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Blackberry Curve 8520

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224 Reviews

BlackBerry Curve 8520 - BlackBerry - GSM - QWERTY keyboard - black

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    224 Reviews
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      17.02.2014 20:47



      The phone's performance deteriorates with time

      This was my first Blackberry.... I went on to buy a second so it didn't put me off completely..but it wasn't the best phone I have ever had!

      I loved it in the beginning, and soon got used to the keyboard. I type in my day job so I just got used to it. I would think that for someone who is not used to where the letters are on a normal keyboard it would have taken longer.

      It is quite sturdy and doesn't feel plasticy. The email function is really easy to set up and it is good that you can customise the icons that you want to appear on the home screen.

      The internet browser is easy to use as well and quite clear.

      After a while though the phone starts to get quite slow and unresponsive. I had to find ways to clear the log but even after doing so it still gave me the dreaded washing machine every time I tried to do something.

      The battery life also began to get a bit flakey and it would display half life battery and then randomly conk out half way through the day...

      I wouldn't buy this model again.


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      31.12.2013 17:31



      This was by far my favourite phone and I have had no problems with blackberry's in the past

      I really did enjoy having this phone and would choose to have it again over my iPhone as its smaller but still clear so you can see things well on the screen. The main thing I loved about the blackberry was the buttons. Although they are quite small I found it easy to use rather than touch screen phones and as it was a qwerty keyboard so i knew exactly where all the buttons were.

      I also thought the picture quality was great on this phone and it was easy to scroll through the images, set them as backgrounds and even send them to people.

      On the blackberry an application I enjoyed the most was a colour app which was free. This let you create a different colour flash for each person when they call or text you. I loved this because if my phone was across the room and I had a text but couldn't see who it was from the flash indicated to me who it was. This is also good for when you miss seeing your phone light up when getting a text. The flash would stay until the message had been read.

      Everyone says having a blackberry you should have blackberry messenger. This is ideal if you want to pay the £5 a month to have this. I never used mine as none of my friends has blackberry phones so I wouldn't say it's an essential thing to have on a blackberry unless you wanted it of course.

      Everyone seems to have a problem with the buttons on this phone being to small. I didn't find this the case and enjoyed having buttons rather than touchscreen all the time. However one issue with buttons is that you cannot be discreet when typing as each button clicks. This can get irritating for other people sitting around you if you like to text all the time.

      My blackberry lasted the most out of all my phones I have had and is still working today after many years however I don't use it due to not having a sim. Most phones I've had have needed to be sent for repairs or change of screen because it is made from glass, I have never had any problems on my blackberry and that's why I think it's the best phone I've had.


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      06.11.2013 22:58



      Not a smartphone, a pretty useless one at that!

      I got this phone iny my first year of university. I thought this is going to be a great phone and it was first real 'smartphone' so I was excited. To begin with I thought wow this is really amazing, and I was SO anti iphone. I liked the way you had keys for everything and I hated the whole touch screen thing because I didn't understand how people could use that faster than pressing actual buttons. i would often use my friends iphones and i always found my blackberry easier to use.

      I loved the email layout, it was super easy to see incoming emails and I could access other sorting folders I had.
      BBM was a great thing, and this was the main reason I kept mine (as you know it's now an app for any phone)
      They keys were great!
      Super light weight and not too big which is great when putting it in your pocket
      MEMORY - Being able to add a memory card was a huge bonus and not many phones have this feature!

      Now onto the cons...

      The silver detail on the back comes off really quickly
      I had to replace my phone as it had 'water damage' - when the only time I used it was in the shower on the side to listen to music - nowhere near water!
      Not all apps are blackberry friendly, and ones which are are so hard to use! - I never realised this until I got my iPhone!

      And the main CON: An iphone is literally better in everyway. Sure, if you only want a phone for calls, and texts, and maybe, MAYBE the internet then great get this as it's super cheap and you normally get things free with it! - I got an Xbox360!!


      If you want a phone that can do all that, and online surf, then this really isn't for you. Although all the butons always worked for me, they just arn't as human friendly as a touch screen, and yet again I diddn't realise this until the iPhone!


      There was a time where i'd say yes blackberry is the way forward! However in recent years they have dropped so far off the scale I'd never suggest it as a phone for someone!

      Upgrade, pay extra is what I say! You may think it's a bargain but in reality your get more out of your pound if you spend a little more!!


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      28.10.2013 00:59
      Not Helpful



      Very basic phone which is no match for newer models.

      I've had a total of 5 blackberrys, all of which have become almost unrecognisable after a year - not useful if you're on a 24month contract. I got this phone after the newer, 3g model, and the difference in speed was very noticable. After around a year, the rubbber buttons on the sides and on the top had all come off, and the plastic frame was chipped and loose - pretty soon this also fell off. The phone is very suceptable to water damage - this happened after simply holding with damp hands! Obviously the free Blackberry Messenger is probably the main highlight of the phone, and the app store is good (although no match for Apple!). The phone seems outdated compared to modern touch screen phones, and the camera is no bonus, with poor quality. This style of blackberry seems to be going away, and this phone which is very plastic, cheap feeling and easily damaged, is probably the worst of a bad bunch. In short, I would spend more and get a newer model blackberry, as it is definitely worth it for speed alone!


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      23.10.2013 14:48



      Unreliability is a dealbreaker for a business phone

      I know it's not cool to like the Blackberry, but in a world filled with touch-sensitive screens which I find impossible to use I keep heading back there.

      The Blackberry Curve is my work phone. As such, I use it a LOT for email and calls and not at all for anything else. If you're looking for apps, this probably isn't the phone for you. I believe there is a Blackberry apps store, but never managed to connect to it.

      Advantages: I love the QWERTY keyboard and the touchpad is very comfortable to use for me. I know touch-sensitive is all the rage now but while they're fine for quick text messages I struggle to use them for email. QWERTY suits me just fine.

      Battery life is average, lasts me about two days (but I'm looking at email constantly in that time)

      Also quite decent for security - we set them up to wipe completely after 5 incorrect password attempts - just don't store your password in your phone case!

      Disadvantages: Honestly, the built-in internet browser is terrible. Just looking at gmail can crash it. A larger problem however is that Blackberry have been known to have complete outages where no-one could look at their email or send any. That's not really good enough when I'm expecting an urgent email, and I suspect that is what it now costing them a lot of their business customers.


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        20.10.2013 21:43
        1 Comment



        A simple and cheap phone, but is unreliable

        I have never been completely fussed about keep up to date with the latest smartphones, so when I upgraded my pay monthly contract I decided to go for a slightly older model to save myself some money. I chose Blackerry because I knew many of friends had them and as they were such a huge brand I expected a phone that was great quality and reliable.

        I was bitterly disappointed with this phone however. After having it for only six months the phone stopped working, all of the buttons wouldn't work and the phone was practically useless. Luckily as I had taken out insurance my phone company replaced the phone with an identical model, and as I still had 18 months left on my contract I was forced to accept that I would have to carry on with this model.

        The replacement phone lasted about a year. My job requires me to work outside in a variety of weather, and one day when I was at work it was raining slightly and I chose to use my phone. Whilst I understand phones are not waterproof I didn't expect a tiny bit of water to effect the phone. However, yet again the phone stopped working.

        I am not an expert with phones so will not attempt to relay any technical details to you, I generally just use my phone for the bog standard texting and calling, with the occasional surfing of the internet. Whilst this was phone was able to manage though tasks successfully, I think Blackberry should have made the phone slightly tougher and more reliable.

        I definitely would not recommend this phone to a friend, and if I'm completely honest I have been put off purchasing a phone from Blackberry again in the future.


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          19.09.2013 22:14
          1 Comment




          I got the blackberry curve around December time last year. I thought it was going to be realy hard to use due to the fact tat the key board was like that of a computer. Though I was pleasantly surprised how far along i came and how quickly it took me to get used to the phone, it is great because you can have everything you use frequently on your home screen for easy use. Also there are many apps you can download to make it easier such as ebay etc. This is perfect if you want to us bbm (blackberry messenger). It can be downloaded asily of the app world and you are able to tal to those who have blackberrys to. overall the phone is great for internet use and i watch youtub videos on it alot. Although the screen in quite small so thats a downside. the battery takes a long time to load up and it sometimes will freeze an be slow. It is great for those who want to keep things simple and have music on the same place. There is also a naigation button that will scroll over wit the touch of a finger. Overall i would recommend this pon to those who are not in the market for touch screen phones.


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            29.06.2013 19:03
            Very helpful



            Great device for communicating in an instant, a must buy for anyone looking for an low priced phone.

            Blackberry Curve 8520 Review:

            Simple and easy to use smartphone;
            This Phone's typing capability is made up with a QWERTY keyboard making it simple to type quickly. The phone first came out in two different colors black, and white; The 2.6 inch LCD screen is decent and sizeable though the 320 x 240 pixel resolution is not that great. The optical track pad is very responsive to touch and it is also flat on the smooth surface making it easy to use like an scroll pad on the laptop.

            There are sets of shortcut icons on the blackberry home screen; rather than clicking a few icons to get to your destination the shortcut feature is quite useful when accessing stuff in a hurry.

            The Curve 8520 has a 3.4mm jack input awkwardly placed on the left; to the 3 rubbery side buttons which accesses the camera, volume and voice commander a automated voice that says "say a command", for example you say "message" the blackberry accesses the messages by it self with out you clicking anything - a great short cut feature this phone has.

            Listening to music; there are a set of helpful music keys on the top of the phone, replay, pause and skip. On the top there is also a speaker; a high quality speaker spiting out that basely dub step. The phone has a low 256mb memory but you can put a SD card in it.

            The downside of having the Curve 8520 is you cannot download the latest IOS system; newer models have and no update what so ever for this type of model. Not having 3G on this phone is quite a pain; when streaming videos on the internet it will either not load or just buffer into the entire video but the phone is Wi-Fi enabled so you can connect to your own broadband or Wi-Fi hotspot, searching on the engine the blackberry does a great job on loading webpages online depending on what network you are on, not to mention you can unlock this device to any network except three which is an bummer.

            The communication on this smartphone is great, you can download an app called BBM; this app enables you to chat to your people instantly by sending a request via thier pin code or accepting someone else's request. The only part I don't like about this service is that you have to pay a fee of £5 to get a month's access to this service, but there is another option; there is an app available on the blackberry store called what's app (it's free!). Now this app automatically adds people who are on your numbers contacts list who have downloaded this service, the thing I like about this app is users who are on apple and android can also download this service enabling you to chat to them. Also there is no set fee for using this service.

            Blackberry app world let's you access the latest apps that are available on the market, there are plenty of apps available but not like what apple and android have. You can purchase free apps to paying apps with an minimal price of £1.80.

            The previous curve 8900 model had flash and focus which this particular model did not have. The camera on this phone is an low 3.2 megapixel but still produces a clear cut image.

            What contents are included in the box?
            Inside included
            You get the usual manuals containing warranty information, setup ect, you also get equipped with an long usb cable, charger, headphones a cd to install software on your laptop/pc

            Conclusion: This is definitely a great phone. I do recommend this to anyone looking for a simple mobile packed with many great built-in features, with the Qwerty keyboard. But you will have to stay on the originally operating system and that 2G. You can find secondhand devices on the market for £40+, which I think, is value for money.


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            06.06.2013 17:50
            Very helpful



            Great for youngsters, but sometimes faulty.

            I had this phone a couple of years ago on my first contract, which turned out to be reasonably cheap, as it was the cheapest at the time, out of all of the Blackberry models. The phone was great at the time, but after a lot of use, it began to disappoint me slightly.

            *CAMERA QUALITY*
            Generally, due to the phone not being "top of the range" in the market, the camera on it didn't seem to be as good as I'd have hoped, but for the price, it was acceptable, and didn't seem to be too bad quality when the picture was transferred to a computer or higher quality device.

            *GENERAL USE*
            The general use of the phone was quite easy to get the hang of, and it is reasonably simple to customize your home page to change the applications that you want to display on your own toolbar at the bottom of your screen, however, everything seemed to be quite bunched up and it is hard to have a visible screensaver, which wasn't a huge problem, but was a slight let down.

            The keyboard on Blackberry's are generally quite small, as is, so I wasn't put off by the size of the keys, but it is quite hard to get used to when you first start to use the phone, generally because of having to press shift each time you want to use a character instead of a letter, which tends to get quite annoying. Another downside to the keyboard is the fact that, because the keys are so close, people that may have larger fingers, or short nails, are not able to use the keys as efficiently to people with longer nails or thinner fingers.

            Generally, applications on the Blackberry are of a reasonably good standard, however many of them require payment, which is unfortunate for things such as screen shots and customizing sound notifications (it is possible to acquire these for free, but watermarks/limitations may be put into play).

            *CALL QUALITY*
            The Blackberry call quality was average. It seemed as if it was good enough at the time, but turned out to not be as crisp as I thought it was, because I've since upgraded. Saying this however calls through the Blackberry never seemed to be crackly, but sometimes faults occurred, and voices were changed significantly.

            Blackberry Messenger is very handy to use with people that also have a Blackberry. It costs around £5 a month on Pay as you Go, but ties in with your contract if you have one. Personally, I think that this is only used as an advantage if a large friend or business group have Blackberry's also, but otherwise it is a slight waste of money, because it is not actually a free way of communication, either.

            This Blackberry can be picked up from around £75-100 nowadays, which is quite a reasonable price for the phone that you get. I think that this is still quite a high price however, considering the quality of the phone, but it depends on how you like the phone, and use it.

            *BATTERY LIFE*
            The battery life wasn't as good as I would have expected and probably would have lasted me up to around 6 hours. The phone did charge up reasonably quick, but it would make sense for it to do this considering how fast the battery can get drained.

            *LOCKING SYSTEM*
            For the locking system, you are only able to lock the main phone, as oppose to separate pages (e.g photo gallery and messages), but this can be done by using characters or numbers. You can also decide how many attempts you may have at unlocking your phone before you get "locked out".

            *MY EXPERIENCE*
            When using this Blackberry myself, I was actually quite happy with how it worked etc when I first got it, however, the more I used it, the more I found that it wasn't at all what I expected. The phone was typically a good phone to have, and everything seemed to work in order, but it would often freeze or restart, which would drain the battery a hell of a lot. Along with this, it didn't seem that the phone I had bought was the only one that had this problem, as I found out when receiving two replacements (Within a few months of getting a replacement phone, freezing became regular again, and mouse pad froze).

            I would recommend this phone to young users, to allow keeping in contact with friends that may also have the same phone, or a different Blackberry model, but if I was to recommend a Blackberry to use for this reason alone, I would strongly persuade somebody to get a newer version that has insurance in case things do go wrong such as freezing and malfunctions in the early months of owning the product. However, it is a good phone for beginners that may only use it for texting and making calls.


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            04.06.2013 17:38
            Very helpful



            all round just a good phone.

            I currently have had the blackberry 8250 just over two years now and it is still going strong! I first bought my partner one for Christmas from littlewoods and after 4 months of him telling me how good it was, decided to invest in one for my self. I paid £200 for it (which at the time was a little high but that was expected from littlewoods as I had the luxury of only paying £20 a month).

            The phone is wider and heavier than my previous samsung phone but it looks much better and I had wanted a phone with a full keyboard (they are much easier to use!). It is very hard wearing as it has been dropped several times with no breakages just a couple of scratches on the back of the case. This I am surprised about as I have had plenty of broken screens in the past on other phones through dropping them.


            I was really looking forward to trying bbm as all my friends had it. You send all your friends your username/bbm code and they add you as a friend. You can then send messages just like txts (only free) a bit like MSN but on a phone. I thought this was free with the phone but actually as I was on pay-as-you-go I had to phone up and set up a bolt on to include BBM which infact made it pointless as I usually topped up £10 and got 300 messages. With the new bolt on I had to top up £15 to get BBM so it wasn't free after all. After a couple of months of using it I decided to give up on it and just go back to my old bolt on and using normal txts.


            The camera is the only downside to the phone. It may just be that my camera was really good on my old phone but to me the camera on the blackberry is rubbish. You can zoom in 5x but it is still not as clear as you would expect from an expensive phone. The phone also doesn't have flash so taking pictures without much light is a no no! Personally I don't use the camera often but I wouldn't recommend buying if you are keen on taking a lot of pictures.


            Having a QWERTY keyboard is so much easier to use. The keys are a little smaller than most phones so not so good if you have big hands. The phone also has a button in the middle - the trackpad - which is used like a mouse to click on different options on the screen which I find it really easy to use.
            The buttons do tend to make a clicking sound when you press them which can be annoying late at night but other than that no real issues with it.


            The phone has built in 255MB memory which is more than enough. I have over 40 music albums on my phone and there is still plenty of memory left. You can buy memory cards if you need more memory.


            I connect to the internet using my free allowance and the connection is fine. I have connected a couple of times using wi-fi but have found it is much slower. I generally use the internet for facebook, hotmail, weather and news. These all connect fine and are easy to navigate on screen. I have tried other websites but the are too big for the phone and take forever to open and even then you can't see half of the things on the site.
            Blackberry's are known for business people who need to send and read emails all day long. The phone does have this feature although I can't comment as I haven't used I just view my emails through searching hotmail on the internet.

            BATTERY LIFE:

            This is an excellent feature on the phone! I can go several days without needing to re-charge and I use my phone throughout the day. Having my music on does use up the battery quicker but will still last at least 2 days. The lithium-ion battery will last around 5 hours talk time and around 17 days standby time!! That for phone is pretty impressive!


            Height 4.29 in / 109 mm
            Width 2.36 in / 60 mm
            Depth 0.55 in / 13.9 mm
            Weight 3.7 oz / 105 g

            Personally I am pleased with how long the phone has lasted. I have had no problems within the two years of having the phone and won't be buying a new phone any time soon. If I do I am pretty sure it will be another blackberry just a newer version. Even with the rubbish camera I have gave 5 stars as it isn't a feature I use very often. I would definitely recommend!


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              03.06.2013 10:07
              Very helpful



              Great phone for people on the go - world is at your fingertips

              THE PHONE

              I purchased this phone around Jan/Feb 2012 in black, and I still have it to this day (call me old fashioned for not changing every twelve months!). The phone itself was purchased as a handset only (non-contract pay as you go tariff) from Carphone Warehouse, and cost around £140 at the time. The phone itself is much more sleek and feels less "clunky" than previous BlackBerry models, which also tended to be more square in appearance, though this doesn't compromise the screen quality as this is also much improved on the previous models. As part of the package, you receive the handset (obviously!), as well as a charger (see below - this is a must have!) and also a USB connector allowing you to charge your BlackBerry direct from your laptop - very handy if you work in an office environment.


              3G & Wireless enabled, though connection speeds on the wireless are much fast than 3G (internet provider and location dependent of course). QWERTY keyboard format, which for me I much prefer over the touchscreen technology as it allows easy transition between laptop and mobile phone without the risk of embarrassing spelling mistakes. High-resolution 320x240 pixel colour display, with a light sensitive screen - just in case we ever do get a sunny day up north. The phone also has a 2.0 Megapixel camera, with a video recording option. The phone also has up to 256mb built-in memory, leaving you plenty of space for photos and videos, but you can also use various MicroSD memory cards with the device to allow for extra storage.


              Internet Browsing is very easy and hassle free on the phone, and as mentioned above can be done via 3G or Wireless network connections. Depending on your service provider, the Browser will automatically have full parental lock built in - which is a wise move if you're purchasing the phone for teenagers (this blocks all adult content, including gambling sites etc.) - though if you find this bothersome you can remove this by calling the Service Provider. The Browser also has a zoom facility as some web pages appear too small to read on the screen, as well as all the other features you would expect from a Smartphone Browser.

              There is also an App-section in the phone, which allows you (through the Blackberry App World link) to download a huge variety of Smartphone Apps onto your phone - note though that not all Apps are free as with any Smartphone or Tablet. I currently have 8 different Apps downloaded onto my phone, and this has had little to no visible effect on the speed or performance on the device, and there is still plenty of memory left for more.


              BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is built-in to the phone when you purchase this, and is a great way to stay in touch with your friends who also have BlackBerry devices. It works in a similar way to the old MSN Messenger, where you need the PIN code of your contact to add them (as well as a 3G or Wireless connection). This method also means (as long as you're on an unlimited internet tariff) that you can effectively send messages for free, as there is no charge for these messages through BBM.
              If you have friends with Smartphones other than BlackBerry, then I would recommend downloading an App similar to WhatsApp - which allows the same functionality as BBM but is not only limited to BlackBerry devices and can be used across most Smartphones.


              There is also a functionality that allows you to access your email accounts and link these to your standard messages folder. The method of doing this depends on the email account itself, but I find this hugely beneficial to me as I can access my work emails anywhere from my BlackBerry (though this may be a curse depending on the actual email content)

              BATTERY LIFE

              Major downside to the BlackBerry Curve 8520 is the average battery life, as with any tablet or Smartphone; the more you use it then the shorter the life seems to become. The battery is a Lithium one, meaning that the more often you charge it the less time you will have before the next charge. My advice here is to try and charge the battery only when the battery life is pretty much done, and do a full charge every time - for my this allows for usually 3-4 days of battery life (without turning the phone off at nights) but this does vary depending on how much time you spent Browsing or using Apps.

              OVERALL FEEDBACK

              I don't regret the purchase of the BlackBerry Curve 8520, as this has served me well over the last 18 months or so. Only drawback for me is the Battery Life, but again this seems to be in-line with other Smartphones on the market - so not sure I would gain much by changing.


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                20.01.2013 13:11



                An overall good phone however there are some chip based flaws.

                I had this phone for over a year and half if I remember correct but recently I upgraded to the bigger brother of the BlackBerry family with a Curve 9360 (FYI, highly suggested). This I have not looked back from. I am not a general advocate of change and that extends to when purchasing a replacement phone. I have very fond memories of this Curve model, probably because it was one of the first phones I had bought (that worked!) and it had a variety of gizmo's one could entertain oneself with.

                The two main boggles I had with this model was the lack of processing power and the deterioration of the battery. About 6 months into having the phone and using it on a frequent but not "over the top" basis, the little egg timer began to pop up, dancing across the screen on what seemed to be a permanent loop. Even when the phone was just opening the phonebook for example or sending a text message it would take a couple of seconds before the phone would become responsive again. So... Problem #1 - Lack of Processing Power! Thankfully it seems that BlackBerry have recently addressed this issue in both hardware and their new operating systems.

                My second boggle as highlighted above was the battery. Initially, the battery seemed to last for a minimum of 24 hours with light to medium usage, however, after around 6-8 months the durability of the battery began to decrease exponentially where it would run down within 4 hours after light usage, simply sending a text for example would seemingly exhaust it! Eventually I had to replace the battery with a brand new battery which worked for the appropriate amount of time however this did leave me annoyed that I had needed to buy a brand new battery in the first place. Considering RIMs foothold in the market, I would have expected better! So... Problem #2 - Battery Flat.

                To conclude, the phone itself is nice and works for those who require a light(ish) phone for light(ish) working on. However, don't be surprised if after a few months it conks out on you as it did for me. The biggest piece of advice I can give with new users to this phone is download the latest supported operating system which is not necessarily the one the phone comes loaded with, these updates usually help with the processing speed at the least! Enjoy.


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                18.01.2013 11:48
                1 Comment



                Lovely compact phone.

                I had wanted a Blackberry forever! It was with much excitment, I upgraded to my lovely Blackberry on Vodaphone last year. I literally couldn't wait, and I have not been disappointed! I LOVE it!
                You see, I am a massive fan of buttons, yes buttons, on a mobile phone. None of that annoying touch screen business for me. I hate it! Maybe I've got fat fingers or something but I just can't be doing with it!
                When I recieved my new phone I found using it simplicity itself!
                The Blackberry is small enough to fit into the pocket of my jeans, but big enough so that I can text using the all important buttons with no problem whatsoever!
                I love it.
                The only problem that I've had with this smart phone is that it can get a little tempermental at times, very rrarely though. By this, I mean that occasionally I have had to switch it off, take the battery out and then turn it back on again so the computer re-boots. This sounds like a massive hassle but actually it's only happened twice in the last year so I'm not too worried about it.
                The colour is nice and the handset has remained nice and shiny, despite the fact that I have dropped it on occassion...
                All in all, I would definately recommend this phone. It is lovely and matched my lifestyle perfectly!


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                  13.01.2013 00:57



                  Good phone but crashes and freezes and can get faulty easily.

                  WHAT IT IS
                  A Blackberry Smartphone is mainly used for huge socialites who enjoy being able to link up with anyone 24/7 and need internet and music.

                  HOW YOU USE IT
                  Its a lot like every other phone, you scroll with the trackpad, type with the keys. It's basic steps and you'll get the hang of it

                  WHAT I THINK OF IT
                  Personally, I haven't had a very good experience with Blackberry's in general, this one was the most problematic for me. It gets corrupted and faulty extremely easily and quickly, I had to get mine replaced by orange around 6 times or more. It is a good phone for people who won't be using it all the time as the battery life is short and if you have lots of contacts on BBM (Blackberry Messenger) the phone is more likely to freeze and crash all the time. This phone suits some people whereas it can be misleading if you need to have a phone on you all the time to keep safe as I said, the battery life is unreliable. To sum up though, this phone suits people who need to email for business and keep in touch with work people, and even people with social needs. I recommend it for those but not those who need their phone 24/7 and will be on it a lot, and will probably make it crash from having too much stuff on it.

                  OTHER COMMENTS
                  It's good but wouldn't recommend, has a lot of issues.


                  3 Dooyoo stars


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                  11.01.2013 20:16
                  Very helpful



                  Anything else is better, even two cans and a bit of rope is better

                  When my old phone renewal came up, I knew what phone I wanted, a Blackberry Curve! I have studied phones, googled good ones and sorted through all the possible ones I could get through Virgin and the Blackberry was defiantly the one I wanted!

                  It arrived and I was so happy, it didn't come with any instructions which caused many problems, thankfully due to the joy of Google I worked out a few things it could do and after working out how to text, phone, get on the internet and set up emails I was sorted with my great phone. Well for a little while anyway, until I worked out just how terrible the Blackberry actually is.

                  Yes, it looks smart ish and the querty keyboard is so much better than having to press each key numerous times to get to a certain letter, so irritating. The keys however are tiny and take a bit of getting used to; it is far too easy to press too many buttons at once and have to start the text again.

                  The black square about the letters is a kind of scroll button, when it feels like it though, this would freeze up and not work sometimes, without this working it is impossible to actually get the function any other way. There are moulded buttons either side of the phone that you can choose what function goes with these, for example when the phone first arrived, the camera function was on the left hand side, one quick press and the camera was working. I soon changed this to the Facebook function as I used that more often than the camera.

                  The camera is terrible it has a 2 megapixel camera and I think this is worse than a kid's camera. The video option is just a waste of effort, unless you are in bright sunlight, outside the pictures are dark and not in focus, if you manage to get something in focus, the zoom will soon put an end to that, I never managed to get a zoomed picture to look half decent. The zoom only works once in a blue moon and the picture could be lost by the time you managed to get it working.

                  The Bluetooth option was more difficult than most of the exams I have ever taken. It spent so long trying to pair up with other phones I lost interest, even when the phone was next to it, it could however pick up random phones from people walking past on the street!

                  I used Facebook on my phone when the connection would let me, 99% of the time it would say there was not enough of a connection to use the internet, while all my friends were happy in Facebook land! So that proves the phone lies a lot, it did work out from my contact list, who I also had on Facebook and used their profile picture in my contact list, a bit Big Brother like but birthday alerts would be sent via Facebook too.

                  The phone actually being used as a phone was ok, mediocre at best, there is no volume option and any outside noise made it impossible to hear anyone on the other end. You can phone out but make sure you are not outside, anywhere near outside, anywhere near any kind of noise at all. In the end the Blackberry was only really used as an alarm clock, some of the preset tunes were ok, most of them were very lame though.

                  The phone is very resilient, I have dropped it numerous times and it even has a dart hole in the front but it still works fine, well as fine as it manages to work. It plays songs uploaded onto it ok, nothing too amazing though, It has a radio but I could never get it to work. I have now passed the Blackberry onto my son as I have upgraded to the iphone 4s. Yes I feel bad that I have given him such a horrendous phone but he isn't paying for it so he can't complain.

                  I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone, my son is 16 and even he has had enough of it. It also doesn't have the snake game which I was not happy about! Numerous times the alarm chose not to come on, even when set. I have a slight OCD when it comes to alarms and have to have more than one set at a time, just in case...good job as the Blackberry would chose when it wanted to work. Also if you put the phone on silent or just vibrate, it would still go off with tunes or message alerts, because it felt like it!!!


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              • Product Details

                The BlackBerry Curve 8520 smart phone neatly fits in your hand. A full QWERTY keyboard makes typing and sending messages easy, and comfortable. The bright screen displays over 65,000 colors, providing a great viewing experience.

                Take photos or videos and upload them to photo sharing apps like Flickr Uploader, social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Send them to friends with MMS, messages, BlackBerry messenger or other instant messaging apps.

                Discover a world of possibilities and apps for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone at BlackBerry App World. Get breaking news, and the latest scores. Track the markets, stay on top of Hollywood gossip, enjoy live radio or just play games.

                Control music and multimedia with dedicated media keys found atop the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smart phone. Skip over songs, pause music to talk, or repeat your favorites over and over. You can even mute phone calls with the easy-access mute button.

                Access what's important with trackpad navigation. Like a laptop, the trackpad lets you scroll through menus, icons and info by gliding your finger over it. Press and click to select an item and navigate to where you want to go.

                Technical Data

                Product Description: BlackBerry Curve 8520 - smartphone - GSM
                Product Type: BlackBerry smartphone
                Service Provider: Not specified
                Form Factor: Full keyboard
                Dimensions (WxDxH): 60 mm x 14 mm x 109 mm
                Weight: 106 g
                Colour: Black
                Technology: GSM
                Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband)
                Integrated Components: Digital camera, digital player
                Wireless Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
                Display: LCD display - 2.64"
                Input Device(s): QWERTZ keyboard
                Operating System: BlackBerry Handheld Software
                Instant Messaging Services: RIM BlackBerry VM Client
                Mobile Email Client: Yes
                Internet Browser: Yes
                Digital Player (Recorder): WMA, AAC, AMR, MP3, AAC +, eAAC+, WMAPro , MPEG-4, WMV, H.264, H.263
                Supported Flash Memory Cards: microSDHC, microSD
                Talk Time: Up to 270 minutes
                Standby Time: Up to 408 hours