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Blackberry Torch 9800

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    44 Reviews
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      13.12.2013 01:52



      A great phone but times are moving on

      After years of good service my Blackberry has developed a fault with calls which has meant I've had to switch phones. But this should make anyone who is considering buying this phone hesitate, it is by far the best phone I've had to date. In terms of style, it is miles ahead of its rather stodgy Apple competitors and the ability to have an actual keyboard rather than a screen is useful for those like me with limited manual dexterity. The message system is very efficient so that you can juggle six different text conversations at the same time, although the limited screen space can make itself felt when trying to navigate Facebook and other sites. The camera can take good quality photographs and the video quality likewise is a another great selling point for this model. Surprisingly resistant to drops and knocks (and there is no worry of the screen shattering as with Iphones) and also water, I would recommend this to the person who has a busy social life but isn't addicted to Facebook, if you can't tick those two boxes then this probably isn't the model for you.


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      31.07.2013 12:28
      Very helpful



      This is one handset I shall not be selling or giving away.

      Why I chose the Blackberry Torch:

      My very first smart phone was a Blackberry Bold, which I naively thought, could not be improved upon for a very long time; until that is; it was time for an upgrade.

      Because I was so impressed with my Blackberry, I upgraded to the then recently marketed Blackberry Torch 9800, albeit with mixed feelings; excited at getting a brand new hand set yet sceptical at first of the change from track-pad scrolling to touch screen technology.

      However, not being one to shy away from change, even though wishing it did not occur quite so frequently, I was happy to see that the new Blackberry Torch incorporated both methods so that I could find and select any particular app by using the track-pad or touch screen. Likewise, I could type using the touch-screen QWERTY keyboard or the slide down, solid QWERTY keyboard. The best of both worlds in one phone.

      For me this made the transition, from solid keyboard and track-pad, to touch-screen technology much less worrisome.

      The phone measurements and weight, according to my tape and scales are:
      Height: 11cm.
      Maximum height when keyboard extended: 14cm
      Width: 6cm
      Depth: 1.5cm
      Weight: 160g
      Colour: Black
      Screen size: 3.25-inches.
      Storage capacity 4GB.

      I was not offered any other colour option for this phone, but have since discovered other available colours are red and white. They come with a headphone set, a selection of ear-buds, a 1300mAh Lithium ion battery and charger with USB lead.
      A micro SD card, already inserted, is purported to extend its memory to 32GB

      The phone is made of a non-ferrous metal and has a good solid feel about it. The rear casing is covered in an anti-slip, matt black, ribbed rubbery material with a 2cm gap at the top where the 5 Megapixel camera and flash are located and protected by a thin covering of clear glass; below which is the chrome Blackberry logo.

      On the right-hand side of the casing are three keys, two of which are the volume controls and the third can be customised to suit user's own convenience. I used mine to select the camera, instead of my having to scroll through the apps to find it.
      At the top is the headset jack port and on the opposite, left hand side is the USB port.
      The top edge has two silver icons, which indicate the areas to press keys to mute calls and lock the screen.

      The touch -screen is 3.25-inches, measured diagonally from top to bottom, with a 480x360-pixel colour display.

      Swiping the screen sideways reveals five separate, sub-headed pages. (1) 'All' where all the apps available are displayed, (2) 'Frequent' shows the apps one uses frequently, this changes automatically when different apps are chosen more frequently. (3) 'Favourites' where a few of user favourites are displayed. (4)'Media' where one can select apps such as music, voice notes and recorder (5) 'Downloads' this displays all the apps downloaded, such as Amazon MP3, Evernote and renko. Any of these apps may find their way to the 'Frequent' page if used frequently.

      The selection of any apps can be done by tapping the screen or alternatively, using the track-pad to highlight the app then pressing the pad.

      The whole screen is positioned over the sliding, solid Qwerty keyboard which has white lettering on small, raised, black keys.

      The 5 megapixel camera features auto-focus and auto-flash it can also be used as a video recorder. The camera has twelve scene modes from which to choose, for example to select Auto, this is ideal for capturing a wide range of scenes and subjects under most conditions. Select Sports and it is superb for capturing pictures of fast moving objects.
      By selecting Options, you can select the image size from large, 2592 x 1944pixels to small, 640 x 480pixels.

      The screen also offers the pinch and zoom feature when viewing photographs.

      Useful Features I had not seen before

      Apart from the many usual smart phone applications such as contacts, pictures, messages, memo-pad, calendar, email, YouTube, camera and so on, I discovered that this phone also featured a One-Touch- Flashlight which when the icon is selected , a fairly powerful light shines from the camera at the back of the phone.

      Perhaps this is why this model is named Blackberry Torch.

      The other application I think is particularly useful is the Emergency I.C.E, the icon is a white square with a central red cross and the words Emergency information in black.
      Whenever the emergency services are called out to an accident, or any emergency situation and they see a mobile phone, the first thing they search for is the Emergency I.C.E icon, where all info an emergency team would need to know, such as contact numbers, allergies, medication, and blood group etc can be found very quickly.

      Battery life
      How frequently the battery will need charging depends on usage. The only way to compare with other batteries is to look at their standby times and talk times. For fully charged Blackberry torch battery...
      Standby time: Up to 17-days (408 hours)
      Talk Time: Up to 5.5 hours (330 minutes)

      When I got this phone, about two and a half years ago, I was told, that to purchase a contract-free, pay -as-you-go Blackberry Torch, it would cost in the region of £500. I see them now on eBay from about £59 to £200, some second hand, some new. On other sites new sets are still for sale for about £400, prices do vary.

      I got mine free, on a two-year contract from Vodafone, who offer a choice of tariffs to suit individual requirements.
      I was paying £35 per month for unlimited internet access, free texts and calls and GPS sat navigation.

      My only grouch, and bear in mind I am the sort of person who gets irritated if a bus is two minutes late, is that browsing through websites with my Blackberries was, to me, painfully slow.

      For this reason I rarely browsed, but used my handset, to keep records of contacts, appointments, to text and email friends. I also took many excellent quality photographs and shot a couple of short videos. All of which was transferred to the next handset when I upgraded.

      The two most important uses for me was that I got email alerts very quickly, in fact more often than not, my emails reached my phone several minutes before reaching my computer and it would remind me when birthdays, dental or any other appointments were due.

      I also found the voice recorder and voice notes apps very useful, when I wanted to make note of something quickly and not have to type it into the memo pad. For example, if I was wanting to make a note of a friend's new address or telephone number. I would just go to the Media page, select Voice Notes recorder and speak into the phone, the message would then be saved in the Voice Notes application.

      I never experienced any trouble hearing any conversations carried out over the phone, even when I switched to hands-free mode.

      Even though I have since upgraded to another handset, I am still keeping and using my Blackberry Torch. I cannot make or receive any calls (except SOS calls), text or receive emails through it, but whenever I leave the house, this phone comes with me, for several reasons. The I.C.E application is on it so should I be involved in an accident the emergency teams will have my details; I can use it to phone emergency services and many of the apps are still usable, Voice Notes included and finally, I can still take photographs, should I find a situation where it might be necessary.


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        23.04.2013 00:14
        Very helpful



        A very good phone that has some flaws, but highly recommended

        I have had my Torch for about 4 months now, as a company provided phone. Day to day use is emails, calls and texts.

        The design of the phone is very slick, with the sliding handset uncovering a qwerty keyboard, which can be used rather than the touchscreen. For me the touchscreen can sometimes be a little unresponsive and the keys on the screen can be a little small. Not great if you want to text quickly.

        The screen is very bright and clear and easy to read and operate. Layout of the phone is very simple, with large icons showing all the required shortcuts such as mail, browser, messages, etc. It is very easy to navigate your way around the phone.

        The internet browser can sometimes be a little slow and temperamental. When trying to pinch and zoom, the phone may not respond as it still loading up the webpage, which at times can take a while. Using the browser linked to a Wi-Fi network does help this, but in my opinion it isn't as quick as other phones out there.

        The camera is 5 megapixel with flash and auto-focus, providing very crisp photos. However, the camera does not have a zoom function which is a bit of a let down. The video camera also provides good quality videos, both in picture and sound.

        I felt that the overall build quality of the phone was a little flimsy, so I have recently bought a protective cover to help. The plastic back to the phone tends to creak a little when using both the touchscreen or qwerty keyboard and it does not withstand the odd bash very well! The handset does however feel quite bulky which may or may not be a good thing for some people.

        As a business phone it is excellent - emails are easy to set up and are delivered to the phone very quickly after the actual email inbox on my desktop.

        Overall I do very much like this phone and would recommend it. There are some slight flaws to it but nothing that would put me off having another one.


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        18.02.2013 19:14
        Very helpful



        stay connected

        I upgraded my phone contract last year to get a HTC wildfire phone but I wasn't with the phone for too long as it was stolen a few months later whilst I was sitting my end of year exams. I had to go back to using one of my old phones and I wasn't too pleased about it. A month later I wound up with my Blackberry Torch 9800. The phone was actually my mum's upgrade but she wasn't used to having a touchscreen phone and she knew I needed a new phone and handed the Blackberry Torch over to me.
        So I've had the Blackberry Torch 9800 for 15 months now; just a few months left before I get another upgrade. Everyone in my household has a Blackberry phone and for some time I felt like the odd one out until I was given this new phone. I've had the phone for so long and it hasn't let me down; it still does everything I need it to do and more. The phone looked so nice brand new so I bought a screen protector and a transparent plastic cover to protect it; I've dropped the phone a lot of times so it was really needed.

        One of the features I love about this phone is that it not only has a qwerty keyboard but it's also a touchscreen phone too. Sliding the phone up allows you to access the qwerty keyboard and sliding it back down puts the phone into touchscreen mode. I type very slow with the touchscreen so I'm glad I have the option of using the qwerty keyboard. Most times I choose to use the touchscreen option if I want to click on something really quickly or if I want to zoom in or out by pinching the screen. In touchscreen mode, you can view whatever is on the screen in portrait or landscape; depends on which way up the phone is being held. You can actually use the phone in touchscreen mode without the need of the qwerty key pad but I interchange between both when convenient for me. The Blackberry trackpad on the phone helps you to quickly navigate around the screen. You can use the trackpad in touchscreen mode or when using the qwerty keyboard.

        I use my phone a fair bit and most times it takes about 5 days before I need to fully charge my phone. There are options on how to increase battery life, e.g. by reducing the brightness of the screen etc. I implemented such useful strategies to increase the battery life on my phone and it's probably helped a bit.
        My blackberry phone keeps me connected. When I first got it I was able to set up my emails straight away and access social networking apps. There's also the blackberry messenger service which keeps me very busy indeed. I download apps through blackberry app world both from the app on my phone and sometimes directly from the website whilst I'm on my laptop.

        My blackberry comes with a 5 megapixel camera which is not too bad I guess. The camera function allows you to choose different modes you want to take your picture, which is good too. There's the auto mode too which is what I use most of the time. Allows you to add or remove flash too and you can geotag your photos if you want.

        One thing I love about this phone is the universal search where you can search keywords to find specific text messages. Also if you need help with something on the phone, you can search for what to do through universal search. Because of this I'm able to use the phone very efficiently without wasting much time looking for things.

        All in all, it's a really good phone that's very good for networking which I'm really pleased about.


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        01.01.2013 20:22
        1 Comment



        A decent phone but what you get is what you pay for and at 239.99+shipping it is relitivly cheap.

        I have had my blackberry torch for just over a year now. I like the phone however it does have some flaws such as the paint on around the screen has quite severly chipped off as well as this the phone also lag's on occassion. One of the features that appeals to me most about this phone is the large touch screen making it easy to navigate through web pages. The battery life on the phone is average however if you are using the phone all day the battery wont last 8 hours. The phones camera at 5 megapixel's takes some fantastic photos, The flash also allows you to use the camera in the dark aswell as using the phone as a torch if you download one of the free apps avalable. Another feature i like about the phone is the 8gb of built in storage aswell as the micro sd card slot located under the battery. The phone itself is quite robust. I know this from always dropping it and it never cracking the screen. I would recommend the phone as it has proved to be very reliable and user friendly.


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          01.09.2012 20:08
          Very helpful



          For those who love social networking, this is a great phone. But it isn't suitable for tech-heads!

          I've had my Blackberry Torch 9800 for just over 18 months (my contract just ended and I switched to a Samsung Galaxy SIII). I have to say, I enjoyed my time with my Torch, and had no problems with it, bar a little lag towards the end of my contract - this is common for most phones, age slows them down. A bit like us I suppose! I'll review the features individually:

          Touchscreen and keyboard:
          The Blackberry Torch is like most Blackberries, with a physical keyboard. For some reason, the keyboard on this phone feels a lot nicer to use than other Blacbkerries I've tried - for those with big hands/fingers, it may be a bit of a pain, with the keys being quite small - I can whack out emails/texts incredibly quickly with very few errors! For those who don't like physical keyboards, however, there's also the option of using the phone's touch-screen keyboard. I'll be honest, the on-screen keyboard isn't amazingly accurate compared to other modern phones, but it still feels relatively nice to use.

          The great thing about this phone is it's suitable for anyone screen wise. There's a physical keyboard, if you prefer those, an on-screen keyboard/touch screen, and there's even the classic Blackberry trackpad, if you don't like using the touch-screen!!

          The 5MP camera on the Torch 9800 isn't bad for a 2 year old phone. But as far as modern phones go, it doesn't quite compare. The image quality isn't great, and even with the flash, pictures can look quite poor in the dark.

          The Blackberry App Store is relatively small compared to the likes of iOS and Android stores. However, there are still many great apps there, especially for the organised, business type! It is however slightly lacking in terms of games - there are of course classics, like Doodle Jump, but there are very few games with decent graphics, so gaming wise it isn't as good as other phones.

          I've personally never had a problem with the browser. In fact, I rate it quite highly. It's fast and for the most part reliable. The browsers on other devices I've had crash far more frequently! It's also incredibly secure, due to Blackberry's BES technology, which means you can do things like online banking without worrying.

          Any Blackberry fan knows about BBM. It is essentially RIM's own social network, where people add their friends' 'PIN' and can then talk to them in real time - the same way you text, but you can see when people read your messages, you can make 'status updates', and add a display picture. This feature is great, I used it frequently. It just feels a lot more personal than texting does!

          Battery life:
          The battery life on this device is actually quite good. I sometimes managed to last 48 hours before having to charge it. For mobiles, that's a long time! I hadn't noticed any depletion in battery life either, after the 18 months. It seemed to last just as long as it did when first bought.

          Other features:
          If you own a Blackberry Playbook tablet, this phone (and any other Blackberry phone) can be linked up to it, allowing your Playbook to see everything on your phone - contacts, BBM messages (you can also reply to them via the tablet), or even use the phone's 3G network when you don't have wifi, without an extra charge - this saves you from having to pay a silly amount for a 3G card like you would for an iPad or other tablet, you can simply use your phone's network!

          Overall conclusion:
          Personally, I loved this phone, and struggled to part with it. It's great for users who don't mind not playing games on a mobile, and only want to use it for social networking/contacting people/browsing the web. However, for the tech-heads out there, it more than likely lacks the technology for you. The app store is lacking, and the feature pool isn't exactly large.

          I'd definitely recommend this phone to anyone who don't care about games too much, and only want a phone for its original purpose - communication.


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          17.08.2012 22:42



          Better options exist

          I've had my BlackBerry Torch for just over a year and I'm counting down the months to when my contract expires. As my company provides my phone, I'm only able to choose a BlackBerry, unfortunately.

          The good news is that it is much better than my previous model, the truly useless BlackBerry Storm, though that isn't particularly high praise. If you are after a basic level smartphone but you're not interested in much other than talking, texting and checking your email then I'm sure this would be fine. If you're after more than that, or if you have ever owned (or borrowed for 5 minutes) an iPhone or Android phone then the Torch will be a huge disappointment.

          == Menus ==

          Apps and other features are organised into a series of menus which can take up all or part of the screen as you wish. You can swipe left and right to move from one menu to another. These are as follows:

          - ALL - lists all of the apps and features available (although some features are hidden within subfolders so you have to remember where some of them are hidden!)
          - FAVOURITES - you can select certain apps to appear on this menu
          - MEDIA - includes all the default media related apps such as music, video, pictures etc
          - DOWNLOADS - any new app downloaded from the App Store appears in here
          - FREQUENT - this menu includes the 16 most recently used apps in order of how much you use them, which means that apps frequently move around in this menu, increasing the amount of time it takes to find them.

          There are very limited opportunities to reorganise these menus. Whilst you can move the position of apps around, and you can add apps to favourites, you can't create new menus or rename existing ones which is frustrating. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I always find it takes much longer to track down a particular app on here compared to my iPod Touch where the menus are fixed yet customisable so I always know that a certain app is in a particular position on a particular page.

          == Apps ==

          If you've used Android or iOS apps, you'll be disappointed by what BlackBerry has to offer. Apps are comparatively very basic. There aren't that many to choose from (relatively speaking) and those that are available are expensive and limited in what they can do. Take the example of the BBC Olympics app. The iOS version is a very good, proper iPhone app with lots of information. The BlackBerry app is simply a link to the BBC website. Many BlackBerry apps are no more than hyperlinks. Other apps, like the Podcasts app which comes with the Torch, cannot be used in the UK and so are pointless.

          == Speed ==

          Slow. Even on WiFi, the Torch often seems to take an age to connect to websites or information on apps. Sometimes it just seems to give up altogether. The Torch regularly slows down to the point where it needs a full reset (involving taking the back off the phone and pulling the battery out, although a third party app is available which has a similar effect).

          And quite often, the Torch just hangs - a spinning clock comes up on the screen whilst it stops everything it is doing, rendering the phone unusable for maybe a minute or more. This happens more often than it should, even if you're not doing anything especially difficult. It would seem that the phone just doesn't have anywhere near the memory it needs.

          == Social Feeds ==

          The Torch had what I thought was quite a useful feature where it collates your social networking and RSS news feeds. Useful until it turned out this was using data at an incredible rate (I've never understood how when it seems mainly text based to me) leading to a very nasty bill. So I've turned that off now.

          == GPS ==

          The Torch has inbuilt GPS (sat nav) which should be useful but is very hit and miss. It can often take a long time for it to find the satellites and regularly needs rebooting in order for it to do so. The advice on the BlackBerry website is that it may take 10 minutes to connect to the satellites. I couldn't believe it when I read this. If you find yourself lost whilst out and about, it will often be quicker to track a stranger down and ask them for directions than it is to wait for the BlackBerry to tell you. Of course, it isn't always that slow - and it can be known to be more or less instant - but it's certainly not a reliable feature.

          == Rebooting ==

          On the subject of rebooting, the battery pull feature described above reboots the phone completely and as I've mentioned, you need to do it a lot. But... doing so renders the phone unusable for an incredible length of time. I've never actually timed it but it must be at least 5 minutes and quite possibly more. Unless it is just "asleep" rather than fully turned off, the Torch doesn't power up quickly at all.

          == Keyboard ==

          The touchscreen keyboard is inaccurate, whilst the physical keyboard is fiddly with small keys.


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            27.07.2012 09:58
            Very helpful



            Not for you if you're looking for a good touchscreen with lots of apps and smooth functions!

            I've had the Blackberry Torch 9800 since September and I have to say, it hasn't been the easiest phone to get on with.


            Full touchscreen with a good size screen
            Full qwerty keyboard (keys are very small though so if you have chubby fingers, you'll struggle)
            Full email function
            3G and wifi capability
            Various apps available for purchase or download in App World
            BBM (messenger feature that allows chat with people who have a BB pin)
            5 megapixel camera
            Option to use the keyboard or use the touch keyboard

            Good points

            The phone is great for communicating. You can text, email and have the added bonus of BBM. If you know a lot of people with a Blackberry this comes as an advantage.

            On the whole, the touchscreen is well made and responsive (as the phone gets older it becomes less so and less accurate).

            You can set up your email accounts on your phone and have them delivered in real time.

            Bad points

            The qwerty keyboard is very fiddly. The online keyboard is even worse and is horrendous to type on!

            The camera is a decent quality but unless you have an incredibly steady hand you won't get the benefit of it as your pictures will come out with a slight blur. Video function is quite good.

            While BBM is a plus, it really depends on how many people you know that have a Blackberry. Most contracts have the BB bolt on built into the price, but if you're on pay as you go in the UK you'll end up paying around £5 a month for the pleasure of using the messenger and the internet. That doesn't include your calls or texts!

            As the phone is used more it becomes slow and at times freezes completely, with no option but to take out the battery. Sometimes when you touch an app or button on the screen it opens the one next to it and is incredibly frustrating.

            There are some decent apps available, but the choice and quality is quite poor I feel, especially if you've ever seen the Apple App Store or used an iPhone etc. There really aren't many good free ones and I wouldn't pay for the rest!

            Overall: it's a good phone if you're a talker or a texter, or even an emailer. It's definitely more aimed at the business market than Joe Public, with functions to open word documents etc. So if you're looking for a good touchscreen with lots of apps and nifty little tricks, you're better off looking elsewhere I'm afraid!


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            06.07.2012 17:34



            If you do anything more than texting and calls, don't get this.

            I originally got this phone as a surprise present, not particularly being a fan of the Blackberry and BBM hype, and to begin with I really liked it. It has a very nice layout, and a nice smooth touchscreen. I particularly liked the option to use the slide out keyboard instead of the touchscreen because I found that to be difficult to use. At times the touchscreen could be a bit temperamental, either being too sensitive or totally non-responsive. The camera was also of a good quality and had no problems.

            After about a month of using the phone, I found that it became really difficult to use. It took a while to start the phone up when I first got it, but after a month, it took about 10 minutes to start the phone, which is frankly ridiculous! When the phone did start it was usually non-responsive to both touch and keyboard, often trying to do things about five minutes after I pressed the buttons, overloading the phone and causing it to switch off once more.

            This is not even the start of my issues with the phone. I disliked the way the email client had the options to delete emails and read them, but this only worked for the phone, and I had to later go back and repeat deletion on my computer. Very annoying.

            The apps were also very limited and mostly very poor quality. There were some very good apps from major companies which are standard on all smart phones, but nothing special for Blackberry. If you want anything of good quality I'd go with an Android, Windows or iPhone.

            I'd generally say this phone is only for the more social people who only want it for BBM and texts.


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              29.06.2012 12:43
              1 Comment



              Not worth the money due to amount of problems I have had with the phone.

              I got this phone as part of a free upgrade from 02 and I was initially very impressed with the design because it incorporates touch screen and buttons so there is no need to choose between them. I also really like how it slides together, making the phone smaller and easily able to fit into my handbag.

              The main issue I have had is with the screen which has broke entirely after three months of use and I had my phone replaced for free. I assumed this was just an error with that particular model but with the second model the speakers inside the phone broke within a few months meaning that I could receive calls but the other person was not able to hear me unless I pressed the speaker button. This meant that it awkward to have conversations on the phone in public or anywhere except on my own in my room. The model was replaced yet again and I'm now on my third version of this phone. So far, the lights in the buttons are breaking and are flashing on and off. However, I'm so grateful that the phone is actually working I'm not too bothered but the flashing lights are quite irritating.

              I can honestly say I would never pay a penny for this phone, it has caused me so much trouble due to poorly made handsets. I've used blackberry models previously and have still never had this much difficulty with a phone. As a result I won't be choosing a blackberry for my next upgrade and I would not reccommend spending money on an unreliable phone model. There is clearly a fundamental flaw with this model and even if some others have said that it is a good phone I would say it probably is not worth the risk of constant breakdowns!


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                06.05.2012 17:58



                Excellent all round phone but some work needed by RIM before taking on the Smartphone market

                The time came where I could no longer pretend I was happy with my simple phone that only made phone calls and took pictures. It was time to get a smartphone!
                I spent hours online comparing and finally settled on a Blackberry. The main reason for this was the availability of BBM and the friends I already had using this. BBM allows users to interact with each other similar to text messaging but without the cost of the messages. Imagine MSN messenger but on your phone!
                The best physical feature of the phone for me was the ability to switch between touchscreen keyboard and the qwerty physical keyboard. There just some times when you need to feel the physical buttons under your fingers!
                The camera on the Blackberry torch is a 5.0MP and is the best I've ever seen on Blackberry handsets. In fact when I head out and about these days I no longer take a digital camera with me as the phone camera more than does the job required.
                I highly recommend the Blackberry Torch to anyone in the market for a Blackberry. The only downside is the availability of Apps through RIM is nowhere near the ability of the Apps for the IPhone or Android markets. But this is a work in progress for RIM who will hopefully catch up with the rest of the phone App world. It does of course still have the essential Apps, Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc.


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                15.04.2012 20:17



                very good phone would certainly get another

                Unlike many of my friends who have moved to apple iPhones, i have stuck with blackberry since my first one over 6 years ago.

                The phones main selling point is that it has both touch screen and keyboard. this means that when i as writing a long email i can use the keyboard to make sure it is all correct. when texting friends fast i use the touch screen which has built in spell check to cut down on mistakes.

                the screen also has a very high quality display which is also pretty big. this means that it is possible to have films and photos on it.

                the touchscreen also makes it really easy to surf the internet which i might add it views in full rather than like the iPhone which shows a mobile internet.

                The blackberry softwares has changed to a much nicer faster os 6 & 7 which makes sending emails and just general use really easy.

                it is also worth buying the charging dock which the phone can then be used as an alarm clock and even has its own bedside mode.


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                13.04.2012 16:30
                Very helpful



                Great phone, loads of features!

                I purchased this phone a whim. I was getting sick of using the very basic curve with slow internet. I seen this Blackberry, at an amazing price on contract and that I would treat myself. So I signed up to a new contract and got this phone with it for free which is excellent!


                When you first lift this phone out of the box, you can tell that it is good quality from the weight of it, not too heavy that it is a nuisance, not to light that it will break if you drop it. The phone is very stylish, that if you are walking down the high street using it, you will attract the attention of others for sure! The phone slides fairly smoothly, however it can be awkward when sliding that you open something on your screen.

                Storage -

                The Torch 9800 has an excellent internal storage capacity of 4GB, has 512 MB RAM, not the best, but a fast phone, and 512 ROM. The Torch has also got an expandable memory card slot, which can take microSD cards up to an astonishing 32GB

                Screen -

                The Blackberry Torch screen is very high quality, and benefits from a TFT capacitive touch screen. The screen size is 3.2 inches.

                Keyboard -

                The keyboard on the Blackberry Torch is a full QWERTY keyboard, both touch screen and keys. Typing on the keys is so smooth you can barely here it, compared to the curve 8520 which was much more noisy and noticeable.

                Typing with the hard keys is much easier than the on screen keyboard, you can type much faster and make literally no mistakes, if you have been use to typing on a touch screen phone before, then you will notice that it is much different.

                Sound -

                The sound quality on this device is really good, you have a very good call quality, along with a good music playback, you can very easy and it is not muffled.

                The ring volume and vibrations can be very strong, if you have a message or a call, then you will not have to worry about missing it with the vibrations coming from this device, as with all Blackberry's. As I am a previous Blackberry owner of the Curve 8520 I have noticed that when you are selecting your different messaging tones that you do not have as much selection as what you are use to on the older Blackberry Devices.

                Durability -

                I have had this phone for just under 3 weeks now. I haven't noticed and scratches or markings on the casing as of yet. I have been taking very good care of it, by not putting it in a pocket with keys, or coins. The area around the edge of the screen, and the phone is a high gloss finish which has no marks, or scrapes on it, as of yet. I would recommend getting some screen protectors for the phone, you can pick them up fairly cheaply, usually a couple of pounds from the internet.

                Connectivity -

                The connectivity options with this phone are endless. From using Bluetooth, to data, to USB, you will also be able to connect. On the torch, you get a data connection of upt HSDPA the fastest out. As of today. I think that 4G is being tested. You also get WIFI 802.11 b/g/n.

                The Blackberry devices have one of the best notification push systems, that as soon as you receive an e-mail, facebook notification etc, you will be notified on your home screen.

                Camera -

                The camera on this device is amazing. 5 mega pixels with auto focus and an LED flash. When I have been taking pictures on this device the average size is about 2.3 MB. The camera also has Geo-Tagging, and image stabilization.

                Price -

                The price of this phone is fairly reasonable! You can pick it up for around 300 on pay as you sim free, or you can get it free on contract for about £15 a month.

                Recommend -

                I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone, it is quite cheap, doesn't lack in features, very stylish and modern phone. With RIMs Messenger Blackberry Messenger (BBM) you can chat with other blackberry users for free over the RIM network for free.

                Thanks for reading! I hope this has been of interest to you and has helped assist you in your decision.


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                01.04.2012 19:59
                Very helpful



                i love my BB!!

                Even though, after a lot of pestering, my parents had only brought me a Blackberry Curve in May, when my contract ran out in September I had to get a new phone instead of going sim only. I didn't even have to think about what brand I wanted, I was sticking with the Blackberry! And after minutes of looking at fake handsets had decided on the Blackberry Torch 9800!

                BB Torch 9800 -
                The BB Torch has a large touch screen which slides up to reveal a buttoned 'qwerty' keypad, giving you the best of both worlds; touch screen and normal buttons. There are also buttons on the top of the handset (lock and mute) and down the side (volume and camera).
                The phone measures at roughly 11cm in height, 6cm in width and 2cm in depth, making it quite big and bulky compared to other handsets. I have the BB Torch in silver (it is available in silver, black and red) however, this does not make it look feminine, it is definitely a 'manly' looking handset.
                Unlike my previous BB phone, this one comes with a decent camera! The camera is 5mp and has a flash and face recognition. My previous phone had a 2mp, non flash, camera and the difference between the two in incredible. The photos on this phone come out very clear and bright and look as if they have been taken on a digital camera. The face recognition feature is obvious when used in crowded areas as faces clearly stand out more in the pictures.
                As with most phones these days, the internet is built into the handset and can be accessed using either 3G or wifi. The internet is very basic and easy to use and always seems to load pages that I want quickly. Most of the time, writing on the internet is very small and difficult to read, however, if you tap the screen it will zoom in and everything becomes very clear.
                If you are, for example, on your local bus services website and wish to view a timetable, the phone will give you the option of viewing the webpage or downloading the timetable. If you opt for the download, it will be stored in a documents folder do that you can access it in future without searching again.
                I find the whole internet feature on phones to be a lifesaver in many situations and don't know how I ever coped without it! I am always Googling something, whether it be directions or who that actor is! I also have every bus timetable I will ever need downloaded, incase of emergency.
                Aswell as internet explorer, Blackberry App Store is pre-installed. This allows you to download and install apps and games onto your phone. Most of these apps come at a price, but some are available for free. A lot of the free apps are trials and not usually worth paying for anyway, but you can find the odd gem hidden in there. For some reason, the app store doesn't seem to have many popular apps that you see advertised (for example, Special K or Weight Watchers) but I'm hoping they will update it soon.
                There is also a built in music store but I have never used this so cannot comment.
                Other built in features include:
                *Windows Live Messenger
                *Google Talk
                All of these can be activated by either logging into an existing account or creating a new one. You can also uninstall any of these if you do not require them and reinstall them if you ever feel the need to.
                It is also worth mentioning that 'What's App' and 'Kik' messengers are compatible with the phone, as these seem to be quite popular at the minute for socialising and allow you to message and send photos to anyone for free.
                Another key feature on the BBT is Blackberry Messenger, which seems to be the reason why Blackberry phones have become so popular. BBM is basically a 'free' (you have to pay £5 a month on top of your contract to activate it) instant messaging service that allows you to communicate with other people who have a Blackberry and whose 'pin' you have. BBM is preinstalled into the handset, however, you must be paying for 'Blackberry Services' on your plan to use it, if I remember right, Blackberry Services includes BBM and internet services.
                Despite this being a new phone, by a company that seems to be taking over the world, it is quite basic (which is why I love it so much). The above features are pretty much the main features of the phone and everything else that comes with it have been included in all phones for the last 10 years! Other features include:
                *Text messaging
                *Alarm clock
                *Music player
                However, you can use the App Store to update the phone and add modern features, up to an extent. I recently downloaded a Kobo reader (for free) which has made the phone slightly more beneficial as I don't need to carry books around now!
                Although I love this phone, and feel as though I couldn't survive without it, I have come across one major issue which has forced me to take it back to the shop twice already. Almost every time I am on the internet for a long(ish) amount of time, or playing a game that I have downloaded, it will turn itself off and reboot. This gets very annoying when your phone has turned itself off 5 times in the last hour! But I can't bring myself to take it back completely.
                It can go through spells of doing this and, sometimes, it can be 2-3 weeks without it happening, but then it will happen every couple of hours the next day. I would say, if you are thinking of getting this phone, it would definitely be worth researching into this and finding out if this is a common problem.
                Overall, I do love this phone. The main reason that it attracted me was because it had both a touch screen and buttons. I find this beneficial as I can type faster with the buttons but quieter on the touch screen when working nights. Also, as touch screens have a tendency to break around me, I can still use the phone if this happens.
                Also, I love that I can check my Facebook or Google vital information wherever I am, and do it quickly. And the size of the phone means I will never lose it in my huge handbag as it is really bulky and difficult to miss.
                My only real issues with the phone are that there isn't much of a selection on the App Store, but I can live with that, and the problem with the phone turning itself off all the time.
                A phone that I would recommend a 100000% if the turning itself off is not a common problem. If it is, I wouldn't bother.


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                11.02.2012 17:07



                This phone is over rated.

                Out of all the phones that my friends own Blackberries were a majority. This was because they were a cheap and reliable brand. Having previously owned an iPhone I didn't want to lose the touch screen so after searching for a touch screen blackberry; this proved to be the best phone for several reasons.

                It comes with a built in 4GB memory which is plenty of space for your photos etc.
                Unlike many smart phones this phone allows sd cards so extra space.
                First blackberry with both keyboard and touch screen.
                It's battery life is very good. Lasts up to one day of constant use.

                However after owning the blackberry for several months; I saw that it could not handle multitasking very well and it keep freezing if I received messages while watching youtube videos. They phone is also very heavy and the weight can be felt in your pocket.

                When compared to the iphone (my previous phone) I would rather have a blackberry as it contains an instant chat service known as bbm. This allows the user to instantly talk to his/her friends for free providing they paid the five pound bbm fee and the friend also has a blackberry.

                But apart from this feature and the battery life there are better phones on the market.

                Eventually the track pad broke and I had to sell the phone and replace it with a bold 9900 which I must say does not freeze as much as the blackberry torch.


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