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Nokia E63 - Smartphone - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM - QWERTY keyboard - ultramarine blue

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    30 Reviews
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      15.04.2012 01:10
      Very helpful



      A great qwerty smartphone that works well for personal or business users

      Lets be honest, these days if a phone isn't an iPhone, HTC or BlackBerry, most people aren't interested. But if you're looking for something a bit more hi tech than your standard candybar style phone, but without the mass features of some of the aforementioned brands, look no further than the Nokia E63.

      I've used a Nokia E63 for three years now. In recent months i switched to a BlackBerry, and although i enjoyed the added features of messengers and apps, the quality was so poor and it broke within a very short space of time. The faithful old Nokia (Or as I call him, Nigel...) on the other hand, has been ever faithful and reliable, with not so much as a missing key to speak of.

      It runs on Symbian 9.2 Operating System with Series 60 3.1 Software, quite outdated by today's standards but perfectly usable and good. It has both 3G and WiFi to offer, so browsing the internet is a doddle. Personally I like to use Opera Mini browser, but the preinstalled one is perfectly fine too, if a little slower. The 2 Megapixel Camera has LED Flash & Digital Zoom. 2 Megapixels is nothing, but before you write it off, remember that BlackBerry Curves offer about the same. The flash can be a bit of a washout, but it's fine for quick snaps to send for a picture message etc. The music player supports a wide range of files includiing MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+ & eAAC+ and the phone also supports Flash.

      The shape and size is comparable to a BlackBerry, but it feels a fraction heavier and much more sturdy in your hand. The approximates measurements are 113 x 59 x 13 mm and around 125g in weight. Instead of a trackball theres a standard four-way directional button, much easier on the fingers! Along the top of the keyboard are shortcuts including Home, Calendar, Contacts and Inbox all for instant access. The qwerty keyboard is well cushioned, with plenty of room to type with ease. It also doesn't have that horrible plastic clicking noise a lot of qwerty phones do - surely i'm not the only one that hates that?!

      The home screen is very basic and easy on the eye, with text messaging inbox, web browser, music playlist, gallery, chat and 'switch screen' all there and ready to use. Let me explain the switch screen option - it's created with business users in mind. Basically the idea is to have two home screens, one for personal use and one for business use. You can opt to have your emails, internet telephone and calendar entries all showing right infront of you on the business screen, along with buttons to access Bluetooth and Active notes replacing the Gallery and Music menus on the personal home screen. The colours are different on each screen but can be change, it's quite a novel idea.

      Another great feature is that this phone has lots of accessibility settings for those with impairments. It has a voiceaid for those who are visually impaired, where a voice reads out all the menus and everything you are selecting. The messaging area has an option to allow your messages to be read aloud too. Voice commands are available too.

      The phone also comes with full Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint along with a PDF viewer and ZIP file manager. Some of the newer Office knockoffs for phones are terrible, so to have the original products is a massive bonus and a great feature of the E63.

      If you're looking for a cheap smartphone but don't need all the apps, this could suit you perfectly. I imagine it's a wonderful choice for business users too.


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        04.01.2012 14:05



        This phone is a great deal I must say!

        I own an ultramarine blue of this cellphone. I have it with me for a year already. I am very satisfied with this cellphone for the first few months of using it. I am very glad since this phone has very good terms for my lifestyle.
        I like its look since it seems so cool and neat. Blue is just right for me as a guy. The keypad of this cellphone is also very good to touch. They are soft and are enough in terms of their sizes. The phone has also good speakers, I have no problems when it comes to talking with friends with this cellphone. One good thing about this is its handiness. It is easy to bring.
        I think this phone is really durable since I have dropped this several times already. The phone is also fast. However, lately, I am experiencing hang ups of the phone - maybe because of the several times that I have dropped it. Taking care of this will surely give you good service. I can say that this is a very good buy since it gives me right service. The wifi connectivity of this phone lets me check emails and news online. And during at night, it serenades me of its fm radio which has the ability to browse fm stations worldwide. The battery is also very outstanding!

        A good buy!


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        07.11.2011 10:57
        Very helpful



        All round brilliant phone with everything you could need.

        Everyone constantly asks me "why didn't you get a Blackberry" and I always answer "I much prefer this phone to a Blackberry. I bought this phone for £89 with £10 free credit from the Virgin Mobile website.
        It is the best phone I've had up to yet. I have the black version but it also comes in blue and red.

        Qwerty keyboard keys which is much better for all text associated use. It is easy to navigate, buttons for your calender, phone book, email and main menu are featured either side of the navigate arrow buttons.

        On the main screen, it has a clock, applications at the top screen which are like "shortcuts" to useful places like Facebook, Virgin media home page (would adjust to your individual phone supplier), yahoo and your file manager. Directly underneath is your email, calender and internet WLAN connections found.
        The left button sends you to the menu, and the right takes you to your messages and emails.
        If your press the space bar when on your main screen, your flash on the camera will light up, creating a torch for you if needed.
        When you receive a message, or you've missed a call, the middle square button flashes at regular intervals to let you know something is waiting for you.
        On the side of the phone, there is a slot for a Micro SD card, and a USB cable port.
        Headphone slot is on top.
        Dimensions: 113 x 59 x 13mm
        Weight: 126g
        Screen: 2.36"
        Memory: 100MB phone and up to 16GB micro SD card.

        On the menu, you have 11 different icons:
        Log- Calls received, calls missed and Calls dialed. Also a call duration option to view your last call duration and all call duration since using your phone. Also tells you your internet data amounts you've used.
        Communication- Voice mail, contacts, internet telephone, speed dial and messaging.
        Connectivity- Bluetooth, USB, WLAN wizard (search for internet connections) and a connection manager.
        Ovi Store- Application to download apps, games and music. You have to connect to the internet to use it and there is lots of apps to chose from. Some cost up to £5 and the majority of them are free.
        Tools- For your settings, display, voice aid, encryption etc. It also features a map, GPS data and landmark finding.
        Office- Calculator, Clock, Calender, Converter, Dictionary, Notes, Wireless keyboard set up and also uses Quick office, which are like Microsoft office programmes but for your phone. There is a text document, presentation programme (to make a slide show) and a small version of excel.
        I own and run a small business, and I find these features very useful when I need to jot down a few things and I can email it to myself to open on my laptop when i get home.
        Media- Voice recorder, Music player, Music store (needs internet and you pay for downloads), Podcasting, Camera, Gallery, Real player for movies/videos, Flash player, Radio, Myspace, Facebook and Youtube.
        Installations- You'll find the things you've downloaded here from the Ovi store. I have got Skype, msn messenger, Facebook and Whats app. All of these I can use when connected to either wifi or GPRS.
        Help- Information and a tutorial on how to use the phone.
        Web- Internet access.
        Camera- 2.0mp camera with flash. You cannot rotate a photo with your phone, only can be done on a computer. Camera quality is awful indoors, but with natural light it is better.

        The good and the bad:
        The good:------------------
        This phone is brilliant, It is basically a handheld computer which you can do almost anything on.
        The screen is nice and big which is a plus for surfing the internet and using your camera.
        Brilliant app store.
        I despise touch screen phones, so this phone is brilliant for all my needs.
        The bad:------------------
        It has no countdown timer or stopwatch which sometimes comes in handy.
        Sometimes is very slow and doesn't want to load a photo.
        The phone only came with a charger. You have to buy the USB cable separately.

        I haven't had any problems with this phone at all. I have it with me all the time, it's used all day and I've had it for 20 months so far, and it still works very well.
        This phone is brilliant for any sort of person and not just for business use. Would be good for someone who is very social and needs updates of events and meetings.
        I would recommend this phone to anyone.

        Review also at Ciao- Helen190390


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        27.10.2011 13:17
        Very helpful



        A good, if unspectacular phone. 3 1/2 stars would be given if possible.

        'Why didn't you get a BlackBerry?'. This coming from my Dad, who's in his 50s not only made me feel out of touch, but also a little paranoid. Suffice it to say, that when set up with email, address book and all the features I needed for my phone - which really aren't many - I was very happy with my decision. 'Too many people have BlackBerrys' and 'iPhones are for show-offs', I told myself. Months went by with little to no issues, apart from the Nokia email client, which when abroad seems only to work with roaming Contract WAP settings and not the wireless. Turning off the 'sync while roaming feature' renders it impotent. It may be that I don't understand, but my understanding was that 'roaming' describes the use of the contract service provided wherever one may be, thus utilising chargeable services abroad...Never mind, that's for another day. On to the product itself.


        Sleek, slender and has a rather charming look that almost reminded me of those amazing calculator-fitted casio watches every self-respecting 10 year old had in the mid '80s. Nice size screen.


        Uses the Qwerty keyboard which for me was a revelation as I see predictive texting as a total pain in the ass - although, I no longer get to chuckle as I type my sister's name (Anna) and it comes up 'bomb' and other such cheap laughs...The applications, alarms, calenders, organiser etc are all easy to use and useful, and the phone's alarm works even when you turn the phone off - a useful battery saver when travelling.


        As I mentioned, at the beginning all was fine, but recently things have taken a strange and infuriating turn. The wireless internet WAN finder has disappeared from the home-screen and no matter how many times I confirm that I want to see it it disappears. Periodically my email account is no longer recognised on the email client and other such strange anomalies. It may be that it has picked up a virus, in which case it's hard to level blame at the phone, but still a major pain in the butt.


        Happy I got it, but time for a change.


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          29.04.2011 13:11
          Very helpful



          A practical phone for those wanting something abit more than just a standard phone

          The E series from Nokia is really designed for business use and is aimed directly at Blackberry users so has many of the same features.

          The E63 is no looker but does have a simple charm to it. The rectangle slab of plastic feels nice in the hand with the battery cover having a rubberised finish which feels very tactile so this thing won't slip out of your hand or pick up any fingerprints.

          Looking around the case will reveal the 2 megapixel camera with flash and mirror, a decent sized screen about 2.5", memory card (mini SD) slot, USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack and the nokia qwerty keyboard. All pretty standard fair for this type of smart phone.
          Like the phones aesthetics, the qwerty keyboard is a love/hate reaction. The keys are bunched tightly together with the profile raised to a point like a little hill. With abit of practice you can get used to using the tips of your thumbs and get up to speed quickly but I feel those with larger digits may struggle at first.

          The Nokia is equipped with the Symbian OS which does a fine task of your usual day to day stuff. You can phone, text, read documents, go online, use Wifi, use sat nav, play games, download apps from the Ovi store, check your calendar, play music (mp3's) and watch films (real media)
          I have noticed that there is some lag when opening some applications and trying to read through a pdf document. This is probably due to the lack of processing power and also the Symbian OS.
          The integrated web browser does a fine job but you will notice some sites will struggle to load and most of the time the layouts will be messed up. You can use other browsers (Opera, Skyfire) which make the task of browsing easier.
          The media player is decent. You can play mp3 or Wav and then use them for your ringtones as well if you want. Playing videos is abit of a chore. Sure, you can use mp4, avi and RM compatibility but the player is very basic without the function to fast forward or rewind. The screen has a low resolution so don't expect much but the sound produced from the handset it loud for something this size.
          The Ovi store is easy to use and downloads are reasonably quick over 3g (quicker if you use Wifi) Games are pretty basic and you're really best suited to puzzle orientated content. SatNav works well with the inbuilt APS and Nokia maps function.

          This phone offers alot of function for the money and would be ideal for people who want something to text fast on, has good connectivity, is not flashy and gets the job done. I don't think it will be attractive to established BlackBerry users, especially those using the BlackBerry messenger functions.

          There's plenty of choice in the phone market which makes it hard to recommend this handset. It's pretty average. If you're set on one of these types of handsets then I would track down the E71 which is the more elegant cousin with a metal body and slimmer profile. They are pretty cheap now and you can then get whatever simcard you want.


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          03.01.2011 16:34
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Smart yes but not perfect

          I'm no techno-junkie, nor am I a mobile fashion freak but I have recently become the owner and user of a smart phone: the Nokia E63. Such was my ignorance of this market that I was initially unaware that my phone is a near copy in appearance of the ubiquitous Blackberry, until my kids pointed it out. Having had a brief opportunity to compare with a friend's Zarzamora (that's Blackberry in Spanish) I would say the Nokia is a little more square and angular but otherwise a dead ringer (only it does ring). Not sure where these jokes are coming from, sorry!

          Not to digress too far, I should explain that I had mentally chosen a classic Nokia 2730 but on comparing the deals on offer with "3", the E63 was £3 a month cheaper at £18 per month for 900 minutes or texts, 1GB of internet and a free phone. There was also an £80 cashback at Quidco. That was enough to convince me.

          My first encounter with the phone was a little disappointing since it wasn't connected. After three days I still had no service but help was on hand since "3" had also included a pay-as-you-go SIM in the package and using this I was able to contact "3" for free (!) and my contract SIM was connected within the hour. Since then I have found the customer service at "3" to be polite and helpful, but that would be another review.

          As a phone, the E63 has always worked well. The sound quality is good, I can hear and be heard - which wasn't always true with my previous mobiles - and I generally get a good signal. The phone book is easy to use, allows you to store additional details such as email and physical addresses and has a smart search facility. No complaints here. With the "3" network I also get a Skype application, which is free to use - apart from any charges Skype may make.

          The Camera (2 MP with flash and virtual zoom) is not as good as I had hoped. Thinking that the results would be at least similar to an old 2 MP digital camera I was a bit disappointed to see how grainy and lacking in depth of colour the pictures are. This could be down to the tiny lens. Video too is rather jerky if your subject is fast-moving, like a child or dog running and playing. But at least you can zoom in and out while filming.

          The QWERTY keyboard has minute keys of course though in practice I haven't had too many problems with hitting the wrong ones. Composing emails is a dream now.

          A criticism is that when entering figures using number lock you have to take the number lock off to enter a decimal point then put the number lock back on to type in the rest of the digits. That's an extra three key strokes, every time. Above the main keyboard there are one-touch keys for main menu, calendar, contacts and mail. The "navigator" button sits in the middle just below the screen.

          Setting up email (I use gmail and fastmail) was quick and easy; the phone took care of the POP and SMTP settings for me. It works well in retrieving and sending messages too. In fact, the only problem I have seen is an occasional conversion error on opening the full message. So far this has only affected certain junkmail senders.

          Since this is a smart phone, the main interest for me was being able to access the internet on the move. There are two ways to do this, connecting to a WiFi network or through the mobile phone network. The latter will use up your data allowance. Setting the phone up as a WiFi device was simple enough following the instruction booklet. In fact this has proved more useful to me than using the mobile network. It's amazing how often you need to check the web last thing at night in bed or before getting up in the morning. It also meant I could go online when other family members were borrowing my office - which was more often than not. I could also control their access to the router (evil!).

          Nokia's browser - I don't know if it has a name - is reasonably easy to use but not perfect. For some reason there were no instructions with the phone on how to use it, so I have had to apply my previous experience, which is mainly with IE Explorer and Firefox. A practical difficulty is the small size of screen (2.4") when using regular rather than mobile sites. All you see is a rectangular letterbox of the full screen, which can make navigation tricky. Zooming in can help, until the text is too small to read or the display can't cope and fields become superimposed. This is where a touch-screen phone (eg iPhone) would have a clear advantage, with its much larger screen. You get used it after a while, it's fair to say. Not so good is the fact the browser doesn't support flashplayer - at least not "out of the box", there may be a techie fix I don't know about. In practical terms this means I can't use all the facilities on some of my on-line banking sites that use flash animations as part of their payment validation process (eg Egg card). Another slight annoyance is that the keys immediately below the "navigator" button operate shortcuts that can take you right out of your browsing session if you accidentally touch them.

          A lot was made of the advantages of 3G over 2G mobile networks (and billions paid to the Treasury for the licences issued to these new networks) but my first thought on using 3G internet was, "roll on 4G". Trying to access any large page is a slow process, up to a minute, and quite often the download freezes and you need to either reload or go back to the bookmark again. This makes it a pain for long browsing sessions. Performance on WiFi or mobile phone network is similar, provided the signal strength is good.

          Nice touches are the pre-applied proper screen protector and the rubberised finish to the battery cover, which makes the phone secure to hold and resists scratching. A practical feature is the flashlight that uses the camera flash bulb. On the other hand I have found battery life to be a lot less than I expected. Nokia claim up to 480 hours - nearly three weeks - on stand by but I get only three days max, with only a few minutes on calls and perhaps an hour browsing the net every day.

          When buying a new phone it is all too easy to get sucked into spending a lot on accessories but so far I have been able to get a Bluetooth dongle for my PC, an in-car charger and a 4GB microSD memory card, all for less than £10 online. With the possible exception of a case I doubt I will need anything else.

          Of course this phone has a host of other features that I haven't used yet, such as the GPS or the "Office" applications. I wouldn't fancy using it to compose a dooyoo review though. There is an FM radio and music player, though the former requires headphones to act as an aerial. It is much easier to use an internet radio station if you need to use it this way.


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            25.11.2010 10:30
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Easy to use, would recommend (Same review under the same username on my CIAO! account)

            So many people rave about having the latest Blackberry phone, but is it really worth cashing out on a £200 phone when you can get one that does pretty much the same, for half the price?

            My 3 phone contract was up for renewal and I desperately wanted the new Blackberry. However it was going to cost me about £40 a month for the contract and about £199 to buy the phone itself. That was until i discovered the Nokia E63.
            I picked up a Blackberry and the E63 and asked my Dad "What's the difference? They look the same and pretty much do the same".

            The contract that i managed to get with this phone was £18 a month, with a free phone,unlimited texts and 200 minutes, and unlimited internet. All I can say to that is WOW.
            I have now owned this phone for a year and it still works perfect from the day i bought it. I have dropped it many times and it hasn't broke, the only thing that happens that can be quite annoying is that the back of the phone tends to pop off. It doesn't scratch easy which is good if you are prone to dropping things (Iam!). I have used this phone in the pouring rain (and it rains a lot here in the UK) and it hasn't frozen or broke in the cold.

            The battery life is quite good, depending on how much you would use it. I have left my phone on for a few days straight while using it on and off and the battery was still half full, so i would say that the battery life is decent.
            In the box you get : The phone, a charger and instructions. I was a bit disappointed that there was no USB cable but i soon found one on Ebay selling for 99p so that was ok.

            Here's some pro's and con's i found with this phone :

            Its slim design makes it easy to hold and its rubbery grip stops it from slipping from your hand
            The keyboard makes text messaging so much easier
            It has a phone book to store all your friends and family details
            It has a memory expansion slot which allows you to insert a MicroSD card to store your pictures, videos, contacts etc on
            It has bluetooth

            the camera isn't the best quality - 2.0 MP
            its quite heavy so could weigh down your bag/pocket - 4.44 ounces

            Other features:

            Stream TV shows from online
            Microsoft Word
            Presentation Documents

            Overall I would say it's an easy, trendy slim phone that would suit anyone. It comes in three colours including Black, Red and Blue. You can buy skins for them like you can with the blackberry.


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              19.11.2010 13:21



              An excellent affordable business phone which looks great and performs tasks well

              I needed a new business phone and I didn't have the desire to fork out the money for a blackberry nor an iPhone and since I've been a nokia boy all my life I turned my attention to Nokia's new business range and I am glad I did. First off the phone is pretty big but it still fits in my jacket pocket or my trousers and jeans quite comfortably and it is not that chunky. The QWERTY keyboard is excellent and the keys are a good size and are raised which helps you when texting. The screen is nice and big which is useful when surfing the internet, sending an email or reading texts. The menu is simple to navigate and there are some useful applications like a conversion programme for currency or weights and a calculator.

              You can also open and edit microsoft word, excel and powerpoint progammes but it can be quite difficult and frustrating since the programme is only basic. The phone also has a 2MP camera which while basic can be useful but the thing which most surprised me about this mobile was the torch, though it looks very tiny on the back of the mobile it produces a lot of light which is great. The phone has a big battery while helps as it can stay on for long periods of time without having to recharge.

              Connectivity isn't a problem either as the phone has bluetooth and wifi which is great if I need to send emails or documents to other people. There is also a 3.5mm jack for connecting earphones if you wish to listen to music. Most importantly for me is that sending texts and receiving calls is easy on this thing and the loudspeaker is clear and loud. Although it might not be as advanced as a blackberry for a business phone it is excellent value for money and does what it needs.


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              09.11.2010 05:29
              Very helpful



              Very good phone with great looks for a great price.

              One day it just clicked, I was so sick of my 3 year old phone. It was outdated and did not have all the advanced and fancy features that I see on modern devices. It was time for a change so I took the initiative. It nearing the end of my 2 year contract so I thought it was the right time. These days everyone has an Apple iPhone which I think is fantastic, but I wanted something more business like. The E63 was the perfect choice because it looks similar to the blackberry, but this phone had more entertainment features that will be mentioned later in this review.

              I chose this phone mostly because it looked professional and very sleek. It had a nice glossy finish and physical keypad was what I wanted instead of a touch screen.

              First use:

              After opening the box, I held the phone and it was very slim and compact. Its also lightweight and fits straight into my pocket without even noticing. I powered the phone up and it had enough battery life for me to play around and get a feel for the menus. The navigation was so simple and the response times of the software were super fast. The screen was so vibrant and sharp when viewing the icons and menus. Loading up applications, games and messaging performed very well. Speed and simplicity of the device is very important for me when it comes to mobile phones because my time is very limited. The keyboard was excellent to use and typing is so easy especially with predictive text, my friends were amazed by how fast I replied to them.

              I tested out internet access and web pages look very crisp and are easy to view. Internet loading times were very quick and it's so easy to access twitter and facebook.

              Battery life:

              Battery life has improved over its previous models. I talk for over an hour a day and it lasts two days on a single charge. Charging times are also very fast and you get a full battery in less than two hours.


              There are some very useful applications for business use such as the word processor and PDF reader which is handy when reading electronic documents and eBooks.


              A great phone to use. It is very speedy in its daily operations and it has all the applications you need to get you through the day whether it's playing games or doing business. Very good price that won't hurt your budget.


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              07.09.2010 18:41
              Very helpful



              Depends on what you want it for.

              I'm not going to go over all the phone's specs in this review. Not least because they're very extensive and have been covered in many of the other reviews on this site. Instead I am simply going to give my experience and views of this phone.

              I've been using the phone for a year and a half now. And it's alright...but that's it.

              Perhaps I have such a luke warm opinion of such a popular phone because of the type of user that I am. I mostly text and call. Indeed, I text and call an awful lot. I don't use the internet on my phone, although I do use Skype. As such, I find this phone awkward to use.

              The battery life is about two days depending on usage. It's actually pretty good compared to most smartphones.

              But the thing that I don't like is that it has a full qwerty keyboard. This means that every letter has a key. This is probably pretty useful for writing emails and the like, but I find it cumbersome for text messages. The curved, raised keys makes it easier to type accurately I'm sure, but it still remains that you have to hold it with two hands, and whilst this doesn't sound like it's that annoying, I was used to typing extremely quickly with the one. The predictive text is not helpful, and can be more annoying in fact. It's not like the normal Nokia predictive. It takes me much longer to write a simple text, whereas before I could type and talk at the same time (that was on a streamlined smartphone) without difficulty (much to the amusement of my boyfriend).

              So in short, only buy this if you're going to be using it for the internet and emails. Otherwise features that are supposed to be a bonus become a burden.


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                02.09.2010 16:38



                A slick, compact and easy to use phone.

                This Nokia E63 feels brilliant in your hand. It is slick, compact and easy to navigate. The qwerty keyboard adds to its simplicity and emails and messages, be it business or personal, are easily accessible with the click of a button.
                It is fast and connects to the internet very simply, even in countries without WFi the phone still connects and functions quickly. It even sustains long skype conversations on limited internet networks.
                It's a very high quality phone, however, the only fault is that the camera is not particularly good, often pictures appear blurred or are very pixelated. Even so, after pictures have been taken they can be instantly uploaded to the internet due to the phones applications.
                The radio and music players are also hugely efficient and there is enough memory to store a good deal of data.
                This phone is great, compact and useful, even when travelling abroad.


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                25.08.2010 16:48
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                4 stars

                I am a real girly girl and so often do not have a clue when choosing any kind of electrical products and every single mobile phone that I've had has been chosen based simply on how it looks. I know thats probably silly but all those technical phrases about camera pixels and memory go straight over my head! It usually takes me a while to get used to features on a new phone but I'm pleased to say that although I admit that I chose the Nokia E63 just because I liked the look of it, it's turned out to be a good phone feature wise too!

                So what does it look like?
                The main reason that I liked the look of this handset was that it looked like the Blackberry. I've wanted a Blackberry for ages but they were always just a little bit too expensive, so the E63, with its flat shape and QWERTY keyboard seemed like the next best thing. My handset is black, but you can also have it in red or blue, although not all networks stock these. The phone is probably about 2inches wide and 4inches tall and has a large screen and a camera on the back.

                How much will it cost?
                I paid nothing for the handset itself as I'm on a £20 per month contract with Three with which the handset comes free. If you do want the handset on pay as you go however, it will cost around £160.00 depending on which network you choose. For this reason I'd definitely recommend getting a contract if you like this phone as it works out much more cost effective.

                The phone has all of the standard features that you'd expect from a Nokia as well as some extras. These include the following:

                Camera: The camera is probably one of the best that I've had on a phone. It takes good pictures in different lights and has a few advanced features such as letting you take photos in black and white and allowing you to adjust the light and colours.

                Lots of internet applications: You can use windows messenger, skype, facebook and youtube from your phone, but bear in mind to check with your network about costs for using these as they can really push your bill up! you can also download spotify on the phone if you have a spotify account although this can also be costly.

                Some good office features: You have everything you need on this phone to keep organised, including currency converters, notes and calendars. The handset even has a built in dictionary that can be used if you get stuck for a word on the move.

                Built in music player so you can have your phone and Mp3 player in one to make things more convenient!

                Are there any bad bits?
                In general I really like the phone, however, as with all handsets there are a few bits that I'm not too keen on. The menu can be a bit confusing to use as there are so many different areas to explore and Im still discovering new features all the time. I have also found the fact that you can't put a password on your messages a bit annoying as I have a very annoying younger sister who likes to pry and now I feel like I cant leave my phone lying anywhere!

                Other than these few minor problems, I really like the Nokia E63 and the fact that it holds its charge for ages, as with many Nokias, is an added bonus! I would definitely recommend this for anyone who's looking for a new phone.


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                  08.08.2010 10:13
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  An ok smartphone for those who don't like bells and whistles

                  Some people live or die by their mobile phones. I'm old enough to remember a time when having a mobile was something quite new and only for a few (Late nineties, I'm not ancient)

                  Fast forward a few years and now everyone's got one. This year I was due for an upgrade from three but I have no real desire to have something which will cook my dinner for me and tuck me in at night like an Iphone. The notion of a Nokia E63 was offered to me and I liked the look of it. It has similarities to the Blackberry models but perhaps lacks the social kudos. I went for it because it was a good phone for only a tenner a month. The slimline shape and weight of it was good and the qwerty keyboard was a bonus for replying to my e-mails out in the field.
                  Using the phone is pretty simple, the screen is crisp and offers adequate size. The front menu has a range of shortcut icons for things like e-mail, facebook etc. I was able to set-up my e-mail accounts with real ease.
                  Using the keyboard will take any user a little to get the hang of. You've got a lot of keys to fit into a small area. Changing case and typing letters is a little awkward and not ideal for those who like to speed type. I have to press a shift button before every character if I want a number or a capital letter.

                  Browsing the internet is fairly straightforward. I'm sure it doesn't have the fluid browsing of apple's products but it does the job for me. This was the first time I used a mobile for internet use, let's just say I think the browsing still has a way to go to keep users stress free.

                  The phone has the usual features that are now pretty standard on most phones worth their salt. The camera is not that great, quality wise I've seen far better on other phones. But I didn't go for this phone for it's david bailey qualities. You also have a range of media functions such as music playback and an FM radio. These can only be accessed when you have the headphones that come with the phone. You can only use these Nokia ones, standard ones won't work. Quality wise they're satisfactory but not amazing, again if I want to listen to music I'll buy an Ipod. The radio is sufficient enough for me to listen to the post match football coverage when out on matchday.

                  You are able to use music tracks as your ringtone, now this to me is the phones weakness. Even at maximum volume I find the levels still low. Sometimes you'll struggle to hear if it's in another room. Also on vibrate it's not strong enough to feel if you're out and about.

                  Overall the phone is sufficient to meet my needs which I admit are minimal. I would imagine those who like functionality and a bit more cool will not find it their cup of tea. Certainly if you're looking for an all rounder then look elsewhere. For example my sister has a blackberry and the camera on that blows the E63 away. But if you're looking for something which has good business functionality and available on a cheaply priced contract then this is worth considering.

                  All I'll say is it's best to play around with in a store before committing as it might not be for you despite on the surface looking a bit sexier than your previous brick.


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                    12.07.2010 12:28
                    Very helpful



                    Great for anyone really, just beware of phone faults!

                    I got this phone on contract at Christmas 2009, and as it's for 18 months yes I do still have it!!

                    I decided I wanted a contract and headed off to my nearest 3 Store after seeing their promotion of ''get this contract and save £2 a month''. With the contract I got unlimited internet access, unlimited texts, 200 minutes, and a black Nokia E63 phone (blue wasn't available!) for £18 a month (obviously extra charges can be added on - with the number of times I ring Student Finance, capping my contract wasn't an option!). It is pretty much like a Blackberry, but with 'Nokia' splashed across the top of it instead. It has a Qwerty keyboard and some shortcut keys on the front of it taking up roughly half the handset, and the screen takes up the other half, so it's pretty perfect for reading long messages and browsing the web - probably its main features. It has 9 keys that allow you to choose menus and shortcuts, but as I've had mine for a while I really don't remember the Default settings! The ones you don't have much choice with are the Home button (little house), the Calendar button (little calendar), Messages (usual envelope) and Contacts (little contact book) because they all have their respective symbols showing you which one is which.

                    As this particular phone is currently locked on 3 I also have the shortcuts Favourites and Planet 3, getting me into the internet quicker. I've set my own shortcut to take me straight to my emails - easily done in Internet Settings, just choose the homepage you want for when you use your own shortcut for the internet. Unfortunately Planet 3 takes you straight to 3's own page whether you like it or not, and that can't be changed, so unless you enjoy going through 6 buttons to get to your destination I'd set my own Internet shortcut if I were you!

                    Navigating around the phone was easy enough too. The directional button is just a silver square, obviously each side takes you either up, down, left or right, and the black button in the middle takes you straight to the Contacts - I don't know why, it just does! I've tried changing this as I find it pointless having 2 buttons for contacts but I haven't worked it out yet!! The Home button takes you straight to the Main Menu, where the default options are your Call Log, Communication, Connectivity to the Internet, Tools (which leads to Settings - the most important one you need for setting up your personalized phone!), Office, Media, Installations, Help and a shortcut to the Internet. I'll make this as short as possible for those interested in every little option under these headings:

                    Log = this is literally just your Call Log, who you've called, who's called you etc
                    Communication = yet another shortcut to your Contacts and Messaging...
                    Connectivity = change Bluetooth settings and connect to WiFi if possible
                    Tools = Settings, Themes, Profiles and Phone/Stick Memory are found under here, as well as the option to change your phone display Mode from dark to light or back again (any changes made to Light Mode, for example, will not be applied to Dark Mode)
                    Office = Calculator, Notes, Calendar, Dictionary, all the little Office necessities that make it easy to note and work things out on the go
                    Media = all Images, Videos, Camera and its settings, and also a music store I've yet to mooch
                    Installations = pre-installed games and apps, as well as the ones you install yourself
                    Web = literally just takes you to the internet

                    As this is a Smartphone it does have a heck of a lot of features, and I cant go through every single one in a Review as I know a lot of people get bored reading the same old lengthy Reviews over and over again, so if you do get this phone I will warn you now there is a lot of exploring to do - I've had it nearly 7 months and I still don't know what half the stuff does!

                    When first getting this phone I found I had no USB cable with it, and they're really hard to find - we invested in a Bluetooth Dongle for the PC instead, it was probably cheaper than 2 USB cables (my boyfriend has the same phone!). Under the USB port on the side of the phone, there is a place to slot any microSD card you may have - I don't have one yet, so I don't know the maximum it can take, but my boyfriend has a 4gb and finds that suits all his needs with room to spare so there's a suggestion right there. The charger will obviously come in the box and is a typical Nokia charger, my Uncle has used mine on his older Nokia phone so it's also quite versatile. There is also a hole at the top of the phone for headphones; the phone comes with a little rubber thing blocking it to make it look better than having a random hole at the top, but if you use headphones frequently just pop it out and keep it in the box, it's easy to lose but really does make the phone look better when it doesn't have headphones in.

                    As I said, I've had this for 7 months now and haven't used half the stuff, but I'm on the internet constantly and texting away most of the time so it suits me well for that. The screen helps you see your messages a bit clearer than with some other phones that have a tiny screen with buttons taking up two thirds of the phone, and it really does help when it comes to browsing the web as it is quite large. Phone calls are really very clear, and the battery also lasts quite a while; I can text for probably 17 hours at 10 minute intervals, browse the web every hour, make myself some notes etc, and the battery will manage all of that and half the next day on top of it! After 7 months I find that amazing!

                    It's not too big, and not too small, but compared to other phones you may have had it can feel like a brick. You get used to it eventually, and it has to be a bit brickish in order to fit the Qwerty keyboard on there. The buttons aren't too small or big, and my only problem with them is that it's hard to type after a couple months when I haven't cut my nails and I'm not used to actually using my thumb instead of my nail! My hands are probably average size, and my boyfriend's are huge, but both of us find it really easy texting and dialing. The buttons aren't as spaced out as on some Blackberry handsets, but are quite squashed together in order to make it a bit thinner than a Blackberry - I compared it to my brother's Blackberry and it's slightly longer but also slightly thinner. It fits in your front pocket, your back pocket, your side pocket, any pocket really.

                    My only problem with this phone is that it does tend to shut itself off quite frequently. I have no idea if this is a fault with the phone itself, but as both mine and my boyfriend's likes to shut down halfway through doing something I would guess it's not just my fault. It's usually during an internet session where the phone's trying to load quite a big page, so it's understandable if it decides to go to sleep for a minute, but there'll be the odd moment when it's sat on the table being left alone and it suddenly flashes and that's it, it's off. You can never guess when it's going to do it, and it doesn't even do it every day, but it's so sudden it can be quite annoying, especially when you're in the middle of something long or important!

                    Obviously I haven't used all the apps so you can guess not all of them are suited to every single person with this phone, but again, it's a Smartphone and really needs a lot of exploring to be able to get the full 100% usage out of it. I'm happy with a phone that can call, text, and browse the web, and half the stuff I've seen on this phone is just an added bonus that may come in useful but it may not; not everyone uses their phone calendar to save dates, not everyone likes to play games, not everyone wants to mess around with their settings. It's all about exploring. As I just wanted a decent contract phone that was actually worth being tied down for 18 months, but for quite cheap, this suited me perfectly, but if you're looking for a phone will al the latest bits and bobs and fast internet connection, you'd be better off looking at something more than the £110 this is worth!

                    As it's up to the person buying the phone and not me, I will end this by saying it is a really good phone, with that one minor setback of turning itself off, and for someone that just wants simplicity in browsing the internet and sending messages etc it's perfect. You can set almost any setting you want, visit almost any website you want (as long as you have signal!) and probably download any application you want! Well worth it but as it's only available with 3 on 18 month contracts, or for £110 on Pay as you Go, it's something that would need to be looked at carefully because not everyone can waste that much money just trying a phone out!


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                    28.06.2010 17:33
                    Very helpful



                    It's good but not great

                    I am writing a review for a mobile phone just a few months after reviewing another one. Don't worry it's not just because I'm after dooyoo miles (although I must admit that's a factor). It's actually because my E71 was stolen. My network provider 3 agreed to send me a new one free of charge which was nice but it had to be second hand and I had to agree to have my contract extended by a further six months. I needed a phone and I'm poor so I agreed to everything. They sent me an E63.

                    The E63 is pretty similar to the E71 apart from the fact on this mobile phone the camera is only 2 megapixels whereas the E71 is 3.2. And yes, it is noticeable. I know that doesn't bother most people but as I said, I'm poor, and I love photography, and right now this is my only outlet!

                    It's a very smart looking phone, people have often mistaken it for a Blackberry, which is nice. The keyboard takes a bit of getting used to but once you do it's great. And switching back to texting on an ordinary mobile phone is easy.

                    Surfing the internet on the E63 is great because most websites work. You can do most things on Facebook except use applications or tag people in photographs.

                    On the E71 you could set up your e-mails to be delivered to the mobile phone pretty easily but I couldn't find the option on here.

                    I like having lots of wallpapers to choose from on my mobile phone but you don't get that with the E63, and sadly the default background is pretty ugly. You can switch it from 'personal' to 'business' which I don't really get. All that happens is the colour scheme changes!

                    A few things that kind of annoy me; the off switch, which is located on the 'cancel call' button, and the fact that it can sometimes take a while to process an action on the phone, so for example, I'll want to leave the message editor and go straight back to the home screen. I'll press the cancel call button which is supposed to do just that. Instead it dawdles
                    for ages, so I end up pressing it again, and manage to switch my phone off! Tres annoying. But it doesn't happen often, thankfully.

                    All in all, it's pretty much just as good as the E71 with a few minor deficiencies.


                    Form: Monoblock with full keyboard
                    Size: 2.36"
                    Dedicated one-touch keys: Home, calendar, contacts, and email
                    Speaker dependent and speaker independent voice dialling
                    Micro-USB connector, full-speed
                    3.5 mm standard AV connector
                    microSD memory card slot, hot swappable, max. 8 GB
                    110 MB internal dynamic memory
                    - Nokia.co.uk

                    Retails new at about £108 from amazon.


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                  • Product Details

                    Today, mobile professionals need to manage their business and personal information, and connect with clients, colleagues, family and friends. Whether it's a quick text message or a detailed email with attachments, this stylish, all-in-one device helps you get things done when and where it matters most.

                    Technical Data

                    Product Description: Nokia E63 - smartphone - GSM / UMTS
                    Product Type: Smartphone - 3G
                    Service Provider: Not specified
                    Form Factor: Full keyboard
                    Dimensions (WxDxH): 58 mm x 13 mm x 37 mm
                    Weight: 126 g
                    Colour: Ultramarine blue
                    Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
                    Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
                    Integrated Components: Digital camera, FM radio, digital player, voice recorder
                    Wireless Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
                    Display: LCD display - colour - TFT
                    Input Device(s): QWERTY keyboard
                    Operating System: Symbian OS 9.2 / Series 60 3.1 Edition
                    Playback Digital Standards: WAV, AAC, MP3 , RM, MPEG-4, 3GP, H.263
                    Supported Memory Card: microSD
                    Talk Time: Up to 660 minutes
                    Standby Time: Up to 480 hours