances and mobile telephone ranges have really increased their presence on the UK market, if not also promoted by their excellent series of 3D flat screen LCD televisions too! So it made sense to surround myself with Samsung technology, having heard and read a lot of reviews online regarding the S2 and the Ace Smart phones and even if I am an Apple fan, I'm not taken with the idea of spending £500 on a mobile phone, let alone the price on something a bit more meaningful to me like a large convection fan assisted oven in my kitchen. So, at the time of purchase I was swayed with the idea of the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the S2 model and in the end due to a bigger memory capacity, decided on the Galaxy Ace, using the same Pay as You Go network on the Vodafone server I've been a member of almost all of my older life!

      As this is my first Smartphone, I don't have much of a basis to compare the Ace S5830 with but I did try quite a few different handsets at a Vodafone shop in Glasgow before finally deciding on the kind of phone suitable for me. I'm very impressed with the Samsung design here - beautifully smooth, thin enough and easy to function for me, the design highlights on this phone really come down to the large touch screen and the hard dimpled plastic snap on cover that comes with the phone as standard. I also received a white snap on cover as an alternative to cover over the camera, showing only the lens and the speaker for the phone on the rear and though the white mimics the Apple colour that most products these days crave to copy, I'm more taken with the harder dimpled black cover that Samsung have provided here.

      When I took the phone out of the box though, I was a little dismayed to find that no full user manual is given, but rather a quick-start guide booklet that covers the basics of the phone and intentionally Samsung assume that the kind of buyer who has bought the Ace will want to start using the camera and online apps straight away. From the moment it switches on, there's a new world of features waiting for me, since I'm not used to Smart Phone tech. Colourful app symbols, gentle gestures with my fingers swiping screens to and fro, all the time if I get lost I just push the single central button to take me back to the home menu. So much easier and quicker than my old Nokia!

      Generally I'm very impressed with the quality of the phone. Seams and finishes are glossy, soft edged and the phone looks good as well as very easy to hold, only helped along by extra protective measures such as "Gorilla Glass," that Samsung claim is toughened for durability. I wasn't taking any chances though and at the time of purchase before the actual phone arrived at my door, I bought a protective stick on acrylic cover for the glass in any case. Other than the central control button, there's the ringer volume button to the left of the phone and the on/off button to the right side of the phone that also locks the phone intermittently if you wish. Do yourself a favour and deactivate the security sequence of adding a silly letter you have to draw with your finger though, as this is just a fancy security measure I found pretty annoying to begin with! Thus, each time the phone is locked, the daft letter has to be drawn in to get into the phone!

      I however didn't have any idea of how to open the small memory card slot at the side of the phone and had to look online for the solution as well as download the whole user manual. This is where the design gets tricky because the micro 2GB SD card slot door can be tricky to open, requiring a long nail to prise the door open and swings on a pretty vulnerable feeling hinge. The memory card sits in the slot easily enough but even with the push of my finger, the memory card wouldn't lock down further into the slot and eventually using a blunt knife, managed to push the memory card until it locks into place. It took me three attempts prior to using a knife, as the hinged door will not close over properly and fit flush back into the side of the phone.

      The memory card is essential if you want to use the phone online straight away though as the internal memory is pretty minimal (158MB) and the phone can't really depend on it alone without the back up of the SD card supplied by Samsung. A standard SD card is also included for back ups, but you'll have to buy an equivalent SD card reader if your computer doesn't have one and the Ace S5830 can take up to 32GB micro SD cards, of which I'm strongly considering as I've already fallen in love with the camera function on this phone, alone.

      General Performance & Downsides

      Generally it took me about a week to get used to the Samsung Ace S5830. This is because I am just not used to using a large touch-screen mobile phone, remembering that all I've been used to all of my life are the conventional mobile telephones with just a key pad and scroller button to access main areas of menus and features. Swiping from one menu to another where apps exist isn't a problem but I had a problem initially texting using the on-screen QWERTY keyboard. This is because, though my fingertips are not fat or chunky, but of average sized, I found it was easy to make a few mistakes when texting with or without the predictive text activated. The only solution around quick texting without making mistakes is using my pinkie finger! It seems that whomever Samsung had in mind when it came to using this type of online-screen, it was made for the smallest of finger touch pads!

      When it comes to making a call or receiving a call, the call quality and speech is first class though the Samsung's secondary screen that comes up during a call can be over the top, ranging from options from speakerphone to muting the call, ending the call, or adding in an optional hold function. Frankly as long as the phone stops making the call, I'm happy, especially if I am controlling the button that functions it!

      Answering a call however can be tricky to begin with too. This is because when a call comes through you'll be presented with two circles symmetrically appearing on the screen using the obligatory and standard-recognisable green (to answer) or red (to end/ignore) symbols in huge circles that look as if they only require a slight touch on the screen to accept or neglect the call. Not here though - just like the screen lock function, any calls coming to the phone have to have deft swiping gesture made with the finger to access the functions.

      There are of course other advantages to this phone - it is awash with quite a few helpful apps and most apps come with the phone already such as a very handy all files sharing software that can tap into your computer and access files if you require it. Thus the phone has Bluetooth on its side but it also has a fantastic 3G WIFI built into, able to pick up hot spots in an instant if you require to go online -and the upload time is pretty fast as well as being able to watch videos, take photos, add them to online email servers and so forth. For me really, the Internet function is super fast to what I was used to with my fairly old Nokia handset, so even a dip in not so fast speeds all of the time is a good compromise to go with.

      In terms of versatility, the Galaxy Ace S5830 seems to have everything I require, from an easy to use FM radio tuner with four memory presets to an Mp3 player with good sound quality and even a GPS navigational feature that would be handy to have if I took this phone away with me when I go rambling. Even the built in camera has a flash function unlike the S2 model and the camera has a capacity of 5MP and an ability to shoot videos in HD and sound. In short, the phone seems to match me well where my pursuits and interests are concerned.

      It is a pity though that for all that this phone has a lot of useful features and apps, that for most of them, they push you to connect to the Internet for general access. Getting online is easy, quick and fast to do, but if I switch WIFI off manually, I get constant annoying reminders that the phone hasn't been switched onto WIFI with no option to change or stop the warning.

      Another issue I'm not that keen on is the rotational feature. It basically senses when you are turning the phone around at an angle and pivots the screen side ways to a pillar-box view. About the only time this is handy is if I am taking screen shots with the camera and like so many other members who have reviewed the camera function, although the features and zoom are high, there should be allowance for the camera to be able to zoom on the highest definition setting. You can switch the rotational feature of though, if you just want a horizontal position with the phone permanently, which I have.

      Final Thoughts

      I am very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 in general. It is great at making calls and I'm now beginning to get the hang of texting using an on-screen QWERTY keyboard as opposed to the more traditional letters through a numerical number pad, the Samsung banishes my old Nokia for good! However, it isn't without its downsides and the worst downside overall is the battery life. Even with minimal use I find that the phone requires to be charged every two to three days and it really just comes down to the amount of apps you choose that determines the battery life, rather than believe what the energy counter shows, that Samsung have fitted to this model. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2012.



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        03.11.2012 18:43



        Great smartphone if on a budget!

        This is my first smartphone and I am so impressed with it! I originally got it just because I wanted a smartphone and couldn't face the prices of the "better" models. But I have found that it does pretty much everything that a more expensive model does and at less than half the price of some of the leading ones, this is a major selling point. I was also impressed by the size of it, as newer smartphones appear to be too large to fit in my pocket which massively puts me off!

        The screen is clear and bright and easy to see in direct sunlight. The touch function is sensitive and only responds to skin contact - which while annoying when I'm cold and wearing gloves - greatly reduces the risk of pocket dialling people. The battery life could be better - it lasts a day at the most when I use the functions on it (which I do regularly) or maybe 2 days if only using the text function. so be warned you will have to take a charger everywhere - however, this is comparable to better phones, no smartphone battery is particularly impressive.

        The system is intuitive and easy to use (especially for me, as it is very similar to older models of Samsung phones, which I have always had - but friends have said they found it easy to figure out from transferring from Blackberry etc). The camera gives good enough pictures, obviously not a replacement for a digital camera, but okay for every day use!


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        25.09.2012 19:40



        I have had many other smartphones over the past two years, this has got to be my favorite one and great value for money. I find it easy to use and the camera/video camera is very good, i have had no technical difficulty with this product and for a smartphone that is very hard to come by these days. I would say all round it is a fantastic phone also some great free apps to download off the google play market.


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        14.09.2012 21:17
        Very helpful



        The Galaxy ACE is a very popular android phone for everyone and capable of running most SII apps

        There were only 3 days to go until we were jetting off to the sunnier climbs of Orlando for what would be a fantastic 2 weeks at Disney World. My wife had a Samsung Galaxy SII and our daughter was now using a Blackberry after changing her phone more often than her underwear.

        I was using an old LG KC550 which was an amazing 3+ years old on pay as you go that I had purchased from my local Tesco and which used the Tesco mobile network. It had a failing keypad where quite often the left hand set of keys didn't register and although I used its calculator function it was far from ideal and couldn't handle decimals! I had lived with most of its failings but the last straw was when its 5Mp camera started to develop focusing problems. So bearing in mind that we were about to go off on the trip of a lifetime I needed reliability and a camera that would be as good as the LG for any photo shots that may arise on the odd occasion that we didn't have our digital camera.

        I was quite taken by my wife's Galaxy SII and to be honest would probably have bought one if it wasn't £368 and then there was another phone that caught my eye - the HTC X One, but at £500 was too pricey for my liking. My wife had been using her phone for about 5 months which was on contract through O2 and at £21 per month for 2 years I really didn't want to be tied down to a phone that would probably lose appeal in the next 6 months especially with the SIII released and only £30 or so dearer or a few £'s a month extra for a contract. I visited most of the local supermarkets and decided that I would use my Tesco clubcard vouchers (was part of the double points exchange programme) to buy a phone, it was now just a choice as to which one.

        I ruled out immediately Blackberry's and other similar qwerty key pads because I do not have the tiniest of fingers and would have been a waste of time, and I also ruled out any with sliding screens. I very quickly narrowed the phones down to about 6, including the Galaxy ACE, Galaxy Y and HTC Desire. After looking at the specifications of the phones in my price range the Galaxy ACE was by far the best choice available. It was about 7.30pm by the time I made my decision and was disappointed when the sales advisor informed me there were none in store and indeed they were on a waiting list! However, we asked if there were any in the other local stores and the sales advisor managed to reserve one at a store about 10 miles away, so expecting the phone shop to close at 8 we rushed back to the car and sped off up the road.

        When we arrived at the other store we were worried the phone shop would be closed or they'd sold the phone but we needn't have worried, it was safely located in the stock room and after the sales advisor spent what seemed an age scanning in my clubcard vouchers I had my new Galaxy ACE. The phone had been on offer online for £139 but £150 in the store although at the time this too was an offer price.

        There were lots of choices available, I could have stayed with Tesco and set up a contract for the phone and SIM on a variety of networks although at the time I would have had to contribute to the price of the phone and been tied in for 12 or 24 months. I decided however to continue using my new phone on pay as you go as I had only recently topped it up and knew that some of the SIM only contracts gave me a better package should I decide to opt for one.

        The sales advisor was quite keen to point out the poor decision a previous customer had made by not getting a contract for minutes, texts and data but I would like to point out that this really depends on how you choose to use your phone. If like me you turn off the roaming 2 & 3G and instead only use the internet in free WiFi areas you won't pay a penny for your internet use. Without roaming charges my phone usage is exactly the same as before and topping up £15 per month can for me be top up one month and make use of the free £30 credit and use the next month or two to use the actual credit you'd paid for - SIMPLES (as my friend from Merecova would say).

        I really didn't expect my phone to be so popular, but when I went in to work after our holiday I found that 2 other members of my team of 12 had them and only a week later (and without input from me) another member had one! I think 25% of the workforce is exceptionally high for a phone, yet not one of the Galaxy ACE's are the same! Our phones are all the same in terms of dimensions and fits rather tightly on its side in my shirt pocket but I can only assume we may have slightly different models and onscreen differences are because we are using a variety of network providers.

        The Galaxy ACE I have is model GT-S5830i and dimensions are 112.4mm high x 59.9mm wide x 11.5mm deep, and weighs 113.0g. In comparison to my old phone it is slightly wider and taller although the weight is similar. However, in true comparison it's like moving from the stone age to the modern era without a gap in the middle.

        The Galaxy ACE is an android phone built on the Gingerbread operating system. It is possible to update the software to the latest provided by Samsung but you cannot update the operating system. (Well you can update to Ice Cream Sandwich - details can be found online by using 3rd party software but whether it works or not, it is not a legitimate Samsung upgrade and if it doesn't work or you hate the new layout I'm not sure how easy it would be to return to the original one. (There are no internet postings to say it worked or that they loved the new operating system)

        It comes with a 5Mp camera and although the Galaxy SII has a zoom facility and camera on front and back the one I have is pretty good. You can zoom in on photos you have taken and there are various shots / modes you can use - such as its panoramic mode where you can add up to 8 pictures to make a really wide image which gives you a true landscape option! It also has firework, party / indoor, sports, night, dawn, sunset, beach / snow and text settings amongst others.

        The Galaxy ACE has Bluetooth functionality, has record and play video facilities, built in FM radio and MP3 player, voice dialling, handsfree speakerphone and expandable memory. My phone has a black back and inside the box was a white back, usb cable, 2 Gb micro sd card (and adapter to allow you to use elsewhere), headphones and a Tesco pay as you go SIM card, and of course the phone, quick start quide and charger. As I had both a SIM and 4Gb micro sd card both remain in the box. I did find it surprising however that the phone does not have a manual and it is left for you to go online to view it. Maximum memory on sd card is 32Gb. The phone also has WiFi capabilities which I used whilst on holiday and like bluetooth can be turned on / off by pressing and scrolling down from the top of the screen. My experience of WiFi at Disney World and since being back in the UK is that the phone doesn't have the best receiver as apart from when being at home it can drop out without notice.

        On the phone are a variety of apps and standard features - camera, e-mail & g-mail (before using some features you will need to set up a g-mail (google+ account), internet, calculator, play store (where you can download apps), Thinkfree Office, task manager which allows you to free memory or uninstall programmes or find out what internal / external memory is available, voice recorder and a range of internet shortcuts to google maps, Samsung apps, news and weather and navigation that acts in a similar way to a sat nav.

        Since I have had the phone I have downloaded a number of free apps including redlaser which is a barcode scanner which allows you to compare shop prices online or in local shops, Barclays Pingit, Kies Air which allows you to access files wired or wirelessly from your pc / laptop (by entering the phones unique ip address), Google Sky Map (which details all stars, planets etc by pointing your phone into the air in whatever direction you like), a torch app which uses the phone camera flash as a flashlight and a few games. I also installed Facebook as an app for staying in touch with my family whilst we were on holiday. After installing Facebook the app required an extensive update which caused significant difficulties and gave me the first indication as to its limitations. The most important app that I have installed however is juice defender which substantially increases battery life. There are thousands of apps - many of them are free and apart from the more demanding games this phone can handle everything the SII can.

        The Galaxy ACE like the SII and SIII stores at least part of the majority of apps in its internal memory. In the case of the ACE this is only 290Mb whereas the SII has 1Gb internal memory and 16Gb of internal mass storage. In the case of the SIII this can be up to 4 times that of the SII. Unlike my old phone the ACE has an 800Mhz processor, whereas the SII and SIII have a 1.2GHz dual core and a quad core 1.4GHz processor respectively. I have also discovered that although you can use apps such as Kies Air which can read your texts and locate pictures etc from your phone there doesn't seem to be a way of importing your old messages.

        Since buying my phone Tesco are now selling it on Pay As You Go for £135 and the Galaxy ACE is now available free on contract from a number of networks for as little as £7.50 per month. Now that I have my phone I have to admit I love it and would certainly not want to be without it. It does exactly what I want and as I have found is a very popular phone which I can certainly recommend to anyone new to android. The one thing I would say if you do get the phone is to put a screen protector on before use - they are really cheap and will save your phone from scratches etc.


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        10.08.2012 21:32
        1 Comment



        no qualms at all about recommending this phone. go for it!

        I have had this Phoenix for over a month now and can safely say that I love it!
        The camera takes fantastic pictures and is so easy to use, it also has a flash, which can be on, off or automatic. This feature is unusual in phones of this price and is very useful. You can also use the flash as a torch if needed!
        The screen is super amoled and it is crystal clear. This does however mean it is a little bit more sensitive to scratches and drops etc but I have so far managed to avoid this!
        Music sounds good from the phone and you can select any song as your ringtone. The phone is very easy to set up if the shop have not already done that for you. I went to phones 4 u and they do a 'walk out working' service which meant I went in with my old phone and came out with this one ready to go with all my old numbers and photos on, fantastic!
        There are a range of pre-loaded apps and features, some of which are entirely unnecessary which is quite annoying as they take up valuable battery power and phone memory.
        The battery is OK, but I don't believe any smart phone has a great battery life as they have so many features running.
        The galaxy ace uses a task manager feature to allow you to close any unused apps and conserve your battery power.
        I like the layout of the phone and the fact that it has a 'back' button! This is a feature I really miss whenever I use another style of phone.
        Cases are really easy to come by on amazon as are the essential screen protectors.
        This phone is great value and comes free with many cheap contracts.


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          06.06.2012 09:38
          Not Helpful



          Cheap and reliable smart phone

          I originally bought this as a kind of "transfer-phone" before i bought an iphone. It was cheap considering the specs (i.e. 5.0 MP Camera with LED Flash and capacitive touch screen -http://www.samsung.com/galaxyace/ace_techspec.html). I was surprised when I started using it that I quite liked it. The fact that the phone was so easily customisable meant that I could put all of my favourite apps such as facebook, twitter or angry birds where I wanted. I found the inclusion of a 2 GB mini SD card with the phone to be a nice touch but the fact that the phone struggled to handle any memory card size over that was a major let down as I am a avid music fan and I like to keep almost my whole library with me.

          The phone runs the gingerbread 2.3.3 and is all the better for it; by running a slightly older operating software, the phone is much quicker than it would have been if it ran the newest one. There is a wide range of applications available for this device both from the android market and Samsungs own app market. Much like apple's app store, it has almost every app imaginable and even though there aren't as many, there are some apps that are unique to android.

          I also found that the back of the phone was relatively easy to scratch and was actually quite flimsy. This is easily remedied though; I bought a cheap leather case on eBay. The capacitive touch screen on the other hand was excellent and almost as good as apple touch screens. I did have some minor crashes when I had too many applications open at one time but that is to be expected.

          In all, this is a cheap and long-lasting smart phone. This is not a phone for people who like to keep a lot of data such as music or lots of pictures with them but it is a cheaper model if you cannot afford the more expensive SII. It is also not an iphone but it is very good as a general all-rounder. Many people have actually got this phone after selling or scrapping iPhones that have broken down so this proves that this is a viable alternative.


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          30.03.2012 20:47
          Very helpful



          A great phone, but one or two overlookable niggles

          The Galaxy Ace is a smartphone by Samsung, it features an 800MHz processor and the price without contract clocks in around the £220 region.

          ==The Performance of the Phone==

          The Samsung Galaxy Ace has an 800MHz single core processor, which is a little bit tame considering a lot of the higher end phones actually have dual and quad cores as of recent. The phone also has 256MB of RAM, which again may be considered tame by the hierarchy of extortionately expensive communication devices, but you never really see any disadvantges of this when using the phone.

          Using the default 'launcher' (basically something that puts an interface over the phones working, which isn't really needed at all for Android, but Samsung seem to use it regardless), which is Samsung's proprietary Touchwiz interface, the actual phone feels a little bit sluggish to use - the interface wasn't implemented well at all - and was completely unneeded in the first place.

          Thankfully, due to the open nature of Android, the interface can be easily modifiable and changeable to adapt to fit your needs - for example, as of quickly after getting my phone, I started using 'Go! Launcher Ex', an application on the Android market that changes your loader to a community developed one which feels much smoother and much more slick. With Go Launcher, and presumably the default Android interface if you can be bothered to root the phone, the phone runs like a dream. It runs well with the default interface, don't get me wrong, but it could be far better.

          However, the hardware that may be considered a little tame has put some limitations to the phone that may not have been experienced by the higher end phones. The Samsung Galaxy Ace doesn't actually have any Adobe Flash capability, will never be receiving an update to Android 4 ICS (you can upgrade it yourself, but unofficially) and it will not play certain Apps - most annoyingly those made in the software Unity. The limitation of RAM sometimes means you'll have to close background applications, but that's hardly a problem.

          However, as a phone, it does all that I need it to, and relatively quickly too. The phone takes about thirty seconds to get to a working state and about fifty seconds to be totally smooth from pushing the button, and that is a fine amount of time by me.

          ==The UI==

          As I've said already, Android allows for altering your loader, and so this section isn't incredibly important to everyone, but I felt the need to include it anyway.

          Samsung's proprietary 'Touchwiz' UI is incredibly bad. It looks bad, it feels unresponsive and it's just completely unnecessary in every way. It would've been much easier if Samsung had just stuck the default version of the Android OS onto the device, instead of faffing about trying to get the interface from their inferior smartphones prior to their use of the Android OS onto Android.

          However, once you've got a custom loader, and there are a few to choose from and are all incredibly easy to install, you're good to go. Every Android feature is there and easily accessible, and the rest of Android is practically untouched by Samsung, so I can't say anything bad about that.

          However, it's generally thought that 'Touchwiz' is pretty bad, but then again, it's better than the HTC based loader.

          ==The Screen==

          The screen isn't the most high resolution arrangement of pixels in the box, but for half of the price of an Galaxy Nexus or iPhone, what did you expect? The important thing about the screens on these phones is that they are going to be used for reading texts and internet browsing, and therefore being able to read text easily on them is a major priority.

          Here, they appear to have focused on the priority. The screen is bright, and the resolution is high enough to read the text on screen easily. Extremely large blocks of text on the screen, especially at smaller font sizes may prove challenging to read, but it's nothing that you can't get over. The screen resolution of this phone is 320x480, roughly akin to an older generation iPhone or iPod Touch.

          The screen also apparently has Gorilla Glass, but upon removing my screen protector, it took only a day to get a tiny scratch on the screen. Turns out that Gorilla Glass is still susceptible to the same dangers as normal glass, but less so as it's a type of plastic. As such, anything you'd expect to cause scratching on plastic will still cause scratching on Gorilla Glass. It's a helpful preventative, but nothing to go bananas over (see my pun?)


          Android does come with a built in tutorial on how to use your phone, and the manual that comes with the phone is extensive enough to get yourself up and running. Android isn't a particularly hard operating system to use, and anyone with even the lowest level of contact with smartphones will be able to use this phone without any problems. The manual doesn't explain everything though, and if you haven't updated your phone since the early Nokia phones you may find yourself having issues working out how everything works.

          However, most of the apps have their own instructions, and there is a system tutorial in the Settings of the Android OS, so it should be more than fine for most everybody to use, and without hassle.

          ==Extensiveness of Apps==

          Apps are an increasingly popular reason to get a smartphone. These can range from being able to play Pictionary with your friends over the internet the being able to access social networking sites like Facebook and chat services like Skype from your phone with no problems whatsoever.

          However, not all of the apps are fantastic - for the most part they are, but the Facebook app isn't all that great at all, for example. It kills battery life and there's no way of stopping it from incesently nagging you about your notifications short of rebooting the phone. It's an infuriating development, but one that is easily avoided by not installing the app. The Android Task Manager needs more of a sure fire way of stopping these apps though.

          Apart from that, the app selection on Android is arguably more extensive than the Apple App Store even, and for that an Android phone is a great choice - even if you don't pick this one.

          ==Battery Life==

          On average, my battery lasts between three and five days, using a battery saving app called 'Juice Defender' that turns on and off services that are and are not required for the current time of use. Without, it'd probably be a day or so less, so not a massive improvement - but an improvement nonetheless.

          For the most part, the battery life is staggeringly good. However, there is one downfall. Using the phones networking (so 3G, GPRS and so on) drastically reduces battery life by many percent. This is true of all phones, but particularly noticeable here - it's bad to a point that I have to switch it off because on some occasions it wouldn't last overnight with it on. However, it's fine to have it on for short bursts during car journeys or when you really need to look something up and the like.

          Also applications that use a lot of CPU, like the Facebook application (at time of writing) may also reduce battery life substantially, along with running many applications at once.


          This is a good phone, and it does all that I want of it. Sure, not being able to update the Android on the phone to the latest version is a bit of a bummer, as well as not having Flash support, but when it comes down to it - when will you really be using that on your phone. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and a little bit more. It's well made, documented, and the claims that Gorilla Glass is scratch resistant are a bit on the borderline but it's a great phone despite all tiny niggles.

          I give the Samsung Galaxy Ace a four out of five.


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            12.01.2012 07:19



            my dad gifted me this samsung s5830 galaxy ace for new year...i am loving it....very reasonable price...problem is with low battery...but still i love to use this mobile....camera picture clarity was good....it is the midrange phone..Samsung Galaxy ace is one of the amazing mobile i ever been used.. Awesome feature for affordable and fair price who ever wants to buy this goahead its superphone...awsome body....there is a problem in playing games....i am very much satisfied with this handset suitable for all...samsung rockss...


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            16.10.2011 22:53



            Steer clear!

            This phone, I got 3 months ago. I got it on a mobile contract and having never had an 'Smart Phone' I was super excited for its arrival. It came all neatly wrapped and like a child on Xmas morning i ripped that box open to find my shiny new piece of technology sitting there waiting for me to switch her on. So i did, great loved it got all the apps spent 60% of my life using it the other 40% charging. Battery life on this phone is a joke!!! So, Id had it maybe a week when i noticed it froze ALOT!! I called the company who supplied it and they sent me a next day replacement. Got my replacement and again downloaded all my apps added all my pics etc. I then noticed the vibrate was very very weak. Again called the company they asked me to go instore and arrange a repair, Did this sent it off had a naff courtesy phone, it came back working yipee, 2 weeks later it wont send a text unless im on the wireless ?? No one at the company had a clue so now my beloved piece of technology is again away getting fixed. And to top it all the memory is very low. So you can have a handful of apps want anymore you have to start deleting Never knew a phone so problematic. Network signal is no good either! Get the Samsung Galaxy S II


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            27.05.2011 00:51



            love the style, easy to use, iphone lookalike

            it is all about iphone these days and what can beat it, well for me this phone is just fantastic, ok it is not an iphone beater and has not got the quality feel of the iphone but this phone looks like the iphone three in every way

            it is a mid range smart phone with an 800mhz processor operating on Android, a market which is fastly growing, i have owned this phone 2 months now and have been impressed, touchscreen is responsive with no lag experienced yet, comes with very little internal memory but has an expansion slot for micro sd card up to 16gb, the phone comes with a 2gb sd card which i have upgraded to 8gb

            the screen on this phone is not as good as the Samsung Galaxy which boasts a super amolded screen but the screen looks sharp and as yet the screen has not attracted scratches as yet, i might ad that the screen does not seem to gum up leaving streaks on the screen like the HTC Wildfire done.

            I must admit my phones gets simple usage standard phone calls to standard text and a bit of internet on the go but since owning this phone i have used far more features than i would have on a previous phone, would that be down to how simple the phone is i dont know but i do know that when i tried out the iphone it seemed to have an ease of use about it.

            the battery life for this phone has been a bit poor to previous phones i have owned but besides this the phone certainly beats my previous HTC Wildfire which was a terrible handset which i would catogrise also as a mid ranged smartphone, although there is a years difference in handsets for me the Samsung Ace is a winner

            all in all it is going to come down to what you are prepaired to spend on your contract and to how much money you are willing to part with for a phone.

            i simply cant justify an i phone at over £35 per month with the cost of the handset on top and this is the reason i stayed away from the iphone so when i had been in the shop and seen the Galaxy ace it just reminded me on th iphone at less the cost, its no iphone but if you are looking for a contract between £15-£25 per month then this should be seriously considered


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            11.05.2011 12:47
            Very helpful



            a reasonable phone for the price but I prefer my iPhone

            My phone went in for repairs recently and so, as I can no longer live without a smartphone my brother very kindly gave me his Samsung Galaxy Ace since he'd received an iPhone for his birthday and so no longer used this.

            This is an Android phone running Android 2.2 with an 800Mhz processor. It has a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen with auto-rotate. The touch screen is responsive and I have never had any problems with it not recognising a tap, at the same time it's only set off by fingers and so you won't accidentally set it off in your pocket or anything else.

            Due to this touchscreen there are only three buttons on the bottom of the phone. Menu on the left, home in the middle and back on the right.

            Calls And Texts

            The call quality on this is very good, I never had any problems hearing the other person and as far as I'm aware they never had any problems hearing me. I also never experienced any calls dropping. The only minor complaint I have here is that the speaker phone didn't quite get loud enough to be heard in my car. My engine isn't particularly loud and I haven't had problems with this with any other phone however this is easily worked around with a headset.

            Texting is supposed to use Swype input which means you're supposed to be able to swipe your finger across the keyboard covering the letters making up the word you want, the phone will recognise this and input the word. However no matter how hard I tried this refused to work for me, inputting at most the letters I started and ended on. Despite this texting is easy, there is a full qwerty keyboard which although it may be too small for some when the phone is in portrait mode it expands so it's suitable for even the largest fingers when in landscape mode.

            Battery Life

            The battery life is really dependant on how many apps and how much I used the phone on a particular day. With little use beyond occasional calling and texting I could just about make the battery last two days, any more then this however and it really did need charging every night. The minimum amount of time it lasted with very heavy use was 6 hours.


            The phone comes with a 5 Megapixel camera and up to 2x zoom. The camera incorporates autofocus, face detection, smile detection and (apparently) location detection.

            I've yet to find the location detection option, maybe like the iPhone it's automatic. To be honest though I've never really worried about finding it. I know where the picture was taken and I'd really rather the rest of the world not know where I am at any given time!

            However, the face detection and smile detection works very well. You do have to hold the smile a little while for it to register but you can see it mark out on the screen the face and mouth so you can tell it's doing something! Autofocus also works as it should and even on the lowest megapixel option I've not had any pictures come out out of focus.

            The camera, on it's highest setting has five megapixels but there are five different settings, the lowest being 0.3 Megapixels. Unfortunately the zoom on the camera depends on the setting. You have none when it's set to 5 but this increases to 2x when on the lower 0.3 megapixels setting. Although the addition of the zoom is useful I struggle to see why I have to decrease the megapixels in order to get this.

            The flash however is it's saving grace. I've been using this while my iPhone is in for repairs and so the difference the flash makes is definitely noticeable. It's an LED light but bright enough to be used in even the darkest conditions.

            Music Player and Radio

            This incorporates a music player and compared to my iPhone this didn't really compare. The sound quality wasn't as good however taken on it's own I would have been pleased with it. It does really need to be played through headphones in order to get the best sound quality.

            The same goes for the radio, you need to play this through headphones anyway as they work as the aerial to pick up the station. However I struggled with this, it found stations without any problems but then they quickly either went static or lost signal when I moved.


            Although the marketplace has less apps then apple's app store there is still something to keep most people happy. These are divided into categories and an inbuilt search function is available to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

            For those of you that use your phones to work on there is a word document reader pre-installed on the phone as it comes out the box. Although I have heard that this can be used to edit documents too this has never worked for me.

            Price, Availability And Recommendation

            As this was a gift I'm unsure how much it cost my brother but a quick google has shown it to be around £200 - £250.

            It won't be replacing my iPhone anytime soon (assuming I get it back quickly!) but it's a good, relatively cheap smartphone none the less and I'm going to give it 4 out of five stars.


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