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Dovecot farm (Northants, England)

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Address: Dovecote Farm, Newton, Geddington, Nr. Kettering, Northants, NN14 1BW

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2012 16:29
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      fruit picking farm in Geddington perfect family day

      Dovecote Farm and Buttery
      After searching for a nice place for us to pick our own fruit at in Northamptonshire, I finally had luck and found just outside of a lovely village called Geddington, Northamptonshire. I roped in my dad for the day and he was more than willing to come. He is always up for a day out and trying somewhere new so he didn't take much persuasion.

      Driving there was very easy from Wellingborough and driving through a lovely smaller village called Weekly, was wonderful to see all the thatched roofs and roses spiralling up the walls of the cottages.

      When we arrived, Parking was free. We parked on the grassed area just infront of a lovely outdoor childrens play area. Hollie straight away was asking if she could go and play, but we wen't straight to the little farm shop to get some punnets to go picking.

      As it is August, they told us the strawberries were all gone but they still had raspberries and red currants so we went for both of those. The farm shop felt so cosy and outside sat a row of vegetables you could buy along with the last of their strawberries and some blackberries.
      I didn't want to purchase any of those, so I left with just a punnet which I would need to take back when I've put in how much I was going to pick so they could weight it and I would then pay.

      We were told where to search for the red currants and the man serving us was very helpful to tell us to search down lower on the bush to find more fruit. We started off on our walk to the red currants whilst we observed the farm which was full of different fruits and veggies. I was very excited to pick some fruit and so was Hollie. She started off a bit confused and was picking the red currants one by one and eating them instead of popping them into the punnet.

      After about 30 minutes, we had filled up a 2lb punnet with red currants and went to pay for them. I paid just £1.58 for them. I was very surprised as I was worried I was going to be paying £4-5.

      Once we had done the red currants, Hollie was itching to go and play and the beaming sun was boiling us so me and my dad decided to go get a pot of tea and sit on the benches that were inside the play area.

      The Dovecote Buttery is where you can purchase food and drinks from. You can either sit outside or they have a wonderful restaurant inside to sit in but the prices of the food was very off putting to us.

      We decided on some cake and some tea. We ordered a slice of coffee and walnut cake, and a slice of victoria sponge both with buttercream icing inside. The cake was £2.75 a slice and the tea was £3.80 for a pot for 2. We managed to get 2 cups each of the pot so we were happy with that as we were both parched from the heat.

      I was very surprised that the place wasn't swarming with flies and bugs because of all the fruit and vegetables they had growing on the farm. It was the most peaceful and relaxing place I have ever been to.

      It wasn't too busy and there were a few children that Hollie started playing with. There was lots to climb on, swings and slides and a nice benched area for the parents.

      Commoners allowed:
      The one thing I did feel very uncomfortable with was the restaurant. The staff and the people dining seemed very upper class and with a lot of money. The cars parked in the parking area were either BMW's or range rover/ land rovers. I did feel quite out of place.

      The restaurant's prices obviously catered for those with money as we were laughing at the prices of the food. £6.50 for a Prawn and Avacado sandwich or an A.L.T- Avacado, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich.

      The hot food seemed quite unreasonable too. £8.50 for a jacket potato with prawns and avacado on. Have you noticed they like to use avacado? well...nearly everything had it in or even on a side salad. The restaurant had amazing reviews and after chatting to a lady who had just dined there, she was raving about how lovely her meal had just been and the ingredients were all picked from the farm and the meat was perfect. I then understood why the prices were so high. You pay for what you get!

      The staff were polite and friendly and even the other customers were too, but I couldn't help feel out of place in my primark sandles and my hair in a big bundle on the top of my head. Hollie was making friends with the children outside so I was happy she felt comfortable and enjoyed herself a lot.

      I wish I had have took a picnic. There were a few families just like us nearly dying at the prices of a sandwich and they swiftly headed home after a play outside. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got there, So I didn't want to turn up with a whole picnic packed incase there was no-where for us to eat it.
      There were a few people who had just brought some drinks and a snack along to sit on the grass whilst their children played. I would definitely say this place is somewhere to go with the children unless you are going just to eat in the restaurant.

      Could it be a free day?
      If you didn't pick any fruit, it definitely could be a free day out. The parking is free, the play area is free and pack a picnic and you wouldn't need to buy anything on site.
      I would say that the fruit picking was done very quickly and didn't take as long as I had hoped, so missing that part out isn't much of a big deal.

      Extra things they offer:
      They offer the hire of their facilities for wedding receptions or other private functions.
      There is also a gift shop which doesn't reflect the farm, it's more vintage and home made items for the home. It's a great little shop full of the most magical gifts and will definitely lighten your pocket if you step inside! I could have left home with the whole shop.

      How did the day go?
      The day was lovely. We arrived home at around 4pm after getting there at 12 so around 3 and a half hours of being there was just the right amount of time to be in the sun for us.

      Hollie was very tired after the day we'd had and she didn't make a peep the whole way home. She sat in her car seat un moved. We got home and washed the fruit ready for some baking the next day and Hollie was sat on the sofa looking rather sleepy.

      I made sure she drank lots of water from her busy day and she told me she had a very lovely time which was great to hear.

      The whole farm is breathtakingly peaceful and I felt very at home with all the fruit in the fields and the vegetables in the poly tunnels. I love to garden so it was really nice to just look around. They had some signs up to tell people about their encouragement of wildlife on the farm and not to be alarmed by birds, bees or wasps in the fruit trees as they were just as important as us. It was a lovely thing to read and the bees got to enjoy the fruit too.

      I am planning to go back again next year and hopefully will plan to go late June where the strawberries will be around as we were too late this time.

      Thanks for reading my review.


      Opening times: 10-5pm everyday
      Fruit available on the day will vary so if you want something specific, It may be best to call ahead.

      Dovecote Farm
      Nr. Kettering
      NN14 1BW

      Tel: 01536 742227


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